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  1. These are super clever. I don't know much about Ninjago, but I have seen enough of the sets to know which character is which. Well done. Western is something you don't see a lot of these days.
  2. TheLegoDr

    Old West Saloon, Bank, and Trading Post

    Well done. Somehow I am just now coming across this! Very inspiring builds. It wasn't too long ago I was thinking of doing some sort of western inspired layout since you don't see them too often. This fits the bill! I love the details throughout. The removable rear and moving pieces is very clever. I don't think I'll incorporate that in mine, but I'm glad to see how it worked. The windmill is awesome. The building shaping is great. And I really like the irregular base. That is something I struggle with. Even in this situation where you have multiple builds on irregular bases and put them near each other, it still feels like a layout compared to (in my mind) everything needs to be plated/tiled to make it cohesive. This proves me wrong! Well done. I will look back at this for inspiration.
  3. TheLegoDr

    Future Castle Sets?

    I know it won't change things, but with our local midwestern convention, our LUG has multiple people into castle, more so than other themes. I know it isn't enough to sway the company, but it keeps the castle interest alive at the shows. We have a large train layout, castle area, then modular buildings and other original works by people.
  4. TheLegoDr

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I'm always just a little behind whenever those torsos come available...grr One day I'll grab some. Or to the expensive aftermarket!
  5. TheLegoDr

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The March GWP was already available there? Crazy. Definitely smart buy then. Who knows when things will be consistently available, especially to line up with GWPs.
  6. TheLegoDr

    How to make a black castle less boring

    Orthanc is all black and works really well with textures. But it also has a specific shape to it and the varying levels with protrusions. If I were designing one, I'd think mixing colors. Very few buildings are all one color anyway. It'd be good to have accent colors that bring it all together.
  7. TheLegoDr

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I've liked everything they've released, so bring it on. If it happens to be "junk" to others, then hopefully it won't sell well and I can pick up stuff at a discount. Win-win for me.
  8. ^you make a good point about stickers vs printed in 4+ sets... I hadn't thought of that. Yes, kids like stickers. But it is interesting that those cheaper KID directed sets don't always have stickers. I understand some pieces not being printed, but sometimes the extent of sticker use is a bit out of hand. And also CDC said surface is hard to transfer the current stuff, so packaging shouldn't be much concern. But either way, I'm sure it is an "environment" thing. And maybe in the long run it will be better for our surroundings, but not on our collections. I don't know. I think the extra bag in TLM2 was because they came from different factories so this was the way to keep it all packaged together? I don't know. But I also heard they have the plastic bag inside these new VIDIYO sets with the boxes, so that doesn't make it better for the earth yet if there is still plastic in the box...
  9. I understand and don't understand this logic: Blind bags are designed to hopefully sell a lot of variety of figures with the collect them all mentality, right? So you may end up spending more than you originally were going to and that helps the company. So blind boxes would still create that variance. For a lot of us, we will just buy less (or none). While others will still want a certain number of them, but maybe not a full set. While keeping it blind packaging, it sells more. If it were exposed to what would be inside each package, that would tell the company which product design is a better seller and which isn't. Maybe that could then curtail their process and create more of what is "wanted" the next time around. There'd be a lot of figures waiting on shelves because very few wanted them. But that seems silly that they would spend time and money on producing figures that aren't good sellers (yet there are always a few duds that aren't as popular in each series). Where is the line? I don't know. But moving forward, it sounds like blind packaging in a box may be a limiting factor for a lot, especially since the price is so much higher than it used to be.
  10. TheLegoDr

    MOC: Gotham City Museum Heist

    This is incredible. A lot of details packed in there. I may one of the few that actually liked that movie. It was full of camp and that made it fun. I love Nolan-verse Batman of course, but these mid-90s movies were still enjoyable. Plus it had a killer soundtrack. Back to the build. I Love the variance in ice with the different blues. Clever. The dinosaur scale is impressive. The security guard has good shaping being frozen. Well done overall!
  11. TheLegoDr

    The Tribute to The Razor Crest - Released!

    This looks incredible. I only recently started watching the show. This is jaw dropping. I don't think I can justify the price on building it, but certainly this is a gem to have on your shelf (or swooshing around). Maybe I'll modify it to copy one of the versions where it is in rough shape so pieces could be missing to save money.. Either way, be proud of your creation. I will keep coming back to stare at it.
  12. TheLegoDr

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I thought someone said March was when they were coming back, so I haven't looked. Naturally I miss out...grr. Hopefully they will return.
  13. TheLegoDr

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Dobby's Sock!...Wizard Swears is also fun. Heck, the entirety of Potter Puppet Pals is great. I showed my daughter them a few years ago and she couldn't stop laughing. I was obsessed with those videos when they came out over a decade ago...
  14. TheLegoDr

    My chrome c3po is stuck

    why would you want to take it apart???
  15. TheLegoDr

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    If there are no exclusive figures, then there is no reason to buy specific sets. It's marketing and driving people to purchase from you. End of story. That's how a business would stay afloat. If they keep repeating characters/prints, then you can skip over certain sets altogether if there isn't much new in it. LEGO can't have that...