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Found 5 results

  1. Other Work: CDC2 CMF: socalbricks [Freebuild] Cobold's Crusaders (REVAMP) I'm back! After last year's fun CDC2 CMF, I was inspired to make more characters for the guilds. Enjoy! Geovana Guild: Mitgardia A sorceress who was adopted at a young age by amethyst-worshipping monks. Taught to harness the stones' power, she is now the last of her order. Despite this, she has vowed to defend the amethysts from pesky dwarven miners until her last breath. Boab Guild: Kaliphlin A blind naga assassin who can “see” through heightened senses of hearing and smell. His strongest ability is his sense of touch, using his hands, tail, and the hollow end of his spear to track nearby movements. A being of few words, he is steadfastly loyal to the Desert King (his mentor and first employer). Maridia Guild: Valyrio A mermaid who has made a small fortune selling the treasure she found at the bottom of Valyrio's harbors. Having learned water sorcery from her fellow merfolk, Maridia travels all throughout Valyrio's coastal cities, resting on a floating pool of water. She is currently making a sizable amount of money salvaging sunken treasure from Valyrian harbors and selling it in Canal Square. She has heard many tales of far-off lands from her customers; she plans on seeing all of them once she has enough money! Sko-Khan Guild: Nocturnus A soldier who was stranded in a massive pit during the war against Raavage, Sko-Khan spent weeks fighting off (and eating) giant scorpions (it was during this time that he ripped off a scorpion's claw and uses it as a weapon). After climbing out of the ravine himself, he became a muscle-for-hire for various Nocturnan warlords. He still carries the claw to this day, and has adorned his armor with matching scorpion imagery as a sign of respect for his old foes. Dombard the Doom-Bard Guild: Nocturnus Most bards lift the spirits with stories of bravery and heroism. Not Dombard - for reasons still unknown, he aspires to make his listeners as angry and miserable as possible. His lute (forged from and doubling as an axe) is unpleasant to the ears, and his voice is described as sounding like “nails on a chalkboard” and “a vulture being strangled” It is said that the latter is so grating that it can send members of races with “sensitive hearing” (such as elves and centaurs) into catatonic shock. Garrus Guild: Nocturnus Garrus saw his home of Abyssian turn to ice at the hands of Raavage’s forces. Though he survived the attack, his forearms did not, and he had them replaced with primitive prosthetics. Filled with rage, he decided to track down those responsible for the attack, adding massive swords to his prosthetics. Leaving a trail of bodies, he soon heard word that Raavage had already been killed (thus depriving him of his revenge). With no home, family, or outlet for his rage, the hulking reptilian became a brutal bounty hunter. Though he has mellowed with time, his infamous reputation remains unchanged (as does his enthusiasm for violence).
  2. La Cospirazione: Part II Alesio de Fiori was deep in thought as the little gondola floated calmly down the canal. Darkness was falling, and by the gleaming evening light he surveyed the beauty of Illaryian with a keen eye. Supano Amancio had been dealt with, but there was much left to arrange. Cadgie had gotten himself into another mess. The Rego, Luca di Carlo, had informed him that Staffan was sewing mischief in the North. But it was mischief in the palazzo that Alesio mostly feared. Was Luca to be trusted with the elimination of the most powerful and influential Varlyrian noble? The Rego had sworn that he would resolve it all today, and Alesio expected that Staffan Conzaga would never leave the palace again. But doubts troubled him. And then there was Capri, that troublesome little creature. More mischief was to be expected in the De Fiori castle than anywhere else while she was around. Something caught Alesio’s eye in the water. He swore something had moved, and he silently touched the shoulder of the gondolier. “Assassin?” he whispered, pointing to the shadow fliting across the water. “Ašišī!” cried the gondolier in a terrible fright. With one quick motion he dropped the oar and dived off into the water, rocking the gondola, so that as Alesio spun round he stumbled to one side. There on the bridge, under which they had just passed, crouched a dark, masked assassin with a dagger in his belt and another in his teeth. He had already leapt into the air, and Alesio just had a moment to grasp the oar when the assassin landed beside him, dashing the dagger into his side: but for the sway of the rocking boat it would have gone to his heart. Alesio struck the man who with his other hand sought his second dagger. There was a fierce struggle, until Alesio managed with a quick move to draw his knife and bury it deep into the man’s breast. “Who sent you?” Alesio furiously seized his coat with his free hand. “It is the Cioto, signore!” gasped the man. “The Cioto?” Alesio grit his teeth and closed his eyes. Everything was spinning! He dropped the man who tumbled into the blue canal waters, and grasped the prow of the gondola. “The Cioto?” he repeated faintly. So then! There was more mischief afoot than he had expected! “Intrigante!” He sighed as another thought came to him. “Which Cioto?” .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.
