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Found 5 results

  1. I didn't build any MOC for a while. This is my lastest MOC of wind powered series on youtube cannel. Maybe this is world first Lego wind powered two legs walker. Hope you lie it ;) Update to V11, smaller leg design. Update to V9, much faster walking. Update to V6, add piston, high efficient four blade fan, but high wind resistance design. Update to V5, exchange belt with chain drive. Update to V4.1, add fake Mr. gold and bicycle rotate wheel. Update to V3, can walk toward wind source. Lego wind powered walker robot v4 by cmfkian, on Flickr Lego wind powered walker robot v4 by cmfkian, on Flickr
  2. As any competent player of city building games would tell you, it's important to get the utilities in place before you start inviting people to come live in your city. I've gone ahead and started the process by building my own modified (improved) version of the promotional Vestas wind turbine model, set #4999: The biggest change is that I've nearly doubled the height of the tower in order to bring the blades into scale with the tower; the Vestas turbine is quite short, at least compared to the wind farms I see here in Wyoming. From the look of it, the towers are a bit more than twice as tall as the blade radius; currently in these images I'm waiting on one more segment in order to bring the turbine up to full height. I also did some work in and around the nacelle, hub, and blades in order to remove gaps and increase the color uniformity in exposed areas, as well as make some small shape changes. The very last addition I made was that of a service door at the base of the tower to allow for workers to enter the turbine for maintenance and such. In the context of my layout, the turbine was built and installed by the 'Mikroelectric' utility company, which services the town and the surrounding areas. I'm hoping to make some custom window cling-style signage to complete the green stripe down the side of the turbine nacelle with the Mikroelectric logo. Most of the gap-filling happened at the little back door that allows access to the motor. Currently in order to power it, I have to hang a battery box out the back. I made the tip of the hub a bit pointier, and smoothed out some of the gaps at the root of the blades. There's even steps leading up to the access door. They're a little off-kilter from how it fits onto the baseplate, but once the tower is mounted onto a MILS-style module it won't matter - and the tower will be a lot less wobbly.
  3. Eddie_Young

    Wind-up Robot

    The all time classic toy of the 20th century and to me the coolest toy right after LEGO now finally in brick form! This is my project for LEGO Ideas. It uses a classic blocky body and cubic head design to make it simple and cute. It is, as you can see,decorated with a control panel on the chest, a face with two scary red eyes and a cool little window on it's back that lets you watch the mechanism at work. And it can really walk!!! Let me know which colour and which design (arms, antennas, etc.) you like more Thank you. If you like it, please support on LEGO Ideas.
  4. Base on Amida's Pegasus Automaton. These are some wind powered (cars) modification. Hope you like it. ;-) Original Amida's Pegasus Automaton LDD simulation. Move toward wind, difficult one. Amida 's Pegasus Automaton LDD simulation:
  5. Hey, I was really busy over the last months and wasn't able to build any models in my free time. But luckily I get paid to build at work where we made several projects over the last year. One of the major tasks was to build a model to display several options to generate and store electricity. Some of you may are familiar with Isogawas great GBC "smartcommunity" and we wanted to transform this idea into a real working power generator. Therefore we used ten Renewable Energy Add-On Sets (9688) and four NXT 2.0 to control everything. The video is in german, an english translation will follow soon, as well as a pictorial overview on my blog. Hope you like it. Best regards, laix