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  1. MAP Tec

    [SR - FB] La Rongeuse

    Good work
  2. Wow. Great work!!! Especially the front lights!
  3. Wow, amazing and huge! I am also trying to build the Venator and now I have got a great example how it should look like.
  4. MAP Tec

    [MOC]Dragon King

    What a shape!!! I like the sword!
  5. MAP Tec

    [MOC] 2023 Pirate Display

    This MOC is built with many parts, very impressive. I think it needed a lot of time to create this. Nice job with cool features !
  6. MAP Tec

    [COR - FB - SHIP] HMS La Belone

    Nice ship and also the underground!!!
  7. MAP Tec


    All cool creations! Main Building Category UCS Jolly Roger By hatchpattern Caribbean shipyard By Cincinnati 31109 Pirate Ship Creator 3 in 1 revisited By eldiano The Hurricane By Marooned Marin Skulls Eye Schooner remake (6286) By Quotenotto Mini Set Building Category Spy Dinghy Mini-Set By Brendan McGnarley Cannibals (Mini Set) By Valdeirus 1747 Treasure Surprise Remake: Rum Rock By Fraunces Caribbean River Soldiers (Mini Set) By Rogue Redcoat 6500 A Promiscuous Sailor Captain (Mini Set) By JopieK
  8. Very good work with much details. I like the turbines :).
  9. Cool details in this size. Well done.
  10. The new parts will be very interesting and also parts in new colors.
  11. 2014 I would say. Here we had for example the cargo plane which was full of functions. And one function was not defined to open something by hand but by using gears and lift arms. There were also B-models included which is not the case with every set nowadays.