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Found 15 results

  1. Captain Pirate Man

    LOTR Erebor MOC!!

    Here is our LOTR/ The Hobbit Erebor MOC!! I've seen some AMAZING MOC's of this over the years, but this one fits in our LOTR display perfectly. I hope you enjoy it!!
  2. 'Come now, don't be shy, step into the light!' By looking at this line, I think it is clear that I have Smaug the stupendous in this amazing set. He appeared in the movie The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug in 2013. I bought it in Hong Kong while I was traveling with my wife for honeymoon. Lets get started. Overview Name: The Lonely Mountain. Theme: The Hobbit Year: 2014 Pieces: 866 pieces Minifigures: 5 and a dragon Price: £99.99 / $129.99 / 129.99€ Introduction Durin's day is ending and they still can't find the keyhole of the secret door. But Bilbo isn't giving up hope after the sun went down. Knocking and gnawing at the grey stone wall while the dwarves leave the mountain, he finally found the key hole when the moon light shines onto the door. The 'last light' meant the moon light! He yells at the company and Thorin picked up the key left to him by his father Thrain, opens up the secret door and found this treasure in it, 79018. The Box As usual the box art is amazing. The dark green background is very nicely matched with this sand green LEGO set. At the front of the box you can see the battle between the dwarves and Smaug is going on and quite a lot of gold is used in this set. At the back, the dwarves are busy preparing while Smaug sneaks around to find them. Lots of play features in this set and the minifgures are very nice showing at the side of the box. The Instruction This book is thick, with hard binding at the side. There is love and hate to this kind of booklet. The love is there is only one book to keep and the hate of course is that it is hard to stay in place when you are building unless you really fold it at the page turner which is quite damaging to the bindings. In the list, you can only find six dwarves in the whole series unlike the thirteen ones at the previous sets. Maybe the other dwarves were less seen in the movie. The Minifigures In this set, you get five exclusive minifigures and one exclusive Dragon, The Smaug. Before this set was launched, we all thought that LEGO would be lazy enough to use the old castle dragon as Smaug but it turns out that this new mold of dragon is very awesome! In this picture, the head sculpture of Smaug captured all the details very accurately. 'My teeth are sword' and the burning eyes are nicely carved out. These four dwarves and Bilbo gets new armors and new weapons. Dwalin is holding a pearl gold axe with trans green axe, Kili with a 'Morgul Blade', Fili gets back his old double sword and Balin has his dark red club. I suppose the Lonely Mountain really housed loads of treasure for them. All of them has alternate face except Dwalin as he is bald. All the dwarves are angry, Bilbo is truly scared of meeting Smaug. Under the beard. Both of them have nicely printed torso under their bulky beard. The belts are amazingly designed and you can see wrinkles and battle damaged faces of Balin and Dwalin. The arms are also using very nice metalic color to assimilate the armor they are wearing. The comparison between casual wear dwarves and working attired dwarves. Same as Bilbo with three different outfit. The designs are totally different and all of them are from different sets. By looking at them you can appreciate the financial condition of them before and after claiming Erebor. Again, Santa is here and he is very different from Balin. The Dragon, Smaug! 'Take your cover!' Now you can see the full picture of this ferocious beast. The wings are made of silicone (I think) to make the flaps fold. It has two legs with the claws at the wings as his hands just like the movie. I think this is the largest dragon LEGO has ever produced. He stood up to 24 cm tall, 47.5 cm long and 42.5 cm wide. You can see when the wings are closed, he still can stand properly and the claws can be bent to make him more stable on the floor. The body part printing is so detailed that you can see what Girion did back in the years with his black arrow. The wings are attached to his body with a three holed ball joint. This makes him very widely pose-able. You can turn the wings 180 degree each side. He cannot be ride as there are no seat given at the back of the spiky body. However please be careful as the center black spike on a jumper is quite loose and you might lost it. The tail is also exclusive to him and its quite long if you look at it sideway. Lets have some dental check up for this yellow teeth fella. There are a few degree of mouth opening for him and if you look at the picture you can imagine Benedict Cumberbatch's voice talking. All of them represents different expressions I think. First degree- talking, Second degree- yelling, and when the fire attached, you know what he means. haha. Look into the throat, you can see a stud hole for fire attachment which is much nicer compare to old dragons. For comparison, you can see Smaug is much more larger in size compare to the dragon from the castle set 70403. Old dragon has two hands, with a pair of stiff and smaller wings. Tail design is different too and I think Smaug is much more superior than this old dragon of LEGO. Lets look at the mouth. Fire from chin is so much old school but it had its place back then. This is an old picture taken before real Smaug was introduced. Quite decent at that time for a dragon. The Build The gold 'mountain'. This is a three layered build which you can store treasures inside. At the bottom layer, you get a pearl black long sword and a trans green goblet which is very nice, and second layer with three different colored gems. The lid with gold cup makes the third layer. I liked all these gold pieces stacking around each other. There are plenty of nice small builds in this set as in the picture. Thorin's chair was decorated with stickers and a trans clear printed round tile representing the Arkenstone. As comparison, Theoden looks much poorer with a small throne. haha. The second build is the chain pulley pulling a bucket. It was attached loosely to the railway so that it can slide along it. Lots of technic pieces in this build and I like the chain. The brown knob is to turn the wheel and raise or release the bucket of gold. This build is a furnace filled with dome shaped gold and a long pole to be attached into the pin hole. Its a quite large furnace designed to launch piles of molten gold to attack the dragon. As you can see, the furnace can be turned 360 degree to aim. Firstly you load the bucket with gold. Then you raise the bucket. Pour it into the furnace. Then launch the gold! To my pocket please. haha After a few hours of building, this is the full build of The Lonely Mountain. The use of sand green pieces are very nice matched with some grey and brown. This dwarvish mine is very nicely designed and its large enough for Smaug to play around and smacking the pillars. Quite some annoying stickers to be applied but with Smaug and Arkenstone I don't complain much. One more play feature at the front of the build. Stay tuned, the back is also interesting! The black round knob is to push the ladder under the throne. The secret door with a key hole, and a pile of gems with the Arkenstone on top of it. If you notice, on top of the Arkenstone there is a BURP piece to make the bulk of the stone at the front. "Stand by the grey stone when the thrush knocks, and the setting sun with the last light of Durin's Day will shine upon the key-hole" I am FIRE. ConclusionThe Smaug made up the whole value to this set. I bought this because of the dragon and others are a bonus to the set. Smaug is very pose able but need great skill to take good shot of him. Most of the angle makes him look ugly. The build is adequate to the size of the dragon and of course you can buy a few more sets to enlarge it. The minifigures are all exclusive to the set and makes this set much more worthy to get.Review SummaryPlayability: 9/10 - The mechanisms are great to be play with like the actions in the movie while they are fighting the dragon!Design / Building Experience: 9/10 - The GOLD pieces and the sand green pillars are so nicely used in the set instead of all grey like in the movie.Minifigures: 9/10 - Great minifigures! All the printings and the details exceeds all expectations.Price / Value for money: 9/10 - I think the value of the money spent for this set goes to the Serpent from the North. Overall: 9/10 - I bought it in 2014, and after three years, I still bring out Smaug and play with him. Run Bilbo! 'Don't be shy...' Hope you enjoy the review. Please leave your comments towards this set. Thank you.
  3. ArchitectureFan

