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  1. [MOC] What's in the Closet?

    Nicely done. I had closet doors like that in my childhood bedroom. I hadn't thought of the creepy factor (although I always kept them open, maybe subconsciously). Is that medium nougat?
  2. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    I haven't kept up on the leaks or news and I don't want to read an extra 20 pages. But keeping the target audience in mind, they tend to be light on figures for most sets. So a giant castle will likely be a playset, not a display piece, and it might not have as many figures as you'd expect. Either way, I'm pumped for more Potter since the 2010 line is what brought me out of my DA. Although, funds are lower this year, so it will be harder to get all the different themes I want. Oh well..
  3. Sulphur-Chrested Cockatoo

    That looks incredible. An artist always is never happy with their work, so I can understand what you are saying. But from an outside perspective, you nailed it! I haven't ever tried building in this style, so I wouldn't begin to know where to start. Keep up the good work.
  4. [MOC] Spyrius Saucer Scout MK2

    Nicely done. I loved spyrius as a kid. I only had a handful of the sets, but the black/red/dark blue color scheme was very different and interesting. This captured the shape of the original pretty well. I like the details you added in to make it more updated. It's hard for me to wrap my head around how to update a previous build. That is my goal from last year, to build updated versions of sets I liked as a kid. I've only done Forestman River Fortress so far, but I hope to do more including some Blacktron II or Ice Planet (and now maybe Spyrius). Keep up the good work.
  5. [MOC] NCS Outpost

    Well done. I built a little outpost inspired by the originals also (no pics yet), but mine is more "original design" as in slightly updated from official. Yours is very creative and has more originality. So I will definitely look back at this and try to rework mine to make it more updated and my own instead of official designs. Keep up the good work.
  6. Alienator Redux (MOC)

    Interesting. I like the idea of evolving older childhood sets into something bigger/newer/better. This certainly fits the bill. It's interesting to see how much it looks like a bulkier AT-ST. Either way, it works. It would be neat to see it in real life, but like you said, I don't think some of those combinations exist unfortunately.
  7. Unreleased Wild West saloon set?

    I don't recall the hotel being a set, or the saloon. Would be neat to see more angles.
  8. EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    NIcely done. Thank you for posting. I appreciate you hosting the raffle and I'll make sure the figures are in a nice home.
  9. The Streets of Daydelon

    Brilliant! I think I may say that each time I see your builds. I love the snowscape ground work and roofing. I will definitely have to borrow some of that for official Winter Village scene I wanted to set up. The atmosphere seems fitting with the people. Very lively. The contrast between the brown and white looks great. I also love the clocktower.
  10. Negative views about the Market Street

    It is hard to say exactly. Everyone touches on different things. But there is just something about MS that doesn't sit right. It doesn't necessarily have to do with the architecture since the modulars have varied. Even the colors are usually pretty random in the sets, so it isn't that. I definitely don't love the windows. Those stick out more than anything to me. The weathered grill bricks look odd. The market really creates a gap on the side. I don't love the top floor and how they have it situated. It should be overlooking the open side, not the building right next to it (that will inevitably block the view). I DO like the curved front steps, although I don't like the window in the middle between them. I do like the ornamental ironwork with the owl, but the placement does stand out. And after a lot of deliberation, I started to actually like Dutch architecture style (I didn't at first). But with all that said, I never felt compelled to bricklink it. I did bricklink CC and GG (although I have since realized how boring and ugly CC actually is also) and then I start to realize the things I'd want to change in GG (which I did in my own MOC up).
  11. [MOC] Brick CIty Brewery

    Looking at the actual buildings via google, this is a great translation from a real building. I'd venture to say I prefer the LEGO version more. The colors really pop even though it is gray and brown. Also, I liked the more curved pillared side vs the actual more slanted side. Nicely done. I've always wanted to build a real building into LEGO, but I've never been passionate about any building enough yet. (My LUG has a whole bunch of local landmark buildings).
  12. I hate to be too mean since I've never designed anything for LEGO before nor have I ever designed a smaller scale ship. With that I give major kudos to the original designer because the submitted ship was amazing looking (granted it was larger scale). This ship doesn't look like a ship. I do like the printed element on the sail, but the rest I can throw into a parts bin. With that said, the bottle does resemble a bottle better (but again, smaller). The height is over 3 inches tall...I grabbed my ruler. This is going to be tiny on a shelf which is where you would want to put it. I'm disappointed. And I agree with almost 300 of those pieces being trans round plates, the price isn't anything amazing. About average. If it ever comes down in price (which a lot of IDEAS sets have), I may have to look at picking it up though. I'm debating on MOCing my own ship for the bottle OR if I should just try to bricklink the pieces of the bottle and hopefully be cheaper (you never know these days, sometimes it is easier to buy a set instead of individual pieces). EDIT: I wonder if the Black Seas Barracuda from the anniversary set will look okay in the bottle?? That ship looks like a great translation at a small scale. Now it might be worthwhile to pick this up.
  13. [MOC] Fantasy medieval house front

    Clever!. Thanks for sharing. And the upload limit is mostly for signature and main picture. It is best to use a photo sharing website for larger files.
  14. [MOC] Fantasy medieval house front

    Very creative. I don't have the know-how to build at angles. I wish I did. But as creative as the buildings are, those trees are . I've been wanting to build some different angled trees too and these look like good inspiration.
  15. [MOC] SP-Striker

    Looks great. That is one of the childhood sets I still want to pick up. Although I had the idea of maybe making this and fitting it into Space Police II color scheme. Either way, I really like your updated look. The curved appearance adds a lot to it, while maintaining the original look. I'll have to look at this for inspiration if I ever do anything similar. I've been wanting to build childhood space sets into new/updated versions just like this!