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  1. MrTekneex

    [MOC] Feller-Buncher with Instructions

    As I already said, this is one of the most and impressive Moc that I've ever seen. Truly impressive! This moc is worthy of entering the Hof.
  2. MrTekneex

    42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245

    August is no longer so far away! :wub: Hoping it will not come out in November.
  3. MrTekneex

    Davekuhh's Detailed LEGO models

    Stunning MOC! *oh2* Superb details! Very well done, I like it!!! :thumbup:
  4. MrTekneex

    [C-MODEL] 42008 Swing arm crane truck

    Hi!Thank you! I'm late cause I have been at 2 Lego events in the last 2 weeks, so i couldn't dismantle the model to make building instructions. I'll start in the next days, I'll keep you updated ;)
  5. MrTekneex

    [C-MODEL] 42030 Telehandler

    Yes, you were right. My jeep struck yesterday at the fair, especially children! :classic: :classic:
  6. MrTekneex

    Tow truck 8X2

    Considering the amount of functions in such scale this is an awesome MOC! Great work!
  7. MrTekneex

    [C-MODEL] 42030 Telehandler

    Thank you guys! Thank you! Really??? Good! About that For the first time in this weekend I'll be at a fair to show all my C-Models :) Thank you! In fact, I have adopted the scissor mechanism to increase the stroke of LA 5 to 13 studs ;) Without a rack available was the first system that I thought. Istructions? Yes Thank you very much! When? I think within a month and a half ;)
  8. Hello Technic Folks! Here is the C-Model of 42030 Volvo L350F Wheel Loader. It's a telehandler, inspired by Caterpillar TH514C. General specifications: - 1520 pieces - Size: 57x21x19 cm - Weight: 1,9 Kg Motorized functions: - Drive - Four wheel counter-phase steering - Boom (Up - Down) - Tele (In - Out) Manual functions: - Bucket (Dump - Crowd) - Outriggers Other features: - Fake Four-straight engine - Engine access Some pics: Boom Side View Front Lights Engine Bucket Youtube Video: I hope You like it! Have a nice weekend!
  9. MrTekneex

    Lego Technic Air Ambulance

    Wow, really stunning! Nice job! Pics are excellent! :thumbup:
  10. Crossover Utility Vehicle
  11. Agreed , in everything you said! Welcome back Madoca, your Mocs are always stunning! I really like the aesthetic of the Cuv!
  12. Yes, you're absolutely right. in fact I used that solution very often in my Mocs. I should have written Same lenght and not Same space ;)
  13. vs. 2× Same space, but different grip on the axle (the second one coupled are more stronger, very useful in some cases).