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  1. Rimbaud Canal

    A lot of great detail and a great presentation with coherent story, angles and many nice scenes! The like the exterior on the tavern a lot. The window side colomns/ornaments in particular, but the sign, lamp, curves and colors are also nice.
  2. [COR-CVIA] Basecamp

    Nice lively scene, great story as always. The top floor, especially the middle, draws the eye in on the nexo shield. The arches and placement of the riled bricks, combined with shield, are very good. As well as the interior color scheme, combined with the upstairs railing (most visible in the last picture).
  3. Here are the reasons why I don't think it is necessary to raise the limit. -You can always licence later. -Everything does not have to be licensed. -A lot of building time can be used to improve on building technique (challenge yourself with using a new type of roof/snot/subtle changes/endless).' In the beginning I emphasized quickly raising my cash flow, and planned on doing the EGS aggressively, but the focus tilted into a building joy and presence that feels better than the EGS rewards. I think it have helped me to put less pressure on myself in general. The creative flow can be challenging though, when the ideas comes quicker than you can build. But not to worry, it can always be licensed later. Sometimes life happens, and that can also be nice. For those times it is good to have some extra builds for if/when that happens.
  4. As Maxim I said it Some realism is good IMO (although humorous entries are also appreciated), but making it to complex can scare people away. A simple bonus for ships visiting adds a little strategy, without skewing the game into a full scale simulator.
  5. Wehey! Shiny doublooons :D Congratulations to all!
  6. Toes Up!

    Poor Mesabi when Agnes gets hold of him... Cool coconut trees. I don´t have those pieces, but cool to see even if I am not going to steal them
  7. [COR FB] A letter, and fish

    Ohhh, that´s awesome. I never get enough of underwater scenes. Good presentation, revealing the hidden world bit by bit. A few transparent slopes against the rocks could have looked good, but overall a great build. I am a fan of using revealed studs for effect, rather than slick it all up. And you succeded with that effect. Your story is also intriguing, and providing links to previous builds, makes it easy to follow. Lokking forward to Reinhards future adventures. You don´t have to licence in the same month it is built. You can always licence later, but nice of you to offer it. I think it fits as a plantation, especially since the artisan category covers so many other things.
  8. 1) I agree. (Edit: KaiNRGs answer made sense though) 3) Sorry, did not read the text thoroughly. My bid can be disregarded until the 3 days have passed.
  9. Is it possible to know the stats for the ships? And I placed a bid
  10. [SR - FB1 Nov 17] We'll take potluck

    If anyone dares to claim moonshine is inferior in quality, take a look at this process. I would not think twice on tasting the finished product. I think this is the best attention to detail in relation to brewing I have seen in Lego.
  11. [OCT] Bread and water? Nah!

    The whole scene is very good composed. Nice roasting oven. Works very good with the light brick. And the bar stand woodwork and roof deserves a couple of these:
  12. [AMRCA - Sir Stig] Old Aquaintances

    Thank you :) The yacht is one of my first ships. It was initially based on an old pilot boat (translated from losskøyte/losbåt) from 1896, but I find it to modern looking as it is. With the damage it took in the first round of the AMRCA, I am working on making it wider and more rounded on the sides and towards the front. The main adjustments are ready on the design level, but I have not found a plan for railing and rigging yet. I will probably stay in port until I have it ready. I sometimes try to challenge myself, and use parts that one may not believe would fit for the type. Another approach could be to turn the hull around, and fit a rounded bow to the back of the hull.
  13. Your stories are very intriguing. Just when people dare to breathe, after the Dark Bishop have released his wretched clutch, the Marderian Menace enters the scene. Great camera shots
  14. Thank you for the compliment (and the idea!). I think I will keep this build assembled, for story purposes ;) Thanks. My first serious attempt at a no-studs interior. That has been a goal for me for a while. It is a little sparse with details inside, but I am satisfied with the details that are there. Maybe the pool could be 2 studs shorter, but sometimes you just have to say "good enough" and carry on. Thank you. I have wanted to get the surgeons (the one that saved Governor Guilders leg) facilities in order for a while, so this was the perfect a good an opportunity (perhaps a little forced). Thanks for noticing :D They were the first part I started with, and the whole build is a result of that first wondering moment. I find some of the best aspects of creativity lies in those small moments.
  15. Thank you for the instructions. I have a few of those green pieces... so I might will copy loan steal it.