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    "Incredible Technic" Wallpapers

    Wow! Thank you Blackbird for sharing. The sets are really amazing! Regards
  2. Airplane

    LEGO Technic Airplane

    By the moment you can only see a video over the undercarriage in the microsite:!details/cngp'>!details/cngp No, it'd be too time consuming. I hope I reach 10K supporters and LEGO will make the work ;-) Thanks for supporting! Thanks for supporting! You can find extended info in the Technic Airplane microsite: Enjoy!
  3. TECHNIC AIRPLANE The target of this project was to make an educational and semi-functional airplane model having the basic control surfaces of a standard airplane. Of course, the plane does not fly. The LEGO elements are too heavy and the motors are not powerful enough to reach a velocity suitable to take-off. However the fact of having the same control elements that you can find in standard airplanes is amazing and instructive. The model has a damped undercarriage that retracts under the wings. The retracting mechanism is manually driven by a gear under the battery box. All standard control surfaces (ailerons, rudder, elevator, flaps and spoilers) present in any airplane have been replicated and can be controled from the back section of the cockpit. The propeller is driven by a standard Power Functions motor fed by an AAA battery box (4x11x7) . The rotation speed of such a motor is usually too low to be realistic. So there is a gear system that increases the rotation speed. You can actuate the little on/off switch in the battery by pushing the flight instruments panel support in the cockpit. The cockpit canopy can be opened the to reach it. The model is gathering support in the LEGO Ideas site in order to become a commercial set so if you find it interesting some support will be wellcome. Extended photo gallery: