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  1. [POLL] WTC Elites

    I like those torsos better after seeing them a few times, and see that they can work in the era. However I would suggest adding backpacks, pauldron, epaulettes, feathers, or some such thing, to further incorporate them in the BoBs universe.
  2. The BotBS Plants Index

    Name: Peppers (Capsicum) IC background: Peppers grow in the wild on some islands in the Brickseas. Not much is known about it so far. Some believe they are from the fire element rather than a fruit of the earth. It is rumored that there is great adversity in how spicy they are, but no one knows if it is just a matter of how they are prepared or individual perception of heat. OOC background: For more from Wikipedia, see here. Builds in BotBS: Into The Wild unknown island Orbinson Crux and Mercredi unknown island @Drunknok: I prefer that you take responsibility and aim to create a clean index. Here, take all my credits (not DBs or PiPs)
  3. MRCA II Adventure

    Great that you emphasized this. It spawns a question regarding grand storylines. If one do not participate a month AMRCA deadline with a quest, is it possible to start another adventure, possibly having two (or more) storylines going simultaneously? I think small stories also get a little love if it is possible, and one can still participatete in periods with less build time. Using the AMRCA to flesh out the world is awesome. I think it should be the main mechanism, and have a fewer challenges (and/or a bigger time gap). It requires more Game mastering, but the BoBs experience will be more intense and personal. Btw, I think the next Main Challenge should involve embarking on an Adventure using the AMRCA. Another aspect could be building something from a sigfigs past (new player friendly and a possibility to flesh out sig figs). I believe that would be suitable to continue the Era II recruitment campaign, and get even more players to discover the awesomeness that is the Brethren of the Brick Seas.
  4. MRCA II Adventure

    Looking forward to it
  5. MRCA II Adventure

    Looks good so far. I am feeling out the format, and seeing the first responses, I realize that I have given very little information in my adventure. If it helps I am going for some existential dilemmas and delve into occult/psychological/dream sequences (allows me to play around in realms that may or may not exist in BoBs).
  6. [COR - FB] The Ant

    Naw, the cutestest ship. It looks like it aspires to be bigger than it is. In a good way.
  7. BoBS CMF - Serie 7

  8. BoBS CMF - Serie 7

    Yes! The BoBs CMF ship has not sailed :) I will definitely steer clear of the lady pirate. Intimidating. Great that you included a shipwright, and the Ténotclaxans headwear always brings a smile to my face. The Alexport negociant, Eslandola mercenary and scholar are my other favorites.
  9. Thank you. I see that I could have changed the wide and narrow slopes front to back. It is an easy technique, that are quick to build. I will probably use it more in future builds (but in a color I have enough tiles for. Yeah, I try always not to slack, but I also postpone until I don't really have enough time. Glad you like them It would fit better in Weelond, but I thought Puerto Desafio was going to level up, so it ended up there. I have a lot of brick panes, and try to use them in new ways from time to time. I hope new players that have a few pirate sets see that they are perfectly useable for quick and efficient builds. Picture added, also from the side I did not have enough black slopes for. Not hassle at all. I was pressed for time (strange that I always put myself in that situation ) to reach the monthly deadline. Of course you did. The idea behind it is that it is an old flour warehouse that have been repurposed as a residence.
  10. The way you incorporated the rock wall prefab into the rock: And the top of the tower. Muy bien. Thank you for the preview. Looking forward to the development on this.
  11. I have built an Oleon Embassy in Puerto Desafio, with visitors from the RNTC. Is this something that is interesting to license for the RNTC? Oh, and I have not understood when I, as a shareholder, can expect payouts?
  12. [AMRCA - Sir Stig] Old Aquaintances

    Douze points! That's the plan. I want to take the opportunity to sculpt the Order based on my ideas, but I'll let the Adventure mechanism decide where the story goes.
  13. [AMRCA - Sir Stig] Old Aquaintances

    I guess I don't really know how the adventure MRCA works, so I will wait for the result and take it from there. I guess I am taking some kind of Odyssey variety.
  14. "Are you alright?" Victor Servadac opened his eyes. An Oleon man were holding his arm and trying to catch his gaze. "Oh, yes, thank you. I got a little dizzy, that's all", Victor excused himself. He was getting these spells more often lately. The Oleon made sure the old man was able to stand on his own two peg legs, and asked twice if there was anything more he could assist with. Victor respectfully thanked, but insisted that he could manage from here on, and the young man departed. He missed Granoleon. All the grandiose inspiring building details in stone. It was hard to come by good quality stone out here in the colonies. More money in bananas they say. But how can you value edibles over art that are built to last for centuries, spreading ideas and beauty for generations to come. I guess it comes down to how hungry you are. He had just visited the new ambassadeurs arriving from the Oleon based RNTC. Major Alkurda had made sure the build was properly decorated and any red flowers were trimmed away before the visitors arrived. Hopefully they would appreciate it as an invitation and not a bribe. Sweat ran down his forehead as he steadied himself. He was tired and felt the last year had been draining. But it was not time to rest yet. The White Glove Order had summoned him for a meeting. The first one since his initiation. He had been drunk that night, and to this very day still did not know what it was all about. Just how about all it was, Victor Servadac was about to find out...
  15. BoBS CMF - Series 6

    With this rate, we catch up to TLG CMF series in no time Dragoon, Gendarmere, Bastion citizen, Order of the Faith characters and the noble brat child are my top picks, but I also like the sailors from different factions.