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  1. TheLegoDr

    Building LEGO sets with only separate parts.

    I'd say same value IF they are all of new condition and no replacements are used. Certain mold varieties are required during certain eras. If you are building it for you, then it wouldn't matter on end value. If you are building these to sell, then you better get them 100% correct otherwise someone could claim fraud.
  2. TheLegoDr

    DIY ● Frame for LEGO Harry Potter [71022]

    Look great. Clever idea. Although there is a typo. Have you seen this wizards? I'd think it should say "these wizards." But I love the Daily Prophet idea.
  3. TheLegoDr

    [MOC] Micro M-Tron Mining Operation

    Very clever part usage. I always want to build a huge layout then get overwhelmed on size. I should look at scale instead and go smaller (while still building big). I like all the details you've included. The drilling vehicle is really clever. I may have to look at this for inspiration in the future if I ever build micro. Keep up the good work.
  4. TheLegoDr

    [MOC] M:tron monorail

    Very interesting build. I've been meaning to build some sort of landscape scene that incorporates some of these ideas. You've executed them quite well. I like the interior shot down the corridor. That would be fun for a convention. The groundwork looks great with the layered plates. I always struggle with capturing the right balance, but I think you've hit it here. M:Tron is not seen enough in MOCs, so kudos on choosing them. I'm assuming the Blacktron 2 gentlemen are "stealing" the fuel? I may have to borrow some ideas for inspiration if I ever get back into building. I've been sorting for so long I forgot how to MOC.
  5. Right, Hobbits are shorter, but they typically are barefoot. So if they do brown pant short legs with flesh feet, that would work perfect for them. Then do the mid legs in browns and blacks with some armor printing for the Dwarfs. I was talking about the pajama Harry since those look like the short legs with barefeet, not the new mid-leg. Either way, we are on the same page.
  6. TheLegoDr

    [MOC] Winterfell Castle from Game of Thrones

    I was hoping for a snowy version. Winter has come. I miss this show already. I am very much a Northerner, so Winterfell is where it's at. I have considered building a small scale version, but never got around to it. I've seen some great versions of GoT. This definitely looks good. Keep up the good work.
  7. That means with moulded shirt legs with bare feet of they do it in the right colors we can have proper hobbit feet.
  8. TheLegoDr

    Benny's x-wing X-Wing X-WING

    Thanks everyone! I thought the spoiler set it apart from a traditional x-wing, so I'm glad people like it. As for more classic space, I'm sure that is true. This was my first step into neo classic space so I'm sure there is room for improvement. I didn't want to go overboard like Benny's spaceship, so I went a more subtle approach. I do agree on the R2 unit. I used his head because of the color scheme, but I agree on making a more classic looking droid. By remodeling the cockpit area to accommodate the new windscreen, I didn't have a lot of room for a droid, so his head was placed there. I figure he can still monitor and track things, just can't get up and move around.
  9. TheLegoDr


    I don't think I posted this yet. I couldn't find it in the search function. I was going to post it a while ago, but must not have finished. I'm going through my phone library, so thought I would get some MOCs posted. Bluesmobile by TheLegoDr, on Flickr Bluesmobile by TheLegoDr, on Flickr Bluesmobile by TheLegoDr, on Flickr It is a mash up modification of Arkham police car and the Kwik-E-Mart police car. I took bits and pieces from both and then modified the areas that needed fixing. I would prefer to have the roofline lower, but windshields are tricky in that regard. And the rear window should have white sides, but I didn't have any stickers. I also didn't have a Sheriff star sticker/decal for the side door. But I think you get the picture either way. I built the megaphone on top and then used LEGO rope with stud on end to make it appear like it is secured. I think it turned out pretty well, but maybe I'm too close to it. What do you think? (I know the picture could benefit from the CMF Jazz musician, but I couldn't find him at the time of picture day.
  10. TheLegoDr

