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Found 186 results

  1. Hi, In January 2018 I started with my first Game of Thrones moc. After 5 months of building and 20.000+ bricks later it was done. The scene is based upon the season 3: Episode 7 Bear and the Maiden Fair. If you like what you see give me a follow on; Flick, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and/or Pinterest. Game of Thrones - Bear and the Maiden Fair - by Barthezz Brick 1 by Barthezz Brick, on Flickr Game of Thrones - Bear and the Maiden Fair - by Barthezz Brick 4 by Barthezz Brick, on Flickr Game of Thrones - Bear and the Maiden Fair - by Barthezz Brick 8 by Barthezz Brick, on Flickr Game of Thrones - Bear and the Maiden Fair - by Barthezz Brick 10 by Barthezz Brick, on Flickr Game of Thrones - Bear and the Maiden Fair - by Barthezz Brick 25 by Barthezz Brick, on Flickr You can find more detailed pictures in the Flickr album. Greetings Barthezz Brick
  2. I don't know if this has been done before here or somewhere else, but I thought it could be fun! Just post some pics of your Castle army. You can include old skellies in there too! The best way to do this is always in some kind of diorama! So, let's see some armies! :skull: I might post mine soon as well!
  3. Beardless Dwarf

    [MOC] Gandalf and Thorin at Bree

    This is a remake of a very old MOC of mine, and one of my favorite scenes from the Appendices of LOTR. The original MOC was absolutely horrendous so I will not link it here. If you care to dig through my MOCPages folders, feel free to suffer! Thorin tells Gandalf of his plans to reclaim the Lonely Mountain (Erebor) and Gandalf offers to find the 14th member of the company. This is based on my own interpretation of the scene in the book, as well as a painting by Ted Nasmith, rather than the scene from the movie. I tried out some new techniques and styles here and I tried to put in as much detail as I could. Overall I'm rather happy with the results. I appreciate all comments and constructive criticisms!
  4. pantelis

