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  1. *Your entry has earned 14 XP* 1) Black Sun Young Tini Before she became the Jawa celebrity chef who offers up her delicious taco for everyone to eat, Tini was a swoop biker gang leader working for the Black Suns (before she joined the Red Moon). Fierce and well loved by her gangers, she attracted all the men. 2) Followers of the Force Paree Ytapy Paree Ytapy was born with a medical condition known as "Resting Angry Face". Discovered to be Force sensitive as a baby, she was brought to the Jedi temple to be raised as a Jedi. As a youngling, she was spared during Anakin Skywalker's assault on the temple because he saw her angry expression and thought she was already on her way to becoming a Sith. During the Galactic Civil War, every time she confronted Imperial forces, they simply thought she was on their side and followed her orders, leading to some bizarre situations where Imperial forces suddenly helped local governments instead of subjugating them. Now she seeks to train a new generation of Jedi, but everyone still thinks she's a Sith. 3) Chiss Ascendancy Chisstal (Wowwsa in disguise) In order to accompany her husband, Chisstopher, as he travels throughout the Chiss Ascendancy, the Twi’lek swimsuit model, Wowwsa, disguises herself as Chisstal, Chisstopher’s super hot swimsuit model sister. 4) New Republic Starhawk Command Iseeko Repawik When he was registering to be a bounty hunter for the NRSC, Iseeko Repawik accidentally selected the option above it on the drop down list, which was "booty hunter". When he met with his first client, he was surprised at their demands, but he ultimately decided to just roll with it. Now he is a professional NRSC booty hunter who roleplays as a bounty hunter for his clients and uses his hot body to entertain them. 5) The Imperial Consortium Captain Eliya Droger The infamous leader of the legendary Murder Squadron, Captain Eliya Droger, leads her TIE fighter pilots on a hunt to track down Tini, the Jawa celebrity chef, whom she has never forgiven for sleeping with her fiancé and ruining her engagement. 6) Mando’ade Lemna Kirade The famous Mandalorian helmet supermodel, Lemna Kirade (here modeling the latest line of helmets and jetpacks by armorer Sypak Tumaro) has the most desirable body the galaxy has ever seen, and she has made a career out of modeling helmets for famous Mandalorian helmet armorers. However, no one has ever seen her face.
  2. New Republic Starhawk Command NRSC logo graciously provided by @Darth Bjorn Faction: New Republic Starhawk Command (NRSC) Faction Leader: @pombe Capital: Chandrila (L9) Planets: Azbian (L12), Brentaal IV (L9), Chandrila (L9), Skako Minor (L9), Condular (M12), Hosnian Prime (M12), Shumogi (M12) Settlements: Wakeelmui (L9), Alderaan (M10) Current Members (check out their awesome stuff!!!): @CRCT Productions https://www.flickr.com/photos/143572137@N04/ @wolvenRaider co @xadrian https://www.flickr.com/photos/xadrian/page1 stijnoom1 https://instagram.com/lego_stijn_oom?utm_medium=copy_link @Fenghuang0296 Description Starhawk Command is one of the defense fleets established by the New Republic during the Galactic Civil War. Its flagship is the Starhawk-class Battleship, Unity. Starhawk-class Battleship Mk I by @CRCT Productions, check out his awesome work at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/143572137@N04/ Established as the successor to the Alliance to Restore the Republic (also known as the Rebel Alliance), the New Republic aims to bring freedom to the galaxy through a representative democratic government. The Alliance Starbird. Politics The New Republic military is run by the will of the civilian populace whose policies are determined by politicians who are elected by a majority vote. A New Republic general briefs senators who are members of the New Republic Armed Services Committee about military operations aboard the Unity. Naval Operations Starhawk Command, at its core, is a fleet based operation whose objective is to project New Republic influence throughout the galaxy. A Recusant-class light destroyer by @xadrian, check out his awesome work at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/xadrian/page1 A ZX-750 freighter by @CRCT Productions, check out his awesome work at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/143572137@N04/ Officers of Starhawk Command gather aboard the Unity to discuss strategy. New Republic Fleet Officers. Starfighter Squadrons While capital ships serve as the headquarters and the primary firepower of New Republic fleets, they rely on starfighter squadrons for reconnaissance, combat patrol, defense, and offense. These starfighter squadrons consist of the newest starfighters, such as the E-Wing, to older ones, such as the Y-Wing fighter/bomber. Of course, these starfighters need pilots, and there is no shortage of hotshots eager to fill those cockpits. A BT-7 Thunderclap assault ship by @CRCT Productions, check out his awesome work at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/143572137@N04/ A prototype B-Wing starfighter by @xadrian, check out his awesome work at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/xadrian/page1 A venerable Z-95 Headhunter starfighter. A classic X-Wing starfighter by @CRCT Productions, check out his awesome work at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/143572137@N04/ New Republic Pilots. Ground Operations All combat operations ultimately require boots on the ground, and that's where New Republic soldiers come in. New Republic Troopers and Marines. New Republic Commandos, including the elite shock trooper. A squad of New Republic elite shock troopers work their way through a forest as they close in on their objective. An investigation of an abandoned base by @CRCT Productions, check out his awesome work at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/143572137@N04/ Rangers of the New Republic Rangers are veterans of the New Republic military who operate independently outside the military organization. They are allowed a good amount of discretion in how they deal with enemies of the New Republic. A Ranger of the New Republic tracks down a spice smuggler aboard her speeder in a lower level of a city on the New Republic capital of Chandrila. A Ranger of the New Republic thanks the technicians who refueled his gunship at a New Republic outpost, before he continues on his hunt. Faction Recruits WHO ARE WE LOOKING FOR? We are looking for LEGO builders who want to build Star Wars starships, starfighters, and scenes set in the Star Wars universe. Story tellers are more than welcome! WHAT CHARACTERS ARE WE LOOKING FOR? While one Faction couldn't properly represent the whole scope of the Republic, the NRSC offers players the chance to join the ranks of New Republic operations under the jurisdiction of a primary defense fleet: Starhawk Command. Characters can be naval officers, fighter pilots, grunts, special operation soldiers, maintenance techs, or independent rangers. There's also room for politicians, smugglers, merchants, bounty hunters, and other civilians. Starhawk Command offers you the chance to depict any stories you want from the perspective of the growing Republic. HOW DO I JOIN? Send a PM to the faction leader @pombe, explaining why you want to join!
  3. pombe