    [MOC] Erebor

    Hello, following the statues I can now present more of Erebor: Let us move to see the interior: Dwarves are busy: King under the mountain: Thror Everything so far is modular. I hope you like this and I am looking forward to your comments. Merry Christmas ArchitectureFan
  4. Hello everybody In the last week I finally finished my latest creation so far - it shows Thorin and his company fighting in the mines of Erebor against Smaug. Due to the fact that I always wanted to make a MOC with Smaug I decided to make a creation of this scene. Into the Fire by Balbo ., auf Flickr The technique for the ground is inspired by Speedyhead ( ) from the LUG :) I wish you all a happy new year and all the best for 2016 Thanks for watching!
  5. Pate-keetongu

    MOC: Thrór

    The newet creation from the Dwarf Factory: Thrór, King Under The Mountain. Thorin's grandfather. I wanted to build Thrór on his throne, like a mountain himself. The head was built on January, probably, but I had to wait until I got my LUGBULK with all the sand green. Tricky parts here included the frame around the Arkenstone (which lights up, naturally) and the layering of the angled details on the cloths (the upper part of Thrór is held on the rest with a single ball joint). More photos on the blog. Enjoy.
  6. Hi everyone, I want to show you my Hobbit Showdown at Ravenhill project. You can support it on lego ideas. ;-) This project is about the final fights at Ravenhill from The Hobbit - The Battle of five Armies. Legolas fights against Bolg, and Thorin Oakenshield fights against Azog the Defiler. Thorin stands on the edge of a frozen river. A frozen water fall leads into an abyss. Legolas uses his bow from a tower, to help Thorin against the orcs. Please klick on the images to see the lager version. You can see more images of this project (and my other projects) on my flickr page. Legolas had no more arrows, so he has to find a way onto the other side. He uses a troll to crush into the tower and that builds a bridge. But on the other side stands Bolg. So they have to fight on the tower(bridge). ;-) Bolg destroys the tower with his mace. More and more stones are falling down. An orc falls on the bridge and tears Bolg with him. Legolas saves Thorins life by throwing Orcrist into an orc. Bolg has returned and fights against Legolas. The tower collapses and Legolas has to be quick to reach the cliff. Now Thorin has to fight against Azog on an ice floe. Thorin outwits him and Azog falls into the water. Is Azog really defeated? Functions: the tower falls down the water fall, the tower and the ramp are connected with dowels the tower could collapse the ice floe is rotatable you could plug Azog or any other minifigure underneath the ice floe This project includes: 954 pieces Thorin Oakenshield with sword and Orcrist Azog the Defiler with a stone block on a chain Legolas with bow and 2 knives Bolg with a mace 2 Gundabad orcs with swords 1 troll @all viewers: Now it's up to you. Vote for my project and make the dream come true. Please look at my other projects, sare these with your friends and support these. This is my other new project. James Cook and the HMS Endeavour The Hobbit - The house of the Master of Laketown (updated!) The Hobbit - Halls of Thranduil The Hobbit - Dale The Hobbit - Dale expansion set The Hobbit - The Side-door of Erebor The Hobbit Ravenhill LOTR - The Prancing Pony LOTR - Barad-dûr Ultimate Collector's Set LOTR - Minas Morgul (updated!) LOTR - The Tower of Cirith Ungol LOTR - Rivendell Part 1 LOTR - Rivendell Part 2 LOTR - Rivendell Part 3 LOTR - Rivendell Part 4 LOTR - Rivendell Part 5 LOTR - Rivendell LOTR - Doors of Durin Presentation platform Thank you for your attention.
  7. Pate-keetongu