    [Moc] Grey Castle

    Hi to all mates , I want to share my last creation.Its a grey castle in a 32X32 base plate + a 16X32 base plate at the front. I put some details of snow on the ground and on the castle..Also a little river and a gate that Eomer and the White Wizard will pass and find the prince of Gondor to his castle and discuss the possibility that Sauron returns!!!
  5. Hi, today I'm going to re introduce you to the LEGO Lord of the Rings characters in their glory days. They started to emerge in 2012 and five years later, I hope they are still remembered. Let's get started. The Fellowship of the Ring. 1. Gandalf the Grey (Mithrandir). Gandalf is the wizard in the fellowship with his classic pointy hat here. He is carrying a brown bar as his staff and a sling bag full of weeds I suppose. He has a crisp grey cape but no alternate face in this variant. This is a quite common minifigure and he appeared in 9469 Gandalf Arrives for Lord of the Rings theme and three more sets in Hobbit theme 79003 An Unexpected Gathering, 30213 Gandalf at Dol Guldur polybag, and 79010 The Goblin King Battle. This is another variant of Mithrandir with grey hair and cape. The difference from the first one is that he has his hair to cover the alternate angry face (pointy hat doesn't). This Gandalf is quite needed as you have to get his battle face. Anyhow he is quite easy to find in a small set 79005. He appeared in two sets in The Lord of the RIngs theme and one set in The Hobbit theme. The one without cape was in 79005 The Wizard Battle and the one with cape was in 10237 The Tower of Orthanc and 79014 Dol Guldur Battle. 2. Frodo Baggins. Ring bearer. Frodo has three variants but only two was shown here as I lost the third one. The three variant shared the same hairpiece, same rumpled jacket with red vest torso and same short brown legs. The differences are the capes and the facial expressions. The Frodo in 79006 The Council of Elrond has a worried and angry face headpiece without cape, this is the one not shown in picture which I've lost. The other two shared the same worried and poisoned facial expression but different cape. The one with dark green cape is from 9472 Attack on Weather Top where he was stabbed by Ringwraith with a Morgul Shaft. The other one with Grey Cape is from 9470 Shelob Attacks where he was poisoned by the giant spider. All of them came with the Sting and the Great One Ring. Three of them representing Frodo from different scene after the Fellowship started their journey. Its very nice that LEGO actually made a new mold for the Sting rather than using the standard sword for him. 3. Samwise Gamgee. Samwise the brave. I want to hear more about him. He is Mr Frodo's Gardener and being punished to follow Frodo with his quest for eavesdropping Gandalf and Frodo's conversation about the ring. Sam was the youngest son of Hamfast and Bell Gamgee, and had many brothers and sisters. He lived with his father, Hamfast Gamgee, known as "The Gaffer", on Bagshot Row in the Shire, close to Bag End. Sam's mother was Bell Goodchild. He had five siblings: Hamson, Halfred, Daisy, May, and Marigold. After Shelob attacked and seemingly killed Frodo, Sam took the Ring, confronted Shelob with the Phial of Galadriel, intending to complete the quest on his own. For this minifigure, he ONLY appeared exclusively in 9470 Shelob Attacks together with Frodo and Gollum. He had a grey cape similar to Frodo's, and wearing a dark tan outfit. Accessory wise he is holding a typical LEGO sword and a diamond as the Phial of Galadriel. He had two expressions. Frowny face and scared face when fighting Shelob to save Frodo. 4. Meriadoc Brandybuck. Meriadoc is also known as Merry in the movie. He was the only child of Saradoc Brandybuck, Master of Buckland, and Esmeralda Took, the younger sister of Paladin Took II, making him first cousin to Paladin's son Pippin, who was clearly his closest friend. Both of them always appeared together in the movie until they are separated after Pippin followed Gandalf the White to Gondor. Here he appeared also exclusively in set 9472 Attack on Weathertop. He has dark orange hair and wearing a dark green coat with yellow vest. His facial expression with a smirking pattern is very special in LEGO and the other expression was a shouting face. He is equipped with a standard sword and short brown legs. 5. Peregrin Took. 'Fool of a Took!' yelled Gandalf after he did something stupid that would bring danger to the company or the quest. In the movie he is well known as Pippin. Pippin was born to Paladin Took II and Eglantine Banks. He was the youngest of four children and had three older sisters, Pearl, Pimpernel, and Pervinca. His father's sister, Esmeralda Took, was the mother of Meriadoc Brandybuck, thus making Pippin and Merry first cousins. Here in LEGO, he exclusively appeared in 9473 The Mines of Moria to perform the act of summoning the cave troll and orcs to the company. He was in his dark blue coat, with his dark tan scarf, holding a standard sword. He has two expressions which were the anxious looking face and the scared face. I supposed that he ought to be scared of Gandalf after what his curiosity did to the Fellowship. Orcs! Some group photos that you can do for the Hobbits. Have you noticed the difference in the hair colors? Go away you evil wraith! I really like the color of their shirts. Alright let's proceed to others. 6. Aragorn. Aragorn II, the son of Arathorn II and Gilraen, also known as Elessar as well as Strider. He was later crowned King Elessar Telcontar and first High King of Gondor and Arnor, since the short reign of Isildur. He was a great warrior and a great lover for Arwen, and as the heir of Isildur bore the shards of Narsil, reforged and renamed Andúril. He appeared in three sets in this brown outfit which makes him quite commonly found. The three sets are 9472 Attack on Weathertop, 9474 The Battle of Helm's Deep, and 79008 Pirate Ship Ambush. In these sets, Aragorn was yet to have the Anduril as his weapon but I am happy to assume that long sword that he is holding is the legendary Elven forged sword. The torch is for him to burn off the ringwraiths that attacked the Hobbits at the Weathertop. 