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Found 6 results

  1. starwarsfan66

    [MOC] UCS C-9979 Landing Craft

    I designed this moc a long while ago and it took me well over a month, but it was well worth it. This model is a little bit longer than 4 feet, so it would look much bigger in person. I included an army of droids in front of the craft to show just how massive it is. The only hollow part of the moc is the cargo area where droids can fit. Other than that, everything else is packed with technic bricks, technic liftarms, bricks, and plates. Everything is tightly secured together, but since the wingspan is so long, there have to be 4 supports to hold up their weight. I designed the clone wars version (light gray) and the trade federation version (brown) from The Phantom Menace. i9 by ice chips, on Flickr i1_3 by ice chips, on Flickr higher res by ice chips, on Flickr i8 by ice chips, on Flickr i1_4 by ice chips, on Flickr open doors_3 by ice chips, on Flickr top 2 by ice chips, on Flickr I did create instructions for both of these models as well in the links below. There are also more images of these models there as well. Light gray version: Brown version:
  2. NEW MODELS WILL APPEAR IN THE REPLIES TO THIS THREAD Models now included in this thread: 1. Gungan Bongo 2. Sith Infiltrator 3. Nubian Royal Starship 4. Wookiee Catamaran 5. Firespeeder 6. Porax-38 (P-38) Starfighter 7. Homing Spider Droid 8. Hardcell Transport 9. Lucrehulk-Class Battleship 10. C-9979 Landing Craft 11. Droid Tri-Fighter 12. Geonosian Starfighter 13. Self-Propelled Heavy Artillery (SPHA-T) (NEW) Hello again everyone I hope everyone is safe and well. It is time to open up another thread with MINIs from the neglected prequels. GUNGAN BONGO First up, the Gungan Tribubble Bongo from Ep. I. I had the model from the original LEGO Star Wars video game in my collection for a long time: I had been meaning to build one myself for a while as this just looked so big on the stand next to Jar-Jar! The lockdown gave me the time and the opportunity. I decided to use the 2x2 transparent domes (astromech head) for the bubbles. I have seen a lot of models use transparent dishes but they just look too flat in my opinion. In essence, for the most part, this is a scaled down version of the model above with some newer parts. There are no clever techniques or anything like that but it looks quite striking on the stand with the Jar Jar minigifure and adds some colour to the collection. SITH INFILTRATOR Secondly, The Scimitar (again from Ep. I), also known as the Sith Infiltrator, which was a heavily modified Star Courier and the personal starship of Darth Maul. Like the Bongo I had previously had a LEGO version in my collection, a modified version of the Microfighter convention model from years ago. Again, this just looked big on the stand so with time on my hands I built my own. The nose section is not built using the normal wedge plates technique as there is not the correct size or gradient for this scale (nose is 4 studs wide). Instead I have used the 1x4 plate with offset and 1x8 tiles to create the dagger shape. A 1x3 plate holds the nose construction in shape towards the nose. There is also a 1x1 round plate with hole on a jumper plate underneath the 1x6 dark grey tile holding that in place. Apart from that no clever techniques really. The bottom dish is held there by the stud on a technic half pin which is in the holes from the round plates. And yes, I know the top dish is cracked (it is old) if you have spotted that. I have tried to hide this with the colour picker function in paint – I will have to order another from bricklink. I love how this one looks on display with Darth Maul and his probe droid. Let me know what you think. More soon. Jon
  3. Capn Frank

    30' Landing Craft

    172A It's a Longboat or Jolly Boat right now, but I'll be converting it into a Cutter when I get the chance. In other words, it'll get sails someday. I've made one of these before in white eons ago. There were only minor improvements in the hull and the rudder is completely remade. I like this design of this rudder much more. I've recently acquired the key bricks needed to make this vessel possible at a draft of the Forest Animals set last weekend during a WisLUG meeting. Enjoy!
  4. GuyDudeMan27

