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  1. Heres my entry for the Ancient Wonders category Varlyrian Temple
  2. Deep in the east Varlyrian countryside, far from the bustling canals and thriving cities, lies a wonder of Historica. This shining cathedral is one of several holy sites throughout Varlyrio maintained by an order of Priestesses dedicated to keeping these sacred sites in pristine condition. The temple is renowned for its beauty and craftmanship and intricate tilework, and when the bell tolls people come from far and wide to gather in prayer. Following Dan's trip in Kaliphlin, the next destination of his travels ended up being the beautiful land of Varlyrio. After a long, boring journey full of seasickness, drinking and dreary traveling he finally found himself in the countryside of Eastern Varlyrio, and after dealing with some business in a nearby town Dan found himself with a bit of spare time. So of course when a local mentioned a wonderous place nearby he decided to stop by and visit. However, when he finally arrived at the temple he found the doors barred and the bell silent, quite a difference from the open, welcoming atmosphere he had been told of. Fearing something was amiss, he traveled back into the nearby town and recruited some help in the form of some brave Avalonian soldiers currently vacationing in the area. With some hints from one of the locals they were able to find a secret entrance to the temple and made their way inside. Once inside they discovered that their suspicions had been right. The priestess was locked away in one of the long unused cells beneath the temple, and once they freed her she explained that bandits had come, stolen some provisions and valuables from the temple, and locked her away. Interior Pics:
  3. LordDan

    CDC2 CMF Eyrezer

    Very neat collection of figs! Having them come in pairs is an interesting idea. I feel like it works really well for some of them but others like the cyclopes feel repetitive. My favorites are Sofia and Gorki, Sofieas traps are really neat and the hermit crabs with Gorki are cute, and together they really feel like a family.
  4. LordDan

    CDC2 CMF: Homecoming

    Really cool series! I'm a big fan of the various wizards/ mages like Pandemonium, Lunarius , and the drow mage!
  5. Very cool series! I like that you based all the figs around a central theme and the guild colored baseplates are really cool. My favorites are the centuar farrier and the bone craftsman!
  6. The statues are great, and the whole build feels very imposing and dwarflike, with the detailed cobblestone and stonework incorporated into the cliffside.
  7. LordDan

    CDC2 CMF: socalbricks

    Really detailed CMF series! I especially enjoy the uniforms/ armor you created for some of them, like Queen Ylspeth, Marilla Danza, Brielle Valken. Also, as other have mentioned really nice work with all the different capes/ cloaks/ kamas incorporated, they look really good.
  8. LordDan

    CDC2 CMF: Henjin Quilones

    Fantastic and very entertaining series of figs! Funny reference to yourself with the scribe and the several times removed relative of our vampire friend . The only way the series could possibly be any better is if the figs were yellow instead of fleshies . Just kidding! But again great work on this series!
  9. LordDan

    CDC2 Ancient Wonders: Halls of History

    The giant books are awesome, and the little details scattered throughout the bookshelves and the table are great! Funny references in the story too
  10. The moonbird looks fantastic and is very eye-catching, and definitely looks like it was challenging to get it looking so good. I also like the fountain and curved staircase, they really tie together the front of the monument. And the fallen leaves and fall colors throughout the landscape really make the whole scene pop!
  11. Its great to see how this ending up after seeing little glimpses of this as a wip. It really feels like a enormous towering wonder! Love the rockwork and the detailing at the top!
  12. LordDan

    CDC2 CMF: LittleJohn

    A very well rounded CMF series! I absolutely love the wizard and its great to see Nocty Pumpkin pies are still being baked by the experts.
  13. LordDan

    CDC2 CMF Kahir88

    A very dark but entertaining take on the CMF series Loads of very unique punishments, I like the sleeping with fishes and poachers fate.
  14. LordDan

    CDC2 CMF Kai NRG

    A fantastic CMF series, with great editing and entertaining descriptions! The chef, algus hunter, and pottery merchant are some of my faves.
  15. This whole build looks picturesque! Lots of cool detailing and techniques among the monastery and the cliffside!