7. Boromir. He is the eldest son of Denethor II, who was Steward of Gondor during the War of the Ring, and his wife Finduilas. He is the older brother of Faramir. He is wearing a blue outfit with a belt just like in the movie but printing a Gondorian horn at the back of the torso would be a nice addition to this very nice minifigure. He came with a long sword and a special shield designed just for him. Boromir actually set out from Minas Tirith to Rivendell by order of his father, Denethor to decipher a riddle that was given to him and his brother in their dreams. Seek for the Sword that was broken, In Imladris it dwells, There shall be counsels taken, Stronger than Morgul-spells. There shall be shown a token, That Doom is near at hand, For Isildur's Bane shall waken, And the Halfling forth shall stand. Then only he joined the Fellowship in the Council of Elrond. He appeared exclusively in set 9473 The Mines of Moria. A little scene with his killer Uruk Hai. 8. Legolas Greenleaf. Laiqalassë, is actually his name when he is in Tol Eressëa ages after he left Thranduil at the end of 'The battle of the Five Armies'. Legolas was a Sindarin elf who was part of the Fellowship of the Ring in the Third Age. and the son of the Elvenking Thranduil of Mirkwood. He then gave his bow to Frodo, pledged to the protection of the Ring Bearer in the Council of Elrond. He appeared in two sets, 79008 Pirate Ship Ambush and 9473 The Mines of Moria. In recent year (2015) he reappeared in LEGO Dimension set 71219 with new clenched teeth expression. He is wearing an olive green outfit which is the same in the movie, with all the Elven curves at the torso. I like it that the print that extended to the legs actually made him looks taller. The Elvish hair is also very nicely carved but it was too big and blocking his head to be fixed to look at the center. He also comes with alternate angry face. 9. Gimli. Son of Gloin. Gimli was the son of Glóin and a nephew of Óin, both former companions of Bilbo Baggins. He was a remote descendant of Durin the Deathless, father of the first house of dwarven people. Gimli stemmed from, but was not an inheritor of, the royal line. Through his father, Gimli was also the first cousin once removed (or "nephew", for simplicity's sake) of Balin, Lord of Moria, and his brother Dwalin, two more former companions of Bilbo. It is also stated in the Unfinished Tales that Gimli was prevented from traveling with his father on The Quest of Erebor because Thorin and company thought him too young, though Gimli, being in his sixties, considered himself ripe for adventure and was disappointed to be left behind. He is a great minifigure despite being common. He is holding a big and a small axe which makes him not so stable but luckily the long bar can act as a stick to make him stand. The beard mold was very detailed but it covers all of his torso, so i took it out to see clearer. The logo of the belt resembles the shape of an axe. Without the manly beard now he looks like a boy. He has an alternate angry face. Hmm the angry face was kind of unnoticeable due to the large beard and helmet. He appeared in four sets, 9473 The Mines of Moria, 9474 The Battle of Helm's Deep, 79006 The Council of Elrond, and 79008 Pirate Ship Ambush. Similar to Legolas, he then reappeared in 71220 LEGO Dimension set with new headpiece. 10. Gollum, or Smeagol. Gollum, originally known as Sméagol, was at first a Stoor, one of the three early Hobbit-types. The name Gollum was derived from the sound of his disgusting gurgling, choking cough. To include him as in the Fellowship of the Ring, he met and followed the company in search of his lost Precious, the One Ring that corrupted him for almost four hundred years in the Misty Mountains, eating raw fishes on his small boat. He grabbed the ring from his cousin Deagol as his birthday present and killed him after he refused to give. He then met Frodo and Sam again when they parted at Amon Hen, being their tour guide to Mordor with his wicked plan to bring them to the giant spider, Shelob. He exclusively appeared in the set 9470 Shelob Attacks. This one is the Wide eyes variant 'equipped' with a juicy fish. There is another variant with narrow eyes which appeared in 79000 Riddles of the Ring and 71218 LEGO Dimension Fun Pack. I am very happy to have them in my display and please share your thoughts regarding this review and the collection of the Fellowship. Thanks for reading and I'm happy to prepare for next series of collection in this theme.
  6. I have wanted to create a Sauron minifigure for years but there was no suitable helmet until Reinhardt's from Overwatch. Now that I have one, let me introduce you to Sauron, Lord of the Rings:
  7. This would be perfect for the fans of the Lord of the Rings. For years we wished there are minifigures of Gondor army. KORUIT had released whole bunch of Gondor Knights in minifigures form. There are eight of them, with emblem of White Tree of Gondor on armors and cape. You can read here on review of KORUIT Gondor Knight. For now, enjoy the photos here.
  8. This is my recreation of Middle-Earth in the format of the Skyline Architecture Series. You can follow the journey of Frodo from the Shire to Mordor. Through Rivendell; The Mines of Moria; The Argonath; Helm's Deep; Minas Tirith towards The Black Gate of Mordor with Mount Doom the Barad-dûr and the Eye of Sauron. Total parts: 730 Measures: 47 x 12 x 28 studs 37.2 x 9.5 x 22.5 cm 14.6 x 3.7 x 3.9 inches More info and images here
  9. soccerkid6

