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Found 42 results

  1. FTG Prime

    [MOC] Minifig Scale Batpod

    Here's my take on the Batpod from The Dark Knight trilogy I recently finished my Tumbler and had the urge to build this after watching some reviews of the Hot Toys version. I wasn't going to build it this soon but I made the guns on and got really excited so I made the rest.It's heavily inspired by Young Wook Song and Michael on Flickr. I wouldn't say this is 100% minifig scale but it's pretty close and looks really good in most angles in my opinion.Accuracy was a priority as usual, however, that came at the expense of some functionality. As a result, this is mostly a display model You can find the parts list and free video tutorial both at my Rebrickable and YouTube. Here's a link to both Rebrickable: YouTube:
  2. I made the 2021 LEGO 76240 Batman Tumbler drive (again) and upgraded the looks to be more real. full remote controlled motorization (drive and steer) independend suspension (front: moving liftarms!) moving front armour plates as in movie retractable roof complete do-over of side armor plates: finaly polygons very close to the movie (not flat as LEGO did it) front gunner seat "hydraulics" finally as in movie winglets fixed on both ends now (no loose parts as from LEGO) Mind the Gap - closed that gap between the rear tires (i think in danish LEGO rhymes on lazy ;) Instructions on rebrickable: I already did this with the 2014 version. Actually it was my first LEGO set in years. But I was never really happy with this. There were still too many flaws (as with the 2021 version) This time i wanted it to look more close to the original, finally. So I upgraded the armour and some other details a bit, to fix LEGO's little flaws. This is the LEGO Tumbler Batmobile, I always wanted.
  3. Hi everyone. I'm c-t, I'm new here. I just wanted to share my Tumbler MOC from the Dark Knight movies with you all and get some feedback. I've tried to build one in this scale before and this is by far my best attempt. I'm really happy with how it turned out. Tumbler by CT Briggs, on Flickr I sacrificed a little bit of detail in the angles of the sides for the sake of durability, but I think it looks good while being very stable. Tumbler Front by CT Briggs, on Flickr Tumbler Rear by CT Briggs, on Flickr I was inspired by these tires. Even though the tread isn't super accurate they were the perfect width and diameter for this scale. They're narrow enough that I can put them four across and it doesn't look too disproportionate. Tumbler by CT Briggs, on Flickr Tumbler Interior by CT Briggs, on Flickr I always like a detailed interior so I did my best. I probably could have fit in two seats if I'd tried but I don't like cramming the figures in there. Tumbler Interior by CT Briggs, on Flickr And that's what I've got! I hope y'all liked it!
  4. Hi folks, I made a motorization for the good old big Batman Tumbler, if youre interested, seems to be the only one out there, the instructions and details are here. full front suspension with moving swing arms (those big things in the front that hold the wheels, like in the movies) Power Functions servo motor steering system, nicely hidden so you won't see it through the windows or in the front what's more powerful than an L-engine and faster than a XL-engine? Right, two L-engines! This motorisation retrofit is fun! Differential for the back axle, with those big wheels you will need it all gears run stable, no cracking suspension for the back axis using springs of the same size as those pseudo springs from the original set a retractable roof (no separate roof parts like in the original) a few other small modifications to make it look a bit closer to the original and make it more sturdy not to lose parts while working very stable frame
  5. Hi! Today I'd like to show very small MOC. This funny model has two motors, two wheels and one BuWizz :) Because of rotating center it's not easy to control it, but it is very funny. Instructions: Thanks for watching!
  6. Here's my attempt to add steering to the awesome UCS tumbler:
  7. Hey Guy´s :) I have been working on Custom-Rims for the UCS Tumbler. I think now there are more realistic?! What du you Guy think?

