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  1. On the closed topic it worked perfectly, on this I've voted but can't see the results. I'm on Windows 7 with Chrome, and as it a company machine we have a high level Ad blocker in place.
  2. Nice review, but is it just me or do the mirrors look to be on the wrong way round?
  3. Yes, but at the moment you have to go to the Lego House to buy one.
  4. Hee hee, I'm sure you will.
  5. I think Jim is just waiting to see if Lego will give him a UCS Millennium Falcon for a prize
  6. Thanks for the review Jim excellent as always. Finally finished building this set (Brought it as part of a 3 for 2 offer, so that offset some of the cost). I have to agree with a comment the others have made here in that it feels rushed, but we first saw this back in February so they had plenty of time to get it right. I enjoyed the build but it was not (for me) without problems as the instructions were poor in places with you having to guess where a piece went as it was on the opposite side to that illustrated, as an example look at page 284 and then 285 and spot the missing pieces. Build the ‘B’ model – I think not, buy a 2nd set for parts, only if it is half price. On a lighter note – I don’t what this new string is made of but my cats love it and I had to fight to get it back.
  7. Excellent review as always Jim, my only criticism of the set is with the instructions, twice i found myself pulling it to pieces as I had mistaken DBG for black, and towards the end I needed a 5L in black, but there was only a DBG one left in the pile, not having the best I eyesight's I do struggle with the two colours in the building instructions.
  8. Hi Clive, sorry to hear your bad news, rest up take it easy and you'll be back building before you know it
  9. The UCS model is of an RML, whereas 10258 is a standard RM, so there is room for both on the shelf.
  10. Get statistics of my sets/parts

    Try Brickset that should do what you want.
  11. Argos (In the UK) have all three new sets included in there 3 for 2 offer (and appear to have good stock levels) guess what i'll be doing this weekend
  12. The Grand Budapest Hotel [moc]

    Excellent piece of work, building the funicular should be interesting at that scale.
  13. Excellent review as always Jim. Unlike most i will be buying this, but as a present for the grand children at Christmas when granny will spend a couple of days helping them to build it. and then they will get bored with it and give it back to granny to fix as they invariably break something and then I'll have a chance to see how it can be improved. As for the colour vomit inside, if you build any of the bigger Star Wars sets you will be use to this.
  14. Review: 21029 The Buckingham Palace

    Nice review, as someone born and raised in London, this building is very familiar to me. My only criticism with this set is that big red London bus's are not allowed on the roads around the palace
  15. Test Poll 2

    Worked for me