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  1. LucyCol

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Same for UK shop
  2. Lots of sets now listed as retiring soon on the Lego (UK) shop site. But rest easy as everyone's favorite 42070 is not one of them
  3. LucyCol

    42094 Tracked Loader

    Best set in the 1H line up IMHO, a more traditional Technic set, and I like the fact that both A & B models are on the same theme thereby increasing playability (and sales)
  4. LucyCol

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    None of them really do anything for me (not really into cars) but I do like the helicopter, and I can see the grandkids getting lots of pleasure from building and racing 42095 (and I think the cats need to be very afraid)
  5. LucyCol

    The Morality of Leaks

    I really don't understand why some people seem so besotted with seeking out leaks, the sets will still come out an the same day and knowing about them 2 or 3 days before anybody else does not speed things along.
  6. LucyCol

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    I think they do this as the smaller sets fit into all though little hands that have Christmas present money to spend.
  7. I appear to be 'CountUltimateCabbage'
  8. LucyCol

    [MOC] Pendulum Waves

    It has my vote, and I would definitely buy one,however I feel it may be just a bit 'Technical' for Lego 'Ideas'
  9. Wonderful piece of engineering, the fact that it all seems to work so smoothly is a credit as well.
  10. Nice little model, gets my vote, hope you succeed.
  11. LucyCol

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    I'm quite looking forward to the new tracked racer for my grand children (aged 9 & 10, target age?), 42065 was definitely their favorite set of the last 12 months, although the cats are not so keen on it
  12. LucyCol


    Prefer a 'Fender' personally but nice work.
  13. LucyCol

    Assembling Metropolis

    Amazing, portrays the size extremely well.
  14. LucyCol

    Expert Builder Mobile Crane

    Nice, I sometimes miss the simplicity of the early Expert builder sets, gears, axles, steering, it all seemed so new and fresh.
  15. LucyCol

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Looks like the kinda of set you could actually work on your own interiors/stories. Congratulations to the designers.