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  1. Lamborghini Waffle Sauce

    [MOC] Modular Clock Tower Square

    I swear I've seen a similar MOC like this before... On the other hand, I absolutely love it! It's very colorful, detailed, and lively! Even though the three structures in this MOC are old, they have distinct styles that show that they were not built at the same time. This way there is a sense of growth and layers that you can find in many cities. The alleyway by the clock tower is a nice touch, maybe your next modular should be continuing that alley? There's such cool little storefronts you can squeeze in there!
  2. Lamborghini Waffle Sauce

    Boston - Architecture Skyline

    Thank you! It was a real challenge. I think if LEGO produced a Skylines model of Boston, they would be forced to retain this scale if they keep the State House as it is. The only way that could be scaled down is with the recolor of the BB-8 head for the dome and grille bricks for the front. It would be tiny and simple, which would mean everything else would be slightly smaller. The Customs House would be difficult to make smaller than this, especially the top and the base. The John Hancock would be a real challenge unless they get rid of the indent in the middle. The Prudential would look nicer with a 3x3 width, and with the Bunker Hill monument missing, there would be room for something else. Either a small simple Fenway Park or generic simple skyscrapers downtown. I toyed with a smaller scale build, but a smaller Hancock and Customs House were a challenge. And I am a man of detail, and did not want to sacrifice any of that. Thank you It would work as a print, like the Berlin Wall pieces in the Berlin Skyline set.
  3. Lamborghini Waffle Sauce

    [MOC] 6-wide LEGO Vehicles

    Just two classic vehicles... so far. The first one is a small compact city car with a street-racing paint job. A build that I dug up from my "lost" LDD days before the dark ages of high school and college, but updated and redesigned with new pieces, building techniques. The goal was to make a tiny car to fit two minifies side by side, while still keeping it as small as possible. It's still large and bulky, but I blame the weird proportions of the Minifig for that. Inspired by the classic Mini Cooper and the Fiat 126 (the Polski, as East Europeans know it) The second one is a VW Camper Van, inspired by Hachiroku's design. Actually, most of the inner body was copied from him, as he has posted video instructions. I took that as a basis but I changed the shaping to be more rounded like the real thing. Not much else to be said about this build. Lots of crazy building techniques involved. Took me months to design the front. I want to make more, I just don't know what to build next. Any ideas?
  4. Lamborghini Waffle Sauce

    Boston - Architecture Skyline

    Now that I have your attention, I'd like to present my newest MOC: A custom build of Boston, Massachusetts in the style of LEGO Architecture Skylines series From left to right: Prudential Tower, 200 Clarendon Street (John Hancock Tower), Beacon Hill, Boston Commons and Public Gardens, Massachusetts State House, Boston Customs House, Faneuil Hall, Boston Harbor, Bunker Hill Monument I was in Boston a few weeks ago, and I was inspired to create a skyline of it. It took me three weeks of many iterations to build this skyline. The piece count is higher than the usual piece count of Skylines models (over 900) because of the large scale of the buildings. The Customs House tower was the first one I built, and I could not make it smaller in any way without losing its crucial details. Everything else followed in roughly the same scale, which meant that the Prudential Tower and 200 Clarendon Street had to be extremely tall, but not exceeding the heights of the tallest official Skylines models (~32 studs). Only the Massachusetts State House is bigger than it should be, even like this it was hard to get right. 200 Clarendon Street is angled using a Technic 3-way connector and uses all manners of SNOT techniques to get the slopes on the edge, while connecting one half to the other in the plate-wide gap in the middle. This was achieved in some pieces not available in Dark Azure, such as headlight bricks and the 1x1x2 Pieces of Resistance. The bricks from this tall structure along with all the clear plates in the Prudential Tower account for more than two-thirds of the total piece count. I also copied some of the small row-houses from the new Paris and San Francisco models for the houses on Beacon Hill, as that was too Iconic to omit from a model of Boston.
  5. Lamborghini Waffle Sauce

    [MOC LDD] Midi Nebulon-B Frigate

    It's always a daunting task. Even if you don't, I eagerly await to see what else you build. As a certain political assembly once said, "We will watch your career with great interest."
  6. Lamborghini Waffle Sauce

    [MOC LDD] Midi Nebulon-B Frigate

    For your first published MOC here on EB, this is amazing! You have captured the shape and the essence of this iconic frigate, and even though there's not a lot of greebling and other details, it's still very accurate and well done, especially at this scale. Rendering is always tricky, but it's good enough that it presented your MOC very well. Now, build a whole fleet at this scale…
  7. Lamborghini Waffle Sauce

    [MOC]First Order TIE-SF Heavy Bomber

    I wanted to put the red on the side where it should be, but it looked weird. I wanted to keep the middle gunnery module and the bomber module pure black. It's been 15 years since a proper TIE Bomber set, @TheLEGOGroup wyd? (also 13 years since a TIE Interceptor set)
  8. Lamborghini Waffle Sauce

