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  1. Waterbrick Down

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    Just as a heads up to my current mission participants, I just found out the camping spot for my annual vacation will have no wifi access and poor cell reception. So I will be pretty much unavailable from 8/7-8/15. My apologies as I was intending to continue running missions 1 & 2 with no breaks, but it can't be helped.
  2. Waterbrick Down

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Mission Masters Lounge

    It depends I think on how powerful we want to make spellcasting. Meditate as an action would mean that heroes have unlimited casting potential out of combat. Having Spirit replenish after battle though makes me wonder if it'll cause heroes to never cast anything outside of battle because they never know if they'll need it when combat starts.
  3. Waterbrick Down

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Class Development Discussion

    Ætherdiver: Good to go Crusader: Good point about keeping it separate from a spell caster. I always imagine both Ambush and Smite would originally give extra dice instead of auto successes. Otherwise that seems really strong. I'm not totally opposed to Assassin's and Crusaders have a similar type of action, I was just looking for a point of mechanical differentiation for their actions. Crusader to me is the paladin equivalent and I was thinking they'd have more nova damage that was resource dependent rather than the Assassin's one big hit that took turns to setup. Detective: Perhaps, Persuasion then? Or may be we change Empath's proficiencies? I know the feel of the classes are different, but they cover some of the same niches, mainly really good perception. Empath: Much better. Good to go. The original intention was simply to allow for a simpler way of explaining the same concept without creating a brand new thing. Espatier: Good to go Prosecutor: Good to go Scholar: Another idea for "Well Read" You can swap a non-weapon Proficiencies for another non-weapon Proficiency you currently do not have a number of times equal to your Smarts. Perhaps for the action: "Research (Action) - Copy a target's Proficiency for the remainder of the mission. The number of proficiencies acquired this way is equal to your smarts."
  4. Waterbrick Down

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Mission Masters Lounge

    Sounds like you'll just have to run another quest.
  5. "The pleasure is mine, Miss." Bloeberis leads the heroes back to the Economy car.
  6. Waterbrick Down

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    That would fit under the "Try Something" action and is Mission Master dependent. You could attempt to hide which would probably trigger a Stealth Proficiency Check (which the Cloaking Generator would help with) and then you might be able to make your next attack Lucky or with some sort of bonus if you were successful in hiding.
  7. Waterbrick Down

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Class Development Discussion

    Alrighty class thoughts: Assassin: Perhaps Intimidation instead of Coding for Proficiency Requirements? Ætherdiver: Is "System Exploit" fixed for the duration of a mission or can the Proficiency be changed? Is the intention for "Up From The Deep" to be a combat only action? Otherwise all Proficiency checks for the group will be Lucky. Battlemage: Good to go Berserker: Good to go Crusader: Maybe change "Smite" so that it adds Religion proficiency to the Weapon Modifier at a Spirit Cost? This would allows for some differentiation from Assassin. You can't stack it, but it'd be a guaranteed success. Conjurer: Razzmatazz feels like a second action and I'm already a fan of their current action. Perhaps it adds a chance to apply a negative effect when making an attack? Detective: Proficiencies match Empath very closely, maybe consider swapping Stealth or Sleight-of-hand for Intimidation Engineer: Would it make sense to limit "Tinkering Hands" to non-healing Consumables? Empath: For "Speak to Thoughts" Perhaps a better wording would be to allow them to cast "Speak with Distance" a number of times equal to Smarts? Espatier: Proficiencies seem too close to Engineer, maybe replace Explosives with something? Guardian: Comparing "Protective" to the Espatier's "Semper Fai" the Guardian's attribute seems pretty poor. Perhaps add Skill Dice equal to Armor Mod when taking Defend Action. Gunslinger: Good to go Hacker: Perhaps a rewording and slight buff of "Cyber Swipe" - Make a Technology Proficiency check vs. mechanical target’s Smarts. On a win, the target's next check has less successes equal to the difference. Hermit: Good to go Illusionist: Good to go Mage: Good to go Martial Artist: Good to go Medic: Good to go Outlander: "Focused" seems very situational as it feels like there are not a lot of times a Perception Proficiency check is being used in combat. Perhaps change to: "Focused Shot (action) - Next Weapon Check rolls max number of successes." Priest: Good to go Prosecutor: "Intimidating" needs a new name, perhaps Imposing Countenance? Pugilist: Good to go Scholar: Is "Research" intended to be limited to combat? Otherwise we'll end up with the same issue as "Up From The Deep" with all party Proficiency checks being Lucky from then on. Eye for detail seems too close to Detective's "Little Grey Cells" maybe allow for a number of casts of Speak with Understanding equal to Smarts? Scoundrel: Good to go Skald: Good to go Summoner: Good to go Swashbuckler Good to go Warlock: Good to go Warrior: Similar to the Guardian's "Protective", perhaps have "Tactical" add Dice equal to Amor Mod for when using the Rally action? Witch: Good I think we're really close and you've done a ton of work to get us here @Duvors so thank you very much and well done!
  8. Waterbrick Down

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    That works too.
  9. Waterbrick Down

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    Agreed, just like the exo-suit improves your Athletics proficiency but doesn't mean you can now automatically lift a space ship.
  10. Waterbrick Down

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    To be clear, I wouldn't say she turned invisible, more like translucent. Still visible, but more difficult to perceive. Obfuscate could be argued to allow for it, but you'd need to cast it at the third level to cover up your sight, smell, and sound.
  11. Waterbrick Down

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    Good ol' scifi spelling. It should be Quarm. The nano-adaptive suit is fine, as long as it still fits the mechanics of the game (i.e. you can only have one tool active at a time) and its not setting-breaking in its application then it's cool. I believe you're right in that we've never discussed it. I'd opt for the former interpretation. Inventory bloat in the last game was as much a problem for equipment as it was consumables. Plus adding a restriction again allows for the creation of mechanical features like classes (Alchemist Trait: Able to ignore the inventory limit for consumables) or items (Quantum Bottle - Tool - Allows player to hold an infinite amount of one type of consumable) in the future which allows for further differentiation amongst the players.
  12. "Bleoberis, Mam. And I regret to inform you that your seats are for the Economy car. As for black cloaked individuals, I have not seen anyone matching that description on the train but I can be sure to let you know if I do." "One of the train's engineers may, I can check with them." Bloeberis departs and a few minutes later returns with a carbon-fiber cord. The heroes take a minute to bind the Tvilgard to one of the empty luggage racks ensuring he's unarmed and unable to escape. "These cars are sound proof, I doubt he'll cause any more trouble until we arrive in Con'Stap and I'll let the other attendants know to not come back here unless they need to. Thank you again. If there isn't anything else you'll need I'll take you back to your seats." Yelana Sleight-of-Hand vs. Soren and Zaria Perception - (6, 5, 4, +1) 4 Successes vs. Private Rolls for Soren and Zaria Yelana swipes the credits into her wallet. MM Note: I'll let you sort out whether you want to do anything else with the prisoner. For the time being he's tied up in the baggage car.
  13. Waterbrick Down

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    @samurai-turtle Just these two pieces in Transparent Purple: 20473 90617
  14. Waterbrick Down

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Mission #2: Deep Dive

    Round 1: Polaris Smarts vs. Creature Smarts - (1, 3) 0 Successes vs. (6, 5) 2 Successes - Polaris Frightened for remainder of Turn Polaris moves to C4 Creature vs. Polaris (Opportunistic Attack) - (+1) 1 Success vs. (2, 1) 0 Successes = 1 Damage Polaris uses Nanite Elixer on Felix - Success, Felix no longer Stunned Felix Smarts vs. Creature Smarts - (5, 2) 1 Success vs. (2, 2) 0 Successes - Felix not Frightened Felix Defends Polaris - 2 Dice Added to next attack vs. Polaris Varen Smarts vs. Creature Smarts - (5, 2) 1 Success vs. (1, 2) 0 Successes - Varen not Frightened Varen moves to A4 Varen vs. Agent Lars - (5, +1, -2) 0 Successes vs. (1, 4, +1 [Energy Armor]) 2 Success = 0 Damage Agent Lars vs. Polaris - (3, 1, +1) 1 Success vs. (3, 2, 1, 1) 0 Successes = 1 Damage Tank Creature casts Pulling Point on Varen - (3, 6, 3) 1 Success = 1 Damage (-1 Spirit) and pulls Varen back to A3 Things go rather poorly for the heroes as they nearly all take damage and fail to make a dent in their enemies' defenses. Polaris manages to snap Felix out of his stupor with the aid of the elixer but takes quite a beating from the creature and the Thudaal as he repositions. Varen tries to make space away from the tank, but feels a gravimetric pull from the psionic powers of the creature yanking him back to the tank. The feeling of dread washes over Polaris, but both Varen and Felix resist the creature's mental assault steeling their minds and readying for another attack. A voice echoes in all of their minds: "The Collective shall have you, you will all suffer for your resistance!" The Party Polaris Ursaring [with M.I.L.E.S.] (samurai-turtle) 15 cycle old female "Chimeran" Character Points: 2/12 Vitality: 5/8 Velocity: 2 Strength: 2 Skill: 2 Smarts: 2 Spirit: 0 Proficiencies: Medicine 1, Melee Weapons 1, Nature 1, Short Range Weapons 1, Spells: none, Credits: 10 Equipment: Mecha Strike (standard, kinetic, melee weapon) Inventory: Nanite Elixer (2x), Stun Sword (Standard Elemental Melee Range Weapon) Varen Nastayo (KotZ) 26, Male, Human Character Points: 2/12 Vitality: 3/5 Velocity: 2 Strength: 1 Skill: 2 Smarts: 2 Spirit: 0 Proficiencies: Culture 2, Deception 1, Insight 1, Persuasion 2, Long Range Weapon 1 Known Spells (if applicable): Credits: 55 Equipment: Lawyer's Rifle (Standard Long Range Energy weapon), Translator Cube Inventory: 1x Essence of Glibness, 1x Essence of Intellect, Ion Repeater (Standard Energy Long Range Weapon) Felix Mao (Khorne) *Mission Leader* 37 Cycles Old Male Chimeran Character Points: 3/12 Vitality: 5/5 Velocity: 3 Strength: 1 Skill: 2 Smarts: 2 Spirit: 1 Proficiencies: Short Range Weapons 1, Insight 1, Coding 1, Survival 1, Nature 1 Known Spells: Enhanced Vision Credits: 0 Equipment: 'Old Reliable' Plasma Handgun (Standard Short Range Energy Weapon), Hacking Chip Inventory: Plasma Potion (1x), Cloaking Generator The Enemy Possessed Agent Lars Vitality: 5/5 Velocity: 2 Strength: 1 Skill: 2 Smarts: 1 Spirit: 2/2 Proficiencies: Melee Weapons 2, Persuasion 1, Religion 1 Spells: Purging Font, Solar Flare Credits: 0 Equipment: Plasma Rapier (Standard Energy Melee Weapon), Blast Plating (Standard Energy Armor) Inventory: Standard Issue Peace Keeper (Standard Kinetic Short Range Weapon) Tank Creature *Large*† Vitality: 10/10 Velocity: 0 Strength: 2 Skill: 1 Smarts: 2 Spirit: 2/3 Proficiencies: Occult 3, Persuasion 1, Deception 1, Insight 1 Spells Known: Gravity Sink, Entropic Mending, Meditate Credits: 0 Equipment: Piercing Mandibles (Standard Kinetic Melee Weapon), Impenetrable Carapace (Padded Kinetic Armor), Terrifying Presence (Tool, On their turn enemies adjacent to the Tank Creature, must succeed on a Opposed Smarts Check or be Frightened for the remainder of their turn) Inventory: None †Large enemies take up multiple squares and their space may not be moved through. For purposes of optimum range they may be targeted at any of their points of occupancy.