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    <p> I am a middle aged man, teacher of maths, and my favourite Lego theme of all times is Pirates.</p>

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  1. Darnok

    I wish I had more ship levels ...

    Brilliant idea, excellent execution, made me laugh. Thank you for this, and well done!
  2. Hey, @Kolonialbeamter is alive and kicking, what a pleasant surprise!
  3. Hi everybody, I might be online every now and then, but will most likely be unable to interact in any meaningful way for the next days and weeks, possibly months. I'm back when I'm back, sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.
  4. Darnok

    Sistershipping the Octopus

    Cool island build, I'd love to see a bit more of it! What is going on on the other side of the palm trees, is that a treasure cove with some bones in it?
  5. Excellent idea, and it seems like you have done some small first steps already. If a company of WTC Marines was invited, those supplies would hardl be enough for a first course though! My original sigifg is still somewhere in the jungles of Celestia, and Mordo was just sent to the far East, so none of my "proper" characters can attend. That might change, but I'd like to rule them out for now. However, newly appointed WTC Administrator Arthur Mengsk would most certainly enjoy the festivities.
  6. Darnok

    [SR-FB] Beware of Mermaid Tears

    Wow, loving this one, it just oozes atmosphere!
  7. Lovely temple build, those Greek architectural elements are very well done. The slightly offset statue in the middle looks a bit odd to me, since all the rest of the temple is so symmetrical.
  8. Darnok

    [SR - FB Jan 620] Shipwreck Cove Harbor

    Nice build, I like it a lot. It could be more busy for my taste, but given the story the level of activity fits right in. Looking forward to see and hear more of Shipwreck Cove!
  9. Great build indeed. I found underwater builds to be a different kind of challenge. I think they need a lot of room to look believable, yet that can make them easily look barren. This MOC has none of this problems, well done! P.S.: Those nets on the beach... a hint of thigns to come? BotBS Volleyball Cup?
  10. Darnok

