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Found 10 results

  1. Watch the Footage The Mecanum wheel is an omnidirectional wheel design for a land-based vehicle to move in any direction. The Mecanum Wheel is based on a tireless wheel, with a series of rubberized external rollers obliquely attached to the whole circumference of its rim. These rollers typically have an axis of rotation at 45° to the wheel plane and 45° to the axle line. When spinning generates a propelling force perpendicular to the roller axle, which can be vectored into: + a longitudinal component + a transverse component Minions use Pulse Width Modulation technology to adjust the speed of their vehicles. Minions change the running direction of each wheel or motor with H-bridge technology and control the movement of their vehicles by combining different wheel directions. Camellia Mini could control all motors synchronously, which keeps 4 Mecanum wheels changing direction or speed simultaneously, thus making the vehicle perform perfect omnidirectional running. Copyright © Camellia Café 2016-2021 Camellia Café and its LOGO are registered trademarks.
  2. Finally after a year delay, here is my review on 75550 Minions Kung Fu Battle: THE GOOD: The set actually looks great and will fit very well with the chinese new year temple festival from last year. Surprising new printed element, looks like shin ryu from Dragon Ball. Great mini dragon dance build. Cool action features. THE NOT SO GOOD: No way to have the just one minifigure stands on flat surface with falling when holding the dragon dance but I guess this is expected =P Overall, I like this set. It's probably a runner up if compared to the buildable minons set. I really like the look of it and really surprised with the new printed tile. I thought it's gonna be stickers when they first annouced this. I like the action features and the minifigures included. Otto looks really cute but of cos this is subject to if you like Minions or not. The price while is on the high end, given it is not uncommon to get discount off this, pricing ain't that bad to be honest. anyway, I think this is a good set includes great minifigs and some cool stuff which I will recommend to everyone.
  3. Do you remember when Mega Bloks had a Universal license from five years ago? They've released the station wagon from 'Minions' back in 2015. I recreated this using actual LEGO! Now with the new LEGO Minions sets, this car would make a great addition! Download Link:
  4. Here is my review on the other minions set released: THE GOOD: Stuart and Bob are great minifigures. The rocket skates suit the minions well. THE NOT SO GOOD: Gru minifigure does not capture the character at all. Obviously haven't seen the movie so cant compare the motorbike but the bike just don't do it for me. Overall, I would have skipped this set if the other 3 sets released at the same time. No doubt this set would make lots of kids happy and with a very appealing price point but I just can't agree on the direction the designer took with the Gru Minifigure. I do like the Stuart and Bob minifigures though and this what drove me to buy this. If you planning to buy a Minions set and have a few extra dollars, I would suggest you get the Brick built Minions and skip this one.
  5. Here is my review on 75551 Brick-built Minions and their lair: THE GOOD: The brick-built Kevin, Stuart and Bob are excellent, I think just the right size and impressed how well the design captures the vibe of each character with known lego limitation. Distinct interior inside each minion. Excellent use of printed parts and stickers. Great Minifigures. THE NOT SO GOOD: Can only build 2 minions in one set. The stickers for Bob's interior is a bit difficult to apply. Overall, I think it's an excellent set. I know Minions may not for everyone but I really enjoyed the building experience and the finished product. Absolutely loving the minifigures too. I do wish they included/increase the piece count to allow BOB in the set too. Buying 2 sets may not be feasible for everyone and you end up with one extra Stuart (well, of cos you can easily customise it to a generic minion). Other than this, I can't fault this set at all. WIll totally recommend this to anyone even to those not really like the minions. Now I'm looking forward to the other 3 delayed sets next year.
  6. car_mp

    MOC: Minions

    A gift for my wife. She is in love with this guys, especially with the fire alarm one (beedo...beedo...)
  7. Kolonialbeamter

    [Minions] Merry Mug'mas

    Ahoy, fellow BoBSers, a bit late maybe, but then... minions do their things when they feel like it - celebrating is no different. This is an entry for the Nellisan Merrynight mini-challenge, category C. Merry Mug'mas After having sold the plundered (and later beached) Santa Clara to Oleon - by the way the ship sank as those incompetent minions hadn't managed to fix her up watertight... or did they do that on purpose... maybe they don't even know themselves... anyways, moving on - well, with all the treasure and the additional Oleander DB, the minions had enough cash at their disposal to throw a proper Mug'mas party. So they filled up The One MugTM with mulled wine... and just went nuts. What's in all the presents, you may ask - probably just mugs and hats They had even heard about that Nellisan custom of decorating a fir tree... but somehow misunderstood the concept... or did it intentionally... who knows... anyways - bottom line: the fir tree quickly turned into a fire tree... About: Well, nothing special about this at all, the mug has been used before, the rest is pretty basic. However, the idea was in my head as soon as I read about the Merrynight mini-contest. This just had to be done Thanks for watching C&C welcome!
  8. DigitalWizards

    Minions Big Banana Race

    We all love Minions at Digital Wizards Studios so we created a fun, exciting mini movie featuring the Despicable Me Minions. Welcome to the Big Banana Race. What do you all think?
  9. car_mp

    MOC: Minion "girl"

    Waiting for a lot of orange parts to arrive..., meanwhile the render with LDD2PovRay.
  10. ACPin


    Quick build as I was sorting through the yellow pieces, found the 1x4 smiley while the commercial for the movie was on TV. Ding! AC