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  1. LucyCol

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Didn't realise my little off the cuff comment was going raise so much angst amongst members over the state of various public transport systems PS, I live in an area of the UK where buses are well liked, clean, reliable and for the most part on time Now can we get back on track discussing what we'ed like to see in next years modular?
  2. LucyCol

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    It's never too early
  3. Missed the freebie , but did get it on double VIP points , not particularly bothered that I missed it, i can just Bricklink it at a later date.
  4. All parts sold via Bricks and Pieces are new.
  5. LucyCol

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Gotta have the mini Claas, just because it's cute
  6. Hi @Doug72 I've followed your builds with interest, a solution to your dropped balls under the bucket run may be to tile it with these or something similar, as this may allow the next bucket round to pick them up.
  7. LucyCol

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Akro-Mils make these dollies for transporting cabinets - they are not cheap
  8. LucyCol

    [Review] 40358: Bean There, Donut That

    A fair few on eBay (UK) anything from £20 upwards, I've already got mine
  9. LucyCol


    Can also recommend the Quercetti balls the only issue is that they are shipped from somewhere in Eastern Europe which makes shipping expensive, £20 on something that cost £9.29
  10. LucyCol

    Limited Technic Reviews

    As another 'Oldie' may I add to the support for your well written reviews, I'm not particularly bother whether they appear well after the release date as i tend not to buy sets until well after the release date. but i do enjoy a well written review, maybe its because i come from an age when people wrote about things rather than took a quick picture or video, whilst i appreciate that there is definitely room for the type of reviews that @Sariel produces, I prefer the written word and good quality still photographs (such as yours) that i can study in depth before coming to any decision. Keep going Jim
  11. Which leads to the need for more police sets, which in turn leads to more criminals, it's all a vicious circle
  12. Have a search in the Technic forum I dare say you'll find an answer there.
  13. Got some real bargains on perfect sets the only thing wrong was a bashed up box, I don't mind I send all mine to the recycling plant
  14. Interesting design, how good is it at keeping time?
  15. I like the front page, it highlights MOC's and subjects in theme forums that I wouldn't normally visit.