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  1. I would like to see a more technical competion. Something like walking on two legs, step up specific steps or some industrial line, that can assemble an easy model. PF required, Mindstorms forbidden. Or something like a mechanical calculator, input for two numbers, show the result.
  2. Nice vehicle. I like the shape, but I don't like the front lights. Shouldn't a racing car have a front spoiler instead? Looks a bit cutted off ...
  3. Last night I tried to reverse engineer 42075. After a while one liftarm fell into the other, and I'm quite happy with the result. Nothing new, but the chassis is too wide. A solid set, good parts, imho. I think I found a part in a new color. I suppose we'll get 4 pieces of the T-Beam 3x3 in red.
  4. @dellock6 Thank you and please excuse not checking before posting.
  5. Thank you for these nice comments. 42036 - 1000V4 Custom Racer - 2015 After my coming out of my dark age, this set was my first motorbike. While I maybe could have handled the color scheme, the bike looks somewhat unfinished to me. So this one became my first MOD. I added more fairing parts, foot pegs, handlebars, front and rear brakes, four exhaust tubes not connected to the fairing (!) and modified the swing. I think, the heart piece of a motorbike is it's motor. That's why I always add a knob where I can rotate the motor and see it's movements. This was my first attempt to build a gearbox, to change between motor and rear wheel movement or only the motor. Here it's done by pushing and pulling the drive shaft on the right side. From this angle, 42036 doesn't look bully at all. I hope, you can enjoy the pictures.
  6. Somehow I thought it would be time to show you some of my creations. In this first post you will have an overview about the things to come. I will try to post them chronological, but sorted by theme. Let's start with my favorites: Motorbikes: 42036 - 1000V4 Custom Racer - 2015 My first technic motorbike and my first MOD. While I wasn't too excited about the original color scheme, the model itself looked like an Italian bike to me. Italian bikes are red! So I started modding it and also implemented a simple gearbox. 42036 - 1000V4 Black Edition - 2015 My second MOD. A naked bike, limited black edition, improved gearbox. Besides a clutch, switched by a lever, this bike has all what's necessary for street legality. 42036 - 1000V4 Half Fairing - 2016 This one has only a half fairing, same gearbox, but stronger shocks. It was my first test with system bricks in technic. 42036 - 1000V4 Full Fairing - 2016 Just the same as before in a nice color scheme. I also checked white/red, but I liked this one more. And for all who mentioned 42036 was too soft, this one has the hard shocks in front and double shocks in the rear. Quattro Stagioni My first MOC. Big bore V4, fat tires and a hand shifted gearbox. Gamberini My unfinished project. Planned is a gearbox and AWD. The Flat Bad My try to build a flat motorbike. Foot pedal shifting. 8051 - Triple Trouble TT The Italian bike. Still a 3 cylinder, but gear driven cam shaft and a gearbox. It was my first time I could create a foot peg shifting, which was done by gears. 42063 - BMW 1200GS This is my interpretation of a BMW GS1200R. This is the first time I tried the new 3L clutch in a gearbox which is foot peg shifted. BMK K2000 Flying Brick My rebrickable entry for BMW of the future, a hover bike. I won, but missed the validation date. LEGO was so kind to send me a (unsigned) price. Radicale My latest MOC. Still a bit of a WIP ... More MODs 8043 - white Excavator - Full RC 42024 - Container Truck - Full RC 42048 - Mine Loader Extreme 42035 - Monster Mine Truck - Full RC 42056 - Porsche GT3RS in white More Vehicels 42005 meets 9398 - Monster Crawler TC12 - His Fortressness Maybe some can remember that one ... Some Planes Triple Wing Fighter Fokker DR1 - Red Baron I pray for updates.
  7. Long time after TC12 I finished mine. The Zebra Ant: While i don't have all parts in the correct color, I had to improvise sometimes. Maybe not my favorite building style, but really worth a build! Interesting angles an techniques. Thanks for sharing. And with different wheels ... the Skunk Ant. Thanks a lot for these great FREE instructions.
  8. Somehow I'm getting more and more excited, I really like the lineup of 2018H1. Makes me really really curios what will happen in H2 (Nurnberg Toy Fair?). I'm also curios how the new catalogue will look like and the official prices. Can someone remember when we had the first leaks last year?
  9. I think so too, the two LAs will be connected below the surfac, because the yellow axle must be at least 7L. But I'm a bit disapointed, that the red Air Intakes have no function. They are blocked by the small L shaped liftarm ... but still a great model. At the moment I'm really happy with the 2018 sets, much butter than first half of anniversary 2017.
  10. 42078 - Mack Anthem

    Good conversation, a lot of things I didn't knew. Above, only one state is written in lower case ... .makes me laughing instantly And this one does it! The container comparison is very interesting.
  11. Opening side doors are explaining the huge gap in the roof. Back to the shock again, it looks red to me, but hard to identify. The only red shock I know so far, is the on from 42056 and they are hard ones. Has there been soft or medium red shocks in the past? I thought, grey is soft, yellow (and red) is hard.
  12. I tried them same and had also to do some thinking about the steering. I think it will be done by a 5L liftarm, no gear rack. While I don't have access to my Lego collection at the moment, I don't have any wheels around me. So my attempt looks a bit ugly and has wrong colors and using different parts. My container looks okay to me, except a missing rim. Please excuse the bad quality.
  13. Thanks for that. After digging a bit deeper in this topic I found the stickers, but I still can't decrypt them. 42077 looks a bit like a Wabra design. To me, Kossmann has more outside-the-box ideas and Milans design has a better "whoosh" factor, while Uwe is more konservative. Just my opinion.
  14. The lineup for 2018H1 looks much better than the 40th celebration year 2017. At least to me. Do we know the name of the designers? The Mack Truck says MR42078MK, does that mean it could be a co-production between Markus and Milan? And the Rally Car has KRN on his stickers. Kossmann, Reindl, ???. While I'm not a System Brick guy, can someone tell me if the circled parts are new?
  15. 42078 - Mack Anthem

    Wow, I haven't seen any pictures so far, but this is a really nice shelf model. The main color will be DBG, right? If so, there are a lot of parts in this color I haven't seen so so far. New panels and 3L axle connector with pin hole. This looks much better than 50 shades of blue in 2017. The mixture of system and technic pieces give it a lot of details, I like it. For a shelf model. But DBG is a good color and even the technic details look good. The technical functions looks pragmatic to me, nothing new. But it will have a good playability and performance. Nice parts in new color, great looks and intuitive functions - cool set. True eye catcher after 2017.