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  1. Rogue Angel

    Prelude: What Lies Beneath

    They are from the Elves sets. I believe they came in 3 colors - magenta, azure and lavender.
  2. Rogue Angel

    Prelude: What Lies Beneath

    Prelude: What Lies Beneath A Prelude to Challenge IV Deep beneath the broken wastelands of Western Varlyrio lie the subterranean caverns where the Kogari dwell. When the Kolgari immigrated underground during the Great Cataclysm, they lost the sun as a source of nourishment for their trees and plants. The Kolgari were able to use their ancient sorcery to summon up a new source of magic to sustain life. Some Kogari say the magic draws from the areas around to collect in orbs of bright concentrated magic. Others say that portals have been opened to another realm that exudes light and magic. Whatever the method, the magic has fostered life in the caverns, but it has also altered the plant life in many ways. The most striking change has been the bright hues of pink and purple foliage. Dalnas Moonflame is the MaidenLord of the Andassi Shrine, which sits near the Mashana Rift. She is flanked by two Blade Mages as she surveys her domain. Her thoughts return to the high priestess as she starts her journey back to the Temple of the First Ring. Dalnas' former service as Queen Lord of the Kolgari meant her wisdom and counsel were highly sought after, and the High Priestess had sought her advice. Their conversation was troubling. High Priestess: The Rego is as cunning and manipulative as ever. He has been pacing the blame for the assassinations of the Guild Ministers at our feet, and the Queen is falling for these lies. Dalnas: Or worse yet, she is knowingly playing along with the deception? High Priestess: The Amancios are covertly supplying the rebelling lords throughout the Guilds with mercenaries and gold to fuel the fires. We must decide whether we are willing to actively show our support for the alliance with the Guilds. Dalnas: In this case, indecision or delay will be the same as supporting the rebels. You are correct - the choice must be made. Dalnas thoughts return to the present. Through our seclusion, we have been insulated from the effects of the past year, but we cannot sit by in feigned ignorance. We must break our isolation and risk our very way of life to help those that cannot protect themselves. Click here for full-rez pictures and below to see the build lit at night.
  3. Rogue Angel

    Book III - Challenge III: What Will Tomorrow Bring?

    Here are the results from Challenge III: The overall winner was @Etzel - Pass It On (Mitgardian Cat. A) Second Place went to @adde51 - Protecting the City of Mophet (Kaliphlin Cat. B) The top entries for each guild per category were: Category A: @Etzel - Pass It On (Mitgardia) @LittleJohn - King or Puppet? (Kaliphlin) @Zilmrud - Story of the Traveler (Avalonia) Category B: @adde51 - Protecting the City of Mophet (Kaliphlin) @Zilmrud - Reinforcing the walls of Zamorah (Avalonia) @Louis of Nutwood - Rebuilding Valnostrad (Mitgardia) Congratulations to our winners! Varlyrio didn't really have any entries this Challenge... We will need to make up for it next Challenge The gold received for each Guild was as follows: Mitgardia: 74 Gold Avalonia: 56 Gold Kaliphlin: 36 Gold Varlyrio: ...0 Gold Thanks to all of you that contributed! The tentative schedule for Challenge III will be August 15th (announcement) to September 31st (deadline).
  4. GREAT to see some nice fleshing out of other parts of Varlyrio. Great concept and love your story, as before. Excellent work!
  5. Rogue Angel

    Of Dragons and Druids, Ch. 3: The Kitchen of Druidham

    Lots of excellent details in this build - I love the black rollerskates on the doors (I am loving that part), is that Rey's hood holding the 'currants' - great idea! My only critique would be that the grey walls look a little too bare with just the plain brick compared to the rest of the kitchen. Fantastic work!
  6. Rogue Angel

    King of Avlonia Final Entry: de Gothia

    Love the throne room! You've done a great job with the lighting, and I think I recognize an awful lot of figs in that crowd.... (are those Simon and SI-Mocs sigfigs!!!?) Excellent work DG!
  7. Very good job on this build! I really like how you have included a number of elements (house, bridge, river, dock, interior) but not squeezed them all into a small space. I like the exterior and interior of the house, the little guard shack, the goat, and the parts use for the snow (except maybe the snot studs). Great job!
  8. Rogue Angel

    Militia Mishaps

    Excellent build! The sloped base, the snot use of the 1x curved piece for the crenelations, the NPU for the railings, really nice work on this build!
  9. Rogue Angel

    Svalg Keep: Mitgardia (Free-Build)

    Welcome and excellent first build at GoH! This build has a fantastic first impression. You have a ton of detail without getting messy, you've done a great job with varying angles, colors and textures, and you've used some excellent techniques! I like the use of the wand, the trappers cap, the extensive use of the white vertical tooth for the snow, and just the way you've blended everything together in this build. The story is well done too. Welcome and I hope to see much more from you!
  10. Rogue Angel

