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  1. Well said @Elostirion Same here. I think I have learned much along the way though. And in the beginning I was very unsure if my builds would be good enough to post. Now I feel it is easier to see where I can improve my builds, but maybe I wouldn't have gotten there without all the constructive criticism. Hmm.... Quality comes with time and experience. For me it is natural to always try something new, and hopefully getting better for each build. We all have to start somewhere, and I think the quality creed is something personal that develops as one get involved in the story. Having fun, try and convey the ideas, and asking for constructive criticism is a good way to improve. We can't stress quality, but as you say, take the time to do the idea justice. And one can always learn something new. (Working on my diplomatic skills as well here )
  2. Wonderful scenes. One more thing about the river is the sandbanks that show through the transparent water tiles. Are those baseplates or have you made your own custom curves?
  3. How to Design a Modular or a Non-Modular Building?

    I always look at buildings wherever I go, and add them somewhere in my mind. Sometimes images resurface as I fickle around with my bricks, and I go with the flow. It is often a small detail that set the course, and I go through a lot of revisions over 2-6 months before I get to a point where I can finish it. Since I don't have any formal knowledge of building styles and eras, it may be an ecclectic mix. The main point for me is that I like the overall esthetics. I try to not spend so much on BL and build with what I've got, because it forces me to be creative and try out other solutions. And I also use Google street view to have a closer look when I see a building I like in magazines/books/TV/etc. The building dictates what use it will have.
  4. Arlinsport Adviser (2,1)

    Very informative article, with entertaining commentary to spruce things up for those that does not like statistical data (Those exist... Go figure. (pun intended)). Great work. I appreciate it.
  5. Representable commercial office :) Overall very nice. The roof solutions (including gable and tower) frames it all in nicely.
  6. Colonel Oystridge had been sent in advance to find accomodation for the White Glove Order expedition to find the fabled Superb Orchid. Everywhere he had asked they were fully booked, so he bought a private mansion, and had it converted into a WGO Lodge. This involved making a niche with an Owl and to Ravens, symbols of wisdom and foresight. A whaleoil lamp held in a handsculpted fixture, illuminated them nicely. New windows were fitted to set the right mood for when Miss Blumenskiold arrived. Miss Blumenskiold was a woman with an intense presence. As she approached, he noticed she was quite tall and an alluring scent made his mind drift. Colonel Oystridge could feel his authority dwindle away. "Ahem.. Welcome to Jameston, Miss Blumenskiold. I hope you had a nice journey." "Yes I did, thank you very much, mister...", she let the sentence hang. "Oystridge. Colonel Oystridge.", the Colonel added. "Oh, a military man. Well, I guess someone needs play war. I prefer to make love.", Miss Blumenskiold exclaimed nonchalantly. "Ehrmm... I also prefer...." the Colonel started, but was abruptly interrupted by Miss Blumenskiold. "I have been tasked with retrieving the Superb Orchid for the Order. Show me which way I should hold this map, so we can get on with it" "Yes, let's get it on... Ehh... I'm sorry.. I mean... I have people for those kind of things. I am more of a hands-on kind of leader", the Colonel found himself in a situation where he tried to excuse and prove himself to her. Her devilish charm had gotten a hold of him. "Then show us the rooms and send for these people you know." "We...", she gestured towards her assistants "..have work to do". The Colonel felt his heart sink. He was filled with envy towards her followers, a botanist with the name of Carmo Chaves, and an experienced jungle guide called Arsenio. This is my entry in Cat A of the Superb Orchid of Celestia. It was fun mimicking the style of Jameston, and trying out new techniques. I used Brickbuilts Skyrim Roof tutorial. I will license it as an Art&Culture.
  7. I think you used the contrasting window arches well used for interior detail, and the round top floor windows add to the nauthical theme. And again, the quay and rocky shore
  8. Agree with Roadmonkey. Fitting shop concept, with a nice atmosphere and good story. And the quay, with the rocky shores showing under it are a nice improvement. Cool that you build upon the Jamie Farstrider guide, and you hit the nail on the head with these. I like the play features. I try to include that in my builds also, but often I have to sacrifice for extra support (I have the habit of building from the top down and overcomplicating things ). The plus side of running out of bricks, is that it fosters creative solutions and learning different techniques.
  9. Start of the year always involves more burdens for me. I have a category A that I hope to finish saturday, and then try to see if I can get together a B or C entry. Hopefully both.
  10. [COR-FB3] Foundry No. 2

    Oh, the HORROR! I think you are doing a stellar job of keeping momentum, and your stories always lighten up my day. If you put the build on top off the background, and let the background hang behind without to much folds (having the same background color all around the build) will improve your presentation. I often use either an A3 or larger paper, or a bed sheet. Not as good as a photo box, but it makes the background less distracting. Nice use of the ball joint. The mold is well done, and the drilling of the cannon barrels.
  11. Esladolan propaganda at its best. This are the new selling points for KPA paper boys on the next issue: See what fake news they put in about your faction this time! Read one sides accounts about it! We can sell anything
  12. BoBS CMF - Series 9

    So much character in each and every character. They are all so well done, that it is hard to pick favorites. Maybe the Sea Rats, the Lighthousekeepers Daughter, King Phillip and the Eslandolan Footman and Infantryman.
  13. [ESL] Council campaign: On to Bardo!

    What a pleasant revisit of Bardo :D Great replication. Congratulation on becoming Admius Legistrad.