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  1. It's about 1 m long, I think it's from the Rescue Helicopter 8068. I've also uploaded some pictures of our SmartCity. Best regards, laix Edit: Sorry for the large photo, changed it.
  2. laix

    ETF HTX-380 Mining Truck.

    Found this post on the French SeTechnic-forum. It's by builder jacques27: TRUCK ETF 190 MT-240 After the failure of the V1, V2 so here. ETF 190 MT-240 is a study to replace the existing mining trucks, this truck is a project that has not yet been put on the market. Points that were the hardest to achieve are: Axles. The rotation of the bucket. DIMENSION Length: 67 cm Height: 24 cm Width: 26 cm Weight: 4.400 KG CHARACTERISTIC 1 motor xl 1 motor L M 2 engine 1 BB 2 IR 4 pneumatic cylinders 20 wheels The TRUCK
  3. Hey, I was really busy over the last months and wasn't able to build any models in my free time. But luckily I get paid to build at work where we made several projects over the last year. One of the major tasks was to build a model to display several options to generate and store electricity. Some of you may are familiar with Isogawas great GBC "smartcommunity" and we wanted to transform this idea into a real working power generator. Therefore we used ten Renewable Energy Add-On Sets (9688) and four NXT 2.0 to control everything. The video is in german, an english translation will follow soon, as well as a pictorial overview on my blog. Hope you like it. Best regards, laix
  4. laix

    need the name of a technic part

    You probably want this part, am I right? Technic, Pin Connector Toggle Joint Smooth Double with Axle and Pin Holes (87408)
  5. laix

    Lego Technic Kart!

    It seems to be a modified version of the Lego Bike Burner (8236)
  6. They seem to be Hose, Rigid 3mm e.g. 75c22. But every axle with axle joiners should do the same job Probably the easiest way to search for specific parts is to use Bricklink's search for "Catalog Items" and showing the results in "Thumbnail Gallery". You will get a quick overview and find your parts really fast.
  7. Hey Crtlego, while building my Unimog, I tested several setups for pumping water. The easiest and most efficient one is to pump air into a water filled tank. You can replace the LEGO tank with PET bottles and increase the number of pumps as well. Another possible solution is to pump the air with the small LEGO pump. It's made out of plastic so the water won't damage it. The main disadvantage is, that you have to place the whole mechanism and pumps underwater. For my Unimog I used a closed circuit, which is able to suck in the water. But you need a lot of force to actuate the pump and it can only deal with smaller amounts of water at once. Edit: After seeing DLuders's post I remembered this great pump. It has an amazing volume. Best regards, laix
  8. It's the Technic, Gearbox Half (32166)
  9. laix

    RC Red Heat

    That's a really great model I love the compact frame and will definitely build it once I have some spare time.
  10. laix

    Roller coaster idea

    It's a great idea and the Pin Connectors cost only 0,06$ per part. This isn't too expensive i think
  11. That is an awesome model. You captured the looks perfectly, gave it a lot of great functions and a working water pump. Couldn't be much better
  12. laix

    Mini Track Loader

    I like the idea of the several tools. The only thing, that bothers me is the arms point of rotation. It would be more accurate without the 90 degree connector. But all in all you did a nice job and thanks for sharing. Have you seen this version before?
  13. Totally agree with that. Just bought one some minutes ago on German ebay for only 36 Euro (48 USD, 46 AUD). In Germany most of the famous Technic models are very cheap if you buy them used, so you may check the shipping costs
  14. I'm glad, that my work inspired you. You did a great job with the several functions. The look of it could be improved, but I followed your post on SETechnic and you already improved your skills. Keep up the nice work!
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