    [MOD] Dark Knight's Tumbler

    This is my mod of Lego 76001 Tumbler :) Sharing the same major flaw of 76001 Tumbler, this doesn't have 4 rear wheels and certain parts at the back are not available in black colour, but overall I'm satisfied with its sturdiness and shape. Hope you guys like it ! Regards, KMP
  9. Hello guys. Lately I'm having fun with LEGO and stop motion. I want to share this last video with you. Hope you like it.
  10. Hello everyone !! I've been a huge fan of the Tumbler most of my life, it's my favorite Batmobile... mainly because this is the one i grew up with, i remember having set 7888 back when i had 8 and being blown away by how "accurate" it was (man i was soooo wrong). I eventually realized this and tried several times to make a Tumbler that was accurate and minifig scale specially after i saw the real thing back on 2012 this wish became more intense but i ultimatelly failed almost every time (You can actually see most of those in my Flickr page...please don't) something was missing... while i was on my free time (this is last year btw) i popped on the BTS disk of Batman Begins for the 100th time lol, the making of the tumbler featurette always inspires me, the whole process of how Nolan planned and how the made it work is just so amazing to me, so i gave it a last try.... fortunally for my own mental sanity... i did it. Here's my Tumbler, i tried to recreate every little thing i could while keeping it down in scale, unfortunally this is waaay too big for 100% minifig scale but i don't care lol. I know it's missing the gold bits near the nose, i re-created those with some levers which i actually painted gold i just switched them back to some black ones so it wouldn't hurt you purist guys concience Needless to say that all the angles were a nightmare to re-create, a fun nightmare non the less, all of them had to look perfect otherwise my perfectionist mind would constantly have an issue with it lol, that's why i call this the "Ultimate Tumbler" because for me it is what i would consider Ultimate within my own standards... now that i think of it, the title does sound a bit too clickbaitty for my taste,,,, ah screw it i'm sticking with it. Here's a side view of the thing. By far one of the parts i'm the happiest with is the back, sure the springs are waay to big and are not in an angle & the handle isn't as big as it should but i think it looks fairly well compared with the real vehicle. Now i hear you say..."Looks neat and all Prime but does it fit a fig?" and the answer is: Yes ! it fits two minifigs as a matter of fact. And that's about it, this has to be my favorite MOC i've done, it was such a fun ride to do and i'm really happy with the result, i actually uploaded this to the Rebrick contest Best of Batman so if you wanna check the page and leave a like and what not over there here's the link:{DE2F0F7A-957B-44D3-86D1-F329CD6323C8}&a_id=7f0150b1-5235-49de-a3f8-ac949f8f6739&sortEntry=true Now that the plug is over, thank you guys so much for taking the time to read this, so if you could go trought my usual horrible grammar and spelling well congrats ! Hope you have a great day ! -Prime
  11. Now a Lego Cuusoo Project! Please Support by voting at: Tumbler & Bat Pod LEGO Ideas Page The Bat LEGO Ideas Page Updated the Cover image for my Cuusoo Page to include the Minifigs Added the Minifigures that can be included with the set, designed to be movie accurate of course.From Left to Right: Lt. James Gordon, Henri Ducard, Batman Begins Suit, Ra's al Ghul, Joker, Scarecrow & Two Face From Left to Right: Selina Kyle, Dark Knight Suit, Lucius Fox, Merinda Tate & John Blake These are my renditions of the Tumbler, Bat Pod & The Bat reproduce with lego bricks in 2 seaters minifig scale and staying as close to the original movie design as best I can.It was great challenge building a movie accurate Tumbler as many of the surfaces are angled, not particularly easy with lego bricks that generally connects at right angle. It was even more challenging to build a movie accurate Bat Pod in minifig scale, as the original vehicle was designed to fit a normal human proportion!Tumbler measures at 19cm(L) x 12cm(W)Bat Pod measures at 16cm(L) x 4cm(W)The Bat measures about 31cm(L)x20cm(W)x13cm(H) This is by far the hardest to build among all 3 Dark Knight vehicles due to its front heavy structure and angular design, not to mention overly complicated flaps and rudders system. The interior of Tumbler & The Bat fits 2 minifigs sitting upright. Original vehicles designs and proportions recreated in minifig scale. Every vehicles details faithfully replicated and all flaps movable. Bat Pod comes with an EMP Gun holder and the wheels rotates. Details of the underside, with rotatable rotors and movable flaps.Thanks for viewing, please help support the project! Tumbler & Bat Pod LEGO Ideas Page The Bat LEGO Ideas Page
  12. Hey Eurobricks community. Just built a new alternate from the #31046 set and this time it's a Tumbler-ish concept car. I was really surprised that it's possible to create a vehicle with no yellow elements in the body since I thought that the inventory of the set is real tight. I couldn't not recreate every single detail in maximum accuracy because of the limited pallete, for example the rear part is a bit of freestyle but from the front and sideview the car looks really reminiscent with the original Tumbler. a link to video and some pictures with this alternate build. Thanks for watching!
  13. Hello everyone, I'm a newbie and I'm from Viet Nam. I'm love to using part technic to MOC by myself. I'm so glad to join the group. My idea about chassis' Tumbler using this: and here it is About steering - to difficult to moc that ( it's include steering and shock absorbers) And videos here: I'm use one motor buggy for drive I'm use one motor NXT for steering and another one for control two guns in front of. Finally thank for your watching and nice to meet you all.
  14. tfcrafter

