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Found 2 results

  1. Legocionado

    Old Memories, New Dreams

    I was 8 years old when I got my first Lego Classic Space set LL918. I remember I spent hours with catalogs looking at LL924 and the Galaxy Explorer LL928. When I got LL928 from my grandma I was thrilled and couldn't let go. I even took it with me on holidays. Galaxy Explorer Dropship by Giorgio Chronas, auf Flickr A few years later I saw the Galaxy Commander in the store. At the time, due to my father's job, I was living in an a developing country in Africa, where Legos were very rare. I was gazing at the store window, nearly paralyzed and probably with a wide open mouth. I had just past my birthday and for Christmas time I would have to wait a long time. As quickly as I could I ran back home broke that piggy bank into pieces, took everything I had and ran back to the store. I still remember the feelings I had when building this spaceship and looking at every new part as if it were yesterday. Galaxy Commander Dropship_1 by Giorgio Chronas, auf Flickr Now, decades later, being an AFOL I still love space topics, specially neo classic space models from other Afols. A few years ago I remember seeing Wolf Leews modernized version of LL928 (and 924 and 918) in LegoIdeas and having exactly the same feelings. I tried to push it in LegoIdeas but unfortunately it did not make it to the threshold. Wolf Leews, if you see this post, thanks for sharing the instructions. I have your models in my showcase ever since. The idea of an own classic space model did not let go of me. It took me again years of thinking how to approach this topic. My problem was I wanted everything. I wanted to have a command centre, several spaceships, some robots some cool versatile and functional vehicles, a garage where the vehicles would go for repair, a habitat, a repair bay for the robots. And I wanted the antagonists as well: Blacktrons! And I wanted everybody to build up his own space station. Uff! Galaxy Explorer Commander Dropship I knew this was impossible. Then my Lego Pueblo came to mind. It was a 4in1 set proposal at LegoIdeas that you could buy multiple times and stack to each other building up your own Pueblo village. My Lego Pueblo did not make it to the threshold but if I did such a concept once, maybe I could do it again. Many months of thinking and planning what to do, which bricks to use, color scheme, how to combine classic space with Blacktron, drawing and doing research followed. Then I started building. The target was a 3in1 space creator set with three different scenarios that you could combine forming a big space centre. Each scenario should have its own theme and its own playability concept. At the same time some models of one scenario should connect to models of other scenarios, so at the end you have one big unity. I also needed a story. As I love sci-fi and astronomy this part was the easiest one for me. What came out was space station "Antares", a 3in1 space creator set, where New Classic Space searches for Legonit ressources and Blacktrons trying to steal it from them. One alternate build is the Mining Outpost, the other one is the Bot Repair Bay and one is the Galaxy Dropship. 9 Antares Classic Space3x by Giorgio Chronas, auf Flickr With the Galaxy Dropship I combined the features of the Galaxy Explorer and the Galaxy Commander and built a mashup that had its own look. Like the Galaxy Commander the dropship can be split into a space fighter and the cargo bay. Like the Commander it may hold a space lab. But it also may hold a space buggy like the Galaxy Explorer. Since the space buggy is from scenario Mining Outpost, I decided it may also hold the truck from its own scenario. Then I continued. The Galaxy Dropship may hold the trailer the fuel or plasma tanks or even a small space fighter which actually is the cockpit of the robot of scenario Bot Repair Bay. The set seems to be huge, too big, but actually it is only big when the set is acquired multiple times. As a single set it has less bricks than the biggest official LegoIdeas set. I hope you like it and support it at LegoIdeas. It is another attempt to bring back some space without StarWars. 5 Antares Galaxy Dropship by Giorgio Chronas, auf Flickr 6 Galaxy Dropship Hangar by Giorgio Chronas, auf Flickr Guys I do not want to bore you too much. Please take a look for yourself at LegoIdeas. Check out the three different video animations (search for "Legocionado" at YouTube) and take a look at the pics of the updates at LegoIdeas (I have made some animated gifs explaining the concept). Here are the direct links: To LegoIdeas "Antares": 2 Antares Classic Space by Giorgio Chronas, auf Flickr To YouTube animated video for the "Galaxy Dropship":
  2. After years of delays and due in large part to the renewed groundswell of public support the Godwin Space Center is finally fully operational and prepping for its first launch of our orbiter - Adventure! Thanks to the adventurous spirit of the people of Godwins Hollow the Godwin Space Center is finally up and running. Despite numerous setbacks along the way, the finished product is a marvel of modern space-faring technology. Situated on the north side of town adjacent to the soon to be completed Godwins Hollow Regional Airport the GSC boasts a state of the art mission control center, maintenance facilities, laboratories, a hangar to house the orbiter when it's not out and about, and more than enough additional features to keep even the most jaded space traveler interested! As we close in on the GSC you can very clearly see that the orbiter Adventure is on the pad. The superstructure has been raised and the good folks of the Godwins Hollow Space Administration are busy prepping for launch! The newly minted 'tallest structure in Godwins Hollow' is the orbiter's hangar. Not simply a box to pack the bird away when she's not out taking a quick spin around the block the hangar is packed to the brim with diagnostic and monitoring equipment to make sure the city's investment is always fully mission-capable. Moving into the GSP proper we start on the ground floor with the maintenance bay. Fitted with barn doors practically anything short of the orbiter itself can fit in here. The bay is considered by most to be one of the most technologically advanced facilities of its type. Fitted with robotic assist features, diagnostic tools, and customizable display systems this maintenance bay might make Tony Stark look twice. Upstairs a small but very well stocked warehouse is available to the technicians at any time. Moving up to the second floor we enter the Mechanical Engineering room. Mission Control might be the brains of the GSC but this is where the real work happens. The technicians here make sure that all of the orbiter's systems are fully prepped and ready to go. Fluids are monitored, pressures gauged, and all of the other 'dirty' work necessary to get this bird into orbit are taken care of here. While the technicians are busy moving about the orbiter everything that is happening on that superstructure is being monitored and controlled from this room. Again, fitted with amazing display technologies, sensitive monitoring and calibration tools, and one of the coolest sliding/spinning seat systems in town this is a great place to work. The 2nd and 3rd floors from above Every entity needs them and even the GSC has a small space for all for the admin offices. Also on the third floor is a small laboratory. It looks like two of Godwins Hollow's best and brightest are busy discussing the theoretical impacts of their latest project while an engineer has jumped right in and is making things happen! This is far and away everyone's favorite place to be at the GSC - the astronaut prep room. For those brave souls about to strap themselves into a massive controlled explosion in order to slip the surly bonds of earth, this is the last place they'll see before entering the orbiter. A swarm of technicians assists the astronauts in getting into the somewhat bulky gear and an industrial HVAC unit helps keep everyone cool and the entire room dust free. And before anyone asks - no those are not disembodied hands - they're gloves. After suiting up the astronauts can access the orbiter directly from the prep room. Finally, all the way to the top you'll find Mission Control. Every possible statistic for every possible variable is monitored, collected, and analyzed here. Hang out here long enough and you start to imagine you can predict the future! All systems are go for launch! As usual - more pics can be found on our Flickr page.