    MOC: Younger Balin

    Help me. Can't... Stop... Building... Dwarves... This one, Balin in his old Erebor coat, was done for a super secret dwarven project with Thráin. I got inspired by the rich color and details of the clothing; dark red is definitely one of LEGO's best colors. The arms are quite posable using ball joints on shoulders and minifig legs on elbows. There are more on my blog. Enjoy.
  8. Hello everybody After I saw the Hobbit - Battle of five Armies movie in cinema, I was very dissappointed that there wasn't a funeral scene for Thorin, Kili and Fili to say goodbye to them. For that reason I started to build this MOC, which was inspired by this picture I found online ( ). The Last Goodbye von Balbo123 auf Flickr Thanks for watching
  9. This is my new project for lego idas. This project includes the modular watchtower, 6 minifigure and 2 animals: Bolg with armor and his mace 2 Orcs with armor, helmet and sword Bilbo Baggins with a glowing blue sting Fili with sword Kili with sword Tauriel with 2 daggers a great eagle a giant bat I think, I made the giant bat as good as possible. You could rotate the wings in 360°! This projects has a little bit more than 700 pieces. Join your Ravenhill with other Ravenhills of your friends and you will have a really nice dwarven castle. To see more images, please follow the link to my flickr page. Please support and share my project. Thank you for your attention.
  10. LegoFjotten

    MEC Category C: Erebor

    After a long journey Bilbo reaches the Lonely Mountain... Based on the scene in this wallpaper: I added a bit more color to make it less bleak. Couldn't get the forced perspective to work quite like I wanted in this size, but hey, at least I will be qualified for the raffle!
  11. Disco86

    City of Dale

    The City of Dale and the Erebor known from the Hobbit movies built in microscale. This was built for my Iron Builder against Pepa Quin. Greets Disco
  12. kevkipo

    Forges of Erebor WIP

    Hey Lads! i tought i would share this WIP as i am very proud of it If you have seen The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug then you'll probably remember this It is based on one of the last scene's in Erebor The Dwarves lure Smaug the terrible deeper into the dwarven fortress Erebor, Thorin came up with the plan to make a structure, wich is made of gold (as gold attracts dragons) to trap Smaug and cover him in hot fluent gold! but for that he's going to need molten gold. so they arrive at the Forge's (settled deep in Erebor) Thorin insults Smaug so he gets angry... and blows fire! Now the Furnaces are alight and the plan can fold out... So here's the WIP Keep in mind that this is not the front entrance, it is a side entrance wich leads to the Gallery of the kings This is Thorin, im going to make a scene where the dwarves fight against Smaug (Balin throws bombs, Bilbo pulls a lever for water etc) But to make that scene im going to have to wait until October 2014, a lot of cool sets are coming out and the biggest one features a molded Smaug! and my guess would be also Lake town clothes Bilbo, Dori, Bifur, Dwalin, Balin and others. until then im just gonna finish the MOC This is the furnace, i wil add a lot of fire Light it up up up... on fire! One of the carts where Bifur and Gloin land in, im looking for a good place for them Dwarf head WIP, I will make a scene where water comes out of its mouth A little gap, to look inside Balin's Bomb making area! Overview So i hope you like it! this is just the meager start but i think it's starting to look like the real deal, i will add a LOT more! i'll keep you updated See ya lads UPDATE: So lads! New features are added! So the door is updated, with a nice mosaic on top it represents the forge and all the hard work the dwarf's put in it (the mosaic is not completely finished) Here you see Bifur in his minecart (not final position) I don't really know what i wanted this to be, It looks very dwarvish And here's an overview! Well i hope you like it I'll keep ya updated lads See ya - Kevkipo
  13. Hello Once again an entry for the MELOs on MOCpages. My category was to interpret the following quote: “Let this be the hour when we draw swords together. Fell deeds awake. Now for wrath, now for ruin, and the red dawn!" I didn't want to build the hundredth Helm's Deep so i build the battle of Erebor from the Hobbit. There isn't an interpretation of Peter Jackson so far. That allowed me to build my own one. Highlight of building was definitely the dwarf monument. Explore more details on MOCpages! I hope you like it! Jonas
  14. SandMirror38

