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  1. Having not had the opportunity to work on this since the initial post, and with no foreseeable opportunities to build coming up i have abandon this project. Good luck to all those that do enter, Lucy.
  2. Yes, the idea is that the two halves are connected, with the 'new' half helping the 'old' to get along, I've looked at pneumatics, power functions (had forgotten just how fast the old 9v motor turned), and sticking a load of gear racks to the top of a beam (there are some advantages to studded ), its getting the timing right, and in the right sequence, that's proving difficult.
  3. Finally manage to do some work on a possible entry to TC12, not sure if it'll get finished as build time is currently limited, but open to suggestions as to the concept. As it's the 40th anniversary the idea is to build two models as similar as possible 1 built out of modern 'studless' Technic, the other out of original 'studded' Technic, the other stipulation I have is that I will only use parts that I own, no bricklinking additional pieces. Any function on the new Technic half will have to be duplicated on the old Technic half. The idea is for the new half to move and then stop and wait for the old half to catch and then push the new half forward. LRC_3629f by Lucy R C, on Flickr The 'Studded Half' progress has been slow as I'm having to relearn how to build, think in 'even' numbers, and there was a lot less variety of parts available then. IMG_1095f by Lucy R C, on Flickr 'Old'half chassis LRC_3622f by Lucy R C, on Flickr With a flat 4 cylinder engine LRC_3615f by Lucy R C, on Flickr Overhead IMG_1097f by Lucy R C, on Flickr New Half IMG_1096f by Lucy R C, on Flickr Rear IMG_1101f by Lucy R C, on Flickr Overhead with V12, cos why not LRC_3628f by Lucy R C, on Flickr LRC_3629f by Lucy R C, on Flickr The two halves together, there is a lot of work to do yet, I need to work on the mechanism which will connect the two halves together as well impart the push-pull effect, getting it finished before the cut off date will be a push. Note to Jim & Milan, this is the first time I've ever posted pictures so if I've got it all terribly wrong please be gentle.
  4. There are several good books out there this one, and this one, get good reviews
  5. Selling Lego Collection - Advice Needed

    I would suggest breaking it down it to lots and selling by weight on ebay, plus there are lots of groups on Facebook in the UK for selling bulk Lego, have a look around to see what sort of prices people are getting, it's quite possible you may find someone to buy the whole lot in one go, I've seen a lot of large sales on Facebook recently.
  6. Show us your Working Place

    You eat far too much ice cream
  7. I think its cute
  8. Are you perceiving cost as value? To me the cost of a set is immaterial (within reason), the value comes from the enjoyment of the build, if you enjoyed building the set then I would say I have had good value out of it, yes even 42070. I never buy sets with a view to resale value, as to me this goes somewhat against the spirit of Lego
  9. 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    Finally received mine, and completed building it, I think it was the most enjoyable build in a long time.
  10. Next UCS Set

    @RetroInferno I refer the learned gentleman to my earlier comment.
  11. Happy 40th Technic !

    As someone who was there at the beginning (yes I am that old), it was interesting to hear from a designer, especially as 8860 has become an iconic set over the years. There was another shorter segment looking at the very early stuff but I can't find it on YouTube, you may find it on the facebook page.
  12. Excellent as always Edwin
  13. Next UCS Set

    There are some that say the next UCS set is featured in the artwork of the current UCS set. In which case the artwork of the MF features Cloud City in the background