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  1. Which leads to the need for more police sets, which in turn leads to more criminals, it's all a vicious circle
  2. Have a search in the Technic forum I dare say you'll find an answer there.
  3. Got some real bargains on perfect sets the only thing wrong was a bashed up box, I don't mind I send all mine to the recycling plant
  4. Interesting design, how good is it at keeping time?
  5. I like the front page, it highlights MOC's and subjects in theme forums that I wouldn't normally visit.
  6. You may find folks with the technical wizardry to answer this in the LEGO Mindstorms and Robotics Forum
  7. LucyCol

    Girls, stand up !

    Unlike the men, us ladies don't really care to much about rank, as 'Lady' is possibly the highest rank you could aim for anyway.
  8. LucyCol

    What happened to Bricks & Pieces?

    My last couple of Bricks and Pieces orders have come from the Czech Republic.
  9. Sad that the project is no longer, we all have these struggles :( You could try downloading one of the many Rollercoaster type games, personal favorite is RCT 2 (Free Download) and just have a look at the way some of the coaster are constructed, especially the wooden ones.
  10. Looking good, one thing i would suggest is a small cut out at the bottom of the legs to go around the skirting board and allow the the desk to be flush against the wall, i amazed at the amount that falls down the gap on my desk.
  11. LucyCol

    Grum's Shed

    A bigger sheet will also come in handy for when you build 42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator Congratulations on finishing, and keep filling the shelves up
  12. LucyCol

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I hope this is true it got my vote both times around
  13. LucyCol

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

  14. LucyCol

    LEGO Technic Supercar Auction

    @grum64 & @Jeroen Ottens Congratulations to you both a generous sum raised for a worthy cause, well done