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  1. LordDan

    Moto the Fire Dragon

    Ok I'm a little late to the party but I just have to say this looks awesome. The overall shape and posing look very fearsome.
  2. For the Black Spire A brave Avalonian messenger, mounted on her dragon, has traveled long and hard to spread the news of the return of the heir. Traveling only under the cover of darkness to avoid the Spire's many airborne monstrosities, she flies swiftly towards her destination; a remote goblin outpost high in the Rakath mountains, home to a company of soldiers loyal to the resistance. However , when she finally arrived at the Outpost she discovered that she was too late. The outpost had been looted and deserted, and all the soldiers were missing, probably all dead or chained up in some faraway Spire dungeon.
  3. Oh, this looks like fun! I can't wait to start building!
  4. LordDan

    AoM: Frostgate, Gatehouse phase II; Pt. 1.3

    Fantastic work! The overall scene here just comes together so perfectly, from the curved wooden sections, to the defensive spears, to the smoke in the background. It all fits together to create a really imposing and impressive looking entrance!
  5. LordDan

    HSS Military Barracks of Sionnach

    Awesome build dG! I love the multilayered approach, its always fun to browse through all the different scenes!
  6. Incredible swamp landscape and building! The story here was definitely the most captivating so far, and even more so when I realized that this tied in with your previous build from 2 years ago!
  7. Fantastic story and build(s) as usual ME! Those light and fog effects are incredible!
  8. Wonderful castle ME and awesome landscaping! Excellent story too, although those guys being sent to the slave camps probably aren't enjoying it as much as I am!
  9. Excellent collection of MOCs! Very intriguing, I'm glad to see we have finally reached the climax of Book 2!
  10. LordDan

    Nocturnus Minichallenge III B: A Tasty Treat

    Excellent work LJ! Clearly the inspector didn't know as much as he should have about the deadly properties of those Nocty pies!
  11. LordDan

    Weyworth Keep

    Excellent build Garmadon! I have looked at this several times, but I kept procrastinating on commenting until now. At first I was somewhat unsure about the rock face; I really liked the detailed texturing throughout but in my opinion when viewed overall it seemed almost like a flat background. However on reflection I kind of like it, I think it fits very well with the fantasy atmosphere you created with the vibrant castle and landscape versus having more chaotic rockwork for a more realistic/ grittier atmosphere.
  12. LordDan

    Nocturnus minichallenge ll: Druids sacrifice

    Maybe this one? ( The picture doesn't seem to be working in the topic so I included a link to the image on Flickr too)
  13. LordDan

    AoM: Belltower Outpost, Tower Phase I

    Great build! The rockwork, snowscape, and buildings all look wonderful! My only nitpick is that it is a little strange that the bell tower roof has no snow at all when the ground and the roof of the other building are covered in it.
  14. LordDan

    AoM: Archery, Phase II: Spring Practice

    Sweet archery range and tower SK! I especially like the small crossbeams under the walkway!
  15. LordDan

    Nocturnus minichallenge ll: Druids sacrifice

    Excellent rocky arch! I feel bad for that Avalonian!