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  1. This seems very cool. If there will be more spaces I'd like to join. Is there a set number of actions? Rounds? Winner is the ones that solves it in the least amount of actions like the old game Orient Express (Parker brothers?)?
  2. Sir Stig

    [MOC] Belle ├ępoche Modular building

    This reminds me of a lot of brick buildings in Oslo (mostly built in 1850-1910). Impressive, both on lego building skill and architecture understanding. I seldom manage to stay within a certain epoche on builds from my imagination. Well done!
  3. I was William Mitchell. I was sick and had a hard time following and replying to everything. We also failed miserably on night 1. Great guess on swapping Ansel and Ethan. If not we would have got the investigator on night 1 I feel better now though. So I want to be a backup in the next game. Or, if we don't get replacements, I'll participate from the start.
  4. IloveitIloveitIloveit! I don't care if I'll starve, I am getting this one. Maybe 2 of it. I am looking forward to seeing it in Pirate Layouts. Personally I will use it in an RPG homebrew setting, that I hope will evolve into a PKH* layout in a few years time. I hope it sells in such amounts that they make more pirate sets. With modern architecture solutions settlement armada sets could be totally awesome. *Lego Exhibition, Trondheim, Norway
  5. Entertaining to follow. I am game for Pirates II
  6. Alright. Thanks for the game everyone. I hope I was not too annoying
  7. Sir Stig

    Karie's Cosplay Mafia: Day Four

    Sandy said it best. It is not how I act, it is what I do (or something alobg those lines). Who are you asking btw? Me or my 3rd person? Why do you think I am acting strange suddenly, and not scummy? Because you know I am not scum? Did Newt mess up his defensive speech after all? If it is aby consolation I think you are acting strange. I should probably have reacted more on several of your sheepish tag along votes. Oh well. This will all be a learning experience for me. I had almost forgotten how stressful mafia games were.
  8. Sir Stig

    Karie's Cosplay Mafia: Day Four

    @khscarymovie4 unvote: korra (khscarymovie4) vote: tyrion (trekkie99) @Kintobor I must say, your vote summaries have room for improvement. Tyrion now has 2 votes, mine and Korra.
  9. Sir Stig

    Karie's Cosplay Mafia: Day Four

    I have laid my case for Korra before, and the last 2 days have not changed my mind, even though I have tried to back off and be open for my own error after her outburst a few days ago. But I think it was a warning, after I stepped to close. Me not being murdered, can only be because I have been so vocal against her. The only other option I see are Bob/Tyrion, but if that is the case (with that setup, and execution), I will be in awe. No, I think and hope we got this wrapped: vote: Korra (Khscarymovie4)
  10. Sir Stig

    Karie's Cosplay Mafia: Day Four

    Hopefully there is only one scum left, but there are 3 discrepancies that I have not got my head around. 1. The vote shifts between you and Khscarymovie4 at the very end of day 1. It was clear that it would not be a lynch at that time, so what could the motive behind that be? Hiding their votes, planting "proof" for later. And now you say Khscarymovie4 and Tariq J must be the remaining scum. Hmm... 2. What is the deal with Bob. Why did Kotz mention him. Was the goal to frame him, or make us think he tried to frame him. If Bob is scum, this discrepancy does not match up with Trekkie99s claim of night actions. Unless: Both Bob and Trekkie99 are scum? 3. With these night results, I don't understand why you spoke about 3 of your favorite scum was on the same wagon (Sandy/Jimmynick and me). If your story is true, then you knew Sandy and Jimmynick didn't do anything, and were more likely town. I say likelihood of you being lynched is at least 8 at the current moment. If there are 2 more scum, I would hope the town got some power roles. I am looking forward to see the set up when this party is over. Why was it so good that you didn't track me, if you are so suspicious of me as you claim? At the end of day 2 you screamed your lungs out: "The scummo has spoken. Discussion from here on out is utterly pointless". Remember that? Why did you not track me on night 2 or 3? "A look back on the previous days should tell us which of the two if not both is the more likely scum partner of KotZ. (I mean aside from me of course lol)" Which two? Still Khscarymovie4 and Tariq J, or are you talking about me and Bob? (aside from yourself of course). Adding confusion on purpose? Please clarify. I am also still waiting for @Bob to answer a few of my questions from yesterday (The ones that had a very accusatory tone), related to Kotz defense speech.
  11. Sir Stig

    Karie's Cosplay Mafia: Day Three

    What is this? Why do you have to get away with anything if you have a good case? Slip of the tongue? As said before, the way the votes stacked on me made me think it has to be scum among those voting for me. Since I am not sure which one of those 4 is scum. Could be one, could be 2. Therefore I pay respect to the opinion of those I think are more likely to be town on the other lynch candidate. If Newt is indeed an insane/paranoid cop, we are barking at 2 wrong trees. But at the moment Newt have some logical faults which Kyle and Egon are pointing out. (That would of course be a dream scenario for scum - lynching 1 town and having another ready for autolynch....). Let's see: Scenario 1: Newts defense is correct. Why did you not talk about or to Egon about your thoughts? @Bob Your thoughts? What did Newt mean with his above post? Is he telling the truth? Scenario 2: If he turns up scum, @Bob Did he try to implicate you, for a future lynch? Or if I get lynched, will you be considered town alongside your scum buddy? "unless Bob is a godfather" <- What is this: in case Bob is revealed as scum, you can claim he must have been a godfather, so you don't come of as a lying bag of scum? Defendese of Newt, by Tyrion, before Newt even answered those valid concerns here: He also investigated Egon/Bob, for a scum result, but saying he thinks he has a town game, or so he claims. Why no mention of this before? Why don't you let Newt answer? You are very persistent on lynching me since your post (that was posted after the day had ended), and judging by page 3 of today you are intensifying this notion. I wonder if you have committed to heavily on your opinion on me, since you are not addressing more concrete issues than attacking my behavior. You are building very actively upon the tension between 2 candidates. You're active defense for Kotz, which put yourself in a very bad situation if Kotz turns up scum, or I turn up town.
  12. Sir Stig

    Karie's Cosplay Mafia: Day Three

    Please do. Look at all the days. Look at my post about day 1. (I did have a small clue on Sandy, but I find it is easier to point out things if I take one thing at a time - Which makes it harder to explain the connection... oh no, I am talking gibberish again). We shall... Please tune in tomorrow for the latest discoveries in Cosplay Mafia (I am going to have 1 more beer and going to bed soon). :D Probably available for comment for a few hours more, but I am putting my investigation on hold until have gotten more sleep and get my alcohol level down. Great party! Still more Bloody Marys to go around ;)
  13. Sir Stig

    Karie's Cosplay Mafia: Day Three

    I am ahead of my time. I understand the mechanics of the game.