    How do those people create MOC?

    I find that a lot of AFOLs who are set builders don't MOC because they are paralyzed by a fear of not being able to build well right out of the gate. They see incredible MOCs at Eurobricks, via Flickr or Instagram, through their LUGs, or at conventions and say to themselves "I'll never be as good as these builders, why bother?". They forget that everyone has to start somewhere, including some of the best MOCers in the world, and that there is no magic ability to suddenly be a good builder without the experience gained through actual MOCing. Every MOCer produces duds all the time, but it's the knowledge of learning what doesn't work that allows for the discovery of what does work. This process also involves learning what one enjoys building, which leads to each builder adopting a style that best fits them. This is also why I encourage people to join LEGO rolebuilding games ad nauseum, especially new builders. The games are safe environments to learn, where fellow players are highly encouraging and constantly provide constructive feedback. On top of that, because part of the focus of most games is to tell stories as well as earning high scores, it takes some of the pressure off MOC quality if your priority is to tell a narrative. As you build for the game, your skills as a MOCer will naturally improve over time. I'm just going to paraphrase what has already been said: just MOC. Don't worry about being good. That will come naturally if you keep MOCing.
  4. Thanks for the advice! @RocketBoy suggested the same thing in the CFS channel when I was showing WIPs, but I was rushing at that point to make the deadline. It's definitely something I will keep in mind when starting new MOCs from now on.
  5. Pants are inconvenient, but a crop top is comfortable. That's because he manscapes.
  6. *This entry has earned 9 XP* Major Characters Tini, the Jawa celebrity chef, reaches out to one of her ingredient suppliers, a Chiss farmer on Telos IV who Tini calls Chisstopher because she thinks he has too many apostrophes in his name. He updates her on his crops, while his Twi'lek wife, the swimsuit model Wowwsa (named by Rocketboy yes I was surprised too), sunbathes nearby. Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  7. Unikitty swoops in just in time to celebrate pride month in her Pride Viper! Dedicated to Matthew Ashton, VP of Design at LEGO, who designed the Everyone Is Awesome set and created Unikitty!
  8. The lack of law enforcement has plunged Heartlake City into a lawless dystopia. However, the animals still need rescuing. Liz dons a mechanized suit named after her big sister and becomes their last best hope.
  9. pombe

    [MOC] Camping Trip

    Built as part of TrickyLUG’s “Let’s Go Camping!” collaboration for Bricks by the Bay.
  10. *Your entry has earned 12 XP* Major Characters During the Clone Wars, Tini's mother, M'nuta, was honored on Muunilinst with a stature, to commemorate the contributions of her taco. A special force of clones was assembled to guard this statue. Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  11. *Your entry has earned 8 XP* Major Characters During the Clone Wars, Tini's mother, M'nuta, required clean water on Muunilinst in order to continue to supply the Republic with her taco. A special force of clones were put together, one trained to deal in sewage. Their appearance may look like their Geonosis counterparts, however, they also wear cloaks. Due to these cloaks, these sewer clones deploy with more panache and style, often behaving more dramatically than other clones. Here, a team of sewer clones are seen taking a water treatment plant on Muunilinst from the Separatists. Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  12. pombe

    [H10-Jedha-FF] Bad Soldiers Follow Orders

    Sexy comes in many forms, and this is damn sexy.
  13. *Your entry has earned 10 XP* Major Characters Inside a hidden base on the planet Entralla, a Red Moon platoon prepares to embark on a supply mission to pick up and bring back cargo containers of Tini's tacos to support CFS refugees fleeing Entralla. Comments and criticisms are always welcome!