    Benny's x-wing X-Wing X-WING

    I started building this last summer, but never was able to take pictures of it. When I finally did, I revealed it on AFOLs of Facebook to much fanfare, but I thought I would share it here as well. First picture is an angle shot. It is a modified 9493. I extended the nose, modified cockpit and engines. But I used that set as a starting point, then changed things as it came along. Neo Classic Space X-Wing by TheLegoDr, on Flickr This is a rear shot of the engines. Neo Classic Space X-Wing by TheLegoDr, on Flickr Cockpit area. Added some extra decals so Benny knows his surroundings better. Neo Classic Space X-Wing by TheLegoDr, on Flickr With s-foils in attack position. Front view. Neo Classic Space X-Wing by TheLegoDr, on Flickr Side view. I think this is one of my favorite angles. Neo Classic Space X-Wing by TheLegoDr, on Flickr Rear view. Neo Classic Space X-Wing by TheLegoDr, on Flickr I know I've seen many classic space inspired X-Wings, but I liked doing it myself as well. It was a big hit at the few local LEGO shows I've taken it to. I have since built a 48x48 landing pad similar to the 928 landing pad, but no pictures taken yet. I have also built a classic space Y-Wing and currently working on another station/landing area for an A-Wing. Anyway, let me know what you think. Plus, any critiques. I'm new to classic space inspired builds. I don't have a lot of these colors, so it is all new purchases for me, so I don't always have the greebling needed. I have given thought to going back and smoothing out the wings better and exposing less studs.
  11. TheLegoDr

    [MOC] Departure from Rivendell

    I use that concept a lot for trees. In my Forestman River Fortress I used the ratchet 1x2 and a 1x2 plate with horizontal clip (which acts exactly like what you are doing). They do work well together, so that is one nice thing about LEGO. As for the build, the tree is interesting. I like the stuff packed onto the horse more though. It seems like a complete scene with the extra goodies the horse has.
  12. TheLegoDr

    what's a why-wing? never heard of it. it sounds dumb

    When I was building my own Neo classic space y-wing earlier this year I thought of the same thing, as in what would it look like without the long panels at the back behind the engines. But I decided to keep it recognizable and have the full length. Either way, this has a lot of neat qualities. I like the compact nature. I’ve been meaning to do something smaller. in reality if you look at the original sets they didn’t have that much blue overall. The Neo classic space uses a lot more blue and that is what people see more often to gauge other builds by it.
  13. TheLegoDr

    [MOC] Modular Italian Restaurant

    I actually really like the yellow building with the medium blue and then the rounded roofing, but I don't particularly care for the left side building. I also don't love the rounded stairwell on the street. But I think the colors work really well together. I like the idea of the open balcony in front. Clever idea with the painting and the sculpture. I was working on a yellow building. I didn't even think of medium blue, but they do look nice together.
  14. TheLegoDr

    Firehouse 23

    As much as I liked the Fire Brigade (it was my first modular), I wanted something different. I did some research and saw that Firehouse 23 in L.A. was actually used as some of the interior filming of the original Ghostbusters and Big Trouble in Little China. Now I didn't build the interior like the official building, but I liked how the exterior turned out. This is a 24 wide building. It adds another width of a typical street. Firehouse 23 by TheLegoDr, on Flickr Firehouse 23 by TheLegoDr, on Flickr And the rear. I copied some from Fire Brigade. Firehouse 23 by TheLegoDr, on Flickr This adds a new building to my layout. It is a little taller than some of the other modulars, but it fits in pretty well. It's always neat trying to copy a real building and turn it into lego.
  15. TheLegoDr

    31026 Bike Shop & Cafe reimagined

    When this set was on Black Friday sales a few years ago a lot of people created their own modular versions of these sets. So here are mine... I decided to do a cafe, of course, and a florist instead of a bike shop. One of the alternate buildings in the instructions was something resembling a florist, so I thought I'd go another way instead of another bike shop. The first picture is both of them together. 31026 Bike Shop & Cafe reimagined by TheLegoDr, on Flickr The next picture is of just the cafe. I really liked the dark red and black color scheme since it is not seen too often. The yellow awning really pops against those colors. 31026 Bike Shop & Cafe reimagined by TheLegoDr, on Flickr Next is a different angle. 31026 Bike Shop & Cafe reimagined by TheLegoDr, on Flickr And the rear. Overall pretty plain, but no one sees it. 31026 Bike Shop & Cafe reimagined by TheLegoDr, on Flickr Next we have the flower shop. I liked the medium blue and tan contrast. The tree out front adds a bit of foliage. 31026 Bike Shop & Cafe reimagined by TheLegoDr, on Flickr Side profile 31026 Bike Shop & Cafe reimagined by TheLegoDr, on Flickr And rear. This reveals the greenhouse. 31026 Bike Shop & Cafe reimagined by TheLegoDr, on Flickr Please let me know what you think. I had fun adding my own spin on this set.