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  1. As I already said, this is one of the most and impressive Moc that I've ever seen. Truly impressive! This moc is worthy of entering the Hof.
  2. August is no longer so far away! :wub: Hoping it will not come out in November.
  3. Stunning MOC! *oh2* Superb details! Very well done, I like it!!! :thumbup:
  4. Hi!Thank you! I'm late cause I have been at 2 Lego events in the last 2 weeks, so i couldn't dismantle the model to make building instructions. I'll start in the next days, I'll keep you updated ;)
  5. Yes, you were right. My jeep struck yesterday at the fair, especially children! :classic: :classic:
  6. Considering the amount of functions in such scale this is an awesome MOC! Great work!
  7. Thank you guys! Thank you! Really??? Good! About that For the first time in this weekend I'll be at a fair to show all my C-Models :) Thank you! In fact, I have adopted the scissor mechanism to increase the stroke of LA 5 to 13 studs ;) Without a rack available was the first system that I thought. Istructions? Yes Thank you very much! When? I think within a month and a half ;)
  8. Hello Technic Folks! Here is the C-Model of 42030 Volvo L350F Wheel Loader. It's a telehandler, inspired by Caterpillar TH514C. General specifications: - 1520 pieces - Size: 57x21x19 cm - Weight: 1,9 Kg Motorized functions: - Drive - Four wheel counter-phase steering - Boom (Up - Down) - Tele (In - Out) Manual functions: - Bucket (Dump - Crowd) - Outriggers Other features: - Fake Four-straight engine - Engine access Some pics: Boom Side View Front Lights Engine Bucket Youtube Video: I hope You like it! Have a nice weekend!
  9. Wow, really stunning! Nice job! Pics are excellent! :thumbup:
  10. Crossover Utility Vehicle
  11. Agreed , in everything you said! Welcome back Madoca, your Mocs are always stunning! I really like the aesthetic of the Cuv!
  12. Yes, you're absolutely right. in fact I used that solution very often in my Mocs. I should have written Same lenght and not Same space ;)
  13. vs. 2× Same space, but different grip on the axle (the second one coupled are more stronger, very useful in some cases).