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  1. Covenant84

    Wisbeach tramline (toby and mavis)

    Thanks Nick - glad you like it! hadn't got the parts to follow your plans so this is what i managed to do with the parts I had. The first attempt used 4x8 plates for the sides but once i'd put the roof on the proportions were really out! (it still seems a bit tall compared to the real thing but without starting from scratch with new motors i doubt i'll do any better for now!). Ideally i'd prefer steps more like yours but there just doesn't seem to be the space with a 9v motor under there (and again i don't have the parts for now). I tried to make it a 6 wheeler to start with but it was proving to be impossible to do that with a 9v without making it longer. There's quite a bit of space in the cab so i may attempt some sort of interior in the future. I'm keen to build more now, i think a second tram, a 'mavis', a couple of tank engines (although i don't think they ran on the line, at least only very rarely) and of course a set of trcuks, fruit vans and some other things to add further interest. For now it'll have to wait for funds. Most of the parts seem to be quite a reasonable price on bricklink (or pick a brick walls when available they're really cheap) but tracking down the train wheels/couplings and motors seems to be the pricey part.
  2. Covenant84

    Wisbeach tramline (toby and mavis)

    It's been a while but I've finally got around to making something. Loosly based on Scotnicks here's my version of Toby. It's not quite how i'd like it but with limited parts I'm really happy with the outcome. As mt 2 year old asked where his face was i built a face which can be swapped for a lamp held on by 1 stud for now. The coupings a little high but it seems like it might just be low enough to get away with for now until i get around to a more in depth re-design. Its powered by a 9v motor. I also managed to put together a coal truck from some spares I had around, again loosly based on Scotnicks. I'd like to make several of these along with some fruit vans eventually. C&C welcome.
  3. Covenant84

    Wisbeach tramline (toby and mavis)

    Looking at a couple of books I'm currently debating which out of wisbeach or outwell to try something with. Your opinions please (assuming a little artistic license to get the right feel rather than an accurate model): Wisbeach would perhaps fit neater into a rectangular area (table) as its a station with trams sheds and siding whereas outwell has more visually interesting features (canal and bridges plus a church) but would need to take in more of the surrounding area and therefore would be an akward shape. Which would you build? Grum64.... hard to tell from maps/photos but do you have any idea of the comparative sizes for these options and do you have/can you get any photos of any surcingles features. From a Google satellite it looks like there maybe a few original houses in outwell opposite the church. Do you know if the pub's still there? Apart from rough road layout it looks like wisbeach has totally gone whereas outwell has the church and a 2/3 of the canal left. Is that correct?
  4. Covenant84

    Wisbeach tramline (toby and mavis)

    Super! Do you know if it Will it corner ok with a train ok?
  5. Covenant84

    Wisbeach tramline (toby and mavis)

    Thanks jtlan. I already knew of the two tram types but that's a really useful link about colouring. Where it says be does anyone know what type of blue? Navy, grey blue,?
  6. Covenant84

    Wisbeach tramline (toby and mavis)

    Thanks therize. Wonderful version. I'm wondering if I could use a 9v bogie motor and hid it well enough you can't tell it's 4 wheeled instead of 6.
  7. Noob question I think is related... If you have multiple ir recievers are they operated by separate controllers? Do you have to program them with a channel number or something?
  8. Covenant84

    Wisbeach tramline (toby and mavis)

    Thanks both! Therize- link doesn't seem to work? Rob- that's a great engine! Perhaps a daft question... where's the motor? Is that the black wheelbase? Rob- is this what you used? if so do you just build up a footplate around it to raise the level above the swivel pin?
  9. Covenant84

    Wisbeach tramline (toby and mavis)

    Grum64 thank you. I have a couple of books coming and may try to visit in the spring with my dad as he remembers it from his youth, but when I've decided where to start the model extra info would be useful! Scotnick yes please! I actually pinned your toby on pinterest earlier.... its one of the better versions I've seen so far. Instructions and how to motorised it would be a really helpful start!
  10. Hi all. I'm currently working on a new lego room and loft space and wondering what long term project to start I've had thoughts of the wisbeach and Upwell tramway rekindled. I've always planned a loft railway and this seems like a great prototype for a lego model. Reasonable flat... plenty of character and features on a 'small' scale. I've seen numerous lego versions of 'Toby' the tram and mavis but I'd want them powered. Last time I did lego trains was the 9 system. Could you tell/show me how the newer power functions is set up in the smallest possible space please? I'd love to see your small engines and diesel and find out how you squeeze everything in. Am i right in thinking there's 4 parts... the ir reciever and controller, motor and battery box? I will of course show my progress shortly! For those not familiar with the tramway I found this great little website:
  11. ^ aye... WOW! wish i had one these! (and the space to keep it!)
  12. Covenant84

    New 10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper van Box?

  13. Covenant84

    [MOC] [WIP] Modular Brick School

    That's amazing! Love the details and the different classroom subjects especially! Adds plenty of interest. Good luck building it!
  14. Wow - that's a challenging building to try to build - you've done great job of capturing it! Will head over and give my support.
  15. Covenant84

    Combining 2 70413 Brick Bounty

    I'd suggest extend the hull by 1 piece - that way you get a bigger ship and a bit more space to play with, but allowing more parts per section to really get a good level of detail. I find the shop one is quite bare for my liking so I'd say don't be tempted to do something much bigger or you'll end up with just a bigger one, not really a better one in my opinion.