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  1. LordDan

    Book III - Challenge 11: Trading Posts

    Wohoo! A new challenge!!
  2. LordDan

    [MOC] Terra Station Z

    There’s lots to love here! I really like the dropship and the interiors with the classic-y control panels!
  3. LordDan

    [Freebuild] The Minotaur Duel

    Neat work on the miniland scale! I like the minotaur head, not 100% sold on the landscape tho.
  4. LordDan

    Sanctuary of light [Dandelume, Avalonia]

    This is excellent! I really like the tree and sanctuary area, and the round building with lighting is great!
  5. LordDan

    [Freebuild] Chapel Gate & blacksmith

    Great work on the gateway! It looks distinctly dwarven with the angled pieces incorporated into the architecture.
  6. LordDan

    [MOC] Lunar Base Module

    On the moon of Cephalus IV, a small lunar outpost stands alone amidst a strange landscape… Notes: I built this for my LUGs quarterly build challenge, which was lunar based themed. It is built as a modular section, so ideally I can connect it with other modules once I build more to create a larger base. I really burned through my supply of coral parts with this moc This is my first space themed build since 2016 (Since Andromeda's Gates). Hope you enjoy!
  7. LordDan

    [MOC] Orenjikoma

    I love the orange and grey color scheme, along with the really cool shaping! Also nice work on the bounty hunter fig too!
  8. LordDan

    Sector 42 Outpost

    Cool base! My first thought when I saw this is that it reminded me of set 6520, with the blue hinged opening command base and 2 smaller vehicles accompanying it.
  9. LordDan

    [MOCs] Legacy Speeders

    Nice colors and parts usage on all of these! I especially like the tron-like bike one!
  10. That set looks really interesting, lots of cool colors and parts. But $160 for only 1000 pieces? I guess its due to the larger parts and loads of figures, but still
  11. LordDan

    [MOC] The Lost Temple

    Great build! I love the clouds at the base and the staircase!
  12. LordDan

    GoH 10 C VOTING topic

    LittleJohn 1 pt Adde51 1 pt Zilmrud 1 pt
  13. LordDan

    GoH 10 B VOTING topic

    Dan Church 1 pt Louis of Nutwood 1 pt Gideon 1 pt
  14. This is great! I love the ornate temple build, and the comic is super fun!
  15. LordDan

    GoH 10 B: Castle Kitchen

    Excellent remake! I think the clearer separation of colors helps a ton, as well as having it be a more open space compared to the old one with the chandelier and pillars in the middle. I love all the different ingredients around, and the stuff hanging from the ceiling is a fantastic touch! The flickering fireplace is also super cool, it’s super creative how incorporated the standard light bricks and created a method to make them flicker. I think if you made the fireplace opening 1-2 studs taller it would help being able to see the flames inside. The floor technique is also fantastic! Also, “it’s sorta the opposite way you would expect a hook to catch a fish” had me dying