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  1. Hi folks! Year 2090. The colonization of the planet Mars is a reality. To develop an autosufficent civilization is important to find a solution to recreate the flora in the planet. So, here it is the botanical research center. It consist in a laboratory, four greenhouses (temperate forest, tropical forest, crops and fruit plants), a control room, a meeting room and some services. Each minifig colour represent its division: - green: laboratory; - blue: supervisor; - red: forests greenhouses; - yellow: crops; - black: fruit plants greenhouse; - white: technics; - grey: director. The model it is not a 100% neo classic space theme, I've changed some colour scheme due to the lack of yellow trasparent pieces; also, we're in Mars not on the moon! ;) P.s. the spherical classic space logo is a recreation of ones that I found on google. I've just changed the colour and added a plant, to represent the research division. Here you can find the LDD file:
  2. zazavolley

    Houses of wonders!

    Hi guys! These ara 4 little set that i call "house of wonders": each one is a representation of a house/laboratory of 4 classic personalities of the ancient world. - Fidia, greek sculptor, with some of his works displaying; - Archimede, in the exact moment when he realise how to explain his famous principle (Eureka!), a little model of his theorem about the mesaurements of a circle, and a piece of mirror that he created in the battle of Siracusa against the romans; - Apollodoro of Damascus, architect, displaying some models of his most famous works: the Pantheon, the Traiano's column, Traiano's arch, the bridge over the Danube; - Plutarco, writing some of his "moralia" or maybe a biography of a roman Emperor...
  3. zazavolley

    Romans: Temple of Hercules Olivarius

  4. zazavolley

    Romans: Temple of Hercules Olivarius

  5. Hi guys! This MOC created with LDD is an interpretation of one of the oldest monument in the city of Rome: the Temple of Hercules Olivarius (sometimes erroneusly called the temple of Vesta). This is a simple recreation of a common day at Foro Boario, with some romans minifigures living their lives: a mother with her son going at the forum, two militaries talking each other, a rich man walking out of the temple (maybe after he made a gift to the priest...), a guy chilling under an olive tree, waiting for his fiancee, a man offering an apple to his loyal horse. At the entrance of the temple is possible to recognize two statues: the god Apollo on the left and Mercury on the right. I hope you guys like it! =) Have a nice day!
  6. Thank you for the tips! I will try to do something for the air intakes. In fact, there are some different versions, with orange, white, green and yellow. I chose the white one because for me it is the more representative. =)
  7. In theory, yes. But I can confirm it only with the fisical model built (with all is weight working on the suspension).
  8. Basically is the loyal reproduction of the original one. Sometimes in some Ferrari 312 chassis is present just one arm instead of two.
  9. Thanks! I want to build it...but I need time and patience...something that I don't have now. =(
  10. Hi guys! This is my last creation. A scale model (1:7) of my all time favorite Ferrari formula 1 car: the 312 B2 drived by the talentuos Jacky Ickx in the early '70. This exact model is the replica of the one which Ickx triumphed at the '72 German Gran Prix at Nurburgring. The model has a four independent suspensions, front steering system, fake flat 12 engine, differential and rear anti-roll bar- The model has also some detail like exaust pipes, radiators, complete cockpit etc. Like the others it's just a digital creation, but soon i'll post the part list and pdf instructions on rebrickable. I hope you guys like this one. Any tips and critics are welcome =) P.s. I'm not "happy" with the solution I adopted for the mirrors...if some of you want to help me...;) "The early 1970s saw the return of success to the Scuderia; the unlucky Chris Amon left, while Jacky Ickx returned and was joined by Clay Regazzoni. Under the direction of Mauro Forghieri, Ferrari developed a new Flat-12 engine, colloquially referred to as a "boxer" (although not a real boxer engine), giving a lower center of gravity and a clear airflow beneath the rear wing. [...] In 1972 Ferrari fielded a revised B2 with a more conventional rear suspension, but could not keep up with the progress of the competition, dropping to fourth at the end of the year. Ickx won the 1972 German Grand Prix at his favorite track, the Nürburgring, but this was to be his last GP win. The sports cars season was a success for Ferrari though, with the Ferrari 312PB based on the F1 car.". Wikipedia
  11. Thank you for the tip! The original one is pretty "simple" also...I will put some decals in the fisical model obviously.
  12. zazavolley

    Hi everyone!

    Thank you! =)