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  1. Disappointing! Minor changes to the Black Falcon Torso, and a limited use - wing's spread falcon. Nice for a falconer fig, but of no use in quantity. Orc updates look comical, just like the fig - not interested. I will stick with the classic version. Koala is nice, but limited to Australian/Zoo builds. The paperboy is the 2nd most interesting fig, and the French Lady is cool, but extremely limited use as well. This is the least exciting non-licensed CMF series in a LONG time. (Since series 18, although 19 was almost as bad).
  2. I really hope it is NOT Black Falcon. We already have had plenty of access to the updated figs. Black Knights are the last classic 80s faction that have not been updated. (Plus all the yellow castle factions have new shields now too.) Edit: I love Black Falcons, but they have already had all the updating they need.
  3. I don't see anywhere Itaria states the 1st minifig is a classic space fig. I think this is just wishful thinking ( but not by me - classic space figs are a waste ,of a CMF spot IMO).
  4. HiMy guesses: 1: Princess? (or maybe Witch) 2: An opposite sex version of an existing CMF? 3: Medieval Chinese Warrior? Not up-to-date on Chinese knock-offs. 4: Clock figure? 5: Mannequin? Mongol or Ottoman? (Just wishlist now) 6: Elven Warrior, Fairy Princess or Blue Queen? 7. Orc 8: Soccer Player or ref? 9: Animal Figure - Hippo? Hawk? 10: Terracotta Warrior? 11: New bird mold? (To mouch to hope for a wolf) 12: Updated Black Monarch/Dragon Master or Elven Warrior? Edit: just read posts today - I was considering saying fox, but fawn would be great too!
  5. Rogue Angel

    GOH Anniversary, 1st count down challenges.

    It's great to see all this activity, and one of the original founders @Si-MOCs as well!! I was able to build my tower, but not really photograph it well (pardon the horrible lighting). I revisited my original tower entry 10 years ago.
  6. Seeing them in person, I am much more impressed than I expected. I agree with @Itaria No ShintakuShintaku that the Viking is phenomenal since the helmet and beard are separate. Great new shield, torso is excellent, and I love seeing the longspear in another fig. This is a $5.00 fig to me. I hope he has a good, versatile head. I am very happy with the Raven shield and the yellow torso/legs (bright light orange?) On the Knight. The female swashbucklers hat/hair will be very useful for pirates and 1700's English/British/French, which is great! The pinata boy's sombrero has far more utility for Western builds than the previous 3 versions, so that's an excellent piece too! Turtle looks great - limited build incorporation potential, but will work well for ocean/sea builds. Some of the other figures look better than I expected: bunny girl, drone guy (that will be a useful piece), space fan looks great with all the details. I am a fan of the llama as well. The viking's fantastic separate helmet and entire ensemble, along with the Knight's heraldry and garb really make the series for me.
  7. The CMF Series used to open huge doors to building new eras or archetypes (Zombies, Spartans, Romans, Egyptians, Elves, Dwarves, Valkyries, Caveman, Gnome, Hazmat, Aztecs, Conquistador, Galaxy Squad, Amazon, Native American, American Revolution, Hun, Space Miner, Goblin, Mariachi/Mexican, Middle Eastern, Golden-age Spaceman, Gladiators) through series 17 in May of 2017. Since then, we have had one normal series out of 8 releases, (with just the Monkeyking and Blacktron update). And now this series has nothing new (other than maybe the power ranger). I do like the variety of the new city characters that are released with each CMF, as well as the new sports teams you can create to populate a stadium, but those just slightly enhance my City builds. The historic/space/fantasy figs that are army-builders open the door to build in new eras or with new fantastical races or beings and essentially grant NEW THEMES! The costume characters are likewise one-offs that have very little impact to my builds, even if they are really well done or hilarious. To me, It's all about the impact figures will have on opening up new avenues to build in. I want to be able to build in different time periods, different cultures, different Themes, which the CMF line used to facilitate. That"s why I put so much weight on each normal CMF series release.
  8. At $5 a piece, I expect a new mold for every figure. Especially for non-licensed. 150% price increase since Series 1 is ridiculous, regardless of inflation or a couple new molds. The series is lackluster, due to it's complete lack of adding variety to the Lego world. The unique niche city characters are just fine (pinata, hip hop, rocket, pajamas, drone), the llama is extremely topical right now with Fortnite being so popular, and the peapod is fine. The sea turtle is better than another cat or dog. The female swashbuckler is overdue, but is not an army builder. The Knight is the only potential army builder unless the Viking turns out to have separate helmet/beard. No new historical eras at all (I don't count 80s), no new city professions represented, no exciting new molds. Only one army builder. And $5 a piece (I assume) And now we wait another year ?️
  9. Helmet and beard molded together - noooooooooooo! Takes two great pieces and turns them into one extremely limited use piece. Curses!!!! So the Knight heraldry is falcon, not raven,? I was looking forward to a raven.
  10. @Itaria No ShintakuShintaku is it the Viking or Knight that you are so interested in (top 20 minifig)?
  11. What.....a disappointment! (And a HUGE waste of what will probably be the only normal CMF series this year ?) The Knight seems mildly interesting, but nothing new in the historic sense at ALL. Is it the Viking you are so interested in Itaria?
  12. 1 - Sombrero boy. 2 - gymnast? Acrobat? 3 - Ice cream cone, pie or cookie girl 4 - Space mech 5 - Female swashbuckler (I really thought there were more pirate figs in the CMF line) 6 - Castle builder guy/kid 7 - Wolf or squirrel girl (please!!!!) 8 - rehash Viking Warrior 9 - your hoard fig? Terra Cotta warrior? 10 - New Egyptian figure? 11 - female hockey or baseball player? 12 - female diver w turtle? 13 - another robin hood or leprechaun? 14 - male Opera singer? Guitar player? 15 - female mechanic? 16 - clown?
  13. Rogue Angel

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    Anime is a Japanese style of animation that has nothing to do with the subject matter. Ninago is animated Lego. Just because there are ninjas, that doesn't make it anime in any way.
  14. Rogue Angel

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    The figures are the draw for me as a historic builder. If the minifigures are futuristic in any way, the theme is a bust for me. Ninjago has mixed in some useful generic minifig parts on occasion, but it was no castle/Lotr/Potc. Two minifigures shift the potential from 80-90% of the figures being useful to 10-20%, if I am lucky. They could do a wierd mix of futuristic and historic, but as soon as you add electronics, jeans, sneakers, modern details to the torsos and special parts, it becomes useless for historic building. Ninjago is animated. Anime is something completely different.
  15. Rogue Angel

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    The knock-off brands sets are just an idea of what we might see for this theme. I don't know why so many people would assume there are going to be vehicles in this line? I keep reading comparisons on this thread to Nexo and Chima, but there is nothing in the lore of this story to make me expect anything futuristic or technology based. Ninjago has turned Nexo (and useless) this year, but that doesn't mean this theme will be. This looks to be a mythological/fantasy theme with some animal-humanoids which sounds great to me. I could be wrong, but I think maybe the big vehicle/futuristic ships is more aimed at American kids?