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  1. Hi everyone, I'd like to show you my design for a playable musical instrument, the Electric Bongos. To summarize, it is small pair of bongo drums, each equipped with a sound brick that make a "poh" and "pah" sound of the bongo drum. You hit the white drum skins, which are essentially big spring-loaded (with elastics) buttons, to make sound. This is a LEGO Ideas project, you can see all the pictures and support it here. The set is only 584 pieces and uses some of the techniques used in the Saturn V rocket to make the roundness of the drum.
  2. NickLafreniere

    [MOC] Pirates of Toilet Cove

    I like how there is a tab set up on the side for The LEGO Toilet! I will for sure be making a more in-depth Pirate episode again. I made a new picture and am going to try and do a bunch more over the next few weeks:
  3. Hello everyone, today I am pleased to show off my newest LEGO Ideas project, the Cruiser Bicycle. Here is my description from LEGO Ideas: Set Description Go for a ride on this stylish vintage cruiser bicycle that has classic features such as a curved frame, fender, chainguard, headlight, and a brown leather seat. The handlebars also have brown leather grips, a brake lever, and bicycle bell. In the center of the bike frame is LEGO’s vintage circular logo used from 1950-1953, which sets the time period for this model. There are also printed tiles for the license plate and Cruiser logo on the chainguard. This bicycle model would make an excellent addition to one’s LEGO collection as well as make a great gift for pretty much anyone! Features Model measures 30cm long, 17cm tall, and 9cm wide. 214 pieces. The bicycle has a working bike chain that is geared to the bicycle pedals. Flip down the kickstand to display your bicycle. This LEGO model is the perfect balance of Technic and System elements. I'd love to hear what you think of the model and please make sure to vote for the project on LEGO Ideas!
  4. NickLafreniere

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    The same thing happened with me for the Space GWP contest. I also wrote a long detailed email about how they were wrong about my set being just a copy of an old set, and got no response. I was able to submit it after attempting 3 times and changing the name.
  5. NickLafreniere

    Boeing 747 Blue Livery

    I have supported this and love this project, it's one of my favorite ones on LEGO Ideas. This deserves more supporters! When I first saw this project, I thought it was a better product idea than my Air Canada 737 MAX I made! :P I would totally get it if it was made.
  6. NickLafreniere

    Seinfeld Lego Ideas Discussion

    This has been my most wanted set for over a year... and now that it's revealed I must admit that I am disappointed. My main issue is the minifigure faces don't look as good as the original project. I'm only happy with Newman, all the other final minifigures seem angier and less expressive than the original project. There is a bit too much space between the wall cabinet and the refrigerator. The lights above this filming set don't look that good and make the set look too tall. I would probably remove them when I get this set for myself. The box looks so dull compared to the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. LEGO set box. I was hoping that this set would also come in a vibrant white box, instead of this lame black box. I wish there were more references to jokes in the show. I thought that there would be the painting "The Kramer" included as a sticker. At least they got the art of George posing in his underwear as a sticker :P I was hoping that there would be a mini vignette of Jerry on stage doing his stand-up comedy and I was happy to see it included. Unfortunately, it's basic as hell - not too impressive at all. I feel like this set didn't get the same amount of love and care as the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. sets did.
  7. NickLafreniere

    LEGO Trains 2021

    Another appeal of The Canadian is the kayaks, fishing, and camping gear that come with the baggage car. For the past decade or so, LEGO has been making new camper van sets for LEGO Creator, City, and even Friends. There is a new camper van set every year because they obviously sell well - especially to parents who would enjoy going camping in a camper van/RV as a family. The Canadian includes that awesome appeal of going out in nature (with the kayaks, sled, snowshoes, etc) as well as the cozy and interesting sleeper car that is somewhat like the camping vans, but the train version. :) VIA Rail actually lets their passengers bring big gear like kayaks/canoes with them and they can request to stop anywhere in the wilderness, as long as they provide the VIA staff the exact coordinates of theirs desired stop. I think many people, even non-railfans, will find that this is more than just a train, but an adventure and a vacation as well!
  8. NickLafreniere