    [MOC] On the Doorstep

    Hello Everyone. I would like to share my most recent MOC of one of my favourite scenes in The Desolation of Smaug. On the Doorstep. by SandMirror38, on Flickr Not a big build, and probably not very accurate to the film as I based it a little more from my imagination then the film... I had originally planned to keep this secret -like a fair few builds I've made recently- for Brickvention but I found that MELO was open again for 2014 and decided to enter it there! So yes there is 3 or 4 ,ore builds coming in 3 weeks or so and they are huge in comparison to sizes I normally build at ..... On the Doorstep. by SandMirror38, on Flickr And finally a little photography shot of Bilbo. "It's the Moon!" by SandMirror38, on Flickr And that is a lot darker then what it appeared on my Laptop. So C&C is welcome! Drop by my MOCPages page Have a nice day, Kind Regards, Sand38
  15. The Hobbit is a fantastic theme. Inspired by SheepEater's MOC index I decided to make a index of Hobbit MOCs, I love seeing the MOCs people have built especially as it was when I saw Blake Bear's Hobbit MOCs that inspired me to get into building my own builds. The theme is great not just because Lego got a license and produced excellent sets, but because of the hard work and commitment of all the fans who didn't wait around for Lego sets and built for themselves Hobbit MOCs for around the last 20 years (maybe even earlier than that.) Since there is currently no Hobbit MOC index I propose to create one... with a twist. I believe I have seen most, if not all of the movie's major scenes redone in Lego mocs over the years. So I want the index to be chronological to the story, the extra scenes of the movie will also be here There will probably be 15 or so Gollum's be it. They will all be listed next to each other. There will only be links, otherwise the page will be too large or take too long to load. The goal is basically to show every scene in the ENTIRE story done in Lego, in a single topic. I'll update this first post periodically with all the links to MOCs posted on this thread, and I'll have the job of arranging them chronologically - you can trust me on that, You've gotta help me though - I have loads of school work, and can't find them all by myself. PM me, or post the links here! Let's begin! AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY Prologue: My Dear Frodo/ Attack on Erebor- Bag End/Hobbiton- Hobbiton- by Blake Bear Bag-End-by p e d An Unexpected Party- Last supper-Hobbit edition-by Legopard http://www.eurobrick...47#entry1555224 Unexpected Party The Company of Thorin Oakenshield Thorin II Oakenshield-by pig Gandalf & Bilbo-by LEGO? http://www.lolbrary....obbit-32288.jpg Balin & Dwalin-by pig Bifur-by pig Oin-by pig Dori-by pig 'I'm going on an adventure!'- Bag End (bilbo+door)-by Blake Bear Azog the Defiler- Rosgobel- Radagast the Brown-by Max Pointer Radagast's House-by Kyle Ransom Roast Mutton- Roast Mutton (encounter with the three trolls)-by Blake Bear A Troll Hoard- The Secret pass- Imladris/Rivendell- Arrive at Rivendell-by Disco86 Rivendell at dawn-by pig Stone Giants- Goblin Town- Bridge Confrontation-by Automation Pictures Riddles in the Dark- Riddles in the Dark-by Blake Bear Gollum's Cave-by Jacob Nion Riddles in the Dark-by Karlson Riddles in the dark-by JustinR. Attack of the Wargs- Facing Azog-by Automaton Pictures Out of the frying pan-by Legopard http://www.eurobrick...og#entry1517670 The Carrock- THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG The Prancing Pony Beorn's House- Queer Lodgings (Beorn's house)-by Blake Bear The Enchanted River- Flies and Spiders- Halls of Thranduil- Barrels out of Bond- Escape in the Barrels-by Autmaton Pictures The Water Gate- Laketown- A Warm Welcome-by Blake Bear Bolg, Son of the Defiler- The Lost City of Dale- On the Doorstep- Spell of Concealment- Inside Information- Inside Information- by Blake Bear Smaug the Chiefest and Greatest-by I am the Rebel Spy! THERE AND BACK AGAIN Fire and Water- Fire and Water-by Blake Bear Smaug attacking Laketown-by Disco86 Kind Regards, Sand.