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Found 18 results

  1. Hey Eurobricks Technic enthusiasts! After being asked recently if I would enter my latest MOC in a race, it occurred to me that it would be pretty cool if we could have trial truck races here in Toronto, Canada as they have in parts of Europe, like Sariel and his crew in Poland. @2GodBDGlory and I are both based around Toronto, and we decided to try to organize possibly the first Toronto-based trial truck MOC race, so we're calling on all builders in the area to see how many people we can bring together! Everybody is welcome, and any information anyone has that could help us out is welcome as well
  2. Hi all, I'm Kate, and I live in Ottawa, Canada. I've just gotten into Lego again as an adult - I impulse bought an old 90s space insect kit I had as a kid at a garage sale, found it really soothing and fun to put together, and now I'm getting hooked! I've started making my own MOCs, though I'm only working from limited bricks right now, and I'm excited to get involved in this community! I'm working on my first MOC, a scientific research vessel. (Didn't have enough blue to make the whole board, but I kind of like the effect.)
  3. Here is my other Via Rail train, The Corridor. To see more pictures, please see Via Rail Canada - The Corridor. I'd love to hear any feedback, comments, questions, or criticisms. It's a big set, so let's tackle it one car at a time. :) If you like it, please support on LEGO Ideas if you believe it would make a great official set.
  4. NickLafreniere

    [MOC] Air Canada 737 MAX

    I recently finished building a LEGO City/Minifig scale plane that offers more details than your usual airliner. I have submitted my creation on LEGO Ideas. See more pictures and vote for it here! My model also has its own display stand which can also be used to display the minifigs. This plane is built using brick-built solutions instead of relying too much on pre-fabricated plane pieces. This plane has quite a nice cabin on the inside and can accommodate many minifigures. To see pictures of the Economy AND Business class cabins, please see my LEGO IDEAS project page.
  5. It has been a long time goal of mine to build this beautiful train with LEGO. After working on it for a long time, I have finally finished it. To see 70+ pictures and a detailed tour, please see Via Rail Canada - The Canadian I'd love to hear any feedback, comments, questions, or criticisms. It's a big set, so let's tackle it one car at a time. :) If you like it, please support on LEGO Ideas if you believe it would make a great official set.
  6. My family was recently going through the basement and discovered this Lego plastic shopping bag. At first it didn't seem interesting, but we don't live near a lego store (Eastern Canada) and this had been stored away for about 30 years. I can't find anything similar online, but I'd like to know more about it. Has anyone ever seen a shopping bag like this before? My best guess is that it came from France in the mid to late 1980's, I recall Santa bringing a lot of Duplo from France one year. If it helps, this logo is on the bottom of the bag. Thanks!
  7. The De Havilland DHC-2 often called Beaver is probably the most famous and beloved bush plane ever built. With its distinct look, flight characteristics and sound it's instantly recognizable. It was produced from 1947 to 1967 by De Havilland Canada. Despite being out of production for many years now a lot of planes are still in use. If you want to find out more about the real plane click here. With the help of gabriele.zannotti I built the DHC-2 out of Lego. Features: True to original plane with details such as exhaust, floats, decorated cockpit, nice looking and fresh colour scheme, window prints on the fuselage, radial engine print, antennas and lights on the wings Retractable landing gear that folds into the floats Accessories namely first aid kit, a mail package, a letter ,a fuel canister, a safety buoy and a rope to tie up the plane A small piece of land with a wooden dock, a fir tree and an air sock 2 minifigures, a pilot and a hermit who lives in the wilderness with his dog So what are you waiting for? Support this project on Lego Ideas and with some luck you can soon take your plane and deliver the hermit's mail into the wilderness! This model was built in mecabricks and rendered using blender. Special thanks to gabriele.zannotti for making the awesome pictures! It doesn't only need a good model to make a great project but also a cool way of presenting it. Make sure to check out his flickr account for more amazing images! Thanks for checking out our article. Make sure to support, comment and share! This is a collaboration between gabriele.zannotti and saabfan.
  8. Greetings! I am from Trinidad and Tobago. Born and raised. Now living in Canada. You know the story. Boy goes to school in.a foreign land. Boy plans to go home after graduation but meets girl. 18 years pass and boy is now married and still in foreign land. Still go home (or to first home... admittedly Canada is home too) often. I love Lego. I am.not a huge builder, but I sure do love spinning stories for the minifigures. So much so that I use them in D&D. Anyway... that's me in a nutshell. No cool MOC or accolades. Just a guy who has managed to survive immigration and been able continue playing with Lego into his 30s.
  9. Hello, I'm a new member here. I have been into Lego for almost 25 years. I had about 8 dark age years in there. I started back into Lego because of anxiety. Building the sets helped calm me down and let me focus on something. Most of that anxiety is gone now and I just enjoy the building. I do both building of official sets and MOC's. I do post to Instagram as bricks_bc as much as I can so people can see what I've built. I also have a small Lego City as space permits, with a new addition coming this week in the palace Cinema (trying to catch up before they retire). My favorite themes are city, super heroes (marvel), and space (this includes all of the space police, alien conquest, Galaxy Squad, and of coarse classic). I have always been an avid collector. For years I collected comic books, I even had a very unsuccessful you tube channel about it (haha). But my main focus has been Lego. I'm lucky enough that my girlfriend lets me have the 2nd bedroom just for this. Thanks, Bricks_bc
  10. nexcidia

    Hey- Nexcidia here.

