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  1. Gin House, New Haven

    Glad you all found the colors visually appealing. I had planned it to be full red/light grey, with a black roof. But since I did not have enough red arches, I had to go for yellow. I switched to dark grey since the black contrast to yellow was too hard. I was very unsure about how it would turn out. In full daylight it was a bit much, but in medium/low light it has grown on me to. It might make me dare to do some more color in my future builds. That's no pig. It is a Corrington Diplomat acting like a pig Since I made it bigger than required, I figured a little poke was needed for the sake of balance. Thank you for the feedback
  2. The last build in New Haven was done. It was now ready to be put to good use for the former recidents of old Malto. As Gilroy O’Dougahallahan watched the Corrington diplomat slowly approach, his mind wandered. With utmost concentration he had memorized the speech declaring the peace talk obligations fulfilled, time for healing process for Eslandola, Corrinton free to focus on their own problems, blablabla last night. He could not help wonder what such a building was going to be used for. What did GIN mean? Why had he been sent instead of Victor Servadac, Colonel Oystridge or Marquis Alkurda. All of them knew more about the Malto affairs than he did. What went on in their heads? Well, it did not matter. It was out of his hands soon. Out of the White Glove Orders hands. Out of Eslandolas hands. And into Corringtons... He suddenly jerked to his senses, realizing the Corrington diplomat must have already introduced himself, and now stared at him waiting for a reply. "Here is the key", Gilroy said, handing him the key. "Much obliged", murmured the corrington diplomat. "it is even bigger than I had expected." "Eslandola always delivers on their word. We consider our work here done. Bye.", Gilroy replied, then smiled with closed mouth and waved. The deafening silence was only punctuated by O’Dougahallahans footsteps as he made his way down the path and towards the harbor. OOC: To Corrington: I have not defined the use of the building. It is of medium siza and can be lisenced as anything fitting. With this we have delivered 7 of the 6 required settlement levels from the peace talk agreement. I was in the process of making a factory, but it catched my ear that other types of builds was wished for, so I changed it from a long factory building to a square building that can have many uses. Just find something that can be shortened to GIN
  3. Nice splashes of color, pavement and also the teeth roof. Can you give me a link to a max 100x100 picture, for me to add in the preview post of Puerto Desafio builds?
  4. The Pied Piper of Bardo

    Nice and representative build for portraying the atmosphere on Bardo, the cultural exchange center for the Bards in the Brick Seas.
  5. This is perfect. It is exactly the style I aim to achieve somewhere down the road. The subtle colors adds so much realism and fit well together.
  6. Fight to the Death

    Reminded me of sailing in the game, when a storm brews up. Especially the black shape in the middle. It caught me thinking, "Oh no, is that a cyclone forming?". I guess that feeling must be bad for sailors, even to this very day.. The game is set in the early 1700's. Lots of great inspiration. You visit a lot of the places that was in the series Black Sails. I recommend both. Also, I liked it best with the foamy parts. I think it adds depth and contrast. If you think they are too bright (I don't), try a few transparent clear instead of the white.
  7. Fight to the Death

    Yes, I like lego backdrops! I have been thinking about playing around some more with that. Yours came out nice. Cool change between different scales. Now I want to play some more Black Flag again (Assasins Creed).
  8. I like your suggestion. I can think of a few other options also: -a Remove faction bonuses on properties. b Or have it cost/earn PIP/FIP to build in each related category (see Mike S quote - ESL Commercial & Factories, OL Art & Culture, SR a less %, but on all categories, COR educational) <-Change educational to Technology or add Factories for Corrington. c Or, both of the above. -Keep the other differences between factions. -Keep the Island bonuses, or maybe even add 1 bonus (or more) per island in order to give a few options to where you can place it if you want a bonus on it. Maybe have a minus or two to each settlement, so we have to explore with small builds, and then expand if it is a good bonus. Adds realism and excitement. Removing faction bonuses makes the factions less distinguishable. but it makes each player be more free to play with different ideas. - Mike S idea for the MRCA. "...then for example it could cost less points for the Sea Rats to go on a raid, Eslandola to go on a trade run, Corrington to go exploring, and Oleon by expanding their cultural influence." The only thing I am wondering about is, if every action costs, how does a new player start earning FIP/PIP/DBs? EDIT: That's not the only thing I am wondering about... For the record. As you say, depending on how they have the action choices set up, I like your thinking here. I've included a version for land based builds above, as well as your suggestion.
  9. Everyone have pointed out all the neat little details. Lovely build, scene and location. Puerto Desafio will be a sight to behold. I second the compliment on the good doctors name Ayuda. Puerto Desafio needed somebody to take care of medical services. Not just anybody. And that someone is Doctor Ayuda. Sign up now for a free examination Compliments from Puerto Desafio.
  10. [COR] En Route to Argentia

    Will you still use Captain Mesabi, after getting... counted? I dig(ress) your humor. Captain Mesabis straightforwardness, or should I say complete lack of impulse control? You sure livened up the the Nova Malto affair (when he ate the horse still cracks me up whenever I think about it). I have noticed that I start to laugh even before I open your new posts. Nice family. Reminds me of home.
  11. The Finest Pastry in the Brickworld

    Excellent build, with mouth watering pastry. The bowl with dough is great, and the tail pieces for the sugar coating. Here is a free sea song (shanty, if it is in rythm to any particular ship task) to promote your business: ♪Chocolate cream and carrot,♪ ♪cheese, and apple too.♪ ♪There is no cake more splendid,♪ ♪than those that George can do!♪ Great light-hearted humor A build that calls for a celebration! Feelgood times. Ba-dam-dam-tsch!
  12. Chair Game, Mehit, Isla de Victoria | Sir Stig | Eslandola WGO response to Disaster in Malto | Sir Stig | Eslandola We gotta fight for our right... | Sir Stig | Eslandola
  13. [SR-FB] Turtle Family Pub

    Exotic menu Colonel Oystridge is a man fond of food of all sorts. Don't be surprised if he drops in for a taste.
  14. [SR - FB 4 June 17] The Rogers Inn

    I have no quarrel with the free men that call themselves Sea Rats. Your faction are actually the faction with closest resemblance to current Eslandolan policies (maybe not those Rats that have chosen the pirate trade). So, as long as there are no attacks on merchant fleets going to and from Puerto Desafio, there is no reason why we should not be mutually beneficial neighboors. Personally I offer my support against rude intruders anywhere
  15. [SR-FB 12] Shipwreck Bay (medium fort)

    Wonderful! I love the wreckage, and the ratty attitude to finding uses for things that regular people abandon. Good use of resources that does not weigh down the investment portfolio. If you should ever need to buy upgrades, you are welcome to visit Puerto Desafio. As long as you follow Eslandolan law for the duration of your stay. What you do on your own time is no concern of mine, as long as we are on the same page. When I think about it, the Sea Rats and Eslandola have much of the same values. Freedom and opportunities. In lieu of recent developments I see no hinders for strengthening our relationship. Eslandolaons also have the need for recreational vacations, and I believe you may be able to provide just that, for the right price of course.