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Found 7 results

  1. I've been working on some modifications to the 2023 UCS X-Wing in Studio. My main aims were to increase the slope angle of the top surface of the nose and to build a stand to display the X-Wing on landing gear, I also swapped the nose tip parts for light blueish grey and got rid of those horrible white flippers on the laser tips. The landing gear feet and doors are built into a a thin flat base which the X-Wing rests on top of, aligned by the rear gear and supported by a column of bricks that poke up into the ship's display stand hole. The X-Wing set doesn't need to be modified to sit on the stand so hopefully it'll be useful to anyone like me who wants to display the under a coffee table. It can also be moved, the UCS plaque positioned on either side (or not at all) and the X-Wing can be lifted away very easily. Free instructions are on Rebrickable I also built a detailed little R2 to display with the X-Wing. Like many others I wanted to reuse the old 30611 polybag head part behind the X-Wing's cockpit, it's slightly too big to be the right scale but personally I prefer it to the too-small minifigure. Big thanks to Jan Woźnica, who goes by john_carter and is the behind the Tale of The Space Age Lego Ideas set, he kindly let me alter and use his very clever R2-D2 design. He brilliantly positioned 1x1 Round Plate with Bar pieces at 45 degrees between two 4x4 Round Plates, taking advantage in the gaps between studs and anti-stud notches underneath round plates, allowing an open stud piece to securely connect to the end bar poking out of the 4x4 circle. You can find his excellent original here and I created a seperate set of instructions for R2 (also on the X-Wing mod Rebrickable page). I'm really pleased with how the mods turned out, it's great (for my marriage) to be able to display such a big set under a coffee table rather than taking up huge amount of space with the s-foils opened. I really like seeing the ship with the wings closed with the added bonus of the weight of the top pair making them appear fully close. I hope the stand proves useful to some of you, thanks for looking!
  2. Hi everyone, This is my P-51 Mustang Racing MOC. It is made out of 401 official LEGO pieces. Blue Bull is 28.7 centimeters long (11.3 inches), its wingspan is 30.7 centimeters (12.1 inches), it weighs 263 grams (9.3 ounces) and its top speed is just over 400 km/h (over 250 mph)! A single pilot can sit in the comfortable cockpit and take control of the plane any time. Although Blue Bull has an aerodynamic design, its mainframe’s strength is not compromised! The model is designed with agility, durability and playability in mind, so in case of an accident, the plane is sturdy enough to withstand any drop from the height of up to 30 centimeters (12 inches), without any part breaking off. The model can be easily and carelessly swooshed by holding any part – main body, nose, wings, tail or even the propeller. Plane’s nose, wings and tail are connected at a slight angle. Sideways and top-down building techniques are implemented to achieve the appropriate design of the nose and tail. Nose has a smooth narrowing shape towards the propeller, while tail also narrows towards the endpoint. Main wings also have a slanted design – rear line of the main wings is angled in two points, contributing to the overall appealing shape and leaving enough room for the front landing gear. Front landing gear can be deployed or retracted, but rear landing gear is fixed. If you like the plane and would like to see more photos, visit my Flickr album. And if you especially like the model, consider supporting it on Ideas, under a title "Blue Bull"!
  3. Hi Everyone, This is my first post on here but I have been following some of the amazing minifig scale Star Wars MOCs' on here. I have been fascinated with them and decided to give them a bash. So far the rebel fleet includes UCS Slave 1, UCS Falcon (2017), Most recent A-Wing, I have made Intherts' X-Wing, U-Wing, as well as created a Y-wing using his cockpit and reverse engineered the main body of the ship form images. SO, to add to the fleet the Rebel scum have stolen the plans for a Lambda Shuttle.(I) They have gotten pretty far with the rebuild/reverse engineering of the design from the images on Marshal Bananas' Flickr but I have gotten stuck with the landing gear and how to connect the cockpit at those angles! I have started ordering parts for the real build. I'm about 50% delivered and will be starting on the cockpit first to try work it out in actual bricks. Would welcome your comments as well as any advice you guys may have about the build. MB Lambda Shuttle by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr MB Lambda Shuttle #1 by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr Capture4 by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr Capture5 by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr Capture6 by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr Capture3 by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr Capture1 by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr Thanks! Hamish
  4. Hey! Check out my Lego Boeing 737-600! Working: aileron, rudder, elevator, control column RC: flaps, slats, spoilers, landing gear, thrust reverser Length: 110 cm Wingspan: 125 cm Height: 40 cm Weight: 2,8 kg Video here:
  5. so to day I told my self im going to be challenge my self and build a large millennium falcon whale I do this I will post my creations up there for all too see and give feed back on. as we all know there is only one large millennium falcon built and the is in lego land if you have ever been there so we have the two best things in the world (star wars and legos) and the set 10179 I will be atleast 2x that size with more detail and millennium falcon correct to the best of legos limitations anuff with the chit chat and to the reason we are all here so we start with the most important part and strong set of landing pads back landing pads opt. 2 final http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=546379 please give feed back if you have some
  6. The millenium falcon, being such an iconic ship is a must have for any collector but it has always featured the same significant flaws: non retractable landing gear, useless boarding ramp (its not like the figs will actually get in there that way but you know ), and tiny flimsy little quad blasters, so here are my solutions to such issues: 25 by Nom Carver, en Flickr 26 by Nom Carver, en Flickr 20 by Nom Carver, en Flickr 21 by Nom Carver, en Flickr 22 by Nom Carver, en Flickr 23 by Nom Carver, en Flickr 24 by Nom Carver, en Flickr I can go deep into details if I see any interest, by the way, this is the 2004 one.
  7. Hello everyone. This is my first post and this is a projekt I've been working a lot on the paste yea or so. I have only posted on the danish lug, and I wanted to show the building progress to every other AFOL around the world instead of just danish members of Byggepladen. All of these next posts are copied directly into google translate so bear with me if there are some mistakes some places. I don't have the energy to translate walls of text just for this purpose. You can find my image gallery here You can find my youtube account with my airplane process - I plan on adding another video very soon, the plane is nearly done :DSo here goes.... (I realised just now that I cannot create a reply to my self but only edit. Be patient please. There are lots of stuff to come.) (My englih skills are also awesome if I have to say so my self, bear in mind that I'm still using google translate and fixing the most inconsistent words for better understanding)