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  1. HarrisBricks

    [MOC] A-83 Exploration Base (Neo-Classic Space)

  2. HarrisBricks

    [MOC] Edward's Island (Neo Fabuland)

    Thanks! Cheers, I am not sure sorry!
  3. HarrisBricks

    [MOC] A-83 Exploration Base (Neo-Classic Space)

    Thanks, I had a lot of fun building terrain (nevermind everything else). Thanks! Wow, that is a great compliment, thanks! Cheers, and thanks :) Thanks! The terrain (though really a background detail) is one of the most satisfying elements of this build. Thanks! Cheers! Thanks! Cheers!
  4. HarrisBricks

    [MOC] Edward's Island (Neo Fabuland)

    I think you are right Brimbolet, I really wonder if Richard Scarry's illustrations may have been an original influence for Fabuland. Thanks!
  5. HarrisBricks

    [MOC] Edward's Island (Neo Fabuland)

    Thanks, glad you like it!
  6. HarrisBricks

    [MOC] Red Walker

    Some really nice details in this, love it!
  7. HarrisBricks

    [MOC] Approach/Landing Pad 1

    So damn good!
  8. I had some great feedback on my ship, LL-997 Viper (thanks!), so thought I might share the display that it was built for here. This MOC is a Neo-Classic Space base inspired by Classic Space LEGO from the 80s but using the range of pieces and building techniques now available. Growing up in the eighties and nineties means that I have fond memories of the LEGO sets from that time, Classic Castle and Space would have to be my favourites. I personally didn’t have a lot of Classic Space sets when I was younger but I have always loved them and their limited colour palette appeals to the graphic designer in me and their retro tech aesthetic speaks to my love of old-school science fiction. In designing and building my Neo-Classic Space base I set out to honour the range and play options available in those original Classic Space sets. I have reimagined several must-have elements from the classic space sets including a range of ship sizes and types, small one person rovers, movable blue lab pods, light grey terrain (I had more fun with the terrain than I expected!), handy robot assistants, and a lot of satellite dishes. You may be aware that there are established ‘rules’ for Neo-Classic Space MOCs, but I disagreed with some of them so I used my best judgement as to how to apply them in my MOC. My base is named A-83 after my younger brother Adam (he was born in 1983 at the pinnacle of the Classic Space era) who sadly passed away at the age of 18 in 2001. Together with my sister Sarah, Adam and I spent countless weekends sprawled out on the loungeroom floor playing with our LEGO when we were growing up and blue Classic Space minifigures (and classic police minifigures for that matter) remind me of Adam to this day. You can see some more detailed photos of the two larger ships, LL-999 Explorer and LL-997 Viper here. For this MOC I created a range of custom stickers for all the signage of the base as well as a set of 6 custom printed pieces for computer screens. The aim was to create graphics that echo the original LEGO printed parts from the Classic Space sets as well as the classic Seventies and Eighties science fiction vernacular. The printed pieces were expertly printed by Edd at BrickSanity in the UK. If you would like to get your hands on my sticker artwork so you can print your own, you can do so here. I recently submitted my LL-995 Viper ship design from this display for consideration to LEGO Ideas, if you would like to see it made into an official LEGO set, you can register and show your support here.
  9. HarrisBricks

    [MOC] MR2400 Horizon

    This is an amazing build, well done!
  10. HarrisBricks

    [MOC] Edward's Island (Neo Fabuland)

    Thanks Fraunces, I tried to stick as much as possible to only colours that were available in Fabuland, through I did break my rule by using bright green as well as green, everything else is only colours available in Fabuland (or their current day equivalents).
  11. HarrisBricks

    [MOC] Edward's Island (Neo Fabuland)

  12. HarrisBricks

    Hello from Australia

    Thanks Paul!
  13. HarrisBricks

    [MOC] Edward's Island (Neo Fabuland)

    Thanks, I designed and printed any stickers I needed. They are more 'Fabuland-style' than 'Fabuland'. Thanks, I wondered what was going wrong with the images. I will fix them and edit my post! Hi, they are not the strongest connection, they are connected using columns of 1x1 snot bricks. Yeah, I have had people mention Animal Crossing quite a lot, and I think especially because it is an island as well but I really had had no experience of Animal Crossing until my wife recently purchased it about a month ago. Ah, that is a shame! You should definitely say hello next time. Though I will be castle-ing for 2021. Thanks! Thank you! Thanks, it was really important to me that it feels like Fabuland, and I reckon the visual style and colour scheme of the original sets are such a huge part of that making for an instant nostalgia hit! Thanks!