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  1. 42022 has a simple and I think cool mechanism:
  2. It reminds me even more of this one:
  3. I think this is inspired by the Dash-8 which doesn't have winglets nor pontoons [ ]
  4. You can unfold and flatten the inner boxes.
  5. This link quoted up just worked for me :
  6. I've paid for many instructions, big (1:8 cars) and small (e.g. 42093 Z-models). I don't see any problem about it, I understand it takes a lot of work making instructions. I have even paid 20+€ for photo-stream instructions and I'm happy about it. The only points I could complain about are: the professionalization of some people who seem to be putting out new models quickly to make money. But frankly I realize that's my own problem of being frustrated having too little time and resources to build everything. paid instructions that "should" be free because the result is so small I can build it from the picture. In the end people do whatever they want.
  7. I'm in France, in Lyon. I cannot send PM but I have one I'd be willing to sell. It's assembled and fully functional.
  8. Designed to fit the 42098 Car Transporter here's my revival of the 8865 Test Car. Steering, rear suspension, fake v4, foldable front lights. More pictures: