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    <p> I am a middle aged man, teacher of maths, and my favourite Lego theme of all times is Pirates.</p>

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  1. I appreciate the violence... but why? Some more story context would be nice!
  2. Darnok

    ERA III - Coming Summer 2024

    You can build them now, do pictures once done, and store those until needed. Have some picture material ready, and write stories fitting both those MOCs and the upcoming Era III lore if and when it is out. Really no need to wait with building.
  3. So sorry to see this end. I hope @Capt Wolf stays around as an active player? Or is this a ride into the sunset?
  4. Again, the interior really delivers on the promise the front makes. These are excellent! Also: good to know we will see more story unfold around these builds. They are brilliant overall, it would be a shame to only "use" them once!
  5. The house front is already great, but the interior really elevates this thing to awesomeness - so good! Already looking forward to all the other ones. Yeah, Oleanders usually just run or die.
  6. Great looking street! Any plans to modify the build over the next weeks for some "christmas market" version?
  7. Sorry for being out of the loop to miss this years round - but great to see this is still going! Congrats to both winners, each build deserved the win despite such low numbers. Well done both @Justsomebrix and @NOD!
  8. I have been in some kind of mini Dark Ages lately, but things should be a bit more back to normal now. So this prospect of a new Era for BOBS sounds great to me! I think my life is a bit too volatile to be reliable enough for leadership here, but I am looking forward to what a change in the team will look like. Been there, done that. Condensing the world map a bit would be a good idea in my opinion, including maybe removing some locations that were not settled so far. It has been years with literally no activities on some islands - maybe those can just disappear in whatever catastrophe might be about to happen? I would also really appreciate the return of some meaningful economic system. The one we had and still have was great overall, but over the years it has made money almost pointless for long-time players, while still putting some serious barriers in front of new players. I have no brilliant solution here, but something that works for both new and old players alike and does not suffer with "inflation" too much over time would be great.
  9. Just sharing this, I found it very enlightening:
  10. I guess most people are aware of ChatGPT and its abilities. I was wondering how knowledgable it is about BoBS, so did some testing. Enjoy the ride: For those not overly familiar with the games lore: only the first two questions were answered correctly, the rest is complete nonsense. I would be interested to read what others can get out of our new arificial intelligence overlord - please share!
  11. This is awesome indeed. Great work man!
  12. Darnok

    [ESL - FB] A Merchant's Office

    Mine are not for sale!
  13. Salt mine near Mesabi Landing, licensed for the faction.
  14. Copper mine near Quinnsville, licensed for the faction.
  15. At long last, after salt had been found under the sands near Mesabi Landing, a mine had finally been set up to dig up the white gold. While some had a good time, happy to work in the mines... ... watching guard was apparently not as popular. Maybe it was the proximity to the... mining equipment? ================================================================ Licensed for Corrington as a salt mine in Mesabi Landing. Of note for @Ayrlego for this: the faction income goes up 30DB. Not a lot to say really. One more view at the entrance... ... and an overview: