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  1. Waterbrick Down

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    Hi Asphalt, glad to see you're still around. Just sent you a PM.
  2. I enjoyed the Armourai so much that I'm including them in a Role-Play of my own. Who attired the garments on the Male Prince red Armourai on Abrivar and the Female Princess green Amourai on Abrivar?

    1. Waterbrick Down

      Waterbrick Down

      Are you looking for the parts listing?

    2. Krol Zmija Sebastian

      Krol Zmija Sebastian

      What's that? I wanted to ask what the detailed torso images I see on those two Amourai are, and converse about the imagination done so. Is that thin plates of metal for the male, and what's the backstory for the lore using that... greenery... for the female? Is it moss, or marsh bushings, or.. ?

  3. Waterbrick Down

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    Missions 1 and 10 featured Amourai NPC's, but no major story arcs about them.
  4. Waterbrick Down

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    You made a lot of strides as a player. The original Heroica was my introduction to RPG and it really helped me feel comfortable playing them in person outside of the internet. I haven't looked back since and I have the system and this community to thank for that. I'm confident you will do well.
  5. Waterbrick Down

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Mission Masters Lounge

    Not assuming anyone may read this, but in case any of the mission participants are ever curious. Mission 10, was originally a setup idea for a potential "Fields" never-ending quest. The idea being that the archive would accidentally be purged at some point and from then on there would always be an open mission tasked with capturing some of the escaped monsters/artifacts now loose in the station. As the mission progressed and the game as a whole slowed down, this outcome was shifted to provide a more self contained story. Duvors was right in that the premise was very simple, i.e. rescue the dwarves and escape. The option to confront the archivist was always there, but it was one that required a lot of forethought and planning and not necessarily just brute forcing through things. That being said, I was satisfied with the overall story that fell into place, even if it was a little anti-climactic toward the end. I was happy the puzzles were engaging and glad some of you caught on quickly to the nature of a few of them. This was a fun mission to introduce NPC's on, only slightly saddened by the fact that they'll never be featured again. It's not a total loss though as I was personally growing tired of Rix (stupid decision on my part to make him only speak in questions), I did have a softspot for Wolly though and will always be grateful to Zepher for introducing noble frog NPC's into my RPG experience. The fights were a mixed bag in terms of difficulty, but that tends to be the case as I'm constantly trying to figure out what is the appropriate level of tension to build into a fight without making it too easy and having folks wondering why there was even a fight in the first place. As for players I'll make this short and sweet. Enson (Duvors), the rational and motivations you make me write for my NPC's is always challenging but good for me in the long run. You play the moral compass type characters very well and while as a MM I was annoyed that he wanted to fight the Archivist, the storyteller in me really loved that he stayed true to his character. Aysu (Peppermint_M) no matter what game you play, you can always be depended upon to play a hard hitting mechanically sound build with just enough characterization to make your PC interesting. Aysu is no exception to this and I loved the little sprinklings we got of her backstory throughout the mission. Jonk (Scubacarrot) was a great character to round out the group. His naivety brings some freshness to interactions and I loved when he would be fascinated with the most mundane of experiences (i.e. tea). You were also great to have along as the resident puzzle solver and I'm always thrilled to have someone invested in that side of the mission. Billeck (Wolfpackfan99) had promise and I would have enjoyed seeing how he grew throughout the mission, especially when he started encountering more of the ethical quandaries the party faced, I hope you get to play in some other RPG's in the future. All in all, I'm not disappointed that this ended up being the last mission and I'm grateful you all stuck around for the ending. It's not the big grand finale, but hopefully it's a fitting point that emphasizes the impact normal players can have on the betterment of an imaginary world.
  6. Waterbrick Down