    [MOC] Imladris

    I built this model as a prize for the 16th Colossal Castle Contest, which just started recently. As the name implies, it is a model of Rivendell from Lord of the Rings. Since I had already built a scene named Rivendell, I used its alternate name this time. Unlike my last Rivendell build, I didn’t base this directly off any source material. If you’d like a chance to own this model, build an awesome entry for the Micro Medieval Mountain category of the CCC. You can find more images on Brickbuilt. Comments and suggestions always welcome
  10. Anduin1710

    LOTR Barad-dur MOC

    One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie. Barad-dûr was held together by dark magic and was the greatest fortress in all of Middle-earth. It was originally built in the Second Age and razed after Sauron's defeat in the War of the Last Alliance. Sauron had Barad-dûr rebuilt during the Third Age as he rose back into power, but the tower was forever destroyed immediately following the destruction of the One Ring, as it was constructed and held together using the Ring's dark magic. This project includes 5.364 pieces! In comparison, the 10189 Taj Mahal had 5.922 pieces! Here you can see the size compared to the Lego "The Tower of Orthanc". I think that's the perfect height for the tower, not too small and not too big. Please click on the images, to see them in HD. You can find all images on my Flickr album. It has 9 floors and they are: (ranging from below) : A basement with an old skeleton The Throne room A blacksmith with a door A Palantir Room A prison A kitchen A room with the helmets of the Nazgûl A library with ancient books about witchcraft and dark magic And a chamber with the 9 rings of the Nazgûl The minifigures are: King Elendil with his sword Narsil Isildur with a sword 2 soldiers, one with sword & shield and one with spear & shield 2 elven warriors with spears and shields Gil-galad with his spear Aiglos and blue shield Elrond with his sword Hadhafang 1 orc archer with a shield 1 orc with spear and shield Sauron with the One Ring and his mace A banner carrier with a lash 1 orc with sword and shield @all viewers: Now it's up to you. Vote for my project on lego ideas and make the dream come true. Please also look at my other projects and consider supporting and sharing them with your friends! :D Thank you for your attention.
  11. This was my build for the 6th and final round of the 2017 Middle Earth LEGO Olympics. The category was ‘Switched Teams’; so someone who was a villein would now be a good guy, and a place like Rivendell would be evil, etc. I decided to do Minas Morgul, which is the fortress of the Witch King in the Lord of the Rings, so in my version the Witch King is now a noble leader with a valiant force of warriors guarding the splendid fortress. In order to make it look less scary/bad guy-ish, I opted for a white/grey colorscheme and changed the architecture to be slightly less pointy (though I did keep the buttresses and battlements rather spiky), while still keeping the same general layout. I’m quite pleased with the result, and although I didn’t plan on it getting quite this big, it’s now my heaviest build to date, weighing a smashing 31.2 pounds! There are also a few things you can try to find in this build, if you would like (though not many of them are very well hidden, I admit!): 4 frogs 1 bear 2 hedgehogs 1 bird in a birds nest 3 chickens 2 goats Lots more pictures on Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, and as always, comments and constructive criticism very welcome!
  12. Brick Pilgrim

