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  1. LordDan

    [MOC] Land ho!

    Beautiful ship with some great hull shaping!
  2. LordDan

    Black Falcon Castle

    Nice castle! Some of my favorite details are the stable floor, the interior library level, and the Tudor section outside! Also I never knew there was a debate over which way the battlements should slope, I always chose sloping in but now Iโ€™m conflicted ๐Ÿ˜†
  3. LordDan

    Celebrating Guilds of Historica, final contest!

    This contest looks great! Iโ€™m super excited to procrastinate till February! ๐Ÿ˜†
  4. Iโ€™m interested as well ๐Ÿ‘€
  5. Lovely entrance to the cave, the head is suitable menacing and a cool entrance to the troll hideout! As Grover mentioned, a solid colored background would help a lot with the pictures, and also having an overall shot that incudes the entire build without having any parts cut off would add a lot to the presentation. Welcome back, itโ€™s always nice to see people returning to GoH!
  6. LordDan

    [Freebuild] Guard of Rockwail

    This is definitely a great build, IMO! I love the bubbling swamp water, the sideways studded sections of the wall are very unique and look good, and the interior is very nice ( I also like the roof techniques used there). I remember seeing this awhile ago on Flickr, but itโ€™s good to see it here with a full story and details!
  7. LordDan

    The Cake

    I love the roof technique with the teeth! Nice interior and fun story you have going!
  8. LordDan

    [Freebuild] Valendiell

    Epic micro build! It looks so cool with the dome in place, even with the reflection!
  9. LordDan

    The Hideout

    Gotta love a classic secret hideout behind a waterfall I like the tree design and the use of the clear canopy as the waterfall!
  10. I love the brick built camels ๐Ÿช! The Kaliphlin themed border is a great touch as well.
  11. LordDan

    [Freebuild] Vampires!

    Once again, Dan finds himself in Nocturnus, this time investigating rumors of a clan of Vampires that had been crossing the border into Avalonia and preying on its citizens. During his trip, Dan ran across a mysterious fellow traveler. After a tense first meeting, Dan learned that the traveler's name was Trevor and that he was a vampire hunter. Together, they set out for a suspicious castle nearby, and now find themselves fighting for their lives against a host of vampire soldiers ( Who seem to be a bit less hospitable than those from Shadowmere ) Notes: This build was inspired by the vampire survival game V Rising and the Castlevania series on Netflix. C & C appreciated
  12. LordDan

    GoH Book III

    Or just say your sigifig is an adventurer and have them pop up in a different guild every build
  13. LordDan

    Dwarf Army

    Nice to see the whole army together! All the units are very distinct, and I'm a big fan of the gyrocopter!
  14. LordDan

    GoH Book III

    It is not too late! We are always happy to have new members!