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Found 31 results

  1. With the 10-Year Anniversary of the death of Daniel Jezek (1977-2010) in September 2020, I've taken advantage of the new Mosaic Tool on and made a huge portrait of Bricklink's founder! This year, he would've turned 43 years old.
  2. Do you remember when Mega Bloks had a Universal license from five years ago? They've released the station wagon from 'Minions' back in 2015. I recreated this using actual LEGO! Now with the new LEGO Minions sets, this car would make a great addition! Download Link:
  3. Here, it is set in the 'Turn Of The 1990s' when they first bought their floral print lounge suites, a mahogany bookshelf and cocktail buffet but before the fireplace had a stone surround built and when the brick arch/skirting were painted peachy pink! The 1x1 headlight brick makes a great TV set! I really do miss these good times at their former residence! Dating from the Late 19th Century, it also had three bedrooms, a small kitchen that had a swing out counter that allowed access to underground wine storage, a large backyard and a swimming pool! Here's what the living room looked like prior to my day of birth! And after the refurbishment:
  4. BrickWild MOC - Water Slide

    Though I built this in LDD years ago, I've tweaked it up and added a nifty signboard!
  5. I'm planning on building a cargo trailer for the upcoming Land Rover Defender! Next, I might plan on building the drawbar.
  6. I compared the different LEGO rendering engines available through LDD, Bluerender and Have a look at the results:
  7. A little hard to see in the image, but I am having problems rendering face decals. Most of it renders fine, but the top part appears to have chunks missing. Has any one else had this problem and if so can it be fixed?
  8. atkaforce


    Hi my friend! Here i show you my new modular. The idea came from a building i saw in Rhodes when i was there this summer. Enjoy. regards Attila Taverna by Attila Nagy, on Flickr Ground floor with the little taverna: Taverna Ground Floor by Attila Nagy, on Flickr Taverna_LDD2_gf by Attila Nagy, on Flickr First floor is the kitchen and the living room: Taverna_LDD2_1f by Attila Nagy, on Flickr In the attic there are the rest:-) Taverna_LDD_2mf by Attila Nagy, on Flickr
  9. While waiting for Bluerender to work for a Mac, I'm trying the rather labyrinthine method to get a .lxf into POVRay for the Mac. Usually for builds coming from LDD into Bricksmith (LDR app for a mac) too many parts are missing (40-50% often times) that I don't have time to rebuild the project there before render. For the project this week, it's possible as only a few parts are missing, but I found a new problem: Anyone know why a transparent canopy (I use trans brown in LDD and trans black as it should be in Bricksmith) would render in POVRay near-black, muddy, with a few specks of transparency? It basically looks like a messed up solid black brick. Is there a setting change to make, or am I just fated never to pull off a render on a Mac? Thanks for any advice.
  10. In the occasion of the new Imperial Shuttle 75094 I virtually rebuilt two movie scenes from Star Wars Episode VI - Return of the Jedi - showing the iimperial Shuttle Tydirium approaching Endor. The model was built with LDCad and rendered with Pov-Ray. Imperial Shuttle Tydirium by papacharly24 Imperial Shuttle Tydirium approaches Endor by papacharly24 Hope you enjoy it!
  11. I have seen on forums ppl are talking that even if POVRAY crashes your PC with BSOD you can actually continue your rendering from the exact point where it stopped using .pov-state file and some +C switch. BUT the problem is: it is actually not explained anywhere, no simple steps like do this and than this, so is here anyone at all who actually knows how to do it, please?
  12. Does anyone know how to achieve gradient background (if possible at all) in POVRay's script? "Normal" solid color script looks like this: background { color rgbt <100/255, 100/255, 100/255, 0> } I did try every possible combination with texture{}, pigment{}, gradient y{} and color_map{} but no success - POVRay stops at this script part all the time so even I miss something important or there is no real option for gradient background in POVRay. Reason for this is that I would like to replace my existing "space" background in MOC that I need to make additionaly in external SW after rendering in POVRay (see below) with two-color gradient...cos I really like those backgrounds in 80's LEGO sets catalogues (mainly Classic Space).
  13. Hi, I don't know if there's a specific thread for this but I couldn't find one, so I hope it's ok me starting a new one. I do a lot of Lego in computer using both LDD and LDraw (Bricksmith editor), but what I'd like to try and do is create some higher quality images than the ones I manage to get out of LDView. I only have a Mac laptop. Could you give me any advice on the software/tools I need to get hold of? (Tried looking for Pov-ray but that doesn't seem to have a current mac release? Also, a lot of the tools seem geared exclusively for Windows which I can't run) Cheers NathanR
  14. Hello, Eurobricks Technic, Mindstorms and Model Team! I have been without internet for some time, and just logged into Eurobricks again. I cannot embed an image, so here is the image location on postimage org: I am Kieran Chamberlain, and I present to you a rendering of a Harley Davidson custom designed using LDD that I will be building soon. It is my first LDD to POVRAY rendering, and uses the default render settings. The tyres in the render are for representation only, the real model will have tyres synthesized from pnuematic tubing, etc. 98% complete, It comprises a heady 3000+ parts at 65cm length, with the following functional features: -45 degree single cam V-twin engine with two pushrod operated valves per cylinder -Front and rear brakes with hand and foot controls -Springer front suspension -Foot gearshifter with nuetral and first gear -9v motor in gearbox, battery pack disguised as oil tank -Steering Enjoy!
  15. Sérgio

