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Found 8 results

  1. Diplomatic work can be both taxing and time consuming, with long periods of waiting for reactions. To pass time and cater to his scientific leanings, Montoya has coaxed Cooke into another mission of submarine exploration. As so often before, this has left Cooke working hard at the pump for the diving suit. Underwater, Baker is in his element at the forefront of practical science, rustling through wrecks, sea weeds, sea shells, and other fascinating submarine treasures. ______________________________________________ Overall view of the build: It was originally built for one of the challenges, but never was finished. I didn't want to have it go to waste, and I quite liked how it turned out, so why not send Montoya and Baker on a little scientific exploration? :) C&C welcome.
  2. King's Harbour, nowadays, a new wing was added to the Royal Society School. Doctor Thaum : A few weeks ago, I had the great honor to receive an invitation from the well known Royal Society of Natural Philosophy, about my work with Celestia flora (especially marsh vegetation). I think that the drawings of my young apprentice who is pretty skilled with a pencil, played their part. You can see here on the tableboard some of his drawings : a kind of giant Arum on your right side... And this particular one on your left side : the Hungarius Uncontrollibus Drosera from which I succeed making a cutting... ... That I'm proud to introduce yourself ! Baby Hungarius Uncontrolibus Drosera : gggrrroooOOOAAaaar Doctor Thaum : This one is still an early seedling and its interest as ornamental plant is still debatable, but for a ship, it's a must have we don't suffer any vermin trouble coming from Celestia... Let me show you... Callaghan please, free the rat... Callaghan : Aye aye Doctor Thaum : this seedling is called Cutty Shark. Cutty, because it comes from a cutting, and Shark because... Cutty Shark : GNAAAP !!! Doctor Thaum : As you can see this plant use snap trap to ensure its prey...and it is very quick, isn't it ! Fine Callaghan, you can get the rat's corpse back. This seedling will digest such a meat in about 3 hours, and we have no time for the whole process. Callaghan : gosh !!!!! Cutty Shark : GNAAAAP !!! Callaghan : help !!! Doctor Thaum : My cutting !!! You're a bonehead Callaghan !! You are damaging my precious cutting !!! Errr... cough cough Dear members I will ordering a garden full of wonderfull plants just next to this classroom, that I offer to the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy You're a bonehead Callaghan, take your leg off my cutting !!! Will be licenced as a small educationnal by the RSNP, or by myself The full built and the blue sky + cloud background C&C welcome @Bregir and @Ayrlego this is my initiation lecture to the RSNP
  3. Updated 1 April - Results posted here Corrington, Challenge I – Celestia’s Superb Orchid Corrington’s latest claims in New Terra have mostly focused on the East Prio Sea, where the Crown has claimed a chain of Islands which have been dubbed the Paradise Isles. The two largest islands of this chain are Celestia and Cascadia. The Royal Navy has conducted a thorough survey of the coastlines of these new territories which have been mapped and settlement has begun. An expedition into the interior of Cascadia led to the discovery of the ancient city of Myzectlan, however, little is known about the interior of Celestia. Contact with the natives on Celestia remains limited, although they appear to be a far more primitive society to the Myzectlan on Cascadia. Communication with them has so far proven very difficult. Recently however, one of the native auxiliary scouts that accompanied the expedition from Alicentia has approached Colonel Sir Dirk Allcock, Colonial Governor of the Paradise Isles with news. The scout has learned of rumours of a ruined temple complex deep in the highlands of the interior of Celestia. Abandoned thousands of years ago, the natives believe the temple to be where the gods lived on the island before departing sometime in the distant past, and it is considered a sacred site, haunted with the spirits of the ancestors. Most of the natives avoid it, although those who have ventured in talk about an orchid that they describe as the most beautiful in existence. Celestia is quickly becoming known amongst the Corrish colonists as the Orchid Isle, due to the huge diversity of the epiphytes that grow there, so the claim of the most beautiful in existence is one not to be taken lightly! So while Dirk doesn't place much weight in the superstitions of the natives, and is even sceptical about the existence of 'ancient ruins', he is deeply curious regarding this splendid Orchid. That, and the need to explore and map the interior, have meant that he and the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy will sponsor expeditions into the interior open to adventurers from all nations. So now is your chance to make a name in the field of science! Put