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Found 9 results

  1. Morning all, This is my first ever review, and I picked a tiny set for it! 5003082 is a promotional pirates set, with 24 pieces, one minifigure and a nice instruction booklet with a postcard. I bought this for a fiver on eBay, which seems to be the going rate. It's also available on Bricklink for a similar price. The box is sealed with a sellotape disk, and a tray slides out containing the bricks, instructions and bonus postcard. There is a nice little graphic on the box of Lego Pirates through the ages, which is shown in more detail later on. Unlike most other sets, the bag holding the bricks is glues down rather than vacuum sealed. Underneath the bricks and instructions is the postcard. The theme of this little set seems to be reflecting on the past, and it looks like they have split the theme into 1989-1993, 1994-1997, 2009-2010 and 2015. The skeleton is from the 2015 Pirates Juniors set I believe. The dotted line on the map-like background is a recurring theme in these instructions. Each of the pirates is a sticker, but I'll be keeping them on their backing for now. Finally, on the bottom of the tray is this pirate, again, I believe he is from the 2015 Pirates Junior set. Arrrrr! The instructions have the same cover design as the box, but with an old looking Lego System banner. I don't recall which era this was used in, but I feel it was before my time. There are three steps for the pirate in his barrel, two for the shark and six for the deserted island. The dotted line runs throughout the pages. But hang on, we've reached the end of the instructions, but we aren't even halfway through the booklet yet! More on that later! It wasn't until I got to this image that I realised how bad the lighting was! There are no unique parts here, except for the Pirate's torso. There are no spare pieces in this set, but you get a nice selection of piratey bits. The printed shark is nice, and is making it's Pirate theme debut, although I think it now might be included in the Pirates Junior set. It now has printed eyes and gills. Most other sets it has been included in have been expensive, so it's a nice way to get hold of one cheaply. The barrels and tan parts are always useful for MOCs, and the pirate flag is only available in this set and the aforementioned Juniors one. It's more child-like than the other versions, but has a certain charm. The chrome gold bar and coins make a welcome replacement for the pearl gold ones, and are in their own separate bag. And here is the complete assembly. The palm tree is similar, but smaller in design than the one that appears in 70412 Soldier's Fort, and suffers from the same problem with a grey hook holding it up, when either a tan or brown one would be better, and the palm tree top is in black, rather than either green or brown. Other than that, the set is very neat and useful for expanding 70411 Treasure Island, your pirate army and sea creatures. There are no play features, unless you count spinning the palm tree round and round, but a few good scenarios can be found with so few pieces: Pirate colonising new island Pirate finds treasure on new island Pirate gets drunk on rum after finding treasure on new island Shark attacks Pirate drunk on rum after finding treasure on new island Shark eats Pirate drunk on rum after finding treasure on new island Shark comes back for treasure. Here is the pirate in question. He comes with one of the new style hats and a clear bottle, which as far as I can make out are less common than green or black ones, which is nice. His torso was the main reason that lead me to getting this set though, as I do like variation in my ranks. The belt detailing is fantastic on the front, with a nice skull buckle across the chest. The back has a pouch, a letter and a coin purse. By the looks of it he has been robbed before. And that's the set! However, I promised you the rest of the instruction booklet, so here it is. A rather sweet trip down memory lane, a tribute to the Pirate theme. It's interesting to see the 4+ and Lego Movie sets included! It's lovely the way the dotted line chronologically connects the sets. In conclusion, this little set is great for the minifigure and animal, as well as pirate themed elements. It also has some sort of memorabilia or collectable status with the booklet. The only downside is the poor choice of colour on the hook and the palm tree top. It's hard to say whether it's worth the money as it's a promotional set, but for £5 this is a great little set.
  2. Does Toysrus ever give away their in store displays?They had a very cool Lego Batman display with many of the characters! Are they for sale anywhere? Thanks!
  3. A Faithful Tribute This is a follow up to the very successful 5002812 – Classic Spaceman Minifigure from 2014 and 5003082 – Classic Pirate Minifigure from 2015. It was no surprised that LEGO was going to continue this rather special trend of celebrating classic themes through these exclusive promos. This set is a direct homage and tribute to 6012 - Siege Cart; a small impulse LEGO Castle set released exactly 30 years ago. Unintentionally this promo becomes even more special as it’s released a few weeks after the passing of Daniel August Krentz, a retired LEGO designer who worked at LEGO between mid-1970s until 2000. Daniel is known to many us as the designer of 375 – Castle. Packaging The primary aspect of the box design is very reminiscent of most of the boxes between 1960 – 1965; the white studs covering the entire box and the LEGO logo in the top left. The box doesn’t scream attention to the contents much like the current products do, instead they show a small and simple vignette of the set with an extract of the booklet included and the 2016 stamp. Other nice details of the packaging include the LEGO System logo from 1950s on three sides. To open the box, you have to slide open the drawer on the right hand side which contains the pieces and booklet. Not only does the contents of the product reflect the classic sets, it’s also presented through the packaging and experience as you open the box which is one of the many reasons why this series is clearly a success. These easily have the best packaging of any LEGO product alongside Architecture, LEGO Ideas and the two exclusive Technic sets (41999 & 42056.) Booklet The booklet starts off with the simple instructions to build the Minifigure and model. It follows up by documenting the classic LEGO Castle sets through a timeline starting with the origins leading up to 2016’s Nexo Knights. Which follows a similar pattern with the previous two promos in this series. With the future instalments I can only guess it will be a similar scenario by promoting a new theme / sub-theme that links back to a classic LEGO theme. Surprisingly this also comes with a sticker sheet / postcard; the stickers are images of Minifigures represented throughout the Castle themes as well as the two LEGO logos. On the reverse side it’s a typical postcard design with a ‘castle / knights’ twist! I wish it was just a postcard with an awesome print showcasing this set instead of the stickers which slightly decreases the exclusivity of this promo. Minifigure The Minifigure is a near replica of the official castle sets, the difference being the weapon of choice; the long axe is a rather odd choice, perhaps an alternative weapon such as a bow and quiver could have been included instead. The printing is fantastic, both on the torso and the shield. I really appreciate that the torso or printing wasn’t over done or didn’t represent the ‘classic’ torso. That’s was one aspect that took away from previous promo (5003082 - Classic Pirate Minifigure.) Model The only noticeable difference between this model and the one included with 6012 - Siege Cart is the use of brown slopes over plates for the front bow shape, my guess is they weren’t available in the 80s. Besides that, pretty much every detail and feature from the original model has been replicated into this model, including the shield attachment at the front! Much like the printing they’ve stayed faithful and not over done the details to bring the design into modern day. Final Analysis / Conclusion Comparing this promo to the previous two; it’s easily the superior of the three! Not only does it reflect and celebrate the classic castle theme it also gives a faithful reproduction to a classic set: 6012 - Siege Cart; rather than including a random assembly of parts as did ‘5003082 - Classic Pirate Minifigure from 2015. It’s a perfect example of what a faithful homage and promotional product should be! 9.5 / 10 In the memory of Daniel August Krentz (1937 – 2016.)
  4. I came across this set when purchasing a bulk lot. Does anyone know anything about it? Thanks!
  5. ShadowWolfHount

