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  1. "Anybody missing any valuables lately?"
  2. Arthur checks the pockets of the uniforms in the closet. "Anything on those personal documents?"
  3. Arthur will check the cabinet.
  4. "Would it make sense to search the Captain's quarters or Gabriella's next?"
  5. "I do hope you're willing to pay to fix that! Please be careful, that's a family heirloom."
  6. "That about sums it up." "By all means, feel free."
  7. "So we've got squat, unless Ambassador Sawyer would like to add new information that has yet to be shared."
  8. "Bathroom's all in order." Arthur investigates the trash.
  9. Arthur checks the bathroom.
  10. "So since no one's really answering any questions these days... next room?"
  11. Arthur checks the trash for any other loose notes.
  12. "Any particular reason you've held that information back, Mrs. Dawson? Or did I miss your sharing earlier? I'd think anything 'secretive' in nature would have aroused suspicion."
  13. "Darn, that's one of my favorites." "Mr. Seymour, could you remind us again what sorts of business you're involved in?"
  14. Arthur checks what was the last channel/movie on the console. "And we still don't know how Parry could have gotten into Mallory's room in the first place as he's been unwilling to answer any follow up questions."
  15. Waterbrick Down

    Heroica RPG 2.0

    My first preference would be the standard heads for the Kimerans vs the helmets as they're more animalistic and less alien-like (hence in keeping with the theme of animals evolved to the point of sentience as opposed to being a completing independent species). That being said the point of the Kimerans is that they are a newly recognized sentient species. Prior to a few years back, they were not considered intelligent/cultural enough to classify as worthy of intergalactic rights and protections. There would certainly be sub-species would certainly fit just fine. No current plans for that head or vampires in general No names yet, I'm currently working on maps and intend to have a breakdown of 6-8 major planets utilizing the old Starwars ornament sets. They're more broken down by biome: One planet is ice-filled and circles it's sun every 30 years and only has 1 year of thaw Another spawns inorganic rock based life-forms and is more deserty in nature The Kimeran's home planet is a fertile, junglesque plaent, more due to druid terraforming There's a pair of ocean planets that periodically pass close enough to one another that people cross between the two very easily A gaseous planet whose inhabitants exist in mostly liquid and gas forms Something semi-analogous to earth, where elves/dwarves are from Of course a planet based on industry A split planet with no rotation, where half the planet is perpetually in the dark and the other is perpetually in the sun