    [MOC] Departure from Rivendell

    In this MOC of the departure from Rivendell described in The Fellowship of the Ring (Book), I tried to capture the grey feel of the scene. I also wanted to experiment with making a tree from various connections. I'm pretty happy about how it came out and I discovered a new technique* * Somebody may have done this before, but if so, I discovered it independently so it's a new technique to me: The ratcheted hinge piece and the clip fit together naturally and they form a smooth hinge (really nice for me as I do not have the old hinges).
  13. Bree and the Buckleberry Ferry The Buckleberry Ferry is a raft-ferry at the main crossing point of the river Brandywine from The Shire to Buckland in Bree-land. Some miles east lies of the Village of Bree, the chief-village of Bree-land. This is the only area in Middle-earth where men, dwarves, and hobbits dwell side by side. Bree and the Buckleberry Ferry is a collaboration with myself and Northern LEGO. We built this for the Norwegian convention På Kloss Hold 2018 that was held in April, where it won a cool award. We used Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring as reference when building most of this, especially the raft-ferry and the Prancing Pony Inn. We're very proud of the outcome and the collab was a huge success for us. Let us know what you think, and I hope you like it. ____________________________________________ For more LOTR and castle MOCs, follow me on Flickr.


    Hi guys! I bring you my new MOC that represents the first half of the movie The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. This MOC begins in Hobbiton (The Shire) through the Old Forest where the Hobbits meet the Nazgûl, the Brandiwine river, the village of Bree, Weathertop and Rivendell. You can see the rest of the images in my Flickr album:
  15. Updating an old post. All items are MISB and prices have been taken from Bricklink. Price does not include shipping. HOWEVER, for those buyers who are willing to allow me to unbox the sets so that shipping is not nearly so expensive (I'm not a professional seller, it's impossible to ship the large sets for cheap) - I would be very happy to discount the price to reflect that they are no longer MISB, but complete. Also willing to negotiate for those looking to purchase multiple items. For Sale: 10237 Tower of Orthanc $229.00 79031 Lake Town Chase $69.99 10211 Modular Grand Emporium $250.00 10217 Harry Potter Diagon Alley $350.00 10193 Medieval Market Village $165.00 Elves: 41071 Aira's Creative Workshop $11.00 41072 Nadia's Spa Secret $50.00 40173: Nadia's Epic Adventure Ship $23.00 41074: Azari and Magical Bakery $45.00 41075: The Elve's treetop hideaway $49.99 41076: Farran and the Crystal Hollow $11.00 41052 Ariel's Magical Kiss $40.00 Not everything I have to sell, but what I'd like to start with.
  16. TheLordOfBricks

    [MOC] Sandyman's Watermill

    Hello! Over the past two and a half months, I have been building this scene from LOTR in Hobbiton showing Sandyman's Watermill, The Brandywine Bridge, and the Brandywine River. It is irregular on one of the sides, it ends up to roughly be around 70 x 70 studs, and is my third largest build! As I have said before, this took me two and a half months of on and off building. Overall, I think I worked on it for around 75 hours... I estimate it used around 10000 pieces... Anyways, now for the exciting part: The bridge definitely took the longest to complete, and it was what I started the build doing. The arches took me a couple tries to find, but I ended up doing the illegal technique with headlight bricks connecting front to back to create a gentle curve that worked great here IMO. After figuring out the arches, I began looking at a couple different stonework techniques by great builders all over, I still couldn't find one that fit the look of the inspiration picture I was looking at, so I decided I would make up my own technique, as you can see it is just simple SNOTed tiles with gaps to give it a little dimension. Next I started to build the watermill itself and continued the same stonework style with it. I used the generic tudor style for the build, and put a straw roof on top, which proved quite difficult because of the angles. Next it was on to landscape, where I did your average landscaping, and then covered it with plant leaves like my previous Hobbiton build. Then on to the water, which is trans. clear over different shades of blue. I will be competing in the CCC this year, so expect some builds coming in a little quicker than usual. :) For the WIP journey, and a few more pictures click here: Link. Please drop a like and a comment! C&C Appreciated! I hope you enjoyed! To God be the glory!
  17. Hi guys. I just thought I'd share my humble project with you all. I have been working on building the entire interior of Bag End based on the floorplan from the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings films. I'm not a great photographer and only have the camera attached to my phone so please bear with my lower quality photos. View down the west hall: The kitchen: The entrance hall: The parlour: The kitchen: The parlour: The kitchen: The parlour: The parlour: I am still waiting on some bricklink orders to finish the study, pantry, dining room and bedroom. The ultimate goal is to build the exterior hill once the interior is complete, though I don't know if I'll have the bricks for it. UPDATE: I finally found some time to devote to this again. Here's a little more: The dining room feast: The dining room from the other side: The pantry: View down the hall: The floor plan as requested: As you can see, I still have work to do on the left side of the house. I'm waiting on more wall bricks and floor tiles to finish the study (where we see Bilbo's desk and he writes in the Redbook of Westmarch), the bedroom (Briefly seen during the part when the dwarves sing the Misty Mountains song) and the hallway leading to the rear exit which is not seen on film. I haven't even begun planning the roof and exterior and I'm not sure if my wallet can handle that anytime soon. Update II: My mailman stole $60 of bricks from me so I've put this project on a back-burner for a while. But I did finish these two rooms... Bilbo's bedroom seen very briefly in AUJ: Bilbo's study:
  18. Nuju Metru