  3. The guilds once more defeated evil, even without help from the Rego. But what happened really then? To learn the secret, we must travel back in time. [flashback music] It was late afternoon in Illaryian. A flock of birds just lifted off from the roofs. Something scared them, someone was crying like an animal in anger. - THAT IMECIL! - the shout came from an ornate building. It was the Rego's office, something really upset him. - I asked him for a simple request. And he screwed it... I will blow up! - cursed the Rego. His headache started to return. The enchanted potion prevented him to talk about the queen's plan, and also caused a mild headache even the thought about it. It must be a side effect. He stormed in the hall, and he made his way to his office. - Gather some of the finest warriors and send them to the continent immediately! When the queen spoke about her plan, Amancio immediately sends a letter, to his nephew, to collect some man, and go to the exact location, where the other guilds send their troops. But after he arrived back to the island, he learned, about his nephew's incompetence. He collected some warriors, but without proper leadership, they disbanded, no money, no troops, a complete disaster. - But Sire... - disagreed the advisor with his superior, as he followed him to the Rego's personal office. - The other families will not only want to know why are we sending troops to the continent. Without any reason, they won't help us if we lucky only. Or else they will rebel against us. The guard saluted, then he opened the office's door, to let them in. The three of them entered the room, the candles were already lighted. The small room was filled with the smell of old, moldy cheese. The servant who lited the candles should at least open a window. Amancio put his hat down on the table, next to an opened bottle of Amber Cider. The carbonation of the drink was long gone, next to it, the letter from the queen. He rubbed his forehead, what a terrible headache... He would gladly share all the information, what he heard in the meeting, but the enchanted water tied his tongue and mind to speak, even thinking about the hidden enemy, and the queen's plan to deal with them. And the advisor's reasoning didn't ease the pain. - Advisor... - he started but the headache interrupted his effort, to tell the truth. - As your Rego, you must trust my decision. - paused for the moment to collect his thoughts. - This is our only chance, to show the rest of the guilds, we are trustworthy. Thanks to Basil's treachery, who offered his loyalty to Raavage. - I know Sire. But not every family agrees with your decision, to open to the other guilds and queen on the continent. - tried reasoning the advisor with Amancio. - I would advise you, to solve this problem, in a different approach. - Like? - the lack of patience was missing in Amancio's tone. He sat down to his decorated desk and put the plate of cheese away. - Li-li-like... - stutter the advisor, as hi tried to collect his thoughts... - Like send money, or supplies to aid the others. - he had to stop, cause the Rego's face turned even darker. - Or send other troops, like...mercenaries! - Fine! - said Amancio, and reached out to the tools to write. - Which mercenary band should we send? - Maybe not from Varlyrio. We could send a letter to hire mercenaries from the continent. I advise the Avalonian Wolf Brigade. - Great, we thrust our honor in a sellsword hand. There goes Valyrios honor...- Grumbled the Rego, but he already started the letter, he was tired to argue anymore. The room was filled with silence and the smell of moldy cheese. Only the pen's scratching on the paper could be heard, as Amancio wrote his letter to Conrad - Wait... Sire! - interrupted his letter the advisor. - let's send one of your nephews, as the leader. Great... another nuisance. Sending one of his toff nephews in a, mostly suicide mission... The Rego changed the subject and continued the writing, but instead of Conrad, he addressed to his nephew. He only needs to represent the guild in this mission. As he finished, he closed the letter and sealed. What a relief. - Advisor! - his servant stepped closer, ready to obey his next task. - Here is this letter. Make sure, this will reach my nephew in no time. This task is important, so do not waste time. Find him tonight! - the last word made the advisor pale. - P-p-personally? But Sire... I-i...- No excuses! - said Rego as he gives the letter to his advisor, and approached the exit. The guard stood aside, and the Rego left the room. - But I don't know where to start... - stood there the amazed advisor. He tried to find a way to solve his problem. He didn't had time to visit every tavern, pub, and brothel in the city. Or on the island? Think-think-think. Then a solution came. -Sire. - the guard stepped next to the advisor. - I know where will be the Rego's nephew tonight. My shift will end soon, and I can meet him there, and give him the letter. - and pointed on the piece of paper in the advisor's shaky hand. - What a good idea! Here take it. - and he handed the letter to the guard. But before he released it: - Personally! - As you wish! - said the guard, and took the letter from the advisor, and watched as he left the room, hastily as Rego. - As you wish... - repeated the guard, and closed the office's door. He waked to the Rego's desk and took the candle. Then he burned the letter. - Hail de Fioris - whispered, while he dropped the burning letter and watched till the flames burned out, then he swiped the ash under the desk. After his dirty deeds were done, he left the office.
