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  1. [MOC] Winter Village Firehouse

    Brilliant! I love it. The colors work well together. The shaping is well done and fits with the theme. I always struggle with the right balance to blend in, but then again maybe I don't need to blend in. But I do like seeing how well yours blends in with the theme. None would be the wiser that it wasn't official. My only complaint is having to disconnect it to reach in for the pole and sleeping room. But I love the light up function. The regular red looks great here instead of the normal dark red. I will definitely take inspiration from this if I ever get back to building my own Winter Village sets. I can't wait to see more!
  2. Powering Friends Ferris wheel 41130

    I'll have to follow this to see how it turns out. I plan on doing a Friends amusement park eventually, but I want to do a different ferris wheel since I didn't love the one that came in that set. But I'll still need to figure out how to motorize it when I get around to it.
  3. Review: 21310 Old Fishing Store

    Thanks for the review. This has confirmed me not wanting to pick it up. I don't have a strong affinity for fishing anyway, so that helps. The price and piece amount is good value, but I don't picture myself needing that many sand green tiles. I do like the figure prints, so I'll have to pick them up and maybe pick up a few printed pieces, but otherwise, I think I can pass.
  4. (MOC) Constitution Bar WIP

    Clever ideas so far. I love the entrance. I have tried to use hinge plates/bricks before, but usually don't look this clean.
  5. [MOC] Amsterdam Canal Houses

    I have never been a fan of Dutch architecture (maybe it was just Market Street soured the sight), but seeing more and more LEGO builds has changed my mind. These look brilliantly done. I love the color scheme. I love the details you've incorporated. I definitely am more intrigued in visiting and taking in the sights. I wonder why Market Street isn't as attractive, yet so many MOCs in the Dutch style look great. Keep up the good work!
  6. [MOC] Amsterdam Canal Houses
  7. Oky's Brickheadz MOCz

    All of these are incredible! You really Captured the essence of a brickhead. I wouldn't even think of using the flower petals for chipmunk. Brilliant
  8. Minifigs = Too much ATTENTION?

    It is my understanding they discontinued the finger hinges because the fingers were prone to breaking easily since so much stress was put inbetween them. Figures were stickered back in the early 80s with the Castle sets. I'd be game for stickers for torsos if it meant I was able to get a lot of them to build up an army. Printed will always be better, but if the price goes down for stickered, I'd be open to the idea. I think a lot of emphasis is put on the minifigure, but I think a lot of people are collecting them more and more, so LEGO is going where the people want. If LEGO sold figures individually (not CMF, but actual set figures), I would consider just buying them instead of buying whole sets, if the price were right.
  9. MOC: Elves, Ragana's Shadow Tower

    Well done. This is something I was wanting to do, but I have such a long list I never accomplished it yet. It definitely is overpowering the official set. I did enjoy that build and final product though, which made me think like you and want to do something bigger. I like the staircase as simple as it is, but it is nice to see things being "realistic." I usually end up dollhouse style and let my daughter jump from floor to floor. I like the idea of the cyclops as guards. I hadn't considered that, but the color scheme works well. Now it makes me wish I had bought more when they were available. And the female ogre head works well for the Harry Potter troll. I never was able to pick him up, but his head always looks odd. Maybe I still will build my own because my vision is definitely different from yours, but it's nice to see someone showing some love for Elves. And what stickers are left on the sheets?
  10. [MOC] Hogwarts Castle

    Great idea. Good execution. I've been wanting to make my own Hogwarts, but after seeing Alice Finch's creation, I lost all hope. This is a great balance between display piece and play piece and the lighting does set a mood. I also was doing a Batcave/Wayne Manor MOC, but I like the Hogwarts idea in the dollhouse form even more. I may have to reconsider my stance on what I'm creating. My miniature version I'm working on is fun, but I like the play value incorporated here. And all of the details work really well that would get lost in translation in the mini form. The stairwell and paintings look spot on. I think my head always has to use stairs and "realistic" avenues of movement in the building, which doesn't work out well in the end due to scaling. This format using the stairwell (because it is essential to a Hogwarts) and then the other rooms next to each other to incorporate a sense of play vs where they would really be in the castle works well. I need to let down my mindblocks and look to the play value. Well done!
  11. Amon Hen

    Looks great! The trees turned out really well. I love the birch design. The actual ruins look great too. I've been wanting to build my own Amon Hen scene, but never got around to it. I have so many other builds ahead of it, who knows. But I like how you handled it.
  12. Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    You say the animals are cheaper on bricklink...I always thought that too until the brown and polar bear were released and hey we're always cheaper on bnp. I had hoped they would come down on bricklink and they never did then they got retired and I missed out. Now I won't spend the ridiculous prices they are asking for them. So 5-6$ for some big cats but I'm guaranteed to get them...worth it.
  13. [MOC] [WIP] Maz Kanata's Castle

    This looks great. I don't remember much from the movie, but I did buy the set recently. This looks much better. And the flags are a great touch. I'll have to rewatch that movie sometime.
  14. The Pink Huntress

    I love the color scheme. The trans blue works really well here. I hadn't thought about building her a unique ship, but that's a good idea.
  15. Interesting ideas. I can't wait to see the interior. I hadn't considered using the Party store as a modular, but it makes sense. I didn't pick that one up. I would say certain colors may not mesh well together, but you have to work with what you have. Keep up the good work.