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  1. For those who wish to army build a horde of battle boars and mountain sheep for the Dwarves to ride on. The Chinese maker XINH had answered your prayer. Read the full reviews here. Note the Dwarves are by KORUIT, not XINH.
  2. For those of you who wanted to build an army of Asgard warrior aka Einherjar, KORUIT had offered three version of it in golden and black color. Not forgetting the undead army of Berserker. You may read the reviews on KORUIT Asgard Army. Great for fans of Thor of Marvel Universe.
  3. KORUIT released minifigures based on Qin Empire, which is the first empire in China, featuring First Emperor Qin Shi Huang and its fearsome warriors. You may read the reviews on KORUIT Qin Army minifigs. Here are some photos:
  4. CMI

    Lego vs Zuru

    LEGO had won the lawsuit against ZURU on Jan 15th. The Federal Court of Appeal had upheld the LEGO's minifigure patent but strike down other injunctions. Also China court denied LEPIN's appeal in Jan 16th. You may read it here.
  5. Check out the full reviews of KORUIT Imperial Guard. You can remove Warhammer insignia and use the minifigures for other military theme.
  6. Merry Christmas! KORUIT prepared a Christmas gift for those who longed for Warhammer 40K Imperial Guard in LEGO form. At the moment the figures were in testing and shall be in production soon. You may check out following link for more details.
  7. KORUIT brought us minifigures of Jon Snow, Benjen Stark, Samwell Tarly, Jeor Mormont plus White Walkers and Wights. Jon and Sam are equipped with Longclaw and Heartsbane. You may read the reviews on KORUIT GOT minifigs. Here are some pictures:
  8. Another great offerings by KORUIT, who brought us minifigures of Gondor Fountain Guard. Those who were into army building would love this! You could read the review of KORUIT Fountain Guard. Now drool on photos here.
  9. This would be perfect for the fans of the Lord of the Rings. For years we wished there are minifigures of Gondor army. KORUIT had released whole bunch of Gondor Knights in minifigures form. There are eight of them, with emblem of White Tree of Gondor on armors and cape. You can read here on review of KORUIT Gondor Knight. For now, enjoy the photos here.