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    @Kintobor@Duvors@The Legonater@samurai-turtle@Dutch Thriceman@Endgame@Scubacarrot@Zepher @CMP@Yzalirk@KotZ@Classic_Spaceman@karmajay@Peppermint_M@Khorne Hi Folks, This post is a long time coming, my apologies that it took this long to put up, I honestly wasn't sure how to craft it. The last 18 months have certainly been a rollercoaster of emotions for myself as it regards this game. Back when the idea sprung up to revive Heroica, I was hesitant at first. Life was very busy (still is) and the way the original Heroica fizzled out didn't leave me too excited to dive into a whole new storyline and ruleset. That being said as time went on and we as a group generated a new rule set, new lore, and a new community, I was grateful to have friends that I had made back in my life and the enthusiasm of creating a new game was palpable. In the long run, we lasted longer than I would have first anticipated and I'm glad we got through at least an even 10 missions. I'm sorry it was so short lived in comparison to the original game. I'm sure there could be a number of discussions had about why things slowed down and eventually died off, but I think what I want to emphasize is how once again this community surprised me and gave me another favorite memory of my time here. I know this isn't the ending many of us hoped for, but it's probably consistent with the way internet forums and communities are trending these days. I want to thank each and everyone of you who have played over the last 18 months and those who helped with so many things behind the scenes in lore development, discord discussions, trial missions, and so much more. I'm thankful for the time we had and hope you all are still able to tell stories and find outlets for your creativity in both Lego and roleplaying in other formats and outlets. I'm sure I'll check back in every once in a while, but I think for the time being we can assume that things have wrapped up. If folks want to continue having in character conversations in the hall just for a creative outlet, that's ok with me. At some point we'll lock those threads so things remain preserved for history without meddling, but I'll give it a little while longer. Again, and I can't stress this enough, for those who have spent countless hours, days, weeks, and months into this project, I have so much gratitude for you and hope you got out of it at least what you put in, if not exponentially more. It was a pleasure playing, mission mastering, and collaborating with each and every one of you. Till we meet again, Waterbrick Down
  7. Waterbrick Down

