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  1. Awesome! I'm definitely looking forward to that. Did you build in AWD and suspension as well?
  2. Sorry for uploading them a little bit late - You find the pictures in the same link. Happy building!
  3. Hey abhilego I'll do them tomorrow in the afternoon! That's great! Good luck at building your own Tumbler! Cheers :) Thanks dude! :) Hey kamsohal It isn't based on any model - just my imagination :) Greetz
  4. Hey abhilego Of course I can! :) As it's already evening here, the light was very bad in the house. I hope they are good enough for "what you need" - or I will make some tomorrow.!8051&authkey=!AMTdGFNkzMOutks&ithint=folder%2cjpg Have a nice evening
  5. That's what I thought too! Thank you very much! Hey aeh504 Thank you for the comment :) Yeah it's a shame that they don't have the flex system anymore.. for example the new cargo plane would be even more impressive with some flex cables.. I didn't really experiment with the drivetrain - I just didn't want any crackling gears. I could try to build in 2 XL-motors connencted with a another differential for more power and change the gear ratio. (The Tumbler is still in existence) Currently I'm building a loom for a school project so I don't have too much time for that Have a nice evening! :) Thanks!
  6. Now that's what I call a beauty of an offroad pick-up! Thumbs up!
  7. Well they aren't all "real" Technic sets but: 8653: Enzo Ferrari -> The very best design for a Lego Technic super car. (my opinion) 8458: Silver Champion -> such a smooth symbiosis between studless and studded parts. 8466: 4x4 Offroader -> My childhood dream - I'm so happy that I bought one a year ago 8110: Unimog -> I think it's the only vehicle that has some advanced functions besides its 4x4 drivetrain 8880: Super Car -> First real Lego 4x4 with suspension? Or am I wrong? :D
  8. Hey Majkl Only the Silver Champion and F1 Ferrari are from ebay. The others were bought from the online market "ricardo". It's like ebay but only in Switzerland and old sets are sometimes reeeaally cheap to get.;)
  9. swisstechnic

    Candy Mine

    The combination of steampunk design with technic functions is sooo cool! :)
  10. 8466 4x4 Offroader: 35 € (dusty, but all the parts were there and not UV-damaged 8448 Super Car together with 8880 Super Car: 60 € (8448 only the roadster version, not with extra parts - like new) 8458 Silver Champion: 50 € (saw one going away for 28 €, but my internet lagged.. very dusty but after washing good condition) 8674 1:8 Ferrari F1: 38 € (dusty, good condition) 8653 Enzo Ferrari: 60 € (dusty, good condition) 8145 599 GTB Fiorano: 70 € (like new) I think these are pretty much all my older sets, collected in the last three years.
  11. Very nice! Probably the smallest 4x4 that I've ever seen! :)
  12. Hey Goldvillage Yeah I haven't focused on the crane, it's really weak. I'll have to build my own. But why "no" functions? I would be satisfied enough if it only had the four chains with suspension. Seems cool enough to me. (Which other sets combine suspension with functions? Except super cars) And about the motorized functions: I think everyone has some RC elements - we don't need hundreds of motors.. so you just have to figure out how to build them in.. maybe that's what TLG wants.
  13. Hey DrJB Yes, it's inspired by his milling machine! Especially the unique frame and his idea of using the rotate-cylinders for the driller (move up/down). But it was only some inspiration, the gears and stuff works different.:)
  14. I don't get some opinions here. That's what I think about these sets: 42038: Doesn't it look awesome? Something totally different compared to all the other sets we had in the past 20 years. The suspension looks badass too. Perhaps it's possible to build it with AWD. 42039: Looks really good, but I think nothing will ever beat the F1 sets like Silver Champiom, BMW and 1:8 Ferrari. 42032: Totally shocked me. Never knew that it's possible to realease a set which is that ugly.. can't understand the hype on that. 42037: Looks very cool! All the colours, the suspension links (that you normally get in 80$+ sets) and it's design seem quite unique to me. Front and the motor could have been done a little better.. And all the other sets are "normal" to me.. Greetz
  15. Haha thank you! :) You mean teenagers? thanks!