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  1. Thank you for this great review. The photos are outstanding (sorry Jim)! For me it’s a really good looking set. First I wasn’t very interested in this it, but after seeing your comparisons I want to have this selection on my shelf!
  2. @Pato Sentado Thank you! I almost missed your comment ... While this contest is almost over I created a video: I hope you like it