  4. Location: Illaryian Fufills: Task 1D (home/residence) The rower navigated Captain Mesabi to the dock. Homecoming by North White, on Flickr "We're here." Said the rower, raising his oars. Homecoming by North White, on Flickr "Payment is in the briefcase. As always, thank you for your discretion." Homecoming by North White, on Flickr The Captain walked up the dock and towards his house. Homecoming by North White, on Flickr Inside, his wife, Agnes greeted him. "The 'shipment' is in the basement." She said with a smile. "Thanks, hon." Said the Captain. Homecoming by North White, on Flickr The Captain walked upstairs and through the study. Homecoming by North White, on Flickr He crossed the bridge between the Mesabi Mansion, and the commercial building next door. We really need a tunnel. he thought. Homecoming by North White, on Flickr He arrived in the basement, where a Kolgari lay chained to a murderslab. McCoy, one of his staff, stood guard. Homecoming by North White, on Flickr "Evening, McCoy," Said Mesabi, "I've got the serum." "Good to hear, torture takes so damn long." Said McCoy. Homecoming by North White, on Flickr Mesabi took a dropper from the bottle, and brought it to the Kolgari. He dropped a single drop into the Elf's mouth. Homecoming by North White, on Flickr "Now, where is the Sunken City?" asked Captain Mesabi. "I don't want to tell you. " Said the Elf "WHERE IS THE SUNKEN CITY!?!?" Yelled the Count. "It's, It's, I don't know." He said. "Why don't you know?" Asked the Captain, visibly frustrated. "They took my memories when they cast me out." Said the elf in a monotone. "Why'd they take your memory?" Asked the Captain "So I could never return. I violated there laws. I killed another Kolgari. They cast me out." He continued in monotone. "Do you have anything useful to tell us?" Asked the Captain. "I know a recipe for soup that..." The Captain cut him off. "McCoy? you know what to do." Homecoming by North White, on Flickr "And remember, try not to waste too much of the blood. We do have quotas to meet." Said the Captain. "Understood, Sir." Homecoming by North White, on Flickr Later, the Captain stood in the rooftop garden of his mansion. His wife, Agnes, joined him. "I wonder if we'll ever get them back." Said the Captain. "Of course we will." Said Agnes. "You and me together." "I do hope so..." Said the Captain. FIN Thanks for viewing my introduction to GoH. Please let me know what you think of my builds, and my story. As with BoBS, I plan to continue my usual style of Chaos.
  5. Kai NRG

    Valyrian Trade

    It's been a while since I've done a build in Valyrian style, and this seemed to offer a good opportunity. A sea captain stands off-shore (not literally, his ship does) while picking up some provisions. He's come in on his shallop himself to make sure everything is top quality! Credit to Legonardo for the shutter technique. It worked really nicely here. I'd like to claim PU DoH Credit for the following: life in Valyrio (Anthropology) city scene (Anthropology) still water (Hydrology) advanced windows and window frames (Architecture) (4 credits) Comments are welcome!