    Dark Knight Tumbler MOC

    With the highly anticipated Batman v Superman being released in a week, I decided to revamp some of my old Batmobile MOCs. The first one I decided to redo was the Tumbler. This is the fifth iteration of my MOC, and features seating for two, opening canopy, and 6 poseable flaps. I collectively used a lot of great ideas from other peoples' designs, mainly from Buggyirk's, so much of the credit goes to him. Please enjoy! And of course, an obligatory Batman v Superman style shot
  15. ToniMontana

    [Moc] Batmobiles and the Bat!

    Hello there, here are a few more of my mocs i made a while ago, this time, they're for batman! all are my own creation, but the bat is a heavily modified version of velociraptors(i believe, it's been a while since i made them) , and is a bit smaller and a lot sturdier. i can't remember who designed the bat pod.... More pics can be found on my flikr page: Enjoy! feedback is most welcome. ps, sorry about the poor photography, black is very hard to photograph... Classic Batmobile: Lego The Batmobile (60's tv show) moc by toni lynam, on Flickr Lego The Batmobile (60's tv show) moc by toni lynam, on Flickr Keaton inspired Batmobile: Lego batmobile moc by toni lynam, on Flickr Lego batmobile moc with better batwings by toni lynam, on Flickr Lego batmobile moc by toni lynam, on Flickr The Tumbler: Lego bat tumbler moc by toni lynam, on Flickr Lego bat tumbler moc by toni lynam, on Flickr The Bat: Lego The Bat moc #lego #batman #tdkr by toni lynam, on Flickr Lego The Bat moc #lego #batman #tdkr by toni lynam, on Flickr Lego The Bat moc #lego #batman #tdkr by toni lynam, on Flickr And finally, the family photo :) Lego batman mocs #lego #batman #legomocs by toni lynam, on Flickr
  16. A couple of years ago, there was an assemblage of the live-action movie Batmobiles that made appearances at Warner Brothers Studios and the San Diego Comic-Con. This is a LEGO mini-scale recreation of those gatherings: To the Batmobile! by SPARKART!, on Flickr. It's funny to me how playing with LEGO sometimes leads you down creative paths you don't intend; At first, I didn't set out to make all these Batmobiles at this scale. It started with my acquisition of the Mattel Hot Wheels Batman Live Batmobile die-cast toy; I thought it would be fun and easy to recreate it in LEGO. Not that fun, not that easy, ultimately a failure, but what I learned from that exercise led to the creation of the Batman Forever mini-scale model design. After designing the Batman Forever model, I thought it would be a shame not to attempt the Batmobile designed by Anton Furst from Tim Burton's Batman. I re-used ideas from my Chibi Batmobile to make a more realistically proportioned mini-scale model. I really wanted a Christopher Nolan Tumbler to go along with these models, so I reworked the Tumbler design I already had, made it a little bigger and more accurately shaped. It's still undersized compared to the others, but close enough for me for now. The Futura Batmobile from the 1966 TV show and movie came next, and I laughed out loud with the creation of the little figures of Adam West and Burt Ward in their colorful, distinctive costumes. Isn't it amazing how just the suggestion of a few pieces of colorful plastic make pictures in the mind? That's one of the things I love about LEGO, that almost impressionistic appeal of suggesting something with a few colors and shapes, then relying on the audience to "get it". I kinda dreaded making the Batman and Robin version of the Batmobile because I don't like the movie, and I have habit of watching the source material for reference and inspiration while working on the models. You know, the quiet parts of Batman and Robin I really enjoy - those interactions between Alfred, Bruce, Barbara, and Dick - it's just the cartoony, loud, obnoxious parts of Batman and Robin that I find less than good. After all the practice with the other Batmobiles, this last one was designed pretty quickly; It's also the least accurate detail-wise and very simplified...but it comes from the movie I like the least, so...there. I've got the Tumbler and Batman Forever versions 99% done in real brick, and the Furst Batmobile is 80% done. I'm working on collecting the elements for the others. So, the project is very much WIP. Please feel free to give opinions on this ongoing effort, what you like/hate, what could be improved, etc.
  17. I'll be an Enforcer!! All I can say guys: my vehicle will have 4 Tumbler wheels!! :laugh: :laugh:
  18. "Why So Serious? This Baby Works Just Fine!” "Let's put a smile on that face!" - The Joker by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr First Impression 2014 was a very impressive year for LEGO fans; a huge number superb sets that were released including this impressive and outstanding recreation of the Tumbler from The Dark Knight Trilogy. It was first mentioned by Jason from The Brick Show on Youtube that we have a UCS Tumbler on the way. Since then many have speculated the set would be released because last year was the 75th anniversary of the Caped Crusader and we would see a Batman vehicle based off the classic Batman comics or movies such as Jerry Robinson’s, Batman 66’s, Batman Animated Series or even a redesign of the Batman & Robin Batmobile. In fact I would love for LEGO to release those but the popularity of The Dark Knight movie made this model happen. After many fans have trying to replicate this iconic vehicle and many LEGO Ideas submissions we have finally got a UCS Batman Tumbler from LEGO themselves! I was super pumped for this set: one hand it's a large scale car model (which I enjoy) and it's based on a very much loved film franchise and character that I and others enjoy; the price just put me off until now! Was it worth it though? Unique Parts Besides the obvious exclusive minifigure parts there are two exclusive pieces those being the Tyre Wide Ø81,6X44 (front wheels) and the Pearl Gold Wheel Bearing Back. Surprisingly the Batman head is exclusive. Minifigures This