    [MOC] Imperial Landing Craft

    Hi guys! Today I have my latest LDD work, an imperial landing craft. When I first started using LDD, I tried my hand at modding a 7659, which I never completely finished. In light of this, about 2 months ago I started a new version of the landing craft. This time around, I decided to make sure it wasn't just a 7649 with a better interior. I started off using a 7649 as a base, but it quickly developed into it's own thing. Here's a quick change log of what I did. New Cockpit Removed the turning mechanism (kinda) Redesigned Interior Lengthened troop bay New wings (all 3) Many cosmetic changes You can find all of the pictures on my Flickr, or the album here. You can download the LFX file on my Brickshelf, or here. Without any further ado, here are the pictures! Enjoy! Imperial Landing Craft by GuyDudeMan27, on Flickr I've kept the landing gear from the original model, mainly because of the troop bay. (We'll see that soon) Landing Craft Back by GuyDudeMan27, on Flickr From the back, you can see the new engines. Also note the lack of the gear mechanism. I've kept the interior gears, which should still work, but you'd need to manually turn the gear on the bottom. That decision caused me great pain when getting the wings in position for the renders Landing Craft Interior by GuyDudeMan27, on Flickr Finally, we have the troop bay! I designed it so that it can hold 14 stormtroopers (or rebel scum ) and one officer at his console. The sides flip down for easy deployment. I kept in the original mechanism for deploying the troop bay, but changed the color of the piece from red to white. (I've checked and all the parts are available) It also holds guns for all of the troopers. This pretty much wraps up the model. Any C&C are very welcome!
  5. LCVP (The Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel) Higgins Boat got his name after the designer. They usually transported soldiers or light vehicles. You can read more about this vehicle here.
  6. What an absurd mission we’re on. Giving a “thank you” card to Boba Fett. Has the Empire really lost its mind? But I won’t complain. For once, we’re on a peaceful mission with a positive vibe to it. For once, no killing, voluntary or involuntary, on purpose or by accident, significant or insignificant. Just crossing the galaxy to say thank you. It’s a pity that such a nice act comes forth from a whim of insanity. But a lot of beautiful things are born in disease… “We’re approaching the surface. Landing gear stand-by” The Sentinel-class landing craft I’m piloting has one of the few cities at the surface of Mon Cal as destination. This planet is probably the easiest one to find the bounty hunter, since I don’t see that craft of him going under water. So only a troopers were needed per city. [soNE Ep. VI] 1 - When did the killer become the hero? by Bert.VR, on Flickr They’re in the back now, talking. They seem quite excited. Not only to be practically on leave. Not only to visiting a nice peaceful planet (and way better than looking for droids in the desert). No, most of them seem to be excited to meet him. “Have you heard he has tamed a Wampa to be his pet? Really. Or that all of his pillows are made from Ewoks? Really. Or that he once killed a Gorax with nothing but a mouse droid? Really. And o, that mouse droid! Did you know he stole it right from under Vader’s nose? Really. Really, that man can do anything. I wouldn’t be surprised if he survived getting eaten by a Sarlacc…” “Yes, he can do anything…” (that one wasn’t much of a talker) “But he’s quite frightening too. Who knows what his next target will be. Maybe my head will be the next trophy on his shelves, in between the pink of the ambassador of Alderaan and a tooth from as space slug (that he killed because he helped captain Solo escape)… Maybe I don’t want to meet him after all.” “Are you mad? You’re might meet the most feared person in the galaxy – after Lord Vader of course (you never know who’s listening) – and you want to run away in fear. You don’t make sense.” “Yes, imagine meeting the man who did all of those great deeds. I think I will faint.” It just keeps going on. They seem Fett’s personal groupies. And for what? What has that foul bounty hunter ever done to become such a hero? Sure, that Wampa, Gorax and space slug stuff… But since when did a killer become the hero? Is murder the new cool? He might be skilled in what he does, but so is a trash collecting droid. He’s just a diva. I hope the others will see that when they meet him, but I’m asking too much of them. Let them adore him. What harm will it do? Let them adore the killer instead of becoming him. Let us all enjoy war instead of making it. It are our deeds that define us. I feel lacking. What are my deeds? I have only done things I regret. Do I regret myself? I wish those deeds never took place. Should I stop to exist? Isn’t there more to me than my deeds? And what more can there be to that bounty hunter? He has done enough deeds. But does that make him superior to me? “Stand by for landing” Let’s just give him the card and let’s go. _____ LXF File here. The whole thing actually fits on a 16x16 plate. It is build in such a way as to stand upright, and there's no limitation on height [soNE Ep. VI] 1 - The proof! by Bert.VR, on Flickr And I know, it looks bigger on the inside. And it looks ugly on the outside...