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  1. Does anyone know what brand they use for the 3-party RC chassis?
  2. Dr Spoc, Thanks for the great information
  3. Thanks for responding, what are the most common spares that you bring? Thanks everyone for your thoughts and recommendations. Does anyone know anybody who has been a GBC show coordinator. I would like to learn how they prepare for a show?
  4. Unfortunately, I live in Arkansas and trying to start a GBC group as part of the ArkLUG. Do you know any GBC co-ordinator that I might be ABLE to reach out to on how they prep for a show and what is in their emergency kit
  5. Good day, Here in the US a few Lego - GBC shows are in the works. I am new to the world of GBC and while being cooped up at home, I have built over 10 GBC modules. I have been invited to participate in a few of these shows and was wondering if some of the more experienced GBC folks could share with me what they bring with them in their show Emergency repair kits. Thanks for any advice that you are willing to share. - Daniel
  6. I like what you did are you planning to do more of theses?
  7. I recently built 4 GBC modules with the help of instructions that members of this group have posted. Thanks everyone!!!! - Now I have a question, at a recent show, folks that said they were going to bring a module didn't, so we had a 3 foot gap in our circle. I have seen what looks like a simple to construct ball slide/bridge that could be used to complete the circle but can not find any instruction on reliable, sturdy way to build one. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  8. Thank you Captainowie for your response. I was planning on having my initial class explain basically what a GBC module is, then show some you tube video of a typical GBC set-up. Then have a couple of GBC's modules for the group to take a look at. My initial overview would be around 2 hours or so. If there is an interest, then I was thinking about scheduling a formal class each week for 2 hours for about 8 weeks. Most of the folks that have expressed an interest our some students who have an interest in engineering and after teaching some fundamental, challenge them to create their own design or take and existing design and make it their own.
  9. Good day, I hope that this is not an inappropriate topic for this form. I have been asked to create an introductory course on how to use Legos and technic pieces to build great ball contraptions. I have learned through the school of hard knocks and how to do it. But I was wondering if anyone in this group can help me develop a syllabus or outline on topics to include in a brief course that would assist students and adult fans of Lego get a better comprehension of how to build one. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated? Or if you know of any good resources that I could use as a framework for a program if you could share it with me or provide me the URLs or documents that would also be very helpful and quite appreciated. If you want to send me something my email is dgeehot@gmail.com - Thanks - Daniel
  10. The ArkLug (AFOL) group in Arkansas helped create a History of Lego display at the State Capital of Arkansas in Little Rock Here is a video that was created by the Secretary of States Office and narrated by their historian - https://youtu.be/ZJjyuQc1y9k The display at the State Capital is open to the public and will be there until around the first of 2020 If you have the opportunity come by and take a look and share your thoughts
  11. Thank you Dr_Spock for your input and response. In your post you indicate that you use the most reliable modules are they of your own design or they designed by others. I set-up my first show this past weekend and had an on-going issue of my modules getting jammed up or losing balls. What would you recommend as good reliable modules
  12. What about power cables/extensions switches
  13. This question is for folks that set-up GBC modules at events. Do you have an emergency/breakdown/set-up kit that you take to events? If so what do you have in your kit? I did my first event this past weekend and would like to make sure that I am better equipped for the next event which will be in October. Thanks, Daniel
  14. I am interested in learning how to build a Great Ball Contraption (GBC) and was wondering if I could recommendations from the group on good resource that would possibly be able to assist me. Also, want to learn how to create my own designs and concepts. Any resource on the web, youtube or books would be greatly appreciated - Thanks - Daniel
  15. I built the sawtooth module. An in the instruction it mentions an alignment tool but no where can I find out what that is or even where to get or build it - any thoughts or suggestions