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Found 20 results

  1. niteangel

    [ MOC ] Batpod UCS

    Hi everyone, today here I am to show you my version of the Batpod. When 5004590 was released, everyone was thrilled and tried to replicate one on their own with their parts. However, 5004590 looks just strange when you compare it to the real one. I bought the book The Dark Knight Manual to understand the design more, and research on the Internet for a month, and finally I built a version that I think is closer to the real Batpod. The original Batpod is an escape pod from Batman's Tumbler, and the mechanism is based on the S-shaped axis. Each of the two wheels are connected to the body by one-sided arm only. 5004590 set does not do this while mine follows that design. The shape of the Batpod is also in a reverse V-shaped manner, without any horizontal element. The LEGO set did not do that at all, and my version tries to follow that original profile, with rear part elongated as well to match the proportion. Front view, which shows the asymmetrical design of the wheel axis. The front view has mounted 3 pairs of weapons, with headlights on the sides too. Middle part, which retains some of the details of the original 5004590 set. I like this part the most, which keeps the original design of the Batpod: mudguard between the two pedals. I tried to add some wiring to mimic the original, but it looks too busy and so I ditch it in the end. The whole exercise was started as an MOD, but with my design goals to rebuild the form in the most realistic way, I redid the entire chassis in the end. Looks like an MOC at last! Anyway, there is one technical issue that prevents the front wheel guns from holding permanently, but as a display model, this is perfect already. Thanks for watching!
  2. Hello there! Sharing my latest Moc ~ Medieval Batman & Bat carriage. I always want to MOC a batman not in modern time but medieval. Simply just because batman is so "gradiator' to me. Hope you like this crazy idea. Thanks and BRICK ON!
  3. MovieMocs

    [MOC] Batman Tumbler UCS Scale

    This is my Batman Tumbler that was inspired by the UCS set. It is pretty much the same scale of the set, a little smaller but this has no interior because, well I know if you follow me you've heard this enough but...I don't have enough parts. I really wanted to buy the actual set but it was just too expensive so I just decided to make my own. Granted, not as good because I'm not a professional Lego designer but you know, it works. I hope you like it and can get inspired from my mocs. Please be sure to check out my Batpod MOD and LOTR Mocs. Thanks, MovieMocs
  4. This is my mod of the super rare, special edition, Batpod. Only 1000 of these sets were made and could only be won via sweepstakes at the Lego stores in 2014. I've always wanted this set but it was always so expensive on ebay ($1000+) so I got the instructions and tried to build it myself. I had 75% of the parts and they were all pretty much the basic Lego parts. I was going to order the parts I didn't have but just the wheels alone cost $22 each! I just didn't have that money so I decided to make my own version, similar to the set but I exchanged some rare parts for more common ones. For example, I didn't have the real Batpod wheels so I used the wheels from my technic MK II crane and doubled them up which I found looked quite nice and was worth not paying an extra $45. There are maybe 10 other mods I added just becuse I didn't have the special parts but I still think it has that "Batman" feel to it. I hope you like it and will maybe even build one of your own. Thanks, MovieMocs
  5. thebluecrusader