on your best hat, and join the adventure... NB: In era II, each main challenge will focus on developing one area of the "hosting nation", and highlight the specialty of each nation. For challenge I it is Corrington and Science. We may also add smaller "story-challenges" in between, but you will see. Soon(TM)..... General Rules Deadline: January 15th 30th, 618 AE. The exploration challenge will consist of three sub-categories. Participants may choose to enter any number of sub-categories, however all participates must submit an entry to Category A in order to progress to the other two categories. All entries must be linked in this thread. As entries start to be submitted, the fogged out ‘terra incognita’ on the map may start to be revealed as word of your discoveries filters back to Jameston. New geographical features will most likely be named after (or by) their discoverers. Category A – Setting up Camp All expeditions require a starting point, so all participants are required to licence a small property (may be bigger if you like) in the settlement of Jameston. If required the mayor will provide the funds to licence the property (upon request, although ownership of the property will then be transferred to the settlement). A Jameston Street Your expedition’s base may be anything from a log cabin or tent, an inn or tavern, or a grand residence suitable for a gentleman or women of high status. It should introduce your explorer and his/her team. Rewards and Rules: Minimum size 16x16. One entry allowed per player. Build must be able to be licensed under the rules of the EGS. The winner of this challenge will have obviously invested a great deal in the fledgling settlement, and so will be awarded a free large property licence of any type in the settlement of Jameston (micro scale build only required). The ownership of all properties will have the personal guarantee of the Colonial governor, even in the event of a state of war between Corrington and the nation of the owner. Judging Criteria: Base camp build and the description of the expedition and it's member minifigs. Category B - The Flora, Fauna, and Geography of Celestia Celestia has a huge diversity of plants, from swamp reeds to gorgeous orchids, animal life, from the smallest insects to rumours of large carnivorous cats, and geography, from rivers and lakes, deep jungle and open grassland, to mountains, valleys and caves. Portray and describe a plant, animal or geographical feature with the description in the style of a scientific article to the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy. Animals may be brick built or Lego animals. Your build should be accompanied by a short letter to the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy describing the creature in as much detail as possible. Rewards and Rules: Maximum size per entry: 1024 stud (equal to 32x32). Each entry may consist of several builds and multiple entries per player is encouraged. The overall winner for Cat B will be granted a free large educational property license, second place a free medium educational property license and third place a free small educational property license (microbuilds required to activate) in Jameston. Additionally, there will be one winner for each sub-category of Flora, Fauna, and Geography. The winners in each of these areas of study will be rewarded with a 100DB grant from the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy (and honorary membership if not already a member). In addition every entrant to this category will be permitted to name the species or feature they discover (within normal naming conventions). Do you want to describe an animal and geographical feature? Have no worries for in this category, several entries per player are encouraged. Judging criteria: Depth of "scientific" description and creativity in illustrating it with builds. Category C - The Superb Orchid of Celestia Show your character discovering the 'Superb' Orchid within the ruins of the ancient temple. The build should clearly show your explorer discovering the orchid within jungle ruins. Remember the build should be set in the mountainous jungle deep in the interior of Celestia. Be creative - perhaps the primitive tribes are helpful, or maybe they are trying to prevent you discovering the ruins? Perhaps the ruins are related to Myzectlan on Cascadia? Rewards and Rules: Size: Unlimited. One entry per player. The winner will be awarded the title “Great Explorer of Celestia” and will be rewarded with a 150DB grant from the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy (and honorary membership if not already a member). As the winners will now be quite the renowned botanists, they will receive a free large plantation property license, second place a free medium plantation property license and third place a free small plantation property license (microbuilds required to activate) on Celestia. Judging Criteria: Tranquillity and beauty of the scene, integration of jungle and ruins, the superb orchid itself.