    The Balrog of Moria

    I designed this famous beast for a commission, and I'm very happy with how it turned out! This minifig-scale Balrog was a tremendously fun challenge to design. It has 39 points of articulation, can balance on its own feet in many poses, and features custom-cut cloth wings. If you're interested, instructions are available-- PM me for more information. All images link to their larger versions on Flickr! Or, to see more images, go check out the Flickr album. I appreciate any comments or critiques you may have. Thanks for your feedback!
  19. Hello everyone, here is another of my favourite LotR scene "Mines of Moria". Cheers!
  20. Hi everyone, here is one of my LEGO creations "Attack on Weathertop" from LotR movie. Hope you'll like it. =) Cheers! Here is size comparsion with original set 9472:
  21. I wanted to create some different areas based on the four elements represented by the four main elves, I've mixed parts from all kinds of different sets to create these places. This one is the earth themed home for Farran the Earth Elf. I wanted it to be part cottage, part treehouse. It's mostly parts from The Elves Treetop Hideaway and the Ewok Village sets. I attached my waterfall cave alongside the treehouse I also made a fire themed volcano cave with a tall treehouse/tower neighbouring it. It's mostly made from a Lego Friends set that has a cabin and a waterfall. I kept the cabin and built the tower above it and changed the waterfall into a volcano. I've created a workshop for the Air Elf Aira in one section of the tower with a bedroom above it, an observing platform with a telescope above that and a turret room on the top. The webisodes show that Azari the fire elf is homeless and just crashes with the other elves, but I've given her a warm place to sleep inside the volcano. I kept the camp beds in the cabin for the humans to sleep in when they visit Elvendale. And here's some random pictures..
  22. Hey guys! I was looking at my Wormtongue minifigure (From my Orthanc) and I was thinking...where does he live when he's not being the biggest jerk in middle earth? Of course! His evil cottage! This moc took me 4 hours and has around 350 parts (Most in the roof) The moc consists of a rotting garden, some old flowers outside the window, a table and rocking chair, and some potions. The roof plates can quite easily come off to display the small interior. Please leave as much feedback as you can, I always love to improve my mocs. Thanks!
  23. I just opened my brick owl store, packed with a bunch of minifigures and a couple other misc items. Star Wars, Ninjago, Series, Powermineres, Batman, Lord of the Rings. Visit my store here: FIRST ORDER I GET WILL BE 20% OFF FINAL COST
  24. Legonardo-77