    LEGO Trains 2021

    This batch of 57 is going to be absolutely brutal. The competition is tough and it all depends on if LEGO wants to do a new train set. It also depends on which LEGO Ideas project they think will sell the most. While trains aren't the most popular, many people are just begging for any new train set. Although it may not sell to everyone, people who are hardcore about this train would buy 2 copies and that would help make up for its lower popularity. This would also be a LEGO Ideas / 18+ product that really upsells Powered Up components, train tracks, as well as multiple copies of the set itself. The Canadian is not that popular in comments whenever people mention their LEGO Ideas predictions. There are many people who also like the set very much, but don't think or know if LEGO would make it. When I looked back at comments for previous LEGO Ideas review predictions, not too many people were talking about the Typewriter or Motorized Lighthouse at the time, yet those were some that got picked. It seems like LEGO is targeting people who are like 40+ for some of these recent LEGO Ideas sets. LEGO also loves making $200 sets lately, so this is a set that fits that price range. I feel like you get a lot of great stuff in the box for $200 :P
  9. NickLafreniere

    [MOC] Pirates of Toilet Cove

    I just read the blog post and love it! :P Well done :) The support is still going up steady. I want to make more silly updates like that soon, it's been a while since I did one.
  10. NickLafreniere

    What is Your Dream LEGO Set?

    I would want to get the Santa Fe Super Chief, multiple cars I and II sets, BNSF Santa Fe, and multiple TTX double-stack cars, all brand new in the box. Although I listed multiple sets, they would all be combined to make the ultimate LEGO trains.
  11. NickLafreniere

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    My take on the Castles is pretty much the same as any other 3000 piece submission: -Is this really going to sell, especially next to other $300+ giant LEGO sets? Think about how big of a box it will be, how much shelf space it takes, how much it costs for retailers to ship... -Is this set competing against other LEGO products? For example, any 3000 piece LEGO Ideas castle would be competing against the Disney Castle and Harry Potter Castle. LEGO already has 2 $300+ castles. -Will a non-LEGO fan buy it? LEGO Ideas likes to targets adult, non-LEGO fans to buy a LEGO set of an IP (or object like Grand Piano) of something they love. Classic Castle mainly appeals to older, hardcore fans of LEGO. They know that if these castles make it to Bricklink, some people are going to pay $600+ for the big ones.
  12. NickLafreniere

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I agree with those 2 points, that one should avoid using too much metallic silver or gold (NO chrome, LEGO doesn't do chrome any more) and one should also check to see if the pieces are still recent in production. If you want to increase your chances at approval, making sure that your build doesn't rely on outdated pieces is key. If you really want your set made, you need to take it seriously and do a wee bit of research ;) It's not necessary, but will surely increase your chances.
  13. NickLafreniere

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Agreed. The LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle was such a success that real-life replica models are the new "it" category for LEGO Ideas.
  14. NickLafreniere

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Tutankhamun is 100% confirmed. Everyone can speculate about which "maybes" they think will make it. Which projects do you think have no chance? For starters, we have The Office...x2. Then Zelda, Metroid, and Animal Crossing. Also the resubmissions like Chitty and the Snow White house will most likely not get approved the second time around. I think that all the castles have a great chance of becoming Bricklink products. Same with Bricky_Brick's modular buildings.
  15. NickLafreniere

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    I agree that the past decade has been very un-creative when it comes to kids builds. Kids just want to play with the toy in the picture on the box. Some kids even want their set glued so it doesn't fall apart when playing. If you ask me, that's just crazy. Kids/teens mainly want Star Wars, Harry Potter, Ninjago, Marvel/DC, and stuff like that that are based on specific characters and locations and vehicles from the movie. Most people know that they aren't good at drawing/art, or coming up with LEGO MOCs. They just don't think creatively. Back in the older days of LEGO, we had original, non-IP LEGO themes that were limitless and not being compared to some TV show or movie. We could decide for ourselves what we liked to build, instead of just following the trend.