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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, for my first step here, I'm glad to introduce my proposal for this contest. First thing was to choose the right set... I thought it could be funny to cross two opposite universe, so I choose something very far from Benny's habbits : the Lego Ideas 21316, The Flintstones Is it the end of the world ? Run Fred run ! Hi, sorry to interrupt your farewells, but I have an idea that might save us all... SPACESHIP ! SPACESHIP ! SPACESHIP ! Please, set your belts and don't puke on my toolbox !
  2. JJ Tong  (zfogshooterz)

    [BSBA] Cat B - The Necromaw Reaper

    "A highly feared bounty hunting vessel in legally uncharted and unknown space. Known to use black hole portals through a forbidden dark matter drive as battle and heist tactics. Piloted by a bounty hunter known only as The Phasemaster, one of the most wanted and powerful criminals in the galaxy. If you're being hunted by this vessel, immediately report to Benny's Spaceship Building Academy with haste." So here's my entry for BSBA (Cat B) contest - The Necromaw Reaper! The first and only (if nothing happens in two days ) villain entry! Credits to @ExeSandbox for his amazing help on the renders! Let's start with the Pre-Spaceship-fied MOC - An ancient temple shrine The idea of using this came while I was in the middle of building a temple MOC when this contest pops out. I was searching for ideas and while also looking at a version of the above MOC (which is also piece of the temple structure), the idea of a spaceship with a face came to me. Which I then decide to use the shrine as a template for my spaceship. I had to make some modification and additions with the original version until what it is now as more ideas on how the ship would be starts taking shape and also trying to make this MOC a tad complete too. But ultimately, it's still a MOC that's also a piece from another MOC. And now, here's the spaceship when the "Bennyfication" process is done! (Well, personal lore-wise, its more of a "Bad-ification" since the ship and its pilot are, well...criminals.) A big factor of building this spaceship was following the rule of this not being an alt-build so the modification was mostly adding stuffs to it. Also, I wanted the additions to be in a different color scheme. However, those parts do not exist in that color scheme that I want so I eventually had to stick to the original color scheme. It's weapon system are mostly at the skull face - Side Blaster Cannons, Eyebeams Blasters and a Flamethrowing mouth! Here's the back - It also has a rear defense system - The back fins fires flares that neutralizes blast, beams, missiles or any incoming ballistic object should the Reaper be pursuit. Of course these aren't used that often as black holes is its greatest offense and defense. But it should be useful in emergencies. The back also has an exhaust for spewing out smokescreens as a trick tactic or to cover it's escape should things go wrong. The side - The body is built to store the bounty hunter's treasures and while it lacks side cannons, it makes up with it's tank-iness! Which is also protected by shields emitted from the black "ingots". Definitely won't be good if the spoils gets blown off! Here's some images for the top view - Now we meet the feared bounty hunter himself - The Phasemaster in all his dark glory! Here's him in the cockpit too - And now for some additional features - On the top of the ship, there's a hatch for The Phasemaster to store his bounty payments for his huntings! This ship has no need for any actual landing gear. It uses energy-matter beams to hold the ship up while it's landed. The matter will phase out when the ship is needed to fly. The main reason The Phasemaster is wanted by Benny's Spaceship Building Academy is because he does hunt BSBA agents for sport and of course, some bounty too. That agent there is definitely going to need some backup. Would the other BSBA entries be able to finally dish out justice to The Necromaw Reaper this time? (The Image below is just for fun, not beholden to the contest, just wanted an image of this spaceship interacting with a "Benny".) That's my entry for BSBA's Cat B contest! I hope you all enjoyed it. And best of luck to all the other amazing and awesome entries!