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Found 3 results

  1. Hasaf

    Hello from Kansas

    Hello all. I am a teacher at a Title 1 (low income) middle school. I am certified in Technology Education and, along with my computer applications classes, I have a couple of sessions of robotics. I am also the Robotics Club coach and we attend the regional First Lego League competition every year since I have been here (oddly enough, the students didn't participate in it before I got here). To complete this year's challenges we built a forklift type of attachment. For educational robots, the school decided to go with the EV-3 platform. Until I started here I had not been super into Lego. As a child, I did not have Lego, however, I had played with them at friends houses (they were just too expensive for the house I grew up in). I needed to develop some Lego-fu, and quickly. As an example, right now my students are at "Build an attachment that will allow your robot to push, pull, or carry a load" (the photoshop books). I also have a "gears" module coming up. In it, the students will use Lego Technic gears to make their robot go faster. In the process, I developed a real level of enjoyment from working with the legos. So, Hello all.
  2. I wanted to tell you about this new (and cool if I may say) program that is being developed by a company with more than 30 years of experience in robotics for education called Intelitek. This program, called CoderZ, is all about teaching kids STEM through robotics and programming. This program enables an entire team to have a robot for each participant/member. How? Well, CoderZ is a fully operational robot simulator. Right now, Intelitek is giving FLL teams a free trial that lasts until the end of June, this is a great opportunity for all teams to hone their developing skills for next year’s challenge. You can easily register and start using CoderZ by clicking here: Feel free to share your thoughts with the CoderZ team after registering and trying it out at
  3. Hello all, Firstly, I would like to apologise about the text wall - I got a bit carried away I am writing here on behalf of a FLL (First Lego League-there website address is team I am part of called Fuzzy Logic. For those of you who do not know what FLL is, it is a Lego Robotics competition for school children. There are four parts to winning the competition and they are as follow 1: Robot performance The robot you build has to be a Lego Mindstorms one (it doesn't matter what generation) and it will perform on a mat with various different challenges on. The more challenges you complete, the more points you get. 2: Robot Design This category is about how well built the robot is and what functions it has as well as how innovative it is 3: Core values How well you wok together as a team and with other teams 4: The project The project will be set around a pre decided topic which is decided by First, the people who run the FLL. This year the theme was trash and I will be talking about that later All of these aspects will be individually judged and you will be given an overall score. If you are the highest in your region (for Fuzzy Logic this is the south West) you will go through to the nationals that are to be held in Loughborough this year. We won our regional area along with a team called Tech HEds (I don't know if they post here but if they do, Hello!). So that means that on 21st of February we will be heading up to Loughborough to compete head-to-head with the 39 other best teams in the UK. Whoever wins that will go through to the internationals that are held in America as a representative for the UK. So what is the meaning of the post, I hear you ask and this is it: We would like some help with our project. Our project is called the Net Bag. It is a small, orange bag designed to replace the plastic grocery bags you get in shops. I'll explain it briefly here but there will (should!) be a PowerPoint explaining it more thoroughly attached to this post. EDIT: It turns out I can't upload a PowerPoit but if you do want to see it, PM me you email address and I will email it to you. The Net Bag uses less plastic than the normal one because it is a net and will be made from recycled plastic from the oceans. It is possible to make these, we have tried by shredding up, extruding and then weaving recycled plastic offcuts from our DT department at school. We came up with the idea because we looked at some plastic bag figures and realised how much we are drowning in plastic; we use 5 trillion plastic bags yearly for instance! We also looked at the 5p plastic bag charge and saw how that had created an 80% decrease in plastic bag usage at Tesco! However, the plastic vegetable bags are still free so people are stealing them (we have video evidence to prove this. The Net bag is a good alternative because safe for young children and very strong and long lasting along with other things. That basically sums up the Net bag but you should read the PowerPoint for more information. If you can't open it just tell me. The bit we would like your help with is an online SurveyMonkey we would like you to fill in to gather customer research about the Net Bag. The address is and it would be really helpful if you could fill it in and tell others about it so we can get more balanced results and good publicity. The survey is self explanatory but if you have any problems please contact me via PM or the comment. Thank you for helping us and for reading that text wall but hopefully it will be worth it. If you have any ideas or suggestions please comment and leave any other feedback. Thanks again, Jim and the rest of Fuzzy Logic