    Review: 6934 Good Guy

    Let you know that I am not going to like this promo set at all, now we got that over and done I am going to make the review of the 2006 Good Guy that was a Swedish Disney Promotion and it didn't appear in the Bionicle Storyline. Set name: Good Guy Set Number: 6934 Pieces: 16 Year Released: 2006 Here is the Bag and there is nothing new just like all other bags but there is one thing, you see that weapon he have... keep a eye on that weapon. Instruction: The instruction is nothing new just a normal instructions that have the island of Voya-Nui in the background and the build is just like all other but the weapon Is Not The Same As What It's Shows In The Front Of The Bag And On the Upper Right Picture Of The Instruction. I mean did someone find this to bug them because it do bug me, if they what to use the Fire Bladed Piece then make a new picture not the one that used the the piece from the Staff of Disintegration. Anyway the Back of the Instruction just have the Toa Inika and that just about it, the instruction is useless so you can just use the back and put it on your wall or something. Parts: Here are the Parts, to me they are mostly useless but there are 3 black Axle 2 Notched and a Metru Head with it's Trans-Neon Green Brain, so those are really good parts to use for MOCs and you also get 2 extra pieces. If you what to see what the Parts are go to Brain Line to see what they are called. The Set: A: The set is just nothing good, it's bad and mainly only good for parts. The front and back is just flat and boring, you can hardly make a awesome and good poses then just make it look like he needs to go to bathroom Really Badly (know what I should have made a Picture of that, Good Guy going to the bathroom). B: The size make it up to Tahu Mata Leg and it's just a small normal lazy build promo set. Riaso: KILL IT BE IT'S TOO LATE overall this is just a lazy build promo set and just only good for parts but to me most of the parts are useless and I don't know why they made something like this because we have seen some good Promo sets before. So I am going to give this set a 4/10 so I don't recommenced this set unless for parts because they is mainly what it's good for.
  6. Came across this on the Brickset Forums: It's on Brick Owl, too, which provided the photo. I really really really want it. I wonder if it will be a threshold promo as it is in a promobag packaging. It might be one of those things like the LEGO Club Max or BR LEGO promobag, which was extremely hard to find. So, where will we get this promo from?
  7. Hi I've got 6 spare 30213 - Gandalf polybags (link here) from the Daily Mail Promo. I'm willing to accept any decent cash offers, or a direct trade for sealed SW minifigure polybags. I'd prefer to sell/trade them as a job lot but will consider offers for individual ones. Obviously, everything is new & sealed! Happy to post woldwide at cost, please PM me any offers. Cheers, Robin
  8. SteampunkDoc