set includes Batman and the Joker minifigures, I guess they are only included to boost sales for rather large set; even though they are not in scale with the model as the box states. Those minifigures will drive collectors and people to purchase the set who are not even interested in the model (who wouldn't be?) which is pretty sad if you ask me. I got it purely for the model; the minifigures and stand are bonuses! They both can be displayed on a sleek and simple display stand with the information plaque in the centre which has many different stats and information about the vehicle. I like that The Dark Knight logo isn't placed at the top of the plaque, were it could have been cheesy. The plaque is instead titled 'Wayne Industries - Applied Science Division' which makes more sense as the Tumbler was known for all its cool facts and makes the model feel authentic. This is my first set with a display stand and plaque so I can say it took about 15-20 minutes to get the sticker right but it did catch some dust after multiple times so I have very few bumps on the stand but it's very minor. I like that it's not that sticky as other stickers which made it much easier to apply. The Christian Bale Batman is based on the Batman Begins suit since we have already got The Dark Knight Rises one in 2013. I'm really digging the level of details on the front and back of the torso; it's very movie accurate and doesn't look cartoony which 2013 one did. The most disappointing part about this minifigure is the lack of leg and arm printing, if this was based off a comic version of Batman it wouldn't be a problem but the fact it's not as detailed as the Marvel movie variants it's really disappointing for such a large set. Batman comes with a Batarang but it's the one that we have always had, I would have liked an exclusive Dark Knight Batarang instead. The main highlight for this set is the first ever Heath Ledger Joker who has been a fan requested minifigure for a very long time. He is pretty much perfect unlike Batman; he has a detailed torso and legs. I really like that just front of the head has white faded printing to give it the face paint effect, whereas normally he has a white head instead. His smirk is so sinister. I'm not sure if the Earth Blue hands are accurate. Like the Batman minifigure he also doesn't come with an exclusive accessory but at least Batman came with one but the Joker doesn't have anything; maybe an exclusive knife or Joker card would have been cool. I have put the pair of very precious minifigures free from dust so they are not on the display stand but it still does look good without them. Playability Besides rolling it backwards and forwards, several adjustable flaps, some movable interior details and the two sections of the removable roof it doesn't have anything else. It's hasn't got is primary features from the movie; those being an ejectable Bat-Pod, opening doors and steering. I understand and can see that the main goal was to get all those angles and shapes that we see on the actual Tumbler which the designer at LEGO has achieved. It's such a shame as it would have completed the model but I guess LEGO have given the fans an opportunity to modify the model and do it ourselves. I must say that getting its wheels to turn and motorize it must be really difficult. Not to mention ejecting a Bat-Pot from the model. Maybe there is a person out there who could figure it all out and make it work successfully and keep all the great angles and shapes Adam has put into the model. I had problems with adding the sub-assemblies during the end since they can be fragile which means it's not recommend for play. Build Experience This set contains 18 numbered bags (1-11.) This set contains five instruction booklets and two sticker sheets which come in a cardboard sleeve to keep them straight. To note, I got an extra sheet of the smaller stickers for some odd reason? Really, for a set this size they could have made it into a thick square bound book like they have done with a few sets already and included some facts about the movie vehicle and the LEGO design process. Boy was very challenging, I really enjoyed the build, it took me around 8 hours to build which was very surprising since most people took about 4-5 hours; it's very different to the models I normally build which are rather simple like the Modular Buildings. It takes a while to build the main frame of the model but after that it quickly comes together with many sub-assemblies. I understand that most of the time man made things are symmetrical so this had a mirrored build and it does get slightly repetitive but at least I didn't see more than 'x2' in the instructions. I had a hard time attaching the front wheel assembly that attaches to the Technic panel; it took some time to actually make it stay on since it's held on with many studs. I also found out that the design could have easily made that area stronger with a few of Connector Peg W. Knob; we get loads of extras of those so it's not really a problem. I also thought a few more of Slide Shoe Round 2X2 could have been used to make some of the assemblies much stronger like the chairs. The stickers where the only down side to the build which slightly stressed me out but I found out that sticking a corner of the sticker on the back of the actual sticker sheet makes it much easier and fingerprint proof. The main frame is very study when complete but like I said the sub-assemblies are the weak areas in terms of stability but I don't know how else it would have been possible. -What makes this model different from many other LEGO models is that you cannot easily tell how it's built; due to all the non-linear shapes and angles achieved throughout the model. I can say we do have two elements in the front wheels which are visible, that’s not intentionally part of the design but that fact that only the black is visible throughout the whole with a few hints of grey and gold details; normally we would have exposed blue or red LEGO Technic pins which normally