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  1. pombe

    [MOC] Various Blacktron

    Nice! LOL, Bow Tie fighter. I also liked how you created the Blacktron symbol with the sign clips.
  2. pombe

    Space Team: Bubble Scouts!

    I love the Classic Space update! If your project gets approved, I hope we get it included.
  3. I'll be sure to subscribe! Does Studio allow you to create those animations where the bricks assemble themselves?
  4. @gedren_y Thanks for that information, but instead of finding instructions for old sets, I want to generate parts lists and instructions for my MOCs to share with others. Sorry if I wasn't clear.
  5. @Captain Mutant I'm so sorry about your LEGO IDEAS submission (I supported it!). That would have been awesome to see on the shelves. However, I am glad that you have a positive attitude about it and are continuing to expand on your idea. I look forward to seeing more of it. @Captain Mutant and @Murdoch17 I noticed that both of you know how to build digitally. As someone who has only built in physical bricks, I want to go back and rebuild my Classic Space MOCs digitally so that I can: 1) generate a parts list 2) generate instructions both of which I would like to share with the community. I'd also like to create those cool animations of the set building itself that I often see online. Are there programs which can do this for me? Which program should I use and what are the pros and cons for each? Thanks in advance!
  6. I did a study on trees on a while back and built this: Specifically, I was annoyed at how small most trees were with regards to scaling with minifigures. Though, I would ask a mod to move this post to the Special Themes subforum, where it will likely get more views and thus more examples and advice.
  7. pombe

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    <-Naruto fan hoping that Ichiraku Ramen gets 10,000 As an anime fan, I say do it!
  8. pombe

    [MOC] A-83 Exploration Base (Neo-Classic Space)

    This is truly amazing. I can only imagine the amount of work that went into building this. My only wish with this is that I get to see it in person one day.
  9. The small Mixel joints are a possibility. You just have to restrict their motion, but it's possible to use them as a turntable.
  10. Phew! I was afraid that people would not like the small updates to the old MOC. Thank you so much for the support! Yes, the weapon pods on the back thighs were inspired by the Transformer Ravage/Jaguar. As for Zoids, I will admit to not being an expert, but I did use images of a few Ligers to help me design the legs. I really wanted to get that "mechanical with pistons" look for the legs. There are a lot of Ligers in the Zoids universe, apparently. As for trying to drum up support for this on the LEGO IDEAS website, I think I've become quite obnoxious. I've spammed a few subreddits, spammed soooooooo many Flickr groups, added pins on Pinterest, and begged my entire social network on FaceBook to support this and share this with the known universe. I've stayed away from Instagram, since it's unclear to me whether or not they own any uploaded content. Instagram says they do not, but they also say that they have the right to do whatever they want with it, which is essentially the same as owning something. I haven't used Twitter, since it's not really clear to me how Twitter works. A friend suggested I try TikTok, but no. Many of the successful IDEAS submissions have YouTube videos, which leads me to think that I may have to try to put one together. But even so, how do you get your video to reach audiences who will actually click on a link, generate a new account, and click support?
  11. Well, I decided to take the plunge and throw my hat into the LEGO IDEAS ring. The prospect of having LEGO take something I built and turn it into an official set is too awesome of a dream to pass up, even if the odds are low I did some slight updates to my old NCS Saberkitty MOC, took new photos, and pitched it on LEGO IDEAS: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/f030c8f2-134a-4306-80bc-25aa9f7040e0 New photos under the spoiler: Of course, I'd appreciate any support from Eurobricks members that I can get. I'm learning that achieving success on LEGO IDEAS is an exercise in marketing, and I'd appreciate any advice from others who have a lot more experience here than I do. Things like who to reach out to, and how to get the eyeballs of those who may be interested to see my submission. I know that Classic Space by itself is a hard sell on IDEAS, especially given what happened with Peter Reid's Galaxy Explorer revamp, which should have been a slam dunk (it pains me so much since I was so looking forward to having a chance to purchase it). Luckily for me, the nature of my MOC lends itself to some cross marketing, namely that of Classic Space x The LEGO Movie x Unikitty, which I tried to take advantage of in my submission. Even though you can earn over two years to achieve 10,000 supporters, I think that an IDEA submission pretty much needs its support to grow multiplicatively or exponentially to really have a chance of making it to 10,000. The statistical tools LEGO provides on the website even provides a graph of the support you've earned in log10 scale, which makes it quite obvious that getting trickling support in a linear fashion will not cut it (unless you somehow can earn something like 20 supporters a day consistently for 500 days). I figured reaching out to Classic Space, The LEGO Movie, and Unikitty fans is a no-brainer, but then I started looking and well...let's just say that the Unikitty FaceBook pages are either private or haven't been used in a while. I know there are Classic Space and Neo Classic Space flickr groups, but is it appropriate to spam them with my LEGO IDEAS submission? Again, I'm asking for advice. Help? Please.
  12. This is brilliant. The Starfury design was always one of my favorites from Babylon 5. I hope you achieve the stability you desire. Those angles are beautiful. Please keep updating us. I don't normally purchase instructions, but I'd happily make an exception for this. Or better yet, I would purchase this as an IDEAS set. It would be fantastic to get this with all the appropriate printing from the series.
  13. pombe

    Neo Classic Space Delta-3 base

    Nice! I'm glad you're here! I'm a fan of your flickr feed.
  14. While I'd love to have an inexpensive, custom, on-demand, direct-to-consumer type shopping experience with LEGO, I don't think it's feasible for a couple of reasons. First, very few MOCers have the type of toy design experience/training that LEGO requires for their official sets. It's possible that TLG could offer a design course for people who want to design custom LEGO sets to teach the dos/don'ts when it comes to design and only graduates will be allowed to upload designs. Finally, every design that's uploaded has to undergo some form of review/validation to make sure it meets TLG's stringent design controls, even if designs are uploaded by approved graduate designers. Second, automation is not that simple. I have some (very minor) experience with automation, and every time a new process is added, it has to undergo a validation process to ensure the robots do what you think you told them to do (and often times, you thought wrong). That includes making sure the correct number of elements gets sorted correctly into the different bags and then the correct bags are placed into each box. It sounds simple, but it is not, and will require rigorous testing for every new design that gets uploaded.
  15. pombe

    Ninjago Mechs - Alternative Build Space Racers

    This is a beautiful racer that perfectly captures the GARC aesthetic (https://www.flickr.com/groups/2142724@N23/pool/). It's more impressive knowing that you worked with a limited amount of bricks from only one set. My only critique is not with the MOC, but with the photography. Try to use soft or reflected lighting to avoid the harsh shadows that are in your photos to enhance the visual presentation of your racer (which certainly deserves it). If you don't have a nice lighting set up, just wait for an overcast day and take the photos outdoors.