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  1. Very good review, thanks that. I wouldn't say it's a "whole bunch of new parts", at the end it's only the wider (long awaited) wheel and the new shocks, which doesn't add any value to existing ones (no additional attaching point) besides the looks. But man, the face comparison ...
  2. MegaRoi

    42107 - Ducati Panigale V4R

    Nice bike! And I also like the ABS model ... Here is my try for a Streetfighter in white Obviously I need another copy of the set to finish it and I still don't know exactly how to build the face. Maybe I will use the original one ... To Bad Lego missed the chance to add an additional axle hole to the bottom of the new shock.
  3. What a great contest! Congratulations to the winners. Thanks to @Jim and all voters, specially those who voted for me ;) And special thanks to those who made instructions! Obviously I'm missing some parts and specific colors ...
  4. For me, end of stage 1 voting came a bit unexpected early. I've finished my list, but it was so hard to decide, so i wanted to take a rest before my final vote. Now it's much easier ... Again: Congratulations to all participants and good luck for the finalists - you deserved it!
  5. What an overwhelming amount of gorgeous builds. This will be really hard to vote. I have at least ten winners, and then comes second place ... Another option would be to use the new new Formula 1 voting scheme or MotoGP. But I also thinks it's too late. Thanks to all contestants for building so nice models and making this a breathtaking contest. Good Luck!
  6. 50. Ganassi GT LeMans Inspired by the Ford GT 2016, driven by Ganassi Racing in Le Mans. Functions: V6 Mini fake engine HOG Steering Working steering wheel Dimensions: 40 x 15 x 9 (LxWH) 515 g Pic of the chassis: More photos at the forum topic:
  7. MegaRoi

    [TC18] Ganassi GT Le Mans

    I forgot to give you a belly shot: And another perspective:
  8. MegaRoi

    [TC18] Ganassi GT Le Mans

    Thanks for guessing right. But I think while the colour matches the Ganassi look quite well, the generell proportions are a bit off. So I don't want to call it a Ford. Back to topic: I finished my entry! Please have a look: I just did some minor changes. For example I changed the front a bit and moved the blue flex axle. Too bad I only have one. Ready to enter ...
  9. MegaRoi

    [TC18] Ganassi GT Le Mans

    Hi, I took some pictures during bodywork attachment: From top with attached roof ... ... and without. But still without doors. Some more: And the roof attached again: Two more: Next step is attaching doors ...
  10. MegaRoi

    [TC18] Ganassi GT Le Mans

    Okay, thanks to the previos posts I will finish this entry The following pictures look quite similar to the already shown but these are the final ones and will be also used in the entry topic. There are only some minor changes to the previous posted pics. Main difference is that I skipped the safety cage. It looked too crowded with the fully assembled bodywork, specially at the a pillars. More pics: I also measured to front and it was too wide, 16 studs instead of the allowed 15, so I had to rebuild it. In front is the new one, compared to the old one in the back. I like the new one more while it contains more details and fit a bit better. For those who are interested in the evolution: While I have an unexpected day of work I will try to rebuild the diffuser and then attach the final bodywork.
  11. MegaRoi

    [TC18] Ganassi GT Le Mans

    Please excuse, but I have to start again with the word Wow: WOW! So many nice and motivating comments overwhelmed me. Thanks for that. @Rudivdk that's a nice comment , very motivating. Too bad my build is not inspired by a Viper, so I didn't nail the wanted look. Can you guess the real car I was inspired by? By the way, I still want to build your White Lightning - best looking plane and MOC ever - and I already have a reserved place in my living room, but I missed the instructions for free period. Can you PM me how to get it in an uncomplicated way? @Lakop (another legendary member!) The grey system bricks are only a placeholder to check the general look. I'm still not sure if I want to use them ... And the headlights ... they still give me headaches. I don't know how to implement them nor which parts to use. One week left! @Erik Leppen motivating comment from you! It feels as an honour to me! You're right, the black sticker is cheating! @Void_S real beast! Thanks again for these nice comments! They keep me motivated to finish this build as an TC entry
  12. MegaRoi

    [TC18] Ganassi GT Le Mans

    Wow, time is running so fast! There are so many marvelous entries already and i'm still struggling with the front and general part selection. But I was able to do some progress. I'm not really satisfied and still not sure if I want to enter. And meanwhile also my tablet died ...
  13. MegaRoi

    [TC18] AMC Pacer super dragster

    Great engine, nice details - and many of them. Not my favorite type of car but you captures the lines quite good. Rear axle seems to be too wide ...
  14. MegaRoi

    [TC18] Red Sky - Photos

    Yeah, you're right, my fault. Please don't miss understand me, I didn't want to judge your outstanding entry nor wanted to have it changed. I thought it could be generally difficult to respect the max width with this kind of wheels, but they look so much better than the Covette wheels, even on the Corvette.