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  1. Lego 60th Anniversary sets 2018

    To me this seems to be the best way to celebrate the anniversary, Lego started out by selling boxes of bricks (with a lot less variety of bricks), which had a few ideas printed on the outside, the rest was left to the child's imagination, and encouraged building and then taken to pieces and building something different, which is exactly what these sets offer. If you want a big UCS style set then there are already lots out there (and TLG seems to be re-releasing some of the older ones), the Lego Classic sets (which is what the anniversary is celebrating), still sell in large numbers and parents like them as they encourage children to use their imagination. I can see these sets being very popular.
  2. 42078 - Mack Anthem

    As the good old metal box is an American invention and therefore they tend to come in standard lengths measured in feet, either 20, 30, 40 or 45 feet, 8 foot wide and either 8' 6" or 9' 6" tall, there are however lots of non-standard sizes details of which can be found here A 72-80 ft container would be very difficult to transport by road.
  3. I think the big issue with Lego moving to a Bluetooth solution, is that they have to sell something that will (with the addition of batteries) work straight out of the box, not everyone owns a Bluetooth equipped smart phone. Despite the growing number of AFOL's the products are aimed at children, typically 12-16 years old for Technic, parents and/or children buying these sets will not necessarily want to have to start setting up Bluetooth apps to get their model up and running. Yes the current PF is 10 years old but it is still capable of doing all that TLG ask of it, whether it meets the needs of AFOL's is up for debate. Leaving PF out of sets reduces costs all round, leading to a cheaper final price and therefore the potential for more sales.
  4. 42078 - Mack Anthem

    Gold Bulldogs indicate that the whole truck is made from Mack parts, whereas a silver (or chrome) bulldog indicates non-Mack parts (normally Volvo engines and gearboxes) have been used in building the truck.
  5. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Wouldn't it be easier for Lego to just give him a job?
  6. Thumbs up to Lego I hope they continue this practice, when I think of all the sets I missed during my 'dark ages' which are now only available from scalpers at greatly inflated prices my heart sinks, the prospect of being able to (potentially) buy some of these at a future at a reasonable price can't be bad. And if anyone from Lego should be reading this 10181 Eiffel Tower would be good
  7. Land Carrier Khagaan

    Incredible MOC, brilliant video, especially loved the out-takes
  8. although sometimes we kinda forget to hand them on
  9. Lego 42043 RC mod

    Have a read through this thread there are some good ideas
  10. Stranger things have happened
  11. Farming tractor

    Looks good, reminds me of the 'Little Grey Fergie' I learnt to drive on many moons ago.
  12. 7: 10 16: 6 9: 4 11: 3 2: 2 18: 1 Good luck everyone
  13. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Is there such a thing?
  14. Having not had the opportunity to work on this since the initial post, and with no foreseeable opportunities to build coming up i have abandon this project. Good luck to all those that do enter, Lucy.