    (MOC) Lego LOTR Helm's Deep

    Hope you like it!!!
  25. Hi, I'm glad to present my final review for my graduation. Thanks to all the teachers in Reviewers Academy and lets go into the set. Introduction When was this? Two years ago? Three? December of 2001 was really 16 years ago when The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring premiered. Time really flies but this LEGO set came quite late after the movie which dated back to 2012 May. Like what Gandalf said in the picture above, I literally had no memory of this place as 16 years was too long ago. In the movie, the Fellowship of the Ring was drove into the Mines of Moria by Saruman's magic that brought down the snowy mountain. Lets greet the dwarves inside the Mine. "Speak Friend, and ENTER." Frodo reminded Gandalf of this riddle written on the door to speak out "Mellon" (Elvish word for friend) and the box seal opened magically. The box art was very nice and the first thing you'll see is that blue colored creature holding a club with chains. That's a very nice big fig in this set! The back of the box was the fighting scene in Moria and the play features of this set. At the side of the box you can see six minifigures of the set in which mostly are exclusive to this set. Overview Name: 9473 The Mines of Moria Theme: The Lord of the Rings Year: 2012 Pieces: 776 Minifigures: 6 (+1 Cave Troll and 2 skeleton) Price: £69.99 / $79.99 / 79.99€ Resources: Brickset Instruction Manual Inside the box you get two booklets of instructions with my favorite soft binding. Quite thin I would say. I think its because this set is not so focused on the build with so many exclusive figures. The best part of the binding was that I can fold them like this and not damaging them. So I prefer more booklets rather than a thick dictionary. The Build "And they called it a Mine, A Mine!" "This is no mine, its a tomb!" Boromir said this as he saw so many skeletons and discarded weapons on the floor when they walked in the entrance. Saddened by the barbaric scene of his dead kin, Gimli rushed into this room with a tomb with elvish inscriptions. "Here lies Balin, son of Fundin, Lord of Moria." There is no printed brick in this set. So all the inscriptions are stickers. In Book one, you get to build Balin's tomb, stick the stickers to the book and a well. Both the well and tomb are with play features that flicks open the cover of the tomb revealing a skeleton and the panel which can be pulled at the black 1x2 modified plate to make the skeleton with bucket fall. I love this small builds as the inscriptions are the same ones from the movie. Just that the scribe wasn't thick enough. Pippin's curiosity was the culprit that brought danger to the company. You can recreate the scene by just putting the respective minifigures beside the build. Pippin is ready to call the orcs and Gimli is filled with sadness and anger. These are the minifigures that we get from book one. I feel that this set is very worthy of the figures. You get five exclusives and two skeleton. Great bargain! With all these included, I won't complain about putting so many stickers in the set. Proceed to Book two. This is the place where they battled the Cave Troll in the movie. There are three parts connected by modular pins, with a deserted library and a treasure box underneath the center part. I like the design of the walls and the similarity to the scene in the movie was spot on! The scene actually shown in the movie for just a glance of one or two seconds only and LEGO managed to bring it out to live. There are a few play features here. The two levers that will lean the pillars forward and push down the large pillars targeting the Cave Troll. The other one is to push out the treasure box which is quite non-related to the movie I think. I'm quite satisfied with the design of the wall of the cave but not the size of it. I think a lot of MOCers out there will think of building the whole cave but what I see in the wild were only Batcaves were built. Hmm... The other half of bag one was this cave door that blocked those filthy orcses for a little while. We got a bronze axe here to put on the door to prevent them from opening the door and an Elvish inscription. I apologize for the lost of the wooden stickers here but without them it still look like a messy old door. The design of the door was nice and at the same time preserve the feeling of broken woods. The walls with dark grey and a few profile bricks nicely portrayed the look of the cave from the movie. "They have a Cave Troll." Two arrows shot at the door after Boromir peeped through the opening of the door. The antistuds showing here is not quite nice if you are looking at this side. There will be some work to do here for MOCers out there. "Orcs!" Legolas screamed out to get everyone ready for battle. "Let them come. There is one dwarf yet in Moria who still draws breath!" So Gimli stood on Balin's tomb and welcomes the attack. *The fellowship minifigs are not all in this set. (But Most) Ready, steady, here come the orcs! Fight! *Only Pippin is included in this set. Hey! Wrong door you fool! *Goblin King is not in this set too. Grand Entry of the main character in this set. I like it very much that the door is designed in his size. The cave troll fits nicely in