    [MOC] The Queen

    Hello, i dont always build trains :) The Queen from movie Aliens 20 bricks High, 40 studs long, full articulated, hope you like it :) Lego - Aliens, The Queen by SergioBatista, on Flickr
  16. Virtual Movie Scene “Snowspeeder vs AT-AT” from Star Wars Episode V “Battle on Hoth”: Wedge Luke fights an AT-AT. Scenery and models (75049 Snowspeeder and 75054 AT-AT) virtually built with SR3D Builder. String (Rope) built with MLCad/LSynth. Povray render. Povray-file generated with LDView. Pure Render. Hope you like it! Edit October 16th: Now it is Wedge's "orange" Snowspeeder!
  17. papacharly

    [MOC] Feuerstuhl (Trike)

    “Feuerstuhl” is german slang and usually used as expression for a heavy motorcycle. The direct translation to the English language is “Chair of Fire”. But this translation does not reflects the meaning of the german term “Feuerstuhl” which implies power, speed and roaring sound. Feuerstuhl is highly inspired by the built sc-3w-06 designed by Vince_Toulouse (see here). Its virtually built by SR3D Builder and rendered by Povray. HiRes images here.
  18. I was able to purchase the brand-new and very rare Lego Nanofighter 0.0000007965 Millenium Falcon !! The size of this new nanofighter fits exactly to the scale of the 10030 Imperial Star Destroyer. So my goal was to rebuild the famous Star Wars Scene from Episode V when Han Solo docks the Millenium Falcon to the Star Destroyer. Luckily I own 3 sets of 10030 as well as one set of 10221 Super Star Destroyer. So I was able to setup this movie scene in real life. As you can imagine, it was quite a bit fiddly to assemble this nanofighter. Especially assembling the laser cannons was a challenge. However, by using a magnifying glass and a pair of tweezers I was able to accomplish this mission. Have fun! original movie scene: Remake: Hi-Res Image
  19. JAGO is a submersible primarily dedicated to exploration and research in marine sciences. Check it out here: I virtually built it by SR3D Builder (LDraw system) and rendered it by Pov-Ray. Regarding the “Shark-Render” I used media and scattering for generating the “foggy” appearance of the underwater scenery. The sharks are from Lego 4506 Deep Sea Predators (posted by C3POwen in "Official Lego Sets made in LDraw"). Papacharly
  20. A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT I like this movie as well as fly-fishing. So my goal was to copy the movie poster by using virtual legos. The scenery was arranged with SR3D Builder. Fly Line (string) generated with LSynth (MLCad). Rendered with Pov-Ray: For lighting I used 6 spotlights. For getting closer to the mood of the original movie poster I disabled radiosity and used focal blur. The original movieposter: It's my first poste in the "Special" forum. So hope you enjoy it.
  21. Mini TrialTruck Big step deciding to show you my w.i.p, my two small sons have been helping out currently trying to keep it down to 200 parts and less studful...(its over by a couple of pieces, including the minifigs) Got to throw some minifigs in there too... Features: Pendular rear suspension in two axes... Forward/back, left/right Progressive steering on the front two axles, front wheels steer more than the next set behind. HOG steering in the tailpipe, flip open front. All done from my 'spares' box - for some reason I do not have any right-angled connector elements in Black... not even in current models We'll see how this evolves and whether it will enter the competition or not (my sons want it to) but I know It ain't gonna win prizes but that is not the point in entering.... LXF file here -> TrialTruck_v3.2.lxf Please use, improve....and most importantly share, I want to see 20 variations of these in the competition
  22. hello my friends, Im a huge fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion, so i try to build 2 of the more rare EVAs, that apear in de OVA "Rebuild of Evangelion 2.22 You Can (not) Advance" this is my first try on this kind of building, i made in LDD and render with Pov-Ray. i do not know if the models on real bricks can stand by it selfs, but i-me happy with this MOCs full articulation even on spine wite lots of ball joints, hinges and stuff :) hope you like it :)