    [MOC] Z-95 Headhunter

    (shhh… it's a digital render… ready your pitchforks) One day, I will build all my digital MOCs with actual bricks. I would assume the landing gear supports the ship. It's only about 1100 pieces, and plenty of other MOCs like this have been supported by similar landing gear. The cockpit was the hardest part especially with the angles. Right in front of it is an internal structure of all kinds of supports for the exterior elements with multiple angles so space was limited. I was happy to add the joystick and console tiles.
  9. Lamborghini Waffle Sauce

    [MOC]First Order TIE-SF Heavy Bomber

    I didn't design the ship. That was all E.C. Henry on YouTube. I just built it in LEGO… A backwards-design may seem wrong because it's new and different. I quite like it, it gives the ship a new form of streamlined-ness. And let's face it, common and sturdy pre-Yavin spacecraft such as the Z-95 may still be used for a long long time, especially by the galactic underworld and other, uh, commoners. I think of the Z-95 as the Honda Civic of the galaxy. When I built that Z-95 MOC, I imagined it as a newer, sequel era model, just like how the T-70 and T-85 is to the T-65 X-wing. (would that make that a Z-100 or Z-110 Headhunter?)
  10. Lamborghini Waffle Sauce

    [MOC]First Order TIE-SF Heavy Bomber

    As a follow-up to my custom Z-95 Headhunter, I immediately built it a worthy adversary. The First Order is seriously lacking TIE variants, most notably a bomber (that hologram shown by DJ in The Last Jedi doesn't… doesn't count.) The official First Order TIE bomber may be just rehash of the Imperial model, but I was inspired by YouTuber E.C. Henry's own take on the craft, along with a digital model he made here (video link). The only thing I changed is add a red Special Forces livery, as this is a heavy bomber with more guns. Perhaps the official TIE bombers are the all-black regular TIE bombers, just like the TIE-SF fighter is different from the First Order TIE fighter. The cockpit module was inspired by Jerac's TIE Bomber MOC, and I also studied his TIE Advanced and TIE Interceptor for the building techniques on the solar wings. I am quite proud of the hexagonal parts and all the simple greebling on it. There are more pics on the flickr album. Lastly, here it is facing off against some Z-95 Headhunters who have discovered a huge secret...
  11. Lamborghini Waffle Sauce

    [MOC] Z-95 Headhunter

    The Z-95 is the Honda Civic of the Star Wars universe. It's not explicitly stated in canon, but come on. It's pretty obvious that it's the sturdy and affordable spacefaring vehicle. Anyway, I put together a small scene which includes an upcoming MOC...
  12. Lamborghini Waffle Sauce

    What are some Star Wars sets that TLG could never produce?

    That reminds me of that Turkish lawsuit against LEGO over the Jabba's Palace playset, where they claimed that it resembles Ottoman architecture, and Jabba represents a Turk smoking a hookah. Clearly someone hasn't seen a pretty well-known movie... I think Disney rebranding "slave Leia" as Huttslayer would be cool. It worked well in-universe in the Bloodline novel, where Back on topic, LEGO definately won't make anything from the Holiday Special, unless parts of it are incorporated into new canon in a less, uh, cringeworthy way. I'm all down to see Chewie's house on Kashyyyk as a set, but only after we see it on screen again.
  13. Lamborghini Waffle Sauce

    [MOC] Z-95 Headhunter

    I love it! Simple and elegant, could pass as a nice affordable official set by LEGO. I'm curious to see your finished two-seater/heavy variant. Are the wings gonna be a bit different than the first one? More missiles maybe The two-seater is interesting. They're there in Star Wars but you don't see them a lot. A training T-70 X-wing showed up in an episode of Star Wars: Resistance, and I believe there might have been a similar starfighter in the Battlefront 2: Resurrection (the continuation of the campaign that ties in to The Last Jedi) And speaking of two-seaters, I originally started this MOC as a build of this X-wing concept for The Force Awakens. I just love how the engines don't split open, kinda like the ARC-170s.
  14. Lamborghini Waffle Sauce

    [MOC] Z-95 Headhunter

    Go for it! There aren't enough Z-95 MOCs anyway. Maybe you could combine 2 and 4 engines, like how I saw someone on Reddit do it. They built it similarly to the LEGO's official T-70 engine assembly (vehicle mudguards) and stuck two wheels inside them. I thought it looked cool, you could mess around with that.
  15. Lamborghini Waffle Sauce

    [MOC] Z-95 Headhunter

    That is gorgeous! One of my inspirations for this MOC. I do hope Z-95s appear in Star Wars Canon again, with something more akin to this and not whatever those things from The Clone Wars are supposed to be. And I can't wait to see your take on this starfighter, I have no doubt it will be amazing!