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  1. Legocionado

    Space Hangar-21

    One Traffic Control to guide them all, one Hangar to fit them all, one Team to service them, and with bricks to bind them all; in the land of Bricklink were the proposal awaits. For over 30 years we had no landing baseplates but lots of spaceships. The only set that came close to a hangar was the "Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser" #7754. SPACE HANGAR-21 Space hangars or landing zones are great, but here is the treat: If you have smaller spaceships and you do not want them to look somewhat lost on a big landing platform, you need a smaller lading zone. You want bigger ships to land you will need a big landing platform. Space Hangar-21 has an internal mechanism that allows you to expand or shrink the landing zone. Everything from the size of a small LL918 up to the Galaxy Explorer 10497 will fit. Other Space Factions If you are not a fan of classic space just exchange some bricks and you can convert the color scheme to any theme you like. Make it an M:Tron, a Blacktron or even a Star Wars hangar or something own. You do not need many bricks to do that. As to the Space Traffic Control tower my inspiration was clearly Classic Space set 6930 "Space Supply Station". I did not want to complete the conversion though because of the bricks limit. BUT: I am planning to complete it in the next few months. If you like the idea and the implementation vote for it and especially leave me a comment on Bricklink to make it happen. Here is the direct link: Bricklink Space Hangar-21 If you need more info or pics, check my IG account. You will find it in my Linktree here: Legocionado Let's get a space hangar. Support it on Bricklink to make it a set. Thanks for your support!
  2. Legocionado

    CDC2 CMF: Henjin Quilones

    Thank God this is not the official Minifigures series 22. I would have had to buy every one of them. And where put them all? Really nice design!
  3. Legocionado

    Old Memories, New Dreams

    Thanks Emerson! It has more to offer, but I could not show everything in just one article. At LegoIdeas there are more infos and pics, especially in the updates.
  4. Legocionado

    Old Memories, New Dreams

    I was 8 years old when I got my first Lego Classic Space set LL918. I remember I spent hours with catalogs looking at LL924 and the Galaxy Explorer LL928. When I got LL928 from my grandma I was thrilled and couldn't let go. I even took it with me on holidays. Galaxy Explorer Dropship by Giorgio Chronas, auf Flickr A few years later I saw the Galaxy Commander in the store. At the time, due to my father's job, I was living in an a developing country in Africa, where Legos were very rare. I was gazing at the store window, nearly paralyzed and probably with a wide open mouth. I had just past my birthday and for Christmas time I would have to wait a long time. As quickly as I could I ran back home broke that piggy bank into pieces, took everything I had and ran back to the store. I still remember the feelings I had when building this spaceship and looking at every new part as if it were yesterday. Galaxy Commander Dropship_1 by Giorgio Chronas, auf Flickr Now, decades later, being an AFOL I still love space topics, specially neo classic space models from other Afols. A few years ago I remember seeing Wolf Leews modernized version of LL928 (and 924 and 918) in LegoIdeas and having exactly the same feelings. I tried to push it in LegoIdeas but unfortunately it did not make it to the threshold. Wolf Leews, if you see this post, thanks for sharing the instructions. I have your models in my showcase ever since. The idea of an own classic space model did not let go of me. It took me again years of thinking how to approach this topic. My problem was I wanted everything. I wanted to have a command centre, several spaceships, some robots some cool versatile and functional vehicles, a garage where the vehicles would go for repair, a habitat, a repair bay for the robots. And I wanted the antagonists as well: Blacktrons! And I wanted everybody to build up his own space station. Uff! Galaxy Explorer Commander Dropship I knew this was impossible. Then my Lego Pueblo came to mind. It was a 4in1 set proposal at LegoIdeas that you could buy multiple times and stack to each other building up your own Pueblo village. My Lego Pueblo did not make it to the threshold but if I did such a concept once, maybe I could do it again. Many months of thinking and planning what to do, which bricks to use, color scheme, how to combine classic space with Blacktron, drawing and doing research followed. Then I started building. The target was a 3in1 space creator set with three different scenarios that you could combine forming a big space centre. Each scenario should have its own theme and its own playability concept. At the same time some models of one scenario should connect to models of other scenarios, so at the end you have one big unity. I also needed a story. As I love sci-fi and astronomy this part was the easiest one for me. What came out was space station "Antares", a 3in1 space creator set, where New Classic Space searches for Legonit ressources and Blacktrons trying to steal it from them. One alternate build is the Mining Outpost, the other one is the Bot Repair Bay and one is the Galaxy Dropship. 9 Antares Classic Space3x by Giorgio Chronas, auf Flickr With the Galaxy Dropship I combined the features of the Galaxy Explorer and the Galaxy Commander and built a mashup that had its own look. Like the Galaxy Commander the dropship can be split into a space fighter and the cargo bay. Like the Commander it may hold a space lab. But it also may hold a space buggy like the Galaxy Explorer. Since the space buggy is from scenario Mining Outpost, I decided it may also hold the truck from its own scenario. Then I continued. The Galaxy Dropship may hold the trailer the fuel or plasma tanks or even a small space fighter which actually is the cockpit of the robot of scenario Bot Repair Bay. The set seems to be huge, too big, but actually it is only big when the set is acquired multiple times. As a single set it has less bricks than the biggest official LegoIdeas set. I hope you like it and support it at LegoIdeas. It is another attempt to bring back some space without StarWars. 5 Antares Galaxy Dropship by Giorgio Chronas, auf Flickr 6 Galaxy Dropship Hangar by Giorgio Chronas, auf Flickr Guys I do not want to bore you too much. Please take a look for yourself at LegoIdeas. Check out the three different video animations (search for "Legocionado" at YouTube) and take a look at the pics of the updates at LegoIdeas (I have made some animated gifs explaining the concept). Here are the direct links: To LegoIdeas "Antares": 2 Antares Classic Space by Giorgio Chronas, auf Flickr To YouTube animated video for the "Galaxy Dropship":
  5. another test size without name
  6. This is my one of my latest mocs. Posted from Flickr: 1 Galaxy Dropship by Giorgio Chronas, auf Flickr and here another one small sized: 6 Galaxy Dropship Hangar by Giorgio Chronas, auf Flickr I think I got it One as medium sized Delta 9er by Giorgio Chronas, auf Flickr and here a link: One as medium sized and here a link:
  7. Legocionado

