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  1. Thanks! Thanks! And yes, AG was indeed a magical period. Who knows what Tini has been up to in her quest to create the perfect taco?
  2. Major Characters Special Ops Trooper TK-8554, of Moff Pyerce's forces, tracks Tini, the Jawa celebrity chef, to a taco research facility hidden in a desert on the planet Parnassos, but finds the facility abandoned. What could Tini have possibly been up to here? All comments and criticisms are welcome!
  3. LEGO is donating 1 million sets to children in need! Just build an ornament out of LEGO and post it to social media with #BuildToGive, and LEGO will donate one set on your behalf.
  4. *Your entry has earned 6 XP (x2 for limited challenge)* Major Characters I can't believe you used the green radioactive slime as guacamole!!! UTINNI!!! Story idea courtesy of RocketBoy
  5. *Your entry has earned 5 XP (x2 for limited challenge)* Who the Sith GNK undertakers of Gamor bury don't stay dead. Afterall, the dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. Click on the image link below to go to Flickr to see the play action video:
  6. pombe

    NCS Lunar Hopper

    Update: instructions are now available for free here: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-55618/AlbertLee/ncs-lunar-hopper/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=approvemoc&elid=5380568
  7. pombe

    [U12 - Teth - TT] Fear, Pain, and Horror...

    We've gone from no pants to no pants AND no shirt. Good, good. Feel the naked side flow through you...
  8. pombe

    MOC: Hospital Spaceship Ceyda

    The amount of attention to detail is insane. Crap...now you need a psychiatric ward. In all seriousness, this is amazing and I absolutely love it.
  9. pombe

    [K2 - Mortis - CFS] Taco Raiders

    Yeah...for some reason I thought I had more dark green plates. For Mortis, I wanted to create luminescent flora and fauna, and the patronus otter seemed more reasonable as Star Wars fauna than the bunny or the buck. Deesa da bombad Gungans! Yousa gonna get crunched! Thanks! Hmm...maybe it's time to buy some black lighting....
  10. *Your entry has earned 6 XP (x2 for limited challenge)* Major Characters My no know, Mister Big Boss Nub. Mesa no see taco here. Yub yub! Yub!! Mesa and da boyos being mui mui sorry, big boss Nub! Wesa sorry! YUB!!! Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  11. pombe

    [K12 - Kalist VI - TT] Raiders United

    I love it when minifigures don't wear pants.
  12. pombe

    Seriously, how did this happen?

    Whelp...if TLG won't do a far future fantasy sci fi theme, considering how most FOLs don't really want it anyway (my observation), maybe it is time to look at third parties I'll do some research.
  13. Thanks for the kind words, everyone! Yeah, I had to include the buzzsaws, I just had to. Loved Borderlands 1 and 2. Didn't really enjoy the prequel, though. And I skipped 3, because they didn't release it on Steam at launch.
  14. Built for TrickyLUG’s Fab Max: Furry Road collaborative build.
  15. pombe

    Seriously, how did this happen?

    The following have been my observations. But I'll start with this premise: The masses don't want new classic space sets. Also, I want to state that I am not promoting my LEGO Ideas submission. I've given up on it completely, removed it from my signature, and have stopped promoting it entirely. However, I do want to talk about what I learned from promoting it. I submitted my classic space related project at about the same time that Peter Reid's Galaxy Explorer redux ran out of time. That should have been my first clue. This is a MOC that LEGO had displayed for a year in their masterpiece gallery in the LEGO House. It failed to reach even 3,000 supporters out of the 10,000 required to reach the review stage. Undeterred, I continued, promoting my project across several social media outlets (Reddit, Pinterest, Facebook, Flickr, etc.) targeting groups that I thought would have an interest in my project, including groups specifically dedicated to fans of classic space. And the support I received was underwhelming. I was surprised. These were people who proclaimed that they loved classic space. Why wouldn't they support a project that could potentially give them a new classic space set? In fact, I got more support from fans of Unikitty! and Zoids than I did from fans of classic space. I admit that the possibility exists that they didn't want to support MY project and not classic space projects in general, but I'll set that argument aside to save my feelings. Now that I had subscribed to several classic space Facebook groups, I noticed something in my news feed. Nearly all the posts were haul posts showing off their vintage classic space collection or vintage classic space sets that they just bought. There were very few MOC posts. All I saw were whole collections or purchases of classic space sets, M-Tron, Blacktron, etc.. These were hundreds, if not thousands, of people who simply wanted to buy and collect the old sets. Sure LEGO Ideas gave us classic space fans the Exo-Suit (by the previously mentioned Peter Reid), but the FB groups I saw didn't include it in their collections or haul posts. Nor did they include Benny's Spaceship. These relatively new sets didn't count as classic space to members of these groups (though they were happy to get Benny's Space Squad and the new upcoming orange spaceman). That was a revelation. There are many classic space related projects on the Ideas website and I now know why none of them stand a chance: the vast majority of classic space fans don't consider anything new classic space. I don't know if the cutoff is Ice Planet, but there is a cutoff. The fans of classic space will not buy anything after that (with the exception of more spacemen). Add this to my observations that Galaxy Squad sold poorly and had to be discounted (at least where I was), the overall poor sales of TM2 sets, and the popularity of NASA related Ideas sets, it no longer strikes me as odd that LEGO has only put out near-future science fiction sets. And with the current popularity of the Mandalorian, well...it doesn't look good for those of us who want new classic space sets. And so here we are. Maybe I'm wrong? I hope I'm wrong. Please tell me I'm wrong. But my conclusions make sense based on what I've seen.