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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everyone, This is my P-51 Mustang Racing MOC. It is made out of 401 official LEGO pieces. Blue Bull is 28.7 centimeters long (11.3 inches), its wingspan is 30.7 centimeters (12.1 inches), it weighs 263 grams (9.3 ounces) and its top speed is just over 400 km/h (over 250 mph)! A single pilot can sit in the comfortable cockpit and take control of the plane any time. Although Blue Bull has an aerodynamic design, its mainframe’s strength is not compromised! The model is designed with agility, durability and playability in mind, so in case of an accident, the plane is sturdy enough to withstand any drop from the height of up to 30 centimeters (12 inches), without any part breaking off. The model can be easily and carelessly swooshed by holding any part – main body, nose, wings, tail or even the propeller. Plane’s nose, wings and tail are connected at a slight angle. Sideways and top-down building techniques are implemented to achieve the appropriate design of the nose and tail. Nose has a smooth narrowing shape towards the propeller, while tail also narrows towards the endpoint. Main wings also have a slanted design – rear line of the main wings is angled in two points, contributing to the overall appealing shape and leaving enough room for the front landing gear. Front landing gear can be deployed or retracted, but rear landing gear is fixed. If you like the plane and would like to see more photos, visit my Flickr album. And if you especially like the model, consider supporting it on Ideas, under a title "Blue Bull"!
  2. I haven't been building any plane from LEGO Technic for a long time so I decided to build new one. I built it from set 42106 and it became my first twin propeller plane and also the first plane with pullback motor. Pullback motor is connected to both landing gear and propellers so after pulling it back you can let it run forward or lift it and let propellers spin during flight. Building instructions are available at Any comments are welcomed.
  3. Hello everyone! This is my new moc! The airboat is at rest, when the propeller is rotating at low frequency, and begins moving, once the propeller has worked faster. 1 L-motor 2 M-motors Watch the video!
  4. I didn't see anything like this online anywhere so here goes: are there any mirrored/reversed pitch versions of standard Lego propellers out there or do I have to make my own? I've been building motorized boats recently to test propulsion methods, and the best small scale prop I've tested so far is the small 3-bladed prop (6041) placed on both sides of a technic cylinder (41531). I've been using the 40x20x7 hull since it's the only one I currently have that floats. The problem with this setup and single-prop designs is that since they spin the same direction they turn the boat quite significantly. When launching from a standstill the force on the aft end is almost 45* from straight. This brings me to the question in the title: is there any third party source that makes Lego propellers but with mirrored pitch so I can make a counter-rotating design, or will I have to do some cutting and gluing on my own? Google is beyond useless with specifics as we know Thanks!
  5. Yesterday already came idea, started some digital sketch, will try to find some time in the evening, at least to build first plane
  6. wolf_grrr

    Coaxial rotor design?

    I'm wolf_grrr here. You can find me on lots of various places. Look for me me
  7. Hi! I posted this moc a while ago in a specific topic as an example, but I never made an own moc topic for it. JFAIR "contest" has "no rules", and the theme is about really flying Lego things, or things related to fly, so I think it's a good opportunity to present this moc: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=500935 The machine has a very small frame (7L beam), and two propellers for propulsion: http://www.brickshel...y.cgi?i=5432844 Here you can see it flying and raising: (I don't know it's the first, or not, it just flies. ) I think a flying Lego machine can raise from it's own power. It's easy to throw or spin something with your hand. I made some experiments with pull back motors, because they are pretty powerful compared to their size and have lot of rpm, which is very needed to generate raising force. So it can raise/flying off only with Lego parts. The motors with the base structure, the flying thing are all 100% Lego. Yes, it can't raise too high (0,5 m max.), but the flying itself was my goal. Flying time is about 1 sec. The accelerating unit contains two pull-back motors: http://www.brickshel...y.cgi?i=5432841 (I used these motors, because with (even with overvolted) Lego electric motors it seems, it's impossible to fly without wires between the ground and flying machine. And, If I use wires, then it's not a flying machine, because it's connected to the ground.) The video was recorded with 600 FPS. We made some 1200 fps videos, but they have pretty low resolution. Camera: Casio EX-F1
  8. dr_spock

    MOD: Propeller Rail Car

    I was playing around to make a delta wing supersonic passenger jet and this popped out instead: Propeller Rail Car by dr_spock_888, on Flickr