    Hi everyone! After several years of adult building, I've decided to take the plunge and join the community as a means of bettering my builds and to talk to awesome LEGO people. Plus, I'm really looking forward to taking part in all the various challenges. This year I'm focusing heavily on spaceships so I can be more prepared this years Shiptember. Last year drained me for months. Anyways, here are a few of my builds that I'm proud of: Ye Old Trawler Cassie's Café Ventral T-F7 Interceptor
  11. Connor Querin

    Greetings From Canada Eh?

    Hallo there! Just recently stumbled across the forum community, and decided to plant a stake here Anyhow, my name is Connor Querin, and I am an AFOL hailing from Alberta, in good ol' Canada. Ever since I developed motor skills, I have always had a brick in hand. I typically stray towards scale recreations of "modern" (1960+) armoured vehicles, with the goal of making them filled with as many play feautres as possible! That's about it. Outside of Lego, other hobbies include restoration of armoured vehicles, travel, photography, and the odd PC gaming title. A green adult, I am in my last few weeks of grade school - nearly the end of the beginning. And no, I am not entirely certain what I am doing after school - throw one in the air if you are so inclined! Cheers! Connor P.S. May as well leave you with a few photographs from my Flickr account - models in question are that of the Leopard 2A6 und CVRT Scimitar.
  12. Hi everyone! I have been a Lego enthusiast for years, but since I started school, I never had the time and money to focus on the hobby anymore. However now that I have the time, I do not have the space and need to build my bank. I am mainly Technic flagship and Ultimate Collectors oriented, and I prefer the newer sets as well. I have started a Bricklink store to sell some items I own that are either taking up too much space or I have no interest in it. These items are all new and sealed, and they include: -Lego Technic 42056 Porsche 911 GT3 RS (I do not like supercars generally, despite being Technic) -$349.99 CAD -Lego Technic 8480 Space Shuttle -$800 CAD -Lego Technic 8860 Car Chassis -$850 CAD -Lego Star Wars 7965 Millennium Falcon -$260 CAD -and Lego Creator 10226 SOPWITH CAMEL (will be added to the store soon ~CAD$185) Prices are a bit lower than its competition, only because I do not aim for high profits and just want the buyer to make the most out of it...and free up space in my home :) All are brand new except model 8860, box is open, and the black beams sit freely in the box (do not remember if they came in a bag or not), but all the bags and books are factory sealed and new, never opened or built. Many of the sets are old and vintage, and I will add more as I determine if I want to keep the set or not that I find. Also, I live in Canada so shipping will be determined on the weight/size of the Lego set and distance. I can do local pickups if you live around Toronto, ON. -My business email is: -My bricklink store it:{"showHomeItems":1} -My eBay only has model 8480 Space Ship added to it at the moment, but I will add the rest to it soon if you prefer buying off eBay:
  13. TK2241

    Hello from Canada!

    Hello everyone! Just saying hello here as my first post. This is an absolutely wonderful resource for all things Lego :) I'm an electronics and Lego enthusiast, filmmaker, and software architect by trade. See you 'round! Arlo
  14. Looking for a unique convention of LEGO fans held en français* ? CinéBrique is THE original event combining a convention of LEGO fans AND a brickfilms festival! The third edition of this already popular event in Quebec will be held on November 18-20, 2016, at Champlain College, in Saint-Lambert (South Shore of Montreal), Quebec, Canada. Attendees who register before September 1st will get a $10 discount. For more info: * Although the convention is held in French, most of the organizers and attendees will gladly translate anything you need to know in English.
  15. Do you want to attend an "old school" AFOL convention, one that will be unique in all of North America because it will be held both in English AND in French? Then you're invited to Brickfête Montréal, starting November 22, 2013, until November 24, 2013. Lots of activities, games and fun await you in the great city of Montreal, Canada! But hurry up to register, because only 150 lucky AFOLs will be able to attend, and tickets are selling up fast! http://montreal.bric...013registration ************************************************************************************************** Souhaitez-vous participer à un colloque d'AFOLs pour les AFOLs, le seul en Amérique du Nord qui se tiendra en français? Alors vous êtes invités à participer à Brickfête Montréal qui aura lieu du 22 au 24 novembre 2013. Plusieurs activités, jeux et beaucoup de plaisir seront de la fête dans la fantastique ville de Montréal, au Canada! Mais dépêchez-vous! Seulement 150 AFOLs auront la chance s'inscrire, et les billets s'envolent rapidement! http://montreal.bric...013registration
  16. lightningtiger


    I've finished my mini town build.....three Canadian inspired buildings....... Ready for Railshow this is now ! Keep watching for updates from the show.
  17. lightningtiger

    MOC - Dodge Truck Dealership

    It now continues here another w-i-p....... This of course more to come.....I have left room for at least one vehicle. A roof is coming soon.....hopefully tomorrow. Comments welcome !
  18. lightningtiger

    MOC - COOP Agrocentre

    The tiger is challenging himself......first a tease shot...... Not much to start with but you can see the shelves and racking start....a counter of course (my friend from CITY Motors is standing in for a COOP worker) and a lot more to come.....oh, yeah a different building style you will see over the next few days with this creation. Now some data.....COOP is Canadian, they run everything from gas stations, supermarkets, hardware stores and of course Agrocentres....which is to do with farming. Now any suggestions are welcome....more work with be done to this on Monday (CITY Motors will continue later in the week).....keep watching everyone ! Edit - here we have a real one from Canada....