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  1. Uno's Car: His Fortressness Since he was a young panda, Uno's destiny was to become the most fearless, fast and famous Wacky Wheels Race Driver of all time. He wants to be on top! The beginning of his career is well known, since you can choose him in the start screen of the original Wacky Wheels game (quite simple, same with the game graphics). But during the races he wasn't too fast. So he changed his cart in later games - as you can see by the different colors - but still wasn't fast enough to really catch the lead in the race. Then Uno decided to build his own Race Cart! Main concept: - 42048 inspired chassis and wheels - HUGE! - POWERFULL! - WEAPONS! - MORE WEAPONS! - And again a new color combination So he came out with a Windtunnel Concept, inspired by the Stipa Caproni Aircraft, which had the correct amount of "Wackyness" to give him the correct advantage over his opponents in a Wacky Wheels Race. "His Fortressness" is not generating a Slipstream, it's blowing the opponents behind it away with it's huge front propeller. Even in corners, where the air blow will be guided by the double rudder. The vehicle is propulsed by two BigBlock V4 engines, which makes it quite fast and while it's rear wheel steered, it's very maneuverable. On the rear wheels are also wheel cutters, to prevent being overtaken. RC functions: - front wheel drive, 1x L motor - same motor turns the front propeller - same motor turns 2 fake V4 engines by chain drive on front axle - rear wheel steering, 1x servo motor - same motor is turning the dual rudder - 1. weapon, bomb layer, 1x M motor, 3 shots - 2. weapon, oil layer, 1x M motor, 3 shots - 3. weapon: double machine gun, 1x L motor, 2x5=10 shots - 4. weapon: double booster, 1x L motor Manual functions: - On/Off switch on front - laser shots, LEGO, 2 shots - LEGO Duplo Panda removable - shovel, broom and tools removable And the video: And the link to the entry topic:
  2. Thank you for your answer. And like I said, I cheated. This was the first time I was building this way. And it was an experience to make it that big! Update: I have almost finished my text and the final photos are made. Also some video snippets, now it's time to cut it together.
  3. Sorry for being absent the last few days, I had to make a spontaneous holiday trip. Wow, this topic is really abandoned, time for coming back! I have good and bad news about my entry. First, it is done. But, I'm still working on the final photos and the text. And the video. Man, that's really a pain in my megablocks! While I think the photos are quite okay meanwhile - for the first time - the video is something different, while it's also my first try to create something like this. But I hope I can finish it today, so I will enter tomorrow! Meanwhile I want to show you one more photo. Not a final, but nice one. I really really hate teasers! Yep!
  4. Yep, you're right, this Yoda speech isn't the best idea ... so I changed it. Anyway, it's still a touch too much for my taste.
  5. Back in topic ... Yesterday I found the time to check my final color scheme and it looks quite strange to me, so I'll leave it as it is. I also added a view details, but still no stickers. I still have no idea how to make them, as they should look good on shiny plastic. Today I have to create - and hopefully finish - my entry video. Time to play around a little with the video cutter program. And this is how it turned out I hate trailers!
  6. I watched it again, because I forgot to enable sound the first time. What shall I say?
  7. What a wacky entry. I started laughing instantly while watching the video above. It looks so funny!!! Also your entry has a very grim look when watching from front. I don't want to see that in my rear view mirror becoming bigger and bigger ... intimidating. I' no gearing guru, but I would say the cones are still a bit faster, while they use different gearing. If you want to have the same speed, you should use the half stud wide tan gear, same size as the tan bevel gears. And the small tan gear instead of the black one. I don't know how many teeth the gears have, so this must be it for explanation. Cool entry!
  8. ... a touch of realism ...
  9. Thanks for that. This is still a WIP, but almost done. In the pictures you can see, that there is missing a system brick here and there. Also I'm still not absolutely sure about the color scheme. I builded it in different colors, but this combination is the only one where I have the needed parts. Until yesterday, 42066 arrived and I'm checking where I can modify the colors. I'm pretty confident I will finish the model this weekend. The great gap will be closed somehow. He's using the ladder
  10. Thank you, quite nice. I hope I will finish the model until end of the week.
  11. So, where have stopped last time ... lower part was ready, same with all weapons. Cockpit was also done, also the rudders. So what's left? Since it should be a plane on wheels, it need wings: The wings will be the base of the upper part, so the lower and upper part can be easily detached, to get access to the BB. More views: Today I bought my color expansion set for this contest: 42066 Air Race Jet. Tonight I will check if can use some parts in new colors or not. Then the color scheme has to be final. For the weekend I asked a friend if we can create a video with his camera, I hope that will work.
  12. For those who are addicted to thrashy videos, here is another one: After I showed you the first weapon - which should be a mine layer, while the "mines" are the red bricks in the background- the second weapon should deploy oil leaks, which should be simulated by black 3x3 system brick tiles. The magazine has a capacity of only two shots. It's getting more and more clear, that I have to finish my entry till the end of the week! i have to test all of the planed components combined together need a description of the model and it's functions make a video! try to make nice photos .... ... That's a lot of stuff to do, and it really feels like a race to me ...
  13. Thank you for that Stay tuned ... That was the target. Thank you for the nice comment.
  14. Yes! I finished the lower part of my model last night, now all weapons should work as expected. And beyond that I have a complete roller. I've never made a video for a Lego MOC, nor have the right camera. So for the first steps my mobile must do it. This is my first attempt to create a video and the first test drive of my TC12 entry, play by your own will: Please excuse the really bad quality. And my lousy attempt creating a video. No words about the elevator music!