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  1. MegaRoi

    [TC17] [WIP] Double Trouble

    You're right! But having Mad Max in mind I forgot that there are also bikes ... Back to topic ... this is how the assembled bunch looks: All the motors are in place and the mechanics do its work. The oblige belly shot offers ... ... nothing. So this is a better view to get an impression what is planned: I hope I can show at next a rolling chassis with attached receivers and BB. There is still incredible much work and almost no time left ...
  2. First of all: many many thanks to @Jimfor creating another EB contest! I'm ridiculously busy at the moment, that's why I'm not really active in this forum. I'm still interested in new sets, Mods, MOCs and general discussions but I'm really lacking time to participate in the discussions. I almost have no time to build! Then Jim came up with another contest. Awesome. Prologue: Contest are always very welcome to me while they are only valid for a specific period and have new themes for MOCs out of my comfort zone. But what to build? The world is devastated after a nuclear war and resources are low. So my first idea was a vehicle than could provide a survival environment - find food, water and fuel. Survive in the wastelands ... But then I decided that the main theme is Mad Max, so I would need a mad vehicle prepared for combat. Harvesting resources is secondary. It should be something I have never build before and full RC ... Starting the WIP: Last weekend I was able to borough a camera, so now I can show some pics. With a rough idea in mind I stuffed some parts together. First thing was a standard rear axle: This will be my last iteration of the axle. While it's a pretty standard build it's using six shocks to support the weight of all the electronics and the BB. The vehicle will be propelled by two L motors and will contain a damn simple two speed gearbox: And a standard rack and pinion front axle: You can see the two gear columns to change drive and steer to the opposite side: Now I have to reassemble the whole bunch and find an adequate colour scheme ... As you can see, there are still a lot of things to do and I'm really suffering under time pressure (I should have build a motorcycle) But hey, contests are for fun! So more to come ...
  3. Epilog: Today is the day after the deadline for TC15. While I was unable to get some photos until yesterday, I was shure to be the last in line, but the guys are still entering. Cool! About the minis head, I'm still undecided. At the end, I didn't remove him and he is still there. And he's fine. However, I found some leftovers: Some prototypes for functions, wings and color schemes. More prototypes, this time for the origin entry concept. And my little helpers: At the end I had real fun entering this contest. I've learned and build a lot. Thanks again for initiating this contest to the EB mods.
  4. 15. JAP19 Just Another Pane for TC15 2019. Quite compact, but with some functions. Functions: 2D joystick realistic movement of ailerons and elevation manual rudder rotating propeller, driven by the landing gear imitaded radial engine Grandpa is flying this baby The video: And the discussion topic: Finally I'm done! Thanks to @Jim and @Milan for another great contest. I had my fun!
  5. I have another photo: And the video is online: The video has it's flaws, but it was done under timer pressure. All I need now is to enter ...
  6. @Erik Leppen Yes, I've learned a lot! It was the first time I was working with knob gears or stepped further into aircraft controls. Beyond the fun in building I found a new project. I'm pretty confident that the axle through a turntable problem could be solved in a mechanical way. So I will proceed with this one later and maybe with reduced functions, but I still like the idea. From this point of view this whole contest is pure fun and quite challenging for me. Thanks for the kind words. Meanwhile I've created another picture for my entry: Still working on the video ...
  7. I think I will try to realize the simulator some time, but meanwhile almost two weeks ago I decided to step back to an earlier showed concept. Just Another Plane 2019 2D joystick realistic movement of ailerons and elevation manual rudder rotating propeller, driven by the landing gear imitaded radial engine Grandpa is flying this baby I added some white stripes to get a better line. And how the movements work: I still forgot to change that blue pin, damn! To complete my entry, I still need a video and only a few hours left ...
  8. Wow, i'm really late ... To make a long story short: I failed! I ran into a major design failure and the remaining time was too short to solve it. While I was really busy over the last few weeks, i couldn't give you any updates. But today I found some time to create some photos. My entry should have been this box: Don't be irritated by the colors. While I canceled this project for TC15, it's just a prototype. Beside two BB's, this box contains two IR receivers, three L motors and one M. And this was planned: A 3D Flight simulator! The L motors should simulate aileron, elevation and rudder, and the M should have driven the propeller. It's still an early prototype and abandoned, so nothing is connected proper, nor well balanced. But, ... it doesn't work. I had this beast running and I found out, that my major failure was, that the axles are NOT rotating independent. So because of the deadline for this contest l decided to not follow this project for TC15. But meanwhile I turned back to an earlier concept for TC15, which I still can present today ...
  9. Little progress: So now it's obvious, that it will become some kind of a stand, but I don't have a name for it yet. You can also watch a short video of the functionality, but it won't show much: @m00se, the DR3 has almost no functionality, only the propeller will rotate if you push the model. The plane with the joystick is a different (unfinished) one. I will come back to both MOCs once TC15 is over. I'm really late, my deadline will come in two weeks ... Next step will be a proof of concept.
  10. Glad to see you're back in the competition, and I'm waiting for the look of the completed model. Congrats to you and your wife and all the best wishes. All sad things are said ...
  11. MegaRoi