    Batcave Invasion

    Batcave Invasion Batcave Invasion - YouTube The Joker (Lego Batman Movie Version) and his super villain squad invade Batman's Batcave. Batman must form his own super hero squad from members of the Justice League to help ward off the threat! I posted a trailer for this a few days ago, however this is the final release! I hope you enjoy it. If you liked it please subscribe and leave a comment! I will begin working on a new project in a few days. Thank you for watching
  6. Now a Lego Cuusoo Project! Please Support by voting at: Tumbler & Bat Pod LEGO Ideas Page The Bat LEGO Ideas Page Updated the Cover image for my Cuusoo Page to include the Minifigs Added the Minifigures that can be included with the set, designed to be movie accurate of course.From Left to Right: Lt. James Gordon, Henri Ducard, Batman Begins Suit, Ra's al Ghul, Joker, Scarecrow & Two Face From Left to Right: Selina Kyle, Dark Knight Suit, Lucius Fox, Merinda Tate & John Blake These are my renditions of the Tumbler, Bat Pod & The Bat reproduce with lego bricks in 2 seaters minifig scale and staying as close to the original movie design as best I can.It was great challenge building a movie accurate Tumbler as many of the surfaces are angled, not particularly easy with lego bricks that generally connects at right angle. It was even more challenging to build a movie accurate Bat Pod in minifig scale, as the original vehicle was designed to fit a normal human proportion!Tumbler measures at 19cm(L) x 12cm(W)Bat Pod measures at 16cm(L) x 4cm(W)The Bat measures about 31cm(L)x20cm(W)x13cm(H) This is by far the hardest to build among all 3 Dark Knight vehicles due to its front heavy structure and angular design, not to mention overly complicated flaps and rudders system. The interior of Tumbler & The Bat fits 2 minifigs sitting upright. Original vehicles designs and proportions recreated in minifig scale. Every vehicles details faithfully replicated and all flaps movable. Bat Pod comes with an EMP Gun holder and the wheels rotates. Details of the underside, with rotatable rotors and movable flaps.Thanks for viewing, please help support the project! Tumbler & Bat Pod LEGO Ideas Page The Bat LEGO Ideas Page
  7. Hey there, I recently started a photographic series of LEGO Batman travels & adventures and here I am introducing them to you. I will try to keep this side project alive as much as I can and I will upload all the photos to my Instagram account I hope that you will like them, I would really appreciate to hear your opinions, ideas, suggestions, etc. Since the World Cup started few weeks ago, here we go Enjoying a beer at Australia - Olanda Enjoying a Sangria and wondering if Spain will go home so soon And ready for the last game of the day Friday games start. Warming up with a beer. Italy or Costa Rica? Will the Queen kiss Mario? Du fromage et du vin... Switzerland vs France. Already 0-3, any final predictions? Budweiser beer or Porto wine? I can has both? Let's see a good game: USA vs Portugal Explain to your girlfriend the offside rule... :D Chilling... ITA vs. URU Bud meet Krombacher, Krombacher meet Bud! aka USA vs. GER :) Brazil - Chile, 1-1, few moments until penalty shots Aaaaaand the winner is: Allez les bleus! #FRA vs #NGA :) A walk by in Timisoara (Romania) - notice the I (batman) TM - the city abbreviation - with Batman as a heart Working on a flyer design (since I am a graphic designer in my real life) "I'm your father" Because of the lengthy post and in case you want to follow the project on Instagram here is the link again That's it for now, if you like them and want to see more I will keep you posted
  8. Im a brickmaster.

    Joint MOC- The Whirly Bat!

    Behold! The Dark Knights oldest and goofiest/awesome vehicle! I helped my friends brother build this awhile ago and mn I think it looks pretty cool. Enjoy! Whirly Bat (joint MOC) by Total BrickMaster, on Flickr Whirly Bat (joint MOC) by Total BrickMaster, on Flickr
  9. This is the second iteration of "The Bat" that I built. It features an opening cockpit, room for 2 minifigs, movable engine pods, moving rear flaps, and spinning propellers. The most challenging aspect of designing and building it was trying to capture the shape of all the panels on the top and rear of the vehicle.
  10. Hello again! I've recreated the cover of one of my all time favorite comics: Batman - The Dark Knight Returns. Comments and criticism is much appreciated!
  11. tfcrafter

    Dark Knight Tumbler MOC

    With the highly anticipated Batman v Superman being released in a week, I decided to revamp some of my old Batmobile MOCs. The first one I decided to redo was the Tumbler. This is the fifth iteration of my MOC, and features seating for two, opening canopy, and 6 poseable flaps. I collectively used a lot of great ideas from other peoples' designs, mainly from Buggyirk's, so much of the credit goes to him. Please enjoy! And of course, an obligatory Batman v Superman style shot
  12. Reekardoo

    MOC: Batman Silent Wing

    Hello. My newest MOC. Also in Thanks for checking it out! Cheers
  13. niteangel

    MOC - Tumbler Full Set!

