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  1. Lamborghini Waffle Sauce

    [P8 - Gizer- CE] Favour for a favour

    Beautifully framed and amazing use of the forced perspective! A perfect way to illustrate the short story you just told!
  2. Lamborghini Waffle Sauce

    Faction: Clan Eldar (CE)

    *whew!* So if I keep that photo up it will be fine? Also, this topic has been derailed. Not sure if you can delete these replies to clean the thread up...
  3. Lamborghini Waffle Sauce

    Faction: Clan Eldar (CE)

    I'm pretty sure I set my images to downloadable, how else have people been showcasing my MOCs elsewhere? I hate Flickr sometimes, they make it so difficult. I think I got it now
  4. Lamborghini Waffle Sauce

    Faction: Clan Eldar (CE)

    Bloody hell! I don't even know how half of it even works. So I reuploaded it with the same settings as any other pics: Hope it works
  5. Lamborghini Waffle Sauce

    Faction: Clan Eldar (CE)

    Done. Glad to be on board!
  6. Lamborghini Waffle Sauce

    Faction: Clan Eldar (CE)

    I thought you could open the link to the photo if I posted it in the sheet. Shall I try to PM it to you or shall I just link the public photo that's definitely larger than 100x100pix?
  7. Lamborghini Waffle Sauce

    Faction: Clan Eldar (CE)

    "Jani Pryce. Assassin, hired gun. My ancestors fought amongst Mandalorians against Jedi, Sith, the Republic. I fought and killed soldiers of the Republic during the Clone Wars, and I am ready to fight and kill soldiers of the Empire, with no bounty or reward." "My loyalty is to the people of the underworld, the neglected and oppressed in the galaxy. If Clan Eldar fights for them, then I fight with Clan Eldar."
  8. Lamborghini Waffle Sauce

    LL-527 Falchion

    I know about Vipers because people build MOCs of them, their elegance makes it a go-to style when building a small spacecraft. I'm afraid I'm not familiar with SG:U, but a quick google showed be the similar shape of the two spacecrafts. Long live Classic Space!
  9. Lamborghini Waffle Sauce

    LL-527 Falchion

    I present my first ever Neo-Classic Space MOC: the LL-527 Falchion, a prototype attack craft cobbled together from experimental stealth technology and captured Blacktron fighters. This build came out of nowhere as I was experimenting and tablescrapping with greebling parts, and I just let the greebling take over. A starfighter body just took over and I added some wings to it, as well as landing gear on the bottom. The cockpit area was finished with the very few blue parts and looked like a true Classic Space craft, but new. More pictures on my Flickr album
  10. Lamborghini Waffle Sauce

    [MOC] The Fireball and the Aces from Star Wars: Resistance

    I thought about building Yeager's, Marcus Speedstar's, and Rucklin's racers as well but with these six, I already had enough on my plate. I may build them in the future, but who knows?
  11. Lamborghini Waffle Sauce

    [MOC] AT-TE

    For your first Star Wars vehicle, this is amazing! I am loving this SNOT approach to the AT-TE, it makes the walker look more of a behemoth with thicker armor. I also really like the angled "toes" on the feet. Does it have an interior? I'd like to see it. One criticism though - adding more detail to the hull and the landscape as well. If you look at AT-ATs by Cavegod and Lilmefromdafuture, their armors have paneling and slight "greebling" to them. Geonosis as well, what you have done with the craters and the 1x2 plate sand dunes is a great start. Variety of color (dark orange, medium dark flesh?) would make the landscape pop, and adding a few rocks and especially spires would sell it as iconic Geonosis. Looking forward to more Star Wars builds from you!
  12. Lamborghini Waffle Sauce

    [MOC] MC80 Liberty Cruiser "Geist"

    I feel you on this. I just recently attempted a slightly curvy fighter (Blue Ace from Star Wars: Resistance) and if it weren't for the coffee, I wouldn't have been able to do it. My head still hurts from it! Now I feel ready to take on more curvy ships, perhaps something that rarely has been attempted before... But not anytime soon. Don't you just feel tired after building big and complex MOCs?
  13. Lamborghini Waffle Sauce

    [MOC] MC80 Liberty Cruiser "Geist"

    I have been following your progress on Flickr and WOW WOW WOW!!! LEGO Mon Cala cruisers are what we needed! I'm so glad you and Raskolnikov are building them. They are not easy, but you guys are making it possible and also very good looking! I have also seen your initial renders/WIP of the interior and I love it. Looking at these pics right now, it is impossible to tell where the top comes off for the interior play feature. Which is amazing, because right now it looks like just an exterior model. I also adore the slight curves in the front, I'll have to study these closely to see how you built that. I'm looking forward to full interior pics!
  14. Lamborghini Waffle Sauce

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    I've been following this MOC ever since it was released and every time I look at this MOC I am amazed as if I were seeing it for the first time. I have a feeling this will remain timeless and a gold standard for a few years until you overhaul it.
  15. Lamborghini Waffle Sauce


    I have been following this and your other MOCs on Instagram. You really went above and beyond with this, and it's on par with Jerac's and Raskolnikov's respective ISD! The amount of details is amazing, as is the simplicity used to achieve some of these details. My favorite bits are the speckling of sand blue, dark tan, DBG, and even some old greys to give the surface a slight battle-worn look!