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  1. NickLafreniere

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Although these results were a bit disappointing, it gives me hope at the same time. All 3 of these projects that were selected were in a LEGO Ideas review in the past, but were rejected then, but then re-uploaded and now got picked! Many people are saying that the LEGO Ideas system is clearly broken and that getting 10K votes isn't difficult anymore, especially if we have a batch of 57 projects... Well maybe the LEGO Ideas team are looking for projects that get 20,000 votes instead now :P or 30,000 votes in the case of LEGO The Office (even more when you consider the other people who made The Office 10K projects) Some of the best projects in this batch should be re-uploaded, like House of Chocolate, Tutankhamun (unless LEGO is planning on ripping that one off too...)
  2. NickLafreniere

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I could see LEGO just copying the bookend idea and making a Harry Potter bookend. With the new Hogwarts Icons set, LEGO knows people will buy a pile of builds for several hundred quid. Some HP bookends to hold the HP series of books would sell better than the plain version or the train version methinks.
  3. NickLafreniere

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    No, not at all. Sonic Mania is coming out in a few months, Vincent Van Gogh is basically done and coming out in a few months, same with the Earth Globe. They are only developing Motorized Lighthouse and the LEGO Ideas Coastal Contest GWP (Ray the Castaway) That's just two sets, and LEGO is pumping out like over 40 18+ sets a year now. They're probably doing more than just 1-2. :P
  4. NickLafreniere

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Does anyone think there will be like 5 sets chosen instead of the usual 1-2?
  5. NickLafreniere

    Licensed Lego Ideas - Support & Discussion

    I made this project as a collaboration with my girlfriend - LEGO Chia Pet. It was all her idea! She had the idea for a few years and lately we decided to finally make this thing. My girlfriend downloaded Studio and was able to get started with it pretty quickly. I finalized her designs and sculpted those animal faces the best I could. She also did all the graphic design for the whole project. And she did a fantastic job here with this growth animation:
  6. NickLafreniere

    [MOC] Via Rail Canada - The Corridor (my other Via train)

    Earlier today I posted some new pictures that I took of my physical build of the F40PH engine. See all the pictures and read what I had to say in my update on LEGO Ideas.
  7. NickLafreniere

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    True that, that could explain the new 3-in-1 viking set. When I first heard about the new 3-in-1 Viking set, I thought that the LEGO Ideas set would then be rejected, but it could be the opposite! It does seem strange how LEGO is making a new viking set again, it is very unexpected.
  8. NickLafreniere

    Why some Bricklink sellers have no instant checkout?

    The reason is the seller will need to look up a shipping quote themselves and then get back to the customer. Sometimes their store has it automatically total the shipping costs, while others can calculate the shipping themselves for the lowest possible price.
  9. NickLafreniere

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    So today LEGO Ideas have stated that the 10K interview posted today was the final one for this batch of 57 in review. That's strange, there were about 10 projects that didn't get a 10K interview. Perhaps those individuals chose not to participate? Now that all the interviews have finally been posted, are the results coming very soon now, possibly in a matter of days?
  10. NickLafreniere

    LEGO Trains 2021

    Cross your fingers for LEGO Ideas to bring us a new train. I hope that the data collected from the LEGO Ideas 90th anniversary vote (trains ranked 4th place) helps convince LEGO it's time to make a new one. I estimate the results for the batch of 57 Ideas projects will get revealed in 2 weeks. They still have about 10 more 10K interviews to publish, and then they will probably announce the results a day later, like they did with the previous review period.
  11. Same, I hope no mortal gets access to those bricks. It disgusts me if someone wants to spend their own money on that - it shouldn't ever happen jk
  12. You totally get what I was going for with how I landscaped the exterior of the fortress! I chose not to use the flowers and leaves in order to keep the overall tone dark and muted. I also really liked using those gnarled root pieces in brown as the dead tree branches. It looks pretty spooky! I wanted to make this area look like a haunted marsh or some kind of wasteland. I also thought it was interesting to depict the Black Falcons as bad guys here. I like to think of this fortress as a separate facility where the Black Falcons do all their dirty work, away from their main castle. The final picture came out well and that's how I personally played with those minifigures. I accidently created the "Green Scythe of Death" when I put the bright green claw piece on that black bar! :) it was so wicked cool that I decided to keep it in the final design.
  13. Yes!!!! That was my main inspiration for the overall mood and composition of the set. I really like the dark tone of the Fright Knights sets.
  14. Yes! The blood was a good use of all the little red tiles you get in the set. I also didn't like how 31120 Medieval Castle had red banners on the front of the castle, it was way too bright for my taste. For the overall look of the castle, I went for a really old, crumbling fortress that is mainly square in shape. The mechanism is nice and smooth and the way it clicks with each turn of the crank is very satisfying. You can also do the whole motion of cranking and releasing the lever with just one finger, so my large, adult-sized hands can still operate this ;)
  15. Thank you! I tried to make it not too disturbing and make it a wee bit fun, like when the skeleton chases the prisoner around. The torture mechanic with the chains is pretty fun to do over and over again :P I tested it like 500 times when building this MOC :P