takes away from most LEGO models but in this case it's only very minor which is great for a model at this scale. Value for Money This retails for £159.99 in the UK and contains 1869 pieces. The price shocked me; then I saw the designer video and was impressed with the size; now that I own it I can say it’s damn huge. It's beauty is the size and details; just speechless. The Dark Knight and Batman fans will really appreciate this model, it delivers a different and educational build experience, compared to your average set as it’s aimed towards adults and collectors. The other day I checked the price for the Tyre Wide Ø81,6X44 and I discovered that they are on the LEGO Bricks and Pieces feature and they go for about £8 each! Now I can understand why the set costs so much, the large tires must be very hard to make and manufacture so therefore the price reflects that. I added all the tires and rims and it came out close to £40. What this means is it would have cost £120 without the tires and rims. You have to understand that's the main reason why the set costs so much. Just like real cars. I plan to buy two more for a Bat-Pod MOC in scale with this Tumbler. Theme Popularity LEGO Batman sets always to well and this will make a great collector’s item. Exclusivity This set is available at LEGO Stores and and other selected retailers. Surprisingly it’s still listed 1 per customer online which means resellers will be upset and tells us that there is limited availability. Packaging I like the fact they changed the colour of the banner for this set and made is a mix of grey and black. The way they presented the model is just like it's jumped off the screen. On the back of the box we see a main image of the model in the basement, and just below it we have several technical views of the Tumbler. The back also gives us a good look at the interior which is pretty much impossible to see once built. Growth Potential This will do very well as an investment just because LEGO Batman has always done well in the secondary market plus the popularity of The Dark Knight will make it stand out. I can see its price tripled when it's discontinued since LEGO has limited one per customer on Display Attributes Yes, this is a great collector’s item and display piece with minor flaws like: It's hasn't got is primary features from the movie; those being an ejectable Bat-Pod, opening doors and steering. I understand and can see that the main goal was to get all those angles and shapes that we see on the actual Tumbler which the designer at LEGO has achieved. The model looks how you would expect it to look, it’s definitely looks like a Tumbler and is instantly recognisable; it's not a very pretty model as it's a military tank therefore it's won't be target to some individuals who like models from LEGO Creator Expert but it's a great and cool vehicle and a great addition to any LEGO Batman collection. It would be a nightmare dusting this model as it has many different angles whilst using elements with visible studs. Whist having all those studs showing takes away from the Tumbler look and looks like random selections of elements put together; one way they should have avoid this if they tiled the entire model, but it would have greatly affected the RRP making it harder for us and costs to make new molds and colours would have been as issue for LEGO. So in a nutshell it had to be done like this. The back view is its most comfortable and standout area in the entire model. The tires are another standout in the set they are so sleek; I wouldn't want those catching any dust! I can see people modifying this in ‘5 - Brick Yellow’ and ‘138 - Sand Yellow’ for the Tumblers used in The Dark Knight Rises, it would take quite a bit of planning to accomplish. Final Analysis/ Conclusion Overall this set it is a must have set for every Batman or The Dark Knight fan. If you’re a LEGO collector of cars this will also be a unique model and it will stand out from other LEGO cars since it's probably one of the biggest car or vehicle of this scale. This set has two unique and exclusive minifigures so if you’re a Batman fan it’s defiantly worth. It also leaves you hanging to try and modify it because it wasn't realistic enough for the designers to get all its primary features into a model of this size but purely as a display pieces it defiantly triumphs as a model and stands out to the other exclusives that are currently available. This set is a best seller so get your hands on it while you can! Hopefully with the success of this set we get a UCS Batmobile from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice next year! Adeel
  19. Hi Lego Technic enthusiasts I'm new at this Forum and wanted to show you my Lego Technic Tumbler. Tell me if I did something wrong with the post/sections/whatever! :P I've seen lots of Tumblers on Youtube, but I'm quite shure that no one built an AWD-version. So this is what came out after three months of studying how this could be possible. Due to school I couldn't spend much time with building, I think in total I had about 30 hours. -Key idea: Using the old flex system for the steering -Weight: 1400 grams (without battery box) -Length: 42 cm -Width: 24 cm -Suspension -AWD -Shooting cannons at the sides -rockets that you can swing out -LEDs -RC -No slipping gears, perhaps I should have used two XL-motors Just watch the film on youtube: Thanks for reading! :)
  20. Hey guys! I am new here so I hope I have selected the right topics ... Need some help with. The. Front steering system and the rear drive ! I am planning to use servo moron for steering and 2 L motors for the drive ! Thanks !
  21. Hello. I have long had a desire to make the Tumbler, but unfortunately did not have the details. Now, with parts the time and desire, I immediately set to work. The main objective was to create a small model which could go. The drive two L-motor with gear 1:2. The steering servo motor. That's all. Thank you for your attention. Your Sicil. Sorry for my bad english.
  22. niteangel