    LL-928 Galaxy Explorer remake (with instructions)

    Well your Galaxy Explorer looks great. The intrepretation I liked the most was one in LegoIdeas years ago by a guy who called himself Wolf Leews. Especially his LL924 was really fantastic and is on my shelves now (fortunately he had the instructions in the net back then and I have them all ). It only got 4oo something supports back then, which I never understood. I would say that was fraud Anyway your Lego space bubbles are not only innovative but really gorgeous and I hope they do well. You can check out my Antares space project there as well. And do not ask me to support your bubble scouts as I did so many weeks ago and I would support them again and again anda again... Cheers!
  8. Legocionado

    The Future of Lego Space. (opinions, ideas, discussion)

    Well, you are right in the sense that I bought all of these through Bricklink and being an Afol I loved that theme. To tell you the truth my son and his friends (aged 10 to 12) were playing with these sets and loved them as well. And I do have a lot Lego Star Wars around. Actually they did not play with any Lego set the way they played with these ones: SWOOSH!!! But I do not know, maybe Space is dead, maybe not or maybe dying. Personally I like Star Wars but I am not getting the 12th version of some star wars set anymore. Instead I really tried bringing back Lego Space in some way and built a massive 3in1 space creator set (massive if you get the set 3 times) and put it in LegoIdeas. To tell you the truth, it did get a 1000 supports but the support is slowing down a lot. If you are interested in it check there for "Antares". Here is the link: Best Giorgio
  9. Legocionado

    Howdy ...

    Moin BrickzAndBrezn, Gut gut Nice project on LegoIdeas. I had seen (and supported it) some days or weeks ago. Do not remember. And I like your update of how it fits that official LegoIdeas project about fishing. Do not recall its name. Anyway good luck "Lands-Nachbar"
  10. Legocionado

    Hello from Spain

    Pués hola Alberto, me gustó mucho tu castillo en Flickr. Te mandé un "follow". Y ahora en inglés: guys use that Flickr link and check out that lovely catsle. Castle rocks!
  11. Legocionado

    Hi there from Austria

    I am half Greek, half Austrian and grew up abroad, mostly in Spanish speaking countries. My main interests (apart from Lego) are technical scuba diving, underwater photography and underwater filming. I build with bricks since the age of 3 and for some decades now. My most beloved themes are Castle (and in general history) and most of all Space and everything that has to do with space. Actually, when Lego Classic Space came out I was so thrilled that I read one book after the other about astronomy and nearly even studied it. In the Lego-net I go either by the nickname Legocionado (from Spanish Lego-aficionado or "Lego fan") or by the name Giorgio Chronas, which would be my maiden (Greek) name. I do not like following Lego instructions, I rather do my own stuff. And what really intrigues me is building things that could do as a lego product. That is a kind of different building as I have to limit myself in the amout of bricks and so on. At the end I take that moc and put it on a shelve to stay there forever. By the way my oldest moc that is on my shelve is from the age of 12 or 13 from the eigthies. Anyways, see you around Best Giorgio