    Ye Olde BoBS Drinking Hole

    This is hilarious and epic, I love it!
  11. Darnok

    Ye Olde BoBS Drinking Hole

    Happy new year everybody! May your brick vaults stay full and your building time aplenty.
  12. Penalty Shootout Now each team nominates five players, and one by one they will get a penalty shot each. The winner of a Best-Of-Five series will win this years cup. I'm tired, Tiny. I could sit in a pub and have a hot cup of tea by now. Funny, Jim. Also: true. But here we are, and it seems both teams have declared their five players. Chief and Tsu-Chu are at the left goal, with Weelonds Mauricio Montoya as the first shooter. Unlucky for him, he misses the first shot! Now Eltina could take the lead for the first time, with Tirell Lourdos to shoot. His shot is on target, but Tsu-Chu can hold it! Jan Slegers is next in line for the Regimentals. Same situation: a good shot on the left side of the goal, but Chief had the right idea and went for the same side. Still no goal for either side! The second shot for Eltina will come from Guy Lejeunot. He steps back twice, takes aim... and makes it! Going for the right side and Tsu-Chu staying in the centre, the ball goes in, and Team E leads 1:0 in this dramatic shootout! One behind it is now up to Fangio to tie the score and keep Weelond in this fight. Over the goal! Apparently losing his cool, Fangio kicks the ball way over the net. Jean Lamalette does the third try for Team E... and scores! With this 2:0 lead the door is wide open, with Weelond absolutely desperate for the next one. Victor Rey is picking up the ball. If he does not make this one for his team, it is all over. After making it to the finals and failing in 618 and reaching the finals again in this year 619, it now all depends on this one penalty shot by Rey. The tension in the stadium is tangible, Tiny. A real nailbiter, if only minifigs had nails! Always the joker, Jim. Quiet now! Chief is standing guard over the goal, Rey is running... shooting... and Chief holds the shot! The stadium explodes on Eltinas half! This is it, with no way for Weelond to catch up the shot of Jerome Agrave, despite going in, is just a formality. Team E is victorious in the final of the BTSC 619 with 3:0 after penalties, and if we were not so tired we could describe the celebrations on the field. Not today, Jim. An aftermath report will follow though, another day. I am „Tiny“ McCoy... .. and I am Jim Napier. We were your commentators for this years soccer tournament in Mesabi Landing. Good night everybody!
  13. 107'' These are the last 15 minutes of regular playtime of the BTSC 619, and the Weelond Regimentals had the final kickoff... ... only to lose the ball right away. Rey had it, in an obvious attempt of a charge, with Charles-Louis stopping it in its tracks. 108'' Rey is not giving up though, tackling Charles-Louis from behind... ... who can only kick the ball over the sideline. Now he is getting up and complaining to the referee over this supposedly foul play. The referee is not giving into a discussion though. A stern admonishment to the Eltina player for stalling the game, then Weelond gets a throw-in. 111'' Fangio and Slegers cut through Team E's defense, but both sides seem tired by now. 117'' GOOOOAAAAAALLLLL!!! Fangio scores after some neat double pass play with Slegers, and with only three minutes left on the clock this 2:1 lead should be enough for Weelond! 119'' Tired or not, Team E is throwing it all in, not giving up. With only seconds left they all go forward. I see their keeper Chief moving out of the goal as well, now all eleven players are in Weelonds half. The Regimentals are defending desperatively. 125'' I don't believe this. The gods must be kidding! No jokes here, Jim. The referee let play on for some minutes, which was what the legends from Eltina needed. Colon to Lecloc, Chief blocking „Pegleg“ so Lejeunot could move to a central position, Lecloc to Lejeunot – who scores! 2:2, the whistle blows, over 120 minutes played and no winner yet! Penalties it is, Jim...
  14. Overtime What can we expect from these additional 30 minutes, Tiny? I'm no fortune teller, Jim. I wonder how much strength is left in those minifigs, how much longer they can fight. We haven't seen anyting like this before! True that, Tiny. I see both teams back on the field, here we go! 95'' Kickoff for Team E, and what energy they have left is going into a forward movement. They are attacking... ... as they should... ... with Lejeunot leading the charge. 101'' Robino Grijszon and Pedro Piccio keep Weelond in the game. „Nino“ and „Pegleg“... ... also called the „Fencepost Defense“ of the Regimentals... ... can stop Lejeunot, despite him getting backup from Lourdos. The fence is standing firm it seems! 107'' The first half of the overtime is done. Weelond has made it back to midfield, but ran out of time before starting a proper attack. Just a short break, and the game will go on.
  15. 46'' The game continues, and Team E is giving the Regimentals no quarter. Right after kickoff by Weelonds Mauricio Montoya, Eltinas Sebastien Shotgen attacked him in midfield. With success, I might add. The ball is now with the minifigs in white and blue. 50'' Shotgen goes down the right side, passing to Lejeunot about 30 metres to the goal line. He takes it into the middle, then passes on to Lourdos. Where is Weelonds defense? I see Luis Fernandez always that one step behind the ball. Perhaps he already dreams of pineapples in a golden cup? Not yet, Jim! 53'' Lourdos back to Lejeunot, a shot from the left – and Tsu-Chu is beaten. Team E scores with the loud cheers from its fans! 1:1, the game is even again. I see coach Patch Verlander kicking a pineapple in anger! 58'' Weelond does it quick and dirty now. With another obvious foul play Fangio takes the ball from Charles-Louis in midfield. What is the referee up to here? I'm no mind reader, Jim. Weelond is in Eltinas half now. 64'' And another foul from Fangio, unbelievable! Michel Colon had stopped him, but Fangio grabbed and pulled him... This time the referee noticed it, Jim. Is that... ? Yes it is! A yellow card for Fangio, who deserves this for sure. Free kick for Team E near their goal, and the Regimentals better be careful with their offensive play now. 69'' Poilu makes the free kick, reaching Lecloc, passing on to Shotgen. I see some new confidence in Eltinas midfield! 72'' Confidence alone doesn't cut it, Jim. Some double pressing by Reyngout and Rey got the ball back to Weelond. 74'' Those Regimentals are kicking it like a pineapple. Unless I'm mistaken, we just witnessed another foul from them... ... Baracca it seems... ... but unseen by the referee this time. Baracca passing forward to Montoya, who is dangerously close to Eltinas goal. 79'' Some impressive tackling by d'Orange, who kept it fair! Team E is in possession of the ball again. It is still in play though, so the danger is not over yet. 80'' Back in midfield, Team E is out of danger for now. Time is running low, Jim. Both teams need to score! 85'' Alberto Verde just took the ball for Weelond, Eltinas Lecloc got outplayed there. With some fast play the Regimentals could finish this in a last-minute offensive! 91'' What a game! Again with only one minute of additional time, the referees whistle ended the second half. With a 1:1 draw we are going into overtime, Jim. An absolute first in this tournament! So after a short break we will see another two halfs played, 15 minutes each. Both coaches have another chance to instruct their teams, all players have a chance to rest for a few moments. Then the ball is rolling again!