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  1. gate

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Totally not what I was waiting, but it is a good thing
  2. Congrats to the winners. Although a little bit dissapointed that most of the enrtries were judged by their looks and not special fx and stunts performed (as was claimed in the rules), but w/e. I guess one can't go without another. Thanks to everyone involved! p.s. the tractor is awesome, very well deserved 2nd place
  3. Unfotrunately, I only have Buwizz 2.0. So can't confirm the difference between them;( Not a big problem though, since you can test the outputs while assigning.
  4. Finally had the time to test new BC2. Love the feature to change buwizz speed mode inside (don't think 1st version had it, may be I just didn't find it then). Fully supports PS4 controllers with no probs. Also noticed when you select buwizz and then allocate outputs to joystick actions - I had the 1st and 2nd buwizz ports swapped and same for 3rd and 4th (position on the image was correct, but in reality the ports were swapped for some reason). Double checked it . May be I just did something wrong. However that is a minor inconvenience. Would definitely rate 5/5, but there is no rate button in play market for me. Is it beacuse it's in beta stage?
  5. Can you actually imagine Lego employees saying that they don't accept Technic ideas? I can't. One thing for sure - if you don't try - you get nothing. May be unorthodox looks and offroad performance can go through
  6. @kodlovag I have met all of the problems you mentioned above, with other chinese fakes though. I had the feeling they are making electric components with bare hands and no additional mechanisms/devices. The gluing as well, had it on every part that works with electricity. The only solution I could find to open - drill with a very thin disk (plastic or similar), making a few accurate cuts along the glued parts. The insides are usually soldered very trashily as well. Sad to hear cada also has these problems
  7. gate


    First of all I notice you are using 1:3 reduction for steering. This won't be enough to steer properly (you will struggle to get the wheels back into center position). There are some simple return to center steering mechanisms, for example: I would also reinforce the chassis with 5x3 liftarms.
  8. gate

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Really missed this hype. 3-4 pages in one night
  9. gate

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Can't understand why so many people are hyped about Powered Up. From the first glimpse it seems to be a weaker version of PF. Compatibility issues both with existing electrics and existing software, don't know about sbrick, but with buwizz for sure. Also the limitation on ports for cables? Sure it looks good, but they have to do better than this for oldschool AFOLs to start prioritizing PU in their mocs. It seems like a lot of funding is going towards implementing PU in the new sets. Hopefully I am wrong
  10. Been following your buggy thread for quite some time, and I have to say - that you are genius Will definitely find use for these bad boys, thanks for a separate instruction!
  11. gate

    BuWizz Small car competition

    @Zerobricks Thanks for making it clear. Good luck to all contestants!
  12. gate

    BuWizz Small car competition

    Also it would be interesting to know - is anyone registered on the forum is allowed to cast votes? Not saying that I am expert to this, but accounts with a few posts (even if they are created long ago) giving votes which can lead to material rewards that cost money - is kind of strange.
  13. @Frequenzberater Thanks man. This gearbox made me sweat for quite some time. Really pleased with with outcome though
  14. Greetings. This MOC was supposed to be an entry for Lego and Volvo contest, but I smashingly didn't make it in time. So I took my time and here it is: All Terrain Multifunctional Bulldozer As it is not for contest anymore - no need for yellow parts and autonomous trend. And now it is more of a military support vehicle. Electrics: - 2 PF XL that power all the functions - 2 PF m that control 2 gearboxes - BuWizz 2.0 Other features: - front loader with swappable equipment - towing platform + winch in the back Dimensions: 60 cm length (without front addons) x 31 cm width x 22 cm height. Weight: 2,5 kg. Also features cabin interior, had to move it up both because the pilots needs vision of the front/rear parts and since the gearboxes literally take all the inner space between tracks. Bulldozer is really big so it takes 2 pilots working in the cabin and 2 engineers to keep mechanics working. How it works: There are 2 separate XLs, one driving each side (160 tank tracks, 320 total) of the bulldozer and all the functions through 2 connected gearboxes. Each gearbox switch controls 2 driving rings and once (they are switched by 1 m motor each). I hope that scheme makes sense to anyone: 1st gearbox positions: movement (red) / secondary functions 2nd gearbox 2nd gearbox (green) positions: front loader - lifting 2 LAs (yellow) + bucket tilting 1 LA (blue) / rear - towing platform control (purple) + winch (brown) More schemes from different angles in a spoiler (sorry they are not exact size): From the start I aimed to make every function through XLs, even though it took 84 gears and 3 u-joints total to do that - I am satisfied with result. 1st gearbox switch is visible (red axles), 2nd gearbox is hidden. It is limited in utmost positions and thanks to white gears and clicking sounds can be easily operated without breaking anything. The machine can be equipped with different things. Excavator bucket: And my favorite - minesweeper: Towing platform has return to center steering fulfilled via rubber bands. Platform cannot really lift heavy or even mid-weight things but it has wheels so together with winch even the heaviest machines can be towed. I have to say that tracks design and the length of bulldozer creates considerable shaking when it moves on flat and rough surfaces especially, but that is a minor inconvenience. More photos: Will be happy to hear your critics and thoughts. Hope you like it!