    Latest impact of other themes on historic themes

    I had the exact same observation!
  11. Wizard, Wizardess Sorcerer, Sorceress Enchanter, Enchantress Mage/Magi/Magician/Arch-Mage Illusionist/Obfuscator Summoner Witch/Warlock (often negative connotation) Invoker Spellbinder/Spellshaper/Spellcaster Conjurer Diviner/Seer/Oracle/Fortune Teller Elementalist/Fire/Ice/Earth/Air Mage Shaman/Witch Doctor/Druid Blood Mage/Thaumaturgist Alchemist/Transmuter White Mage/Priest/Cleric/Acolyte Monk/Mystic/Hermit/Spiritualist Black Mage/Necromancer Sage/Maester Archivist/Scribe Bard/Hedge Wizard Runecaster/Scrivener Time Mage/Chronomaster Battle Mage/Spellblade Adept Almost all are really genderless, even though they have primarily been associated with men.
  12. The Guilds of Historica Book III Challenge I: A Time to Rebuild Challenge II: Bread and Circuses Challenge III: What will Tomorrow Bring? Prelude: What Lies in Store Historica Vulnerable Historica is still rebuilding, but there is a lot of work that still needs to be done. Historicans are coming to realize that they no longer enjoy the protection they once did. The Guild armies and navies are still greatly depleted. A new conflict or disaster would be much more devastating than in the past. With this realization, their fears are breeding all manner of rumors and speculation. What could happen tomorrow, and how can they protect themselves from it? Category A: Rumors Abound Everywhere there are rumors, speculation, fears. When will the next war break out? Can this new queen be trusted? Is Nocturnus going to invade the other Guilds? Is Varlyria not actually a new island but the eastern edge of Nocturnus? Is there a secret invasion planned that will wipe out half the population of Historica? Rumors abound of impending perils and battles to come. Even the most outlandish stories have been heard somewhere in Historica. With all of the Guilds still rebuilding, the common people are worried that almost anything could occur. Your task: Portray a rumor that has been heard concerning the future of Historica, is it war, invasion, treachery, disaster? (This can be anything your heart desires, as long as it fits within the "medieval no guns" concept. This could be former foes reborn, the dead rising, new races invading, whatever you can think of.) Maximum size: 36 x 36 Category B: Fortifications With the guilds weakened and trying to regain their former power, the common people no longer feel safe and secure in their homes. They are feeling compelled to take steps on their own. Walls, fortifications, defenses and more have started appearing all over Historica. Your task: Build fortifications for your farm, town, village, keep, district, etc. This can be new walls, a tower, a keep, a castle, whatever they can muster. Maximum size: 64x64 General Rules Scoring: Builds will be scored on build quality, presentation, and photography with bonus points to entries with original concepts or stories. For both Categories, a 1st and 2nd place will be selected. Each Guild can have up to 1 winner per category (so 2 guilds could have 2 winners, there can be 1 winner per guild, etc.) Rules: One entry per category per person. Borders can exceed the maximum size restriction, within reason. Maximum sizes can be varied as long as the build does not exceed the footprint of the given size restriction (e.g.: 32x64 instead of 48x48 is permissible). No clone brands (Megablocks, KREO, etc) allowed, but 3rd party fig parts and accessories (Brickarms, Citizen Brick, etc.) are acceptable. All entries should be posted in their own topic, with the title of: "CHALLENGE II: Category X: Name of your build". Please also post a link to your topic here. Deadline: Entries due the end of the day on June 15th. Prizes: The Build with the highest score will win a custom MOC: (The larger build categories will be more likely to score the most points, but that is not always the case) The next highest scored Build in a DIFFERENT CATEGORY will win a $25 Lego Gift Card
  13. Rogue Angel

    Prelude: What Lies in Store

    Prelude: What Lies in Store A prelude to Challenge III While agriculture has once again flourished in Avalonia, there is still great uncertainty as to how long this peace will last. Rumors abound in every tavern and market - are the Drow planning another invasion while the Avalonian forces are weak? Are the Varlyrians merchants secretly buying up the large store houses and merchant companies in Albion? In the past, the Guilds would rely on each other, and in unity there was strength. There could be wars going on in Kaliphlin or Mitgardia, and how would anyone know about it? Could the roving marauders that have been preying on the weak show up at your doorstep tonight? tomorrow night? Next month? With great uncertainty comes great stress, anxiety, fear.... Avalonian Farm This farm has been quite prosperous in the past, and was able to largely escape the worst of the recent conflicts. The last two years have not been easy with shipments lost, produce commandeered and price hikes from scarce supplies. Wife: If we can bring in a full harvest this year, we should be able to sleep a bit more soundly at night. Husband: I wish I could believe that, but we don't know what the future will bring. It looks promising, but what if there is another conflict, and we don't get so lucky...? Their son crosses the nearby stream, taking one of the pigs to market Husband: Will Orick live to see manhood? I pray he will, but if war breaks out again and he gets conscripted... If he ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time... Husband: In the past, I would have slept easily at night with how well this Spring has gone, but we may have to fend for ourselves from now on. We can no longer rely on the Avalonian guards. When is the last time you saw them on patrol? We are ripe for the picking. Husband: Our herd of cattle would feed a marauding band for weeks, and how would we be able to stop them? Husband: We were able to plant a full crop of wheat, but what if we have to go into hiding when it ripens and we lose our crop? Remember the magic that tore apart those farms and the Village to the south years ago? Old Man Rutherson said he heard from a merchant that the Queen is a powerful magician. Wife: That is pure poppycock! Old Man Rutherson also claimed the Drow had tunnels beneath the Town cemetery and they were going to animate all our ancestors, and that was pure nonsense! Husband: I know, I know, but with every rumor there is a seed of truth. The Drow were tunneling.. Wife: That was across the next District! Husband: But they were tunnelling! Husband: I am taking Orick out with me tomorrow to start working on some walls around the West field. If we can bring in this harvest, we may be able to afford some hired hands. Wife: It won't come to that will it? Husband: We don't know what will come, and it's better to be safe then sorry..... The Man grabs his cart and heads off. The Woman heads into their home.
  14. Rogue Angel

    GoH Book III

    Challenge 3 is scheduled to start May 1st. Look for Prologue builds shortly.
  15. Welcome to the Guilds, and s beautiful first build! The wall and figs are well done, but my favorite part is the greenery. I always like to see the mushrooms, and I especially like the use of the whips and brown flex tube in your plant techniques. Great work!