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  1. TheLegoDr

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC winners thread

    Thanks for doing this raffle. I always look forward to it. It's fun/neat to see what people come up with. And the wait is exciting and frustrating on the countdown.
  2. TheLegoDr

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Bricked1980 - actually Emmet’s apartment building is a slightly modified Town Hall, so technically they already released it (practically).
  3. TheLegoDr

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    http://Mad-Eye Santa for Eurobricks contest by TheLegoDr, on Flickr Thank you for the raffle!
  4. TheLegoDr

    Bricklinking Modular Buildings

    I need to get pictures of mine. I can’t believe I did the sand blue grocer like 4 years ago already... eiher way, I didn’t have any issues either. I ended up not doing a straight swap and like RogerSmith I ended up figuring it out with the right number of bricks, but in new combinations. I also modified mine slightly from straight instructions. It is more symmetrical on mine vs the official set, so that changed the style of bricks needed. good luck with white. Can’t wait to see it.
  5. TheLegoDr

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    I assumed it was gwp, but I decided to get it from eBay since there isn’t any other Lego I need or want at the moment. Plus I had eBay bucks so it was mostly free anyway, woo hoo! but I agree. I have a hard time buying Lego at Barnes. Not a great selection usually.
  6. TheLegoDr

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    If B&N started selling them and ran out, they handled that promo very poorly. I was just in there recently and the only promo was the Kessel Run Miner polybag.
  7. Your thought process is yes and no on the right track. You have to make sure you can find the RIGHT set that has pieces you'll need. Just buying gray in bulk sets may not give you the quantities you need. You'll need to bricklink either way, but you may not know what you need until you start building. You also have to consider that not all figures or unwanted pieces will sell quickly or well at all. You may sit on them for a long time, so offsetting the cost isn't always going to work out in your favor. Personally, I source what I can from my collection as is, then move on to just bricklinking what I need in the amounts I need instead of hoping of buying multiples of sets that may only give me a fraction of what I need. Just a thought. Others can weigh in better than I can I'm sure.
  8. TheLegoDr

    Winter Village Cottage recolor. Best cheapest color?

    I redid mine in tan, but I already owned the set and had all of the tan, so can't say how affordable it was. The blue is a lot more striking than the tan. I have since taken it apart and plan on moving some other winter village design with it.
  9. TheLegoDr


    I am impressed. I really like the landscaping with the different greens. It surprisingly does add a lot of depth to it without adding in a lot of variation in height. Incredible. I like the trees, even though they are smaller, they do represent a nice little forest area that really plays off well with the surrounding area. The winding road is neat also, even though it is just brown baseplate (it still works really well as simple as that is). It just shows how effective the rest of the surroundings are to overlook that. I did have a question in regards to the torso you are using for the cart driver. I looked on bricklink and couldn't find it, so I should just ask the source. I don't love the Crown knights, but they are effective here and the blues play off the surroundings quite well. I was more of a Kingdoms fan, even though red is overused a lot. I am currently remodeling my Forestman River Fortress and adding a lot of surrounding area too, so I may have to look into the texturing you did with your groundwork. Mine was only going to be 3x3 baseplates, so smaller than your area. Keep up the good work
  10. TheLegoDr

    Do you tsundoku sets?

    I have quite the stack of sets that were originally planned for building/parting out. Who has the space? I barely have space to stack unopened sets (and it looks bad when you think about it). I also don't have the display or storage space (and I actually do have too many pieces, so I don't need more sets). So that is overwhelming. My main ones are the Classic Batcave/Jokerland sets since I was planning on doing a large Wayne Manor/Batcave MOC at some point. Then multiple modulars I need to modify or part out. I have actually sold a lot of sets that I had backlogged because I figured I would never have the time for them and they somehow rose enough in value I couldn't justify opening them when I finally did have time (not my original intent to sell).
  11. TheLegoDr

    [MOC] The Golden Hall of Meduseld

    I've seen multiple versions of this and it is amazing how many variances you can get with similar source material. Either way, this looks great. The landscaping really helps seal the deal. I think it adds a little extra compared to just the building. I had given thought to doing my own version of it also, but with so many others out there looking amazing, I don't think I will worry about it. Keep up the good work. Edit: After looking at source material further, you really captured the full scale of the building. The rounded stonework makes a lot more sense now. The rest of the details are pretty much spot on based on some of the stand alone images I saw.
  12. I had every intention of building my own WV Fire Station, but then I heard rumors of this earlier this year, so I put it off. Overall, it is impressive. I think I will still want to modify it a bit. As nice as the stairs can be, I think I will actually remove them. My figures can teleport. It will be like when I was a kid again (and the other WV sets). The figures look good overall. I'm surprised they used the old baby head mold since the new one has a neck on it. And I agree, it is odd the doors open inward considering there won't be any way to have the vehicle come out (just like Ghostbuster's HQ issues).
  13. I miss looking at those old catalogs. It makes me miss my youth. The simplicity of the figure . Today's minifigure with the extra detail are impressive to look at, but they will never win for me. My nostalgia is too strong. But it is interesting looking at the scan with the Forestmen hide-out. In the background is a Black Knight army, and one of the Black Knights is holding a BK shield, but on a Crusader barding. I find that strange that they mixed it like that. Lions and dragons on the same side? Peculiar to say the least.
  14. TheLegoDr

    [MOC] Modular bookstore/antique store

    I like the ground level arched window. That works well there. Much better than Market Street's attempt. I oddly like the two pillars with flowers flanking the entrance for the corner building. The colors work well together overall. I agree I think the window effects are odd. Not bad odd, just different. I think if you are going to do that style of window on the side of the blue building, you shouldn't also have the normal 1x2x2 windows on the same building (on the same level). I'm a man of consistency. The interior on the upper level looks really neat. The colors play off each other well and there are a lot of little details present. My problem with modular interiors, I never show them to anyone, so they don't matter to me. But they do look neat when done.
  15. I am not a hardcore spacer, but I do enjoy some good space themes. I ended up skipping the whole Galaxy Squad series (mostly because I was into other themes at the time). I ended up picking up a few after the fact (used), but for a good price. I was pleasantly surprised at how the play features worked and how it was put together. I don't love the mix of colors. I would have liked more consistency, but I understand it was a squad. If only they would have made separate modules that would be stand alone sets in the different colors and then combine into one massive set ( a la Power Rangers/Voltron). Anyway, I think you chose well with what you were going for. I liked the bug obliterator with the option for ground and air. And oddly enough I also have the hive crawler (the only two I have from the theme, that's funny). I never built that one. It is still in the bag from when I bought it. But I liked the launching cocoon play feature.