    MOC - Tumbler Full Set!

    Finally completed my whole series and now I can put them into the glass shelf for display :P As you may have seen in my another thread, the black tumbler was the first to complete, and then the Bat, the camo-tumbler and finally the snow tumbler. I was however not satisfied with the camo one, and so I dismantled it and rebuilt it after getting the tan bricks I wanted. I spent nearly a month to make the cannon rotatable! Here I want to show you what I have got as the complete set, and inspire more fans to make MOC Batman stuff. Alright, the family photo! Featuring the Bat! The Bat + Black Tumbler Tumbler Set: Camo-tumbler, Black Tumbler and Snow Tumbler Close-up of the final camo-tumbler, which is just finished during weekend. I thought the brown bricks would be better to match the tumbler in the movie, but the contrast is too high for me and so I use the dark tan color instead. You may still see a little brown in some hidden places. You may already know that this tumbler is not symmetrical. The right side is turned into a turret like a real tank (while the other one is turned into a SAM turret). The turret can turn to the back, completely in 180 degree. Here it is shooting the Bat sideways... Hope you enjoy the creations! Let me know how I can further improve them as I am still an amateur (haha, even after playing for so many years as I see real crazy experts here! So I am only an amateur!) Thanks! For those who are interested: The Bat: Snow Tumbler thread:
  23. Hi, As I had some additional free time during christmas I have finally managed to make that video : ) so here it is, the instructions to the minifig scale, two-seater tumbler : ) please let me know your thoughts : )
  24. niteangel

