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  1. LucyCol

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Looks like the kinda of set you could actually work on your own interiors/stories. Congratulations to the designers.
  2. LucyCol

    Grum's Shed

    Starting to look good, this set came out in my dark ages so never had the joy of building it.
  3. LucyCol

    Quarantine for the Originals

    I mostly use Technic, and keep the studded Technic separate from the studfree, lots of sets I regret not getting due to my 'Dark Ages' I could go back and get them, but not at the silly prices people want for them.
  4. I would suggest if you know what sets contain the pieces you want have a look at the Lego 'Bricks and Pieces' and the pick a brick pages, sometimes buying new from Lego is the cheapest option.
  5. LucyCol

    Project GC in 1:40 and 1:100

    Edwin, you have surpassed even yourself, stunning.
  6. LucyCol

    Second 2018 LEGO Ideas Review Guessing Game

    Would like to see the ISS approved but the last one failed so fear that this one will as well, also the Rolls-Royce Turbofan, but I don't think there is much of a market for that type of set, so fear that will fail as well, outside of those two there is nothing else in this review that I would buy. PS The poll does seem to be working.
  7. Not my area of expertise, but I did find these, and these
  8. You don't look like you have much use for makeup , so you may not be aware of these lots of other types available.
  9. LucyCol

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    There are a few projects that I would like to support however, no matter what I do, or try I am unable to get past the log on screen
  10. LucyCol

    Project GC in 1:40 and 1:100

    It's looking very impressive Edwin, struggling to imagine the size of it when finished.
  11. LucyCol

    Signature Technic Quirks?

    If you must have new Black 2L axles they are readily available on both Lego, Pick-a-Brick, 6p each or Bricks and Pieces 8p each, seems strange that they have to seperate prices
  12. LucyCol

    Signature Technic Quirks?

    I talk to it, and tell the piece how lucky it is to be in such a crucial position and that it is holding the whole model together, or that is only there for decoration, but it's the bit everybody will see, mind I do live on my own and don't get out much
  13. I have reported it, and they have acknowledged.
  14. Best answer so far I like the problem solving aspect of it.
  15. Another site you may wish to avoid definitely not legitimate.