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  1. Well done! Great job! Fantastic car!
  2. Sicil

    rc chassis for new hubs WIP

    Looks cool. I hope the chassis will get a beautiful body.
  3. Sicil

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Awesome. I'll be interesting to see the final result.
  4. Sicil

    Off-roader "Buster"

    Thanks a lot! I don't have enough and to realize it.
  5. Hello. I want to present you my new creation - off-roader.The idea of ​​creating a large SUV was born by accident. I immediately decided that the model will be a large scale and motorized. This is my greatest work to date. Feautres: - 2 L-motor to the drive - Servo motor on the steering - IR receiver a new type, BB - M-motor for the winch Video: That's all. Thank you for your attention. Your Sicil.
  6. Sicil


    I'm glad that you liked it. Maybe.
  7. Sicil


    Thanks! Why must be pneumatic there? I didn't try to make an exact copy, I wanted to give a kind of toy model.
  8. Sicil


    Hello. The idea to make a dragonfly came accidentally. Delving into the details, I came across a transparent round parts, and decided that they would look good as the eyes. Think about how to build insects, I decided that the best will build dragonfly. That's all. Thank you for your attention. Your Sicil. Sorry for my bad english.
  9. Sicil

    Trial Crawler

    Thank you. Body I wanted to make simple and easy as on models Stari89.
  10. Hello. I want to present you my new creation - Trial Crawler. The idea to make the crawler for trial appeared long ago, but had neither the time nor the energy, ideas. Having studied many designs, I decided at all costs to build model for trial. The main problem that I faced was the suspension. To reduce friction loss, I decided to put the motor on the axle. Patency at a decent level, but sometimes clings motors of obstacles. Features: - 4x4 with XL-motor - Steering with Servo-motor - IR-receiver v2 Suspension: That's all. Thank you for your attention. Your Sicil. Sorry for my bad english.
  11. Sicil

    Crawler WIP

    I do not know what to say. I've never seen red shocks. I need to see a live model to properly assess what needs shocks.
  12. Great job! I like this steering system!
  13. Sicil

    Crawler WIP

    Thanks. I don't know how I will finish my model. It's a my creation, but I used some ideas from 9398. Thanks. I'm glad that you like it. Thanks. I haven't second servo-motor. Thanks.
  14. Sicil

    Crawler WIP

    Hello. I decided to build the crawler for trial. So far only the chassis is ready, but the model will be updated. At the moment there are only a few photos. The drive two XL-motors, one for the axle. Servo motor for steering. I would like to hear the opinion of experienced builder of trial trucks. That's all. Thank you for your attention.
  15. Sicil

    Tumbler 2.0