  4. Many asked why the street had been named Montoya Street, but it all came down to some rather mysterious circumstances of Don Isaac Montoya's disappearance. Having departed for Tortuga to meet with Captain Benjamin Morgan to try to establish some form of diplomatic contact to the Sea Rats, none had heard from him for months. As a grand initiative to explore inland Celestia and find the fabled superb orchid had been announced, the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy had naturally started planning an expedition of its own, in which Don Isaac Montoya had been expected to take part. However, there was no sign of him, and to honour his memory, the RSNP had named their new premises in Jameston after the chairman believed to be lost. And with "Montoya House" placed at the end of the street in question, the name "Montoya Street" had quickly caught on. Montoya House was gated by a Triumphal Arch celebrating the triumphs of science. Upon passing the arch, visitors are met with a glorious manor consisting of three wings in the latest Corlander style. One wing holds the stables and storerooms... ...while another holds dormitories and offices for visiting scientists. The main wing holds a lecture hall on the second floor, and a kitchen on the first floor... well as a library with all the latest volumes and a large dining hall. These arrangements ensures that the RSNP can entertain scientists from all over the Brick Seas, ensuring them ample space, material and opportunity to delve deep into the scientific wonders of the island. It is expected to become the staging point for many an expedition into the interior of the island in the years to come. One such expedition is preparing to set out just these days. From left to right: Dr. Albert Brickingstone, anthropologist of Cascadian fame, who had been stranded for years, living amongst the Mysec of Cascadia, studying their history, language and culture. Sir Anton Hughes, physician, now on leave from his medical duties to delve into his other passion: Birds. Thomas Mallory, adventurer and tracker, and his assistant Nathaniel Parker. They take care of the practical parts of the mission, navigating the jungles, identifying edible plants, tracking birds and beasts, humble tasks that the RSNP intellectuals are rarely willing (or able) to care for themselves. Royal Pioneers, ensuring safety, drawing maps, and doing the heavy lifting. One never knows what dangers the jungles may bring! ______________________________________________ A few more pictures can be found in my Flickr. I am quite happy with how this turned out, actually. As always, C&C is welcome.
  5. Montoya's last location: Nova Terreli, Nellisa During his visit to Terreli, a disconcerting letter arrived from Lady Elysabeth on Isla de Victoria. My dear Lord Montoya, Ever since that duel, I have regarded you as a friend of my house. Though the relations between our two nations have coolled down, which has made our contacts less fequent, I still regard you as an ally of mine. Undoubtly, you have heard of the recent military actions taken by my nation. I myself am fighting in the frontlines, and I can say you: the fighting is heavy. We still encounter more Mardierans every day, and recently our scouts have heard rumours of not one, but three Mardieran settlements. These are heavily protected, and the casualties at both sides are high. Tough I know that your nation view us as the agressors, and have taken steps in the blue direction, this is about human lives. Since I know from first hand experience the wonders your medical knowledge can achieve, I hereby ask you, no beg you, to come help me. Yours sincerely, Elysabeth Therefore, Montoya has lead a group of medical and surgical gentlemen of the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy on a mercy mission to bring Corlander medical knowledge to the battlefield. Principally against getting involved in politics, the mercy mission is treating all casualties, regardless of nationality, without prejudice. Only the nature of your injury will decide your treatment. Montoya is leading the mission, and has been joined by several surgeons and physicians, as well as his research assistant, young Mr. Baker. While mainly a mission of compassion and mercy, the chance to further the medical sciences through hands-on experimentation and the ability to test the newest treatments might also have helped motivation. After all, why not take this chance to improve the world for generations to come? C&C is, as always, welcome! :)
  6. King's Harbour was growing rapidly, and many of the soldiers, sailors and merchants had started bringing in their wives, and with their wives came their children as well. And while initially some of the kids, in highly un-Corlander fashion, enjoyed not having to go to school, the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy quickly remedied this. While the city administration donated a large plot of land in the planned residential areas, the Royal Society has constructed a large school building, and will be sponsoring it going forward. Ensuring education for the young is an important objective of the Society, to ensure that the scientists of tomorrow are groomed from a young age. Winston Fitzherbert the 3rd, fellow of the Society, will be schoolmaster for the children of King's Harbour, and his stern but fair teaching style is appreciated widely amongst both kids and parents. Just now, the kids are arriving for the first day of teaching, being welcomed by the schoolmaster and the groundskeeper. A few of the kids are running late, rushing not to be reprimanded by their new schoolmaster. On the first floor, the classroom is located. Below the classroom, a large library and study houses activities of more advanced students and fellows of the Society, and in the sidewing, an archive is to hold records and specimens collected by various expeditions for further study. Additionally, the groundskeeper has a small house by the gate, awarded for long services as assistant to a fellow of the Society. _____________________________________________________________ Large educational facility for King's Harbour, which will be licensed by the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy. C&C welcome.
