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  1. Sir Stig

    Review: 21127-1 The Fortress

    I'll reply. I've never liked Minecraft. Lego already are what Minecraft is trying to be. I hope Lego will lose the interest in Minecraft, stop giving Mincraft credibility, and focus on keep being Lego. Instead of this excuse of a set, why not give the fans that have stayed true to Lego for decades a real castle set. A Lego castle set. With new weapons. And monsters. I think even new Lego enthusiasts can appreciate classic fantasy. Tabletop RPG is getting popular again. Why not team up with Wizards of the coast and release some Dungeons and Dragons sets? Oh, never mind me, my fantasy and imagination takes off... Like it should! I play well, Lego, thankyouverymuch.
  2. The Results of The MTF are announced. Can someone please edit the topic with "Winners announced"? Baby please...
  3. Now sit down right here, take a sip of Weelonds best luke warm beer, while we tell tales of drunkenness and cruelty. In other words, the results are in. In other words, we have some winners to announce. In Category 1 - Preparations for the festival The Winner is.... [drumroll] Roadmonkeytj (100Db) Runner-up: Drunknok (50Db) I hope you have enjoyed these summer time festivities in Bardo, that you got to see An Tolis rivers with jumping fish, and the MCTC Royal Cotton Factory where the cotton is high. In Category 2 - Performance The Winner is.... [drumroll] Roadmonkeytj (100Db) Runner-up: Drunknok (50Db) There is no shame to be poor. But it's no great honor either! So we will see what you have done with your fortunes in Category 3 - Social outreach The Winner is.... [drumroll] Roadmonkeytj (100Db) Runner-up: Agent Kallus (50Db) Now that everyone have heard the music and felt the wind, it is time to crown the The Golden Bard of Bardo who have brought us serenades from the stars, are.... [drumroll] ... [more drumroll] ... Roadmonkeytj Congratulations! Now head off to the Inn, where your Innkeeper friend wants to name a drink after you (sorry for this reference) And AT LAAAAAST...., Every entry submitted will receive 10DBs. Those that have licensed their builds must inform of this in this thread within 2 weeks, within 22nd of June, and they will receive an additional 15 DBs. Oh, and a warm thank you to the other judges @Capt Wolf and @Elostirion. It was not their fault that it took some time before the results were ready. It was mine. All mine! Mwuahhahahah :) @Roadmonkeytj, @Drunknok, @Agent Kallus, @Bart, @SpaceJoey86
  4. The judging process is nearing completion. Hopefully it will be ready tonight.
  5. An MCTC representative hauled his body up to one of the center stages that had yet to be dismantled. He flipped his tophat over to the other side in an attempt to straighten it up. A stool left by one of the singer songwriter served as an inpromptu speaking podium. "Excjuse me... I ahve an anointment, no that's not right, I have an announcement to make. The Golden Bard of Bardo....." He let the suspense hang in the air for a moment. " yet to be determined. The judging process are in progress. Some of the judges are reported to have been spotted on a Musicians Talent Fair afterparty, as late as 20 minutes ago, by me. It may still be an ongoing afterparty. Okay.... it was me. Yay! The party never stops! Wigglewigglewiggle... (he tried to shake his body, but fails miserably) The judging process will continue when I wake up, after the siesta. Oh no, tomorrow is the party to celebrate all the carpenters, merchants, chefs, waiters, decorateurs, trade ships, pilot cutters, tavern owners, beer brewers, and everyone that have participated in supporting the Musicians Talent Fair. Cheers to you! And with the current heatwave here, I currently survive by staying in the shadow and getting enough liquid. And water is sparse. Appreciate your participation to making the Musicians Talent Fair a recurring success. Now, my friend Raol, wants to say a few words". The MCTC representative zigzagged towards the other end of the stage and graciously fell off it. "I am Raol, I will be your guide for tonight. We hope you enjoy your stay in Bardo. As we say: We hope you like it, and you can stay as long as you like it. Dramatic pause for laughter. Oh I was not supposed to read that out loud." The crowd laughed and you could see Raols satisfaction on his eyes. He had worked long with that one. "There are still leftover meats, snacks and spirit, now at a discount price, so feel free to expand your vacation here on An Toli. Explore Bardo River or the Bardine Creek. Rumor has it that there is a secret to be found on Colt's Island to the south. Delve into the jungles in one of the earliest colonized islands of the Brick Seas. Relax in one of the fresh water mountain basins. Still unsoiled by the masses. A genuine experience awaits. Explorer kits and rations for sale in the marketplace. Say MTF in any of the MCTC approved stalls to get a 10% discount, valid today and tomorrow! The town hall will stay open for mingling among those that seek to establish or improve business relations." Another merchant chants in as Raols introduction fades off: "Mining tools for sale! Dig deep for our deluxe mining proffesional grate and shovel, and discover the money pit! Free sack for gold, all natural linen, with every purchase of more than 10 Db!" Those still present in Bardo hear a faint voice over the melody from a flute, whispering words that seems like wisdom, but only the end of the verse are tangible "The spirit of Bardo are awakened once again. The Golden Bard Returned" There are no visible musicians on the streets. A cold summer breeze sweeps the heat of the moment. And.... CUT! OOC: musikkfest/fete la musique are coming up the next couple of weekends in a lot of major cities around the world. A celebration of the love of music, free entry, public concerts. Don't miss it if you are in the vicinity of one. I don't remember which date it is elsewhere, but in Oslo it is always the first saturday of june. ...anyway, the judging process will probably be ready in about a weeks time, I guess. This may be a learning experience with Eslandolan culture (and paperwork process(es)). #summer mode
  6. Sir Stig


    I placed 2 bids
  7. We will extend deadline until Sunday 20th. And to clear up any misunderstanding, you do not have to participate in category 1 in order to participate in 2 or 3.
  8. An extension is granted. We can extend the deadline for category 2 and 3 with 48 hours, so the new deadline is the end of Tuesday 15th, anywhere in the world edit: specified the deadline
  9. The last weekend of preparations for the festival are here -> Category one deadline on sunday approaching. May the winds of change take you safely to Bardo. The local inns are preparing by decorating their beds with roses, and dripping rose water on them to improve the smell. The mood is set for a memorable festival.
  10. Umm... I would say: Both. So it is actually a total stud count maximum, so a maximum of 256 studs. (Personally I am very for creative solutions to any challenge).
  11. That's okay. Just link the separate posts in the thread in the appropriate settlements, and here, To ensure we don't miss any entries, and so the Mayors know what builds are in their settlements. Since there are two possible entries in each category, you can make two separate threads (if you want to use both entries), telling the story of each musician/artist/bard/band/group/orchestra/etc. This is a bonus challenge, to fill the void before the next main challenge, and to add some lighthearted entries without to much politics involved (unless you make a singer/songwriter hippie type entry... or Punk band... etc.. which of course you are free to do). Have fun, go mad
  12. Sir Stig

    Minifig-scale cars

    Or flickr
  13. Here are the first event, if you want to see some example builds. Keep in mind that the size restrictions were much tighter back then:
  14. It's Time for The Annual Musicians Talent Fair
  15. You just have to look really hard. For a loooong time... This is supposed to be a happy occasion! Let us not bicker and argue about who killed who. Another year give or take, what does it matter. We are still here. Are we here? Well, most of us anyway. Give it time, the weariness of life will get to you. It'll get to you. But, the spirit, the spirit never ages. As in earlier contest/(s) lyrical references (and references in general) are encouraged. Now, bring me More Soup! The answer is NO. There was no annual MTF last year. There. I said it. Happy Face! Edit: Powers That Be, can we get this contest pinned?