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  1. Never broke a them simililarly to picture above. My u-joints always tend to break like this:
  2. But I actually like how 62 mm tires sits in there, also providing 3 pins for connection
  3. Recently bought 130 mm huge crawler tires. Standard 56 mm lego rims are too small for them both length- and wide- wise. Found out that these 8462 tow truck rims are sitting perfect, but they are not wide enough. However used together with 62mm arocs wheels from the other side makes a perfect and strong combo, just enough to hook 8l axle with stop through portal hubs too.
  4. Looks nice. I know it's all in theory now, but the axle is connected by 2 pins only - from the bottom and the top. These two force points can be reinforced vertically, but still it will be pretty weak for really heavy models. Which to be honest is every vehicle with tractor tires (>1.5 kg usually). What I assume is bound to happen on real obstacles - is the axle bending heavily. A few shock absorbers and panhard rod can make it more stable, but what I just described is a really weak spot imho. Another thing is the drive. The axle drive connection point is moving basically in every possible direction, so it means it will require a sliding joint plus 2 u-joints most probably. This is a setup you can't really trust for 100% even with decent gearing down. But then again, I should just find the time and test it and stop theorycraft
  5. gate

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Pretty sure it would be rather easy to motorize 42096, which is probably the thought behind the design too. Since motorization is all over us and every set is due to be motorized sooner or later \__/
  6. gate

    42096 Porsche 911 RSR

    Stickers are a little bit of dissapointment since it has all sponsor logos on specific curved shapes, and not too many of them too. I guess at least they could be cut for some custom use..
  7. Would love to see one thing implemented in the app - easy switch between steering modes. Example: 2 servos, each is connected separately. Assigning each servo to different control is pretty obvious - not an option. If there would be a way to somehow add an inverser for 1 of 2 motors while you already connected, that would be an easily controllable crab mode
  8. gate

    42096 Porsche 911 RSR

    Wow, was hoping to the end that arches are not printed Sad
  9. A common problem with portal hubs indeed and very interesting solution! Will have to test it. p.s. semi-offtop: is it just me or technic forum really misses a united trial/offroad ideas, tricks and pro solutions thread?
  10. God, your renders are so beautiful The clearance isn't too big though.
  11. gate

    42093 Corvette ZR-1

    Very interesting headrest imitation;)
  12. gate

    42093 Corvette ZR-1

    With blue clutch 20z gear it becomes even more appealing
  13. I would love to see dark gray 1l connectors covering 3l light gray leftover connectors on the cab. May be taken from exhaust pipes, but w/e. Looks really nice.