  7. The 'An Holli Corrington College', or The 'Corrish' or 'Red' School to the locals, has been completed in the Eslandolan settlement of Weelond. The school is ultimately the result of correspondence between the Mayor of Weelond, Willem Guilder and the temporary military governor of Alicentia, Major Dirk Allock. Mayor Guilder, concerned regarding the lack of educational facilities in his settlement, wrote to Major Allock in his capacity as a fellow (albeit yet to be confirmed) controller of a settlement, and a Corlander famed for his membership and patronage of the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy. After swift negotiations, Major Allcock agreed that the society would establish an office and educational facility in Weelond. Unable to visit Weelond just yet (although he has plans to do so in the near future), Major Allcock has delegated the responsibility of the new school to Thomas Elliot, a school teacher from Arlinsport. Elliot also dabbles in architecture, so the design of the new school was also left to him. Major Allcock gave some loose direction, the school should ideally be on a medium plot size, and should be a testament to the Corlander dedication to the Sciences and education in general. On arriving in Weelond Elliot found the purchase of a suitable block of land quite difficult, even with a letter of introduction from the Mayor himself. Not surprisingly in a settlement controlled by the very successful merchants of the MCTC, land prices were highly competitive to say the least! In the end Elliot settled for a small, narrow block and secured its lease at a very competitive rate (it was thought too small to be of any real value!). He then proceed to design a three story facility. To highlight this was a Corlander establishment, the only natural colour to build in was of course red - with black and white trim. Unfortunately white stone was in quite high demand, and white washing didn't convey the grandeur Elliot wished to convey, so the white was replaced with light grey. The school as seen from the street with an Eslandolan Soldier patrolling the streets, and from the rear where a small chilli bush has been cultivated - Elliot has developed quite a taste for spicy foods and grows his own supply! The ground floor is used for classes. Mondays and Tuesdays Elliot teaches the children of wealthy merchants and the moneyed class. The essentials of reading, writing and arithmetic are covered (He finds this class most attentive to the mathematical sessions!) as well as a smattering of Natural Philosophy. Wednesdays and Thursdays are a more mature age, with locals interested in Natural Philosophy learning the basics of that science. Fridays and Saturdays Elliot has off, or devotes to his own studies, and Sundays he holds free classes for the poorer children of the settlement who are required to work throughout the week. The middle floor is a devoted living area which is also regularly co-opted for scientific studies. The upper floor is Elliot's Bed chamber and where his white cat Molly can often be found. The whole place is furnished in a rather Spartan style, some may remark it needs a women's touch? Who knows, maybe School master Elliot will find love with a local Eslandolan women? ----------------------------- Something a little different from my usual style, my first attempt at a fully modular house. Heavily based on the design in the excellent MOC found here, I really liked the turret on the front of the building but modified the rear of the building, windows, roof and most obviously the colours! I wanted to use bright 'classic' colours - hopefully the red is not too bright and fits in to the generally more colourful Eslandolan style! I was a bit worried the design maybe a bit modern, but I think it works. The build will be licensed as a small educational property in the settlement of Weelond. Enjoy and as always C&C welcome! Oh and here is an extra view of all the components together!
  8. The Royal Society of Natural Philosophy is pleased to announce the opening of a Botany House in Mooreton Bay, Alicentia. To advance the study of the flora of the New World, The Society has managed to engage the services of renowned Corlander Botanist, Sir Jonah Banks. Banks has set up his quarters in Botany House, a building in Mooreton bay built specially by the society for the study of Botany. Located roughly in the centre of the settlement, the land adjacent to the building has been set aside for future Botanic Gardens - a planned green oasis in the middle of a bustling town! Here Major Dirk Allcock can be see discussing some recent discoveries with Sir Jonah. Meanwhile the society employs a local boy by the name of Billy for gardening. Licensed as a medium educational property in the name of the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy in Mooreton Bay. Hi Everybody. A long promised build for the Royal Society. Not a particularly interesting build, but I wanted to try something larger scale in dark tan bricks. I hope to have something slightly more exciting up early next week for the Society (but in a different location - Capt Wolf, looking at you!).