    [TC15] AH-77S - HUNTER

    Awesome MOC! I always loved your helicopters, so my next Bricklink order will contain at least one swashplate and once TC15 is over, I have to build this. Thank you very much for the LDD, that was fast.
  12. Sorry, you're right - my mistake. I was just too lazy to check if I remembered the developer of the 3D stick right. Should be corrected. I still hope that I can bring this MOC to an end. I need more gears ...
  13. Hi all, I haven't been active in this forum for a while, although I'be been reading along all the time, but now, the contest fever has caught me again! I was separated from my Lego collection for almost a year and I finally wanted to start building something. So Jim's suggestion for a new EB contest came just at the right time. Without knowing the theme in more details, I've putted a small plane together. Fokker DR3: Even if I like this build, it would be much too simple for an EB contest, so something more complex in a similar size should be it. Having read and pondered a lot about Lego aircraft control, I came across this promising concept: You can see the joystick for height and lateral control in a very compact case. In addition, fake R4 engine is installed. But somehow I don't like the shape of the shell too much and the chassis is still missing. Meanwhile, the theme of TC15 was also known: build something flying, preferably an airplane. Quiet quick some several MOC heavyweights with promising ideas had signed in, so it was clear that I needed to build something different than this simple model. Incidentally, I stumbled upon the Zveno Project - impressive! That's the way it should be! With biplanes based on my DR3! What a fail! The plan was to have a PF engine and a simple gearbox for four Fake R6 engines, the landing gear and a flap for cargo. I also built a 3D Joystick, similar to the one from Rudivdk, but with more space consumption. But what an ugly and useless piece. From the idea perhaps feasible, the stability could have been done, but the playability? Impossible with such a colossus, few functions and the simple flyers. So back to my little plane? My 3D Joystick won't fit in. So I started playing around with several ideas, but none satisfied me ... While I was thinking about controlling Lego aircrafts and their playability, I got the final idea for my contest entry. At first it was just a little scribble, but the idea quickly took shape. The first obstacle, I have to lead three axes through a turntable. Is that possible? Yes, it is! This EB Topic shows how - well, almost. And this will be the heart piece of my entry: three axles through one turntable. This is still an early WIP, But I hope for quick progress and there is still some time left. So I still hope I can make it. What a gorgeous contest! I'm almost having the time of my life with Lego! Thank you very much for creating this contest, @Jim and @Milan. Meanwhile I will go ahead ... Thanks for your attention, Robert
  14. MegaRoi

    Generic Contest Discussion

    @Marxpek Sure, you wife isn't following this topic?
  15. MegaRoi

    Single crank W16 engine

    Nice engine, and it works smooth. Bringing16 pistons in position is a nightmare. The only problem I can see: how to drive the crank? There is no space for a normal full thick gear ...