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Mission #10: Pins & Needles

    "And yours as well Enson." "Yeah, keep yer heads low and your spirits high." The heroes take their leaves of the Dwarves just as they notice an armed contingent of space police filing down the space station halls toward the Blue Moon Warehouse district. Whatever the outcome of the heroes actions, they could be assured they had made the world at least for a few, a better place. (All heroes +6CP for successful completion of the mission.) Final Stats Ensonvilterayquis (Enson) (Duvors) 60 cycles old male Quo'ri Character Points: 6/33 Vitality: 5/5 Velocity: 2 Strength: 1 Skill: 2 Smarts: 3 Spirit: 4/4 Proficiencies: Insight 2, Medicine 3, Melee Weapons 2, Performance 1, Religion 2, Explosives 1 Spells: Healing Light, Purging Font, Quantum Transportation, Warding Bond Credits: 80 Equipment: Plasma Falchion (+2 Melee Energy), Plasma Splicer (Tool, as an action, transfer Vitality with an adjacent ally) Inventory: Void Star Hammer (+1 Melee Elemental), Utility Belt (Tool, grants +1 Engineering or Medicine Check Successes) Essence of Glibness, Essence of Precaution, Nanite Elixir 2x, Dagger's Letter (Mission Item), Tehanui Teal (Consumable, Mission Item), Crude Machete (Standard Kinetic Melee Weapon), Exo Suit, Plasma Pistol (Standard Energy Short Range Weapon), Felthorn Cleaver of Fate (Standard Kinetic Melee weapon, 1's are rerolled once), Aquin Knighting Ceremonial Sword (Standard Kinetic Melee weapon), Flowing Font Scepter (Standard Short Range Elemental Weapon, Adaptable [Spend 1 action to change the range of the weapon]) Aysu Kundakçı (Peppermint_M)22 Rotations Old, Female? Adopted Human.Character Points: 11/29Vitality: 6/6Velocity: 2Strength: 3Skill: 3Smarts: 1Spirit: 1Proficiencies: Long Range Weapons 3, Nature 1, Survival 1Spell: Enhanced VisionCredits: 80Equipment: Environment Safe Ammunition "ESA" Rifle (Calibrated Long Range, Energy) with Gravimetric Bipod - Weapon Attachment (The first Offensive Combat check with this weapon is Lucky) attached, Farsight Goggles, Plasma Chain Shirt (Standard Energy Armor), Inventory: Plasma Potion 2x, Essence of Glibness, Field Rations (Consumable, Restores 1 Vitality), Gator Hide (Can be converted into either Kinetic or Elemental Standard Armor by a craftsman), Zinc (Calibrated Kinetic Long Range Weapon), Plasma Pistol (Standard Energy Short Range Weapon), Exo-suit, Crystal Staff (Standard, Kinetic Melee Weapon), Translator Cube Jonk (Scubacarrot)30-something cycles Male CelestialCharacter Points: 7/23Vitality: 5/5Velocity: 3Strength: 2Skill: 2Smarts: 4Proficiencies: Persuasion 2, Sleight of Hand 2, Long Range Weapons 1, Perception 1Credits: 80Equipment: Sighted Corpo Blazer (Calibrated Elemental Long Range weapon), Cloaking Generator (Tool, grants +1 Sleight-of-hand or Stealth Check Successes), Archaic Tabard (Standard Kinetic Armor)Inventory: Flower Petals (Mission Item), Throwing Darts (Standard Kinetic Short Range Weapon), 2x Crude Machete (Standard Kinetic Melee Weapon), Plasma Pistol (Standard Energy Short Range Weapon), Exo-Suit (Tool, grants +1 Athletics or Acrobatics Check Successes) (Billeck receives 1 CP for the first part of the mission) Billeck Wallard (Wolfpackfan99)26 Cycle old Male Human Character points: 4/14Vitality: 5/5Velocity: 2Strength: 1Skill: 2Smarts: 2Proficiencies: Coding 1, Explosives 2, Technology 2, Short Range Weapons 2Credits: 25Equipment: Standard Elemental Short Range Weapon, Standard Energy Armor, Cloaking Generator (Tool, grants +1 Sleight-of-hand or Stealth Check Successes)Inventory: Rime Dirk (Standard Elemental Melee Weapon), Throwing Darts (Standard Kinetic Short Range Weapon), Spider Bomb (Hampering, Minor, Contained, Chemical, Adhesive), Crude Machete (Standard Kinetic Melee Weapon), Plasma Pistol (Standard Energy Short Range Weapon), Energy Cell, Exo-Suit --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MM Note: Thanks for sticking this one out folks, I know it was a tremendous ask of you to complete it. I know there will be a fair amount of thoughts and emotions concerning it that we can chat about in the Mission Master Lounge, but I do want all of you to know how much I appreciate your perseverance and still taking time out of your days to complete this mission.
  8. Waterbrick Down

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Mission #10: Pins & Needles

    "Could always stay with family on Aluriel, probably have to catch a freighter's fare." The dwarf reaches into his pockets. "Seeing how you saved not only Jippo, but myself too from that madwoman, I figured I could scrounge a little more together for ya." Bertram hands each party member 80 credits. "We also could look at maybe takin' one of those solar barges out for a bit. They're always lookin' for extra hands and it'd get us away from the station for a little while." "That could work.... Oh heroes, I put in an anonymous tip with the Space Police to chat with a patient in the clinic, hopefully that'll get somewhere, or at least they'll have an actual record of it. When I tried bringing it up with a local patrolman, he gave me a funny look so I didn't push things anymore."
  9. Waterbrick Down

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Mission #10: Pins & Needles

    “Yer tellin’ me she’s still out there? What’ll we do now?”
  10. Waterbrick Down

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Mission #10: Pins & Needles

    MM Note: In interest of time, we'll keep this moving. "Right then, off you go." The heroes lay down their credits and are escorted by the guards out of the facility. Making their way through the station toward Tokiel Memorial Clinic, the group run into Bertram and Jippo rushing toward them. "You made it out of there alive!" "Course they did, should have seen the land squid they handled." "The Archivist, did you take care of her?"
  11. Waterbrick Down

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Mission #10: Pins & Needles

    "What ever you've got." "Can't say I prefer it myself..." MM Note: I'm assuming Jonk puts down the credits he offered earlier as well?
  12. Waterbrick Down