    Finally completed my whole series and now I can put them into the glass shelf for display :P As you may have seen in my another thread, the black tumbler was the first to complete, and then the Bat, the camo-tumbler and finally the snow tumbler. I was however not satisfied with the camo one, and so I dismantled it and rebuilt it after getting the tan bricks I wanted. I spent nearly a month to make the cannon rotatable! Here I want to show you what I have got as the complete set, and inspire more fans to make MOC Batman stuff. Alright, the family photo! Featuring the Bat! The Bat + Black Tumbler Tumbler Set: Camo-tumbler, Black Tumbler and Snow Tumbler Close-up of the final camo-tumbler, which is just finished during weekend. I thought the brown bricks would be better to match the tumbler in the movie, but the contrast is too high for me and so I use the dark tan color instead. You may still see a little brown in some hidden places. You may already know that this tumbler is not symmetrical. The right side is turned into a turret like a real tank (while the other one is turned into a SAM turret). The turret can turn to the back, completely in 180 degree. Here it is shooting the Bat sideways... Hope you enjoy the creations! Let me know how I can further improve them as I am still an amateur (haha, even after playing for so many years as I see real crazy experts here! So I am only an amateur!) Thanks! For those who are interested: The Bat: Snow Tumbler thread:
  14. Hi, As I had some additional free time during christmas I have finally managed to make that video : ) so here it is, the instructions to the minifig scale, two-seater tumbler : ) please let me know your thoughts : )
  15. Greetings all! Recenty son got a Youtube channel and he has uploaded several videos since then. This one is about two custom Batmobile Tumblers made by him-except one of them is a MOD. Pleaselike, comment and subscribe- Feel free to add any C&C!
  16. Now a Lego Ideas Project! Please Support by voting at: "Your precious armory, gratefully accepted! We will need it." - Bane The Dark Knight Trilogy by Christopher Nolan gave us a fresh and realistic reboot of the Caped Crusader, and with it many of Batman's iconic vehicles. These are my renditions of the Tumblers in camouflage versions, reproduce with lego bricks in 2 seaters minifig scale and staying as close to the original movie design as best I can. The base design of these of course are similar to my Tumbler and Bat Pod project. Each Tumbler measures about 19cm(L) x 12cm(W) All three versions have been faithfully recreated: The original Camo Tumbler, the Tumbler with a Turret/Cannon and the Tumbler with a Missile Launcher. In this case, only the original Camo Tumbler can be a 2 seater as the other 2 versions both have a weapon occupying the space where the passenger seat will be. Both the Turret and the Missile Launcher can be retracted to an inactive position. The set can be launched as a single camouflage tumbler with additional parts for the other 2 alternate builds. The set can also include different variations of Bane's outfits as seen in the movie. Now a Lego Ideas Project! Please Support by voting at:
  17. :laugh: Please support at "Yes Mr. Wayne, it now comes in white" Inspired by the Tumbler and LEGO set 76000, I set out to design a 2 seaters minifig scale Arctic Tumbler. Afterall, it only makes sense if Batman would change the color of his vehicle to blend better with the mission surroundings, since he has changed his outfit appropriately. Arctic Tumbler comes equipped with 2 twin runners blades, 2 fully functional treads & tracks, rear afterburner and 2 front flamethrowers! The base design of this tumbler is of course similar to my other tumbler projects. We can't have Batman without his trusty partner Robin, fashioned after the popular LEGO Batman 2 video game! I've changed the yellow on the insignia and utility belt to gray, so as to match Batman's outfit better. I've initially considered designing Batman's suit to resemble Nolan's Dark Knight version, but did not pursue the concept further as robin does not have a similar version to reference after, hence it wouldn't be coherent. :laugh: Please support at
  18. Just received my BTTF DeLorean set and absolutely love it! Along with StickKim's DarkKnight Tumbler design, the Time Machine is by far one of my favorite vehicles in LEGO. The figures are very well done and I like the design of the car (aside from the hood pieces), though I know there is debate by lots on that. The pics below show TLG Back to the Future set (you can see the Flux Capacitor) with the Marty McFly and Doc Brown figs. Below that, Stickkim's Tumbler and my custom Dark Knight Batman (design copyrighted). Anyway, wasn't sure what forum this belonged in, as it had both official LEGO sets and a custom designed vehicle and minifigure. What's your favorite vehicle - custom or TLG??
  19. As all we know in all 3 parts of Nolan's trilogy we don't see any Robin's vehicle. So here's a try how it would maybe look like ; ) Here it is on a landing platform in my batcave moc (I don't have Robin minifig, still waiting for it so all the pics will be with batman ; ) ) comparision with a bat moc with open cockpit some more shots enjoy it and tell me what do you think : D thanks for watching!!!!
  20. niteangel

    MOC - Snow Tumbler!

    Obviously, the beautiful white Batman minifigure needs something more. The black Batboat from 76000 (which I "goldified" too) does not suit him. Well, his white equipment should start with... ...a Tumbler first! And yes, it comes in white too! The whole build is based on my previous black version, with some parts modified but they are just tiny details. I also have a snap of the interior... So there is a black Tumbler, and also a white Tumbler! I guess Mr. Freeze has to be very alerted again as this white Tumbler will camouflaged in the snowy landscape and hit him badly! I still think the black one looks more sleek. What do you think?