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  1. Dan Church

    Anyone done a proper sheep at minifig scale?

    These may be a little cartoon-y, but its a design I've used for a while.
  2. Those who are familiar with the excellent satirical sci-fi book series The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy should recognize this scene from Restaurant at the End of the Universe. For those who aren't, the Hitchhiker's publishing offices are being uprooted by frogstar fighters to take one man, Zaphod Beeblebrox to Frogstar B for punishment. Hope you enjoy!
  3. Dan Church

    MOC: Leoda Keep

    On the eastern boarder of King Hirald's rule lies the Leoda Keep. Built as a symbol of prosperity, it stands an the shore of the Banonk Sea across which lies a land of war and terror. On a rock outcrop stands a memorial to all those who have fought for honor and glory in that far off land. The Keep is maintained by Lord Aravhail and his woodsmen. Together they protect the eastern border in case of attack from across the sea. Builder's notes: Boy it feels good to be building again! With my first semester of college in the rear view mirror, I needed to exercise some creativity, and a castle seemed like fun! The build overall weighs in at almost 20lbs! By far the heaviest MOC I've ever made. I really hope you like it as much as I do! C&C Always welcome!
  4. Dan Church

    Brickworld Chicago - Best Group Layout!

    Excellent work and congrats! And especially a huge congrats to Si-MOCS for is Master Builder honor.
  5. Dan Church

    BrickWorld 2012

    YES, I will be bringing a watchtower/outpost MOC that has a spinning tornado, created by an angry wizard, blowing over a wooden outpost tower. It'll make more sense when you see it in person(hopefully). Hope to see everyone tomorrow. I'll be the guy with blonde hair and glasses with the the name badge reading "Dan Church".
  6. Dan Church

    BrickWorld 2012

    Alrighty fellows, I know I said I might be able to contribute to this, and I finally just came up with a decently good idea for a build, so pending I can finish it be for Thursday(which will be difficult with how much I am scheduled to work) I will be bringing a 16X32(ish) MOC of a watchtower. If I came in too late and there is no room, that's completely fine and I'll just plop it over on my table, which won't be as full as I wanted it to be anyway. Church out!
  7. Here is my entry! Location: Area 51 Warehouse Minifigure: Grey Alien Deep in the caverns of a huge government warehouse a rare and secretive alien corpse.
  8. Dan Church

    BrickWorld 2012

    If only my bank account was endlessly replenished by something, but alas it wasn't to be. So I have to work my fingers to the bone in a fast-food restaurant...not fun and very oily... But if SI-mocs is offering to buy me new bricks then I may have to take up your way of never tearing down a build! HAH!
  9. Dan Church

    BrickWorld 2012

    I'll be there again this year, and I could probably commit any future builds. But as I have already torn down the previous challenge builds, they won't be there.
  10. Dan Church

    MOC: H.M.A.S. Beluga

    You're spot on! That's where I took the idea for a double ballooned airship. Flames are needed to head the water into steam, though I do agree they are a bit out of place. It was more of an aesthetic detail than a function. Thanks everyone for the comments!
  11. Dan Church

    MOC: H.M.A.S. Beluga

    The brain-child of Admiral Briggs, the H.M.A.S. Beluga is a double-ballooned airship prototype that is more of a proof of concept than anything else. The Queen only approved of this project because the Admiral is personally responsible for saving the Prince from drowning when their ship was hit and sunk by none other than the French in the last war. The steam powered airship isn't yet suited for combat because of its relatively small payload capacity, and the tremendous cost that when into its development. The Beluga serves mostly as a triumph of engineering and makes its way to parades and fairs across the English Countryside. Enjoy! Comment and Criticism always welcome!
  12. Dan Church

    Mitgardia Guild: Homepage, Sign-up and Discussion

    Fellow Mitgardians! I give you our latest Embassy to the Territories of Avalonia. Syaqaar Embassy You can see more on the main topic here All Hail Mitgardia!
  13. Dan Church

    Syaqaar Embassy

    A Mitgardian presence in Avalonia will provide a meeting place for trade talks, sanctuary for Mitgardian citizens travelling in Avalonia, and hopefully set up a forum for peace talks. The Syaqaar Embassy, the result of the work of Nandel Kirche, serves as everything from a marketplace to a heavily fortified fortress to defend Mitgardian citizens and the Aristocracy of Mitgardia. Kirche's architects made sure to include some influential Avalonian features along with some distinctly Mitgardian techniques to construct this beautiful Building. Enjoy!
  14. Dan Church

    Avalonia Guild: Homepage, Sign-up and Discussion

    Greetings Citizens of Avalonia! I come to you with wishes to establish a Mitgardian Embassy within the territories of Avalonia. The Embassy should be completed within the next few days, and hopefully will aide in the establishment of peace and cooperation between our two territories. All Hail Mitgardia!
  15. Dan Church

    Mitgardia Guild: Homepage, Sign-up and Discussion

    You can do both! Get the word out within the guild, and display it for all to see in the main forum.