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Mission #10: Pins & Needles

    MM Note: To confirm, Enson has put down his credits, what are Aysu and Jonk's response?
  13. Cassandra brow furrows at Bers' assertion. "Just try and avoid making more trouble for yourselves, alright?" As the heroes chase after the suspicious individuals an Elf inexplicably teleports next to them. "Ah, here you are! Blast, do you have any idea how long we've been trying to find you? No, no of course you don't... right then come on." "Wait, where are you goi..." "Sorry, no time to explain!" The Elf grabs the heroes before once again casting a transportation spell. In a flash, the group find themselves back in the main lobby of Heroica Hall. "So sorry about the suddenness, but something has happened and we needed to retrieve as many agents from the field as soon as we could. Just.. stay here. We'll see to it that the details of your previous mission are taken care of. Don't leave the hotel unless absolutely necessary. We'll provide more information soon enough." The Mission is Unsuccessful - (6 CP awarded for Length of Mission) Party Designation: B3R5 - 3rk (Dutch Thriceman) Age: Unknown, Gender: Mechanical, Race: Adamite Character Points: 6/20 Vitality: 6/6 Velocity: 2 Strength: 3 Skill: 2 Smarts: 1 Proficiencies: Melee Weapons 2, Intimidation 2, Athletics 2, Perception 1 Known Spells: None Credits: 110 Equipment: Chain-Greatsword (Standard Kinetic Weapon) Mecha-Plate (Standard Kinetic Armour) Inventory: Shield Booster, 2 Energy Cell, Nanite Elixer, 2 Plasma Potions, Sawn-Off Shotgun (Standard Short Range Kinetic Weapon) Yelana Fennix (Classic_Spaceman) Unknown age Female Human Character Points: 7/21 Vitality: 6/6 Velocity: 3 Strength: 2 Skill: 3 Smarts: 4 Spirit: 0 Proficiencies: Artillery Weapons 1, Perception 1, Insight 1, Stealth 1, Sleight of Hand 1 Known Spells: N/A Equipment: Modular Sniper Rifle (Calibrated Energy Artillery Weapon, Ion Scope (Attachment: This Weapon Ignores Obscurement), Radiation Gauntlet (Standard Energy Armour), Farsight Goggles Inventory: Cloaking Generator, Hacking Chip, Translator Cube, Plasma Potion 2x, Energy Cell Credits: 80 Polaris Ursaring [with M.I.L.E.S.] (samurai-turtle) 15 cycle old female "Chimeran" Character Points: 6/28 Vitality: 8/8 Velocity: 2 Strength: 2 Skill: 3 Smarts: 2 Spirit: 2/2 Proficiencies: Coding 1*, Engineering 1 (+1, tool), Medicine 1 (+1, tool), Melee Weapons 2, Nature 2, Short Range Weapons 1, Long Range Weapons 1, Spells: Healing Light, Spirit Ally, Credits: 32 Equipment: Whirlwind Boomerang (Standard, Elemental, Short Range Weapon), Utility Belt (tool) Grants +1 Engineering or Medicine Check Success, Inventory: Mecha Strike (Standard, Kinetic, Melee Range Weapon), Plasma Potion (x3), Pulse Cannon (Calibrated, Energy, Long Range Weapon), 2 Shield Boosters MM Note: Sorry folks that this got delayed and eventually canceled. Feel free to have your characters return to the Hall.
  14. Waterbrick Down

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Mission #10: Pins & Needles

    "Cough up your credits and get out of here. I'd recommend finding somewhere to lay low for the next few weeks, same goes for your friends." Enson Persuasion Check (DC 3,5) - (6,6,5) 3 Successes "Nah, this'll do. 'Sides, that vault has some scary security measures I wouldn't go tampering with."
  15. Waterbrick Down

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Mission #10: Pins & Needles

    Round 5 Enson Death Check - (6) Enson recovers 1 Vitality! Aysu does nothing Jonk tries something - Jonk Persuasion Check (DC 3) - (6,5,3,3,1) 2 Successes MM Note: The fight is Paused, any hostile actions or attempts at healing will be viewed by the thugs as resuming the battle. The Elven thug raises his hand as the other thugs hold their weapons for the time being. "Hmmph, you tried to stab the Archivist in the back, any reason we should be trusting you now?"