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  1. Beardless Dwarf

    [MOC] Supplies for the farms

    Excellent work! All the vegetation is very well done and I love the cow pen. Honestly the whole thing is great
  2. Beardless Dwarf

    [MOC] Through the woods

    Nice little MOC! I like the trees and the landscaping, though I feel like the ruins could be built up a bit more. It's kind of hard to tell what they are. Good work!
  3. Beardless Dwarf

    [MOC] Gandalf and Thorin at Bree

    This is a remake of a very old MOC of mine, and one of my favorite scenes from the Appendices of LOTR. The original MOC was absolutely horrendous so I will not link it here. If you care to dig through my MOCPages folders, feel free to suffer! Thorin tells Gandalf of his plans to reclaim the Lonely Mountain (Erebor) and Gandalf offers to find the 14th member of the company. This is based on my own interpretation of the scene in the book, as well as a painting by Ted Nasmith, rather than the scene from the movie. I tried out some new techniques and styles here and I tried to put in as much detail as I could. Overall I'm rather happy with the results. I appreciate all comments and constructive criticisms!
  4. Beardless Dwarf

    Grevling Manor's Great Hall

    I love the different techniques used here, especially the cracked columns and the wooden walls. And I agree with what others have said about the mosaic and the floor looking happy from the top angle. Still top notch build, the critiques are only minor compared with the rest of it, imo.
  5. Beardless Dwarf

    The Fellowship of the Ring

    Ah gotcha. Yeah I didn't really see that as an issue, but like I said, dipping in the paint isn't very practical for me yet
  6. Beardless Dwarf


    Neat build, it reminds me of some of the Orc strongholds in Shadow of Mordor. I love the colors used here
  7. Beardless Dwarf

    Ideas for a CMFs

    These are awesome! I've been looking at all the series up to this point and they all are very well thought out. I like how you have kept to TLG's established 'rules' in your own designs. Such as not introducing a brand new piece on every character. And I admire the thought and detail that goes into each series. The fantasy themed ones are especially cool. Excellent work!
  8. Beardless Dwarf

    The Fellowship of the Ring

    Not sure exactly what you're referring to, I didn't think the base color was showing through. But no, I have to lighten my flesh colored paint so dipping isn't very practical for me
  9. Beardless Dwarf

    Lord of the rings sets returning?

    I think LOTR making a return is rather unlikely, unfortunately. Unless the series is easily accessible (meaning not too confusing for the casual viewer) and becomes extremely popular. For example, Star Wars and Harry Potter are both very popular series and it's 'cool' to like them. I see merchandise for both of those series at just about every big retailer; not so with LOTR. What I'm getting at is that themes like Super Heroes, Star Wars, and HP are all relevant to pop culture and are going to sell better than LOTR/Hobbit which had a brief resurgence when the Hobbit films came out. But ultimately, LOTR is just not a pop culture icon and unless the TV series makes it that way, I doubt if we'll see a return of the theme, except maybe a 1 off set like POTC. I do think, however, that a Fantasy Castle theme could do quite well, considering the popularity of Ninjago and Elves.
  10. Beardless Dwarf

    [MOC] Custom minifigs - by Barthezz Brick

    Those Templars are incredible! Excellent work with the painting and cloth accessories
  11. Beardless Dwarf

    BrickWarriors - New Elves and Dwarves!

    Haha, fair point! They are quite nice still
  12. Here I have updated my Fellowship of the Ring figures to better suit my own tastes. Enjoy! Hobbitses! As you can see I added the bare feet to all of them. It kills me that we're only now getting bare feet printed on with the Harry Potter figures. Maybe we will see a resurgence of LOTR when Amazon's series comes out! Also Sam has a custom torso because he wore a vest for most of the movies. The Three Hunters. I couldn't think of anything to change on Legolas so he is just a stock figure. I would lime to find a way to give him a quiver at some point. Aragorn is completely changed, I never liked his official torso. I also gave him the broken blade Narsil (Brickforge) which he carries in the book. Gimli is only slightly changed, and I gave him a custom axe. And the two characters who died first. Boromir has custom painted sleeves, although I realize you can barely tell in this picture :/ GanGandalf has a painted hat and a bag, as well as a customized staff and the sword Glamdring (Brickforge). The idea for the bag came from MOCPages user Michael Kringe.
  13. This is awesome! Where did you get the helmets for the Silver Lords from?
  14. Beardless Dwarf

    BrickWarriors - New Elves and Dwarves!

    I love those Dwarf Helmets but can they fit over a beard?