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    <p> I am a middle aged man, teacher of maths, and my favourite Lego theme of all times is Pirates.</p>

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  1. Tough one, I have similar problems. Googling images with "lego micro moc" gave me plenty of examples, and one could also check the Lego page for the instructions of their own micro build sets (Architecture for example). Other than that I only found experimenting for myself to be of real help.
  2. Darnok


    Awesome! Eerily close to the miniature, well done!
  3. Great write-up as usual, all the work put into this is much appreciated! Once again the KPA is the only semi-regular newspaper in the Brick Seas, for the WTCMs editor can't get #### done these days...
  4. Loving it, great twist. Well done!
  5. Nice introduction, and that Space Wolves chapter badge fits well with Sea Rats. Well done!
  6. They had a cave troll sea dragon!
  7. There might have been more devious machinations at work. The WTCM has some interesting rumours to share... I hope to have them up before May.
  8. Darnok

    [COR] New Lands for Corrington

    Those damn Corries, snatching up lands left and right and everywhe... nowaitaminute! Nice story, and a fine build of the landing troops. The vegetation is properly dense, well done! Why the dark grey plate in the background though? It makes the scene look oddly unfinished.
  9. Darnok

    [COR-CHIII-CATC] Shady business

    Actually my first thought as well. I think you are right, so no slavery or similar. Yes, it would be historically appropriate, but I am quite happy this aspect is kept out of BotBS.
  10. Good use of the new parts, and that door is marvelous indeed. Overall well done! Another type of drug you say? The WTC might want to investigate and... invest.
  11. A great build, with lots of characterful details! Loving the full interior on two levels. Also: the WTC would be interested in buying those horsies too... yummy!
  12. Not sure where to put it exactly - I guess here is a good place to bring it up either way. I would like to finally rename this settlement from "Proxyville" to "Port Mordo". I will do a build and some story about this in the near future, but would like to have the behind-the-scene forms changed prior to it. That way I can license stuff under the proper name already. @Bregir @Capt Wolf Who would handle this in the forms and the account summary? Please let me know when it's done. No need to hurry, I just want to know when I can "properly" license there. Thanks in advance!
  13. Oh, I envy you! I guess it will be summer or early autumn before I have time for this one...
  14. Nice one, can't really add much more than what others have said before me. The different greys work excellent! Well done!
  15. Welcome aboard @Sir Kingston. May your journeys on the Brick Seas be long and profitable! Don't feel overwhelmed by all the details right now. It is a lot to take in in the beginning - just build what you feel like and ask questions along the way.