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    Who builds the LEGO-suggested ideas from the box ?

    I see it's quite an old thread but still, I always build the back-of-the-box models from that era, and completely agree that TLG should bring them back. Unfortunately there is a little chance for that, as it won't pay off their efforts, and even some of the customers would complain about not getting full instructions for them, just the idea. Nowadays I am also about to make step-by-step instructions for my implementations. Here are some: 6985-1; CS B1 models; CS B2 models; CS B3 models; CS B4 models; CS B5 models; I also like to make my own alternates for nearly all of the sets, like this X-wing from the 6985-1 Cosmic Fleet Voyager:
  2. plastic_ati

    MOC: Pumpkin Factory

    wow, yummy! The color scheme is more than perfect and the elevator is incredible
  3. plastic_ati

    MOC - Old Harbour Ferry

    it's way too nice. I love the scaling.
  4. Lovely build, especially the door.
  5. plastic_ati

    [MOC] History of the Batmobile in Mini-Scale Project

    Nice ones, especially the cute Batman and Robin figs :) I prefer the 60's Batmobile
  6. plastic_ati

    [MOC] Sleeping Beauty Castle and Cinderella's Carriage

    Impressive build! I like your representation as much as the real one.
  7. plastic_ati

    Modded Hulkbuster

    Nice MOD, the gold pieces add a lot , and the ARC is also better this way.
  8. plastic_ati

    He's dead, Jim.

    RIP IRL (in real life), but live forever and prosper in our hearts!
  9. plastic_ati

    MOC: Yacht "Sirius"

    Okay, that's stunningly beautiful! It's always great to see such a professionally made yacht.
  10. plastic_ati

    [MOC] a chilling discovery

    Little Cthulhu looks more than happy about the free food Seriously, your vignette is nice, simple and clean, and says its story.
  11. plastic_ati

    MOC: Modular Victorian Public Toilet

    This is a nicely built modular addition. Cool idea :)
  12. plastic_ati

    MOC: Service with a Smile - modular gas station

    L@go, that's incredibly incredible! I like those vintage cars a lot, and the whole thing is more than amazing!
  13. plastic_ati

    Waveguide elements

    Hohohohooo..., that's wonderful! I'm working with these quite a lot, and you could catch the feel of them very well. Now it's time to make some for millimeter waves, maybe some horn antennas, or even a flexible line just for fun. Or maybe a cavity frequency meter? That would be a real fun I may borrow your idea to show them next to my museal real ones. Thanks for sharing!
  14. plastic_ati

    Minion Wolverine

  15. plastic_ati

    [MOC] Drum Kit

    Fantestic! May I morrow the idea? The minifig scale makes this totally great.