    Review: 5001623 Jor-El

    Review: 5001623 Jor-El Polybag Hello, and welcome to my very first Eurobricks review! Sadly, because of his dark colors, it's fairly difficult to get all the tiny details photographed without over-exposing the edges. But hopefully that won't detract too much from this review. And don't ask about the funky number, that's just what Bricklink and Brickset said. Set Number: 5001623 Name: Jor-El Theme: Super Heroes Subtheme: DC Universe Year of Release: 2013 Pieces: 5 Minifigs: 1 Price: N/A (Free Polybag with $75 purchase.) First, the packaging, which is typical for a polybag. The front has a picture of the completed minifigure, and the back is covered in copyright notices and warnings. The image is probably of Krypton judging by the red sun. But other than that, it contains few details. Jor-El is highlighted by an unusual white glow, and as was noted back when the figure was leaked, it's lacking any character design in the upper right-hand corner. After opening the bag, I was shocked to see that the cape is loose, with no cardboard protecting it against unwanted bending/creasing. Elrond's cape may have been done the same way, but it's still something to consider. Thankfully, there was no damage to any of the parts, and they all look great. Once built, the great printing really begins to shine. Like most polys, Jor-El is a Chinese-made figure, with the arm stamps and ever so slightly reduced quality. But the face printing quickly puts away any doubts regarding his worth. There's some back printing, and it's identical to Superman's, but sadly there's not alternate face print. Probably because the hair piece wouldn't be able to cover the beard in back. Now, as were many people, I was surprised to see that the Jor-El minifigure is considerable darker than the Kal-El/Superman minifigure. Of course, part of it is the cape, as Jor-El uses dark brown as opposed to Kal-El's bright red. As you can see, the cape makes some difference but even so, Jor-El's plastic is a few shades darker. Here's a nice family picture...Plus Zod. Sadly, Jor-El's darker printing doesn't show up very well, and this allows the sheer awesomeness that is Zod to stand out. Also, the armor doesn't look nearly as cool on Super-Daddy. Results: Design: 4- It's a great print, and filled with details. He may not have a second face, and the printing may be nearly identical to Superman's, but it's still "Super." Value: 3- I didn't have to pay for it, but the listing price on is $5. It's a bit steep for one minifigure and no build, but it's a rarer figure, and unlike the CMFs, you know what you're getting. Playability: 3- It's a minifigure...With no accessories, no flick-fire missiles, no tiny useless build, and no ADU gun. On it's own it's got a certain degree of playability, but needs more to live up to it's full potential. Overall: 4- It's the perfect choice for a poly. He's a bigger player in the movie, but isn't big enough to be in any of the other sets. He's desirable, a great design, but this isn't robbing a different set of an integral character. (Looking at you Iron Patriot.) "Kneel before Zod." -SteampunkDoc
  9. As originally published at Nom-mage Since I haven't been able to get the 30190, I'll review the minifig set of the Shell promo, the 30196 Ferrari Pit Crew. I must say, this promo set has the most value. Three minifigs for about 3 EUR at the most is a very, very good deal! The Polybag This set has 50 pieces, which is a lot considering this is a minifig set. Minifig parts Their accessories Instructions As expected from Lego Ferrari sets (and as seen in the minifig parts), this would require stickers on their torsos. Not using them would just make the minifigs "generic". Sticker sheet My favorite piece here would be this one. I forget what it's called (Erlenmeyer flask?) Reminds me of chemistry class Again, 3 EUR for 3 minifigs is a good deal. Of course you have to gas up at least 25 EUR of Shell fuel (Philippine mechanics) The minifigs Ferrari Race Mechanic with jack Ferrari Refuelling Engineer with refuelling machine Shell Track Scientist and her chemicals The refuelling machine was the most "complicated" build, but the chemicals were the most intriguing with all the transluscent pieces, and of course my favorite Erlenmeyer flask. After all was said and done, the set yielded 4 extra pieces. Seems like most Lego Ferrari sets that has minifigs would always include an extra visor. Extra pieces The whole gang Pinoy minifigs clowning around with the crew On to the ratings: Design: 4.5/5 - The race mechanic accessory was pretty straight forward, but the refueling equipment plus the chemicals had a great look in spite its size. Parts: 4/5 - lots of translucent round plates, perfect for Lego cars, plus that Erlenmeyer flask. They could've explored a different jack for the race mechanic though. And then there's the stickers :| Build: 3.5/5 - pretty straightforward. Nothing special. Stickers were a pain as usual. Playability: 4/5 - can be easily added to any Lego town or Lego Ferrari set. Price: 5/5 - can't say it enough. 3 minifigs for less than 3 EUR is a steal! Overall: 4.2/5 They say you gotta have an oil change for a chance to get this set. Then again, I got this set with a normal fill-up. Try asking your local Shell station, you might be lucky like me!