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  1. Barad-dûr [MOC]

    Brilliant! I see a lot of great little details here. The glow works well too. I like the approach of limiting the scale to a baseplate. I have been wanting to do a Barad-Dur mini scale since seeing an Orthanc mini scale that I built from looking at pictures online. So I wanted to build one to that scale. Mine will have to be smaller than this, but I can see taking away some good ideas here (with credit of course). Keep up the great work. Always fun seeing microscale, LOTR, or both!
  2. MOC: Modular Surf & Ski Shop/Travel Agency

    I found it. I hadn't seen that piece before (although I own some in my old LEGO. I just haven't seen it in 20+ years). I saw the little knobs on each side, so I knew that other technic connector wasn't right, but has a similar base. Either way, smart thinking. I will have to dig mine out and set them up throughout the city.
  3. MOC: Modular Surf & Ski Shop/Travel Agency

    Love the front window. Very clever. I hadn't thought of that before. I may have to borrow that technique (credit due of course). The other details work quite well as well. I like the round plates toward the top a lot. I really like the parking meter. I can't figure out what the very top was made of though.
  4. [MOC] Adult Store and Comic Shop

    So many great details. Looks very gritty and real. I am impressed that can be achieved with LEGO, I know it wasn't easy. I really like the normal "nice" modular aesthetic and have a hard time wrapping my head around the other parts of the city. The ladies of the night are nice purist designs too. Well done. Keep up the good work.
  5. [MOC] XIX Century Rey's Speeder

    Very clever. Although would that person be Ray? (instead of Rey) I like the shaping. The exhaust is great. I really like the wheel attachment. Is that flex tubing? And is that a dark tan backpack? Or is the lighting off?
  6. [MOC] Castles of Westeros

    Great effort. I think at this scale, a lot of the fun details that make them iconic gets lost. Although I really appreciate the wall/castle black. Well done with the texturing. Winterfell is recognizable because of the Weirwood. I was unsure on Dragonstone until I saw the name. Clever idea. I've been wanting to make my own micro versions, but I hadn't considered this small.
  7. Old Town Pub [moc]

    Really clever usage. The colors work really well together. The architecture is clever and thought out. I love the red tower, just incredible. I really like the pub idea and the abandoned building. I understand the realism with the exposed brick and damaged wall, although I wouldn't mind seeing less damage and having it inhabited. It looks like I'm going to need some dark red brick bricks and dark blue roof pieces because I've seen that combo before and it is quite striking if done right. I like the turret with the green roof, and I understand the angle necessary for the black roof behind it, but something feels off about that shaping for some reason. Either way, keep up the good work. I'd love to see it in real bricks.
  8. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The fact this theme has hit 10 years should add some security that they will continue the theme. Under normal circumstances if they were ending a line, they might not mention it, but it would help move older product if they knew nothing else would ever come out again. I see no reason why they won't release something new. They likely have better security than in years past, or they will leak it when they feel the need. There is so much other buzz with other sets, there isn't a drought in information, so there is no reason to flood the market with more hot information.
  9. 70922 The Joker Manor

    This looks incredible. A lot of fun details and play features. The few recycled figs will go to my daughter since she won't have them yet. The new figs look fun. The roller coaster will be fun, although I may just wait for the inevitable roller coaster set next summer then (LEGO would be stupid not to release one considering new molds and a yearly Fair/Amusement Park theme). I don't love the price, but that seems to be what LEGO likes making these days. Seeing this makes me glad I didn't pick up Arkham or the GBHQ. Too much money being thrown at LEGO these days. I'll still have to wait and see what the new Modular is, but this may become part of my early 2018 shopping list.
  10. [MOC] LL928 M.C.V.P Maverick

    Looks great. I liked the original too. (I think I like the 3 pilot cockpit area better, but I like some of the extra stuff you added to the exterior on this version). I've been wanting to recreate the M:Tron version only bigger and better (similar to what you've done here), but the Classic Space color scheme works really well here. Granted I don't have any yellow canopies like that, only dark blue and trans neon green, so I'll have to work with what I can. A great balance of colors and greebles. That has been my struggle with taking inspiration from another classic LEGO ship/vehicle and making it my own while still making it recognizable. On one hand, I can make it look official (but that eliminates a lot of detailing and doesn't make it look as finished sometimes with how gappy the old sets were), on the other I can make it bigger/better/detailed and remove a lot of those issues, but it requires a lot more forethought. Either way, keep up the great work! I like seeing your CS builds (and your castle builds).
  11. Modular rebuild. Some thoughts

    I only have a few officials built, while most are MOCs, so I can't say what fits and what doesn't. But I would say the PR is one of the best looking modulars IMO, so I would try to use that as more of a centerpiece and work around it (in my own line-up). As for height, I think all of the newer sets are a bit too short, but typically lengthening them without changing the width does tend to make them look a bit wonky. I like well proportioned buildings and at this scale, it can get tricky. As for missing pieces, I can't answer that. I've been missing small bits from new builds, but never full large portions (except for the FB debacle years ago). Things always turn up where you least expect them. And if you are concerned about height, don't add the GBHQ. That thing is massive and makes every other set look tiny. It isn't a modular, so adding it to the modular street it feels out of place. I chose not to buy it and instead built Firehouse 23 in L.A. where a lot of the interior shots were filmed for the movie.
  12. [MOC] Winter Village Firehouse

    Brilliant! I love it. The colors work well together. The shaping is well done and fits with the theme. I always struggle with the right balance to blend in, but then again maybe I don't need to blend in. But I do like seeing how well yours blends in with the theme. None would be the wiser that it wasn't official. My only complaint is having to disconnect it to reach in for the pole and sleeping room. But I love the light up function. The regular red looks great here instead of the normal dark red. I will definitely take inspiration from this if I ever get back to building my own Winter Village sets. I can't wait to see more!
  13. Powering Friends Ferris wheel 41130

    I'll have to follow this to see how it turns out. I plan on doing a Friends amusement park eventually, but I want to do a different ferris wheel since I didn't love the one that came in that set. But I'll still need to figure out how to motorize it when I get around to it.
  14. Review: 21310 Old Fishing Store

    Thanks for the review. This has confirmed me not wanting to pick it up. I don't have a strong affinity for fishing anyway, so that helps. The price and piece amount is good value, but I don't picture myself needing that many sand green tiles. I do like the figure prints, so I'll have to pick them up and maybe pick up a few printed pieces, but otherwise, I think I can pass.
  15. (MOC) Constitution Bar WIP

    Clever ideas so far. I love the entrance. I have tried to use hinge plates/bricks before, but usually don't look this clean.