    [ MOC ] Batman's The Bat

    Hi everyone, I am new to this place and great to meet all of you. I am showing this latest creation of mine here, the Bat. Many fans already did their Lego version of the Bat, but I still think it is best to follow what the movie has made. So I bought the book and started to understand what the Bat is really about. It was indeed a very great book! Inside, I got the blueprint of the wonderfully designed plane! It took me nearly two months to start building the form and the put the pieces I wanted onto the structure. This is the first draft I made, though it didn't look too good to me. The right is of course the Tumbler. But I was happy to see the back design, which followed nearly all the parts from the blueprint. It did look like the real thing. Another overview... But I was not happy about it, and it took me another month to modify it. I actually dismantled the whole thing and rebuilt the structure, which I strived hard to follow the curve of the real plane in the movie. Here is the final version, and the side elevation to see the curve body (like a lobster!) It was a little bigger than the previous version, but I think it is still acceptable. The "hands" are also the difficult part, not to say two support rod things behind it which attach to the head of the plane. I keep most of the original design for the back, but add some details. Each part can be slightly adjusted to suit the flying mode. The topmost parts can be dropped and lay flat in the "parking mode". The rear flaps are not too real enough compared to the movie, but since they are used for landing, they have to be rigid. So I decide to use the one piece brick for it, the top fin brick. This another elevation allows you to see the bottom side, which has a series of blades and a pair of propellers (or should I called choppers?) The two windows can be opened, with top one upwards and the front one pulling outwards to the front. (just like in the movie) Two people can be seated inside too. One set complete! Ready to go to fight crime! Done! Thanks for reading! :D I hope you enjoy this! *** Edited on 2012-12-22 some more photos, which show the size of the plane compared to the tumbler in a better angle... ***