the door when it opens but in the movie I think he broke the door. The sticker on the side of the wall here with two sets of eyes should be placed at the door but quite nice from this view so I'm not complaining. Here lies a play feature which you can flick the technic part to literally break the wall. Fight!!! We are outnumbered! Looks like the orcs are outnumbered here. I think more variants of orcs added would be nice here. This is the full view of the finished build. It does look like a cave if you arrange them as such but the dilemma of making it full will be not able to take photos in minifigures view. So I think this set is very well adjusted of the figure to build ratio. But for displaying the set, it is taking a lot of space and the parts are four separated compartments. So you might need a base plate to contain all of them into one unit. Lets move on to the minifigures. Minifigures Gimli, son of Gloin. He is a great minifigure despite being common. He is holding a big and a small axe which makes him not so stable but luckily the long bar can act as a stick to make him stand. The beard mold was very detailed but it covers all of his torso, so i took it out to see clearer. The logo of the belt resembles the shape of an axe. Without the manly beard now he looks like a boy. He has an alternate angry face. Hmm the angry face was kind of unnoticeable due to the large beard and helmet. Peregrin Took. He is exclusive to this set, so if you want to complete your Hobbit collection, this set is a must buy. The print of this minifigure is very detailed with his scarf and the dark blue coat. The shire belt is also a very nice print. The facial expression is very nice that they include the scared face after he was scolded by Gandalf. The cape is also specially designed to fit the height of a hobbit. Legolas Greenleaf. He is not exclusive to this set. He is wearing an olive green outfit which is the same in the movie, with all the Elven curves at the torso. I like it that the print that extended to the legs actually made him looks taller. The Elvish hair is also very nicely carved but it was too big and blocking his head to be fixed to look at the center. He also comes with alternate angry face. Here come the bad guys. Ironically both of them are exclusive to the set. The skin colors come in olive green and they have two face prints that looks very similar. I've mentioned the difference in the above picture. The torso and legs are identical. To make them slightly different I usually display them with different faces, one with the large blunt sword and shield, other with that mace. The brown color orc is for comparison. They look green maybe because of chronic darkness in the mine? This is also an exclusive minifigure in this set. Boromir. He is wearing a blue outfit with a belt just like in the movie but printing a Gondorian horn at the back of the torso would be a nice addition to this very nice minifigure. He came with a long sword and a special shield designed just for him. I like him so much as he is packed with so much exclusiveness in one minifigure! Nooooo!!! Don't shoot him please... Tadaa!!! This is the main reason for me to buy this set. This exclusive giant is a very nice big fig ever designed. The legs and head is one piece, and both arms are connected by this clicking pin which will hold the position of the arm if they are lifted up. There are two studs on top of his head for Legolas to kill him with style. The muscles on the arms are nicely molded and the hand can easily fit a minifigure for him to hold on to. He came with a brick built club and a chain which the orcs used to 'tame' him. They clearly didn't do a good job at this. The face is nicely printed with nice canines pointing at the lower jaw for a scary face. Overall this is a perfect big fig for a cave troll. I love it. For comparison, The Hulk and Goblin King are here to compete for size. Cave troll is considered medium here with Goblin King largest and The Hulk is smallest for the big fig category. Pippin is smallest here and he should be scared. Haha. This is the complete line up of the minifigures in this set. Its very awesome and worthy to say that only Legolas and Gimli can be found in other sets. The rests are exclusive. This alone would be a killer reason to buy this set. 'Orcsssss!!!' Conclusion This is one of my favorite Lord of the Rings LEGO set. In my opinion, the set is well balanced in the minifigure selection and the size of build. I got most of the member of the Fellowship of the Ring just by buying this set. The only downside is that I always dream of MOCing the whole cave but hard to come true. Do share in the comment here if you come across any Moria MOC. Review summary Playability: 6/10 - I think the play features here are for only kids to play with. Design / Building Experience: 6/10 - The cave is quite easy to build with lots of long bricks. Minifigures: 10/10 - Most of them are exclusive. Really can't argue with that in this set. I love them so much! Price / Value for money: 9/10 - This set is worthy for the cave troll and Boromir and Pippin. Overall: 9/10 - The design of the door, well and the coffin are very nicely done. Just that you might need to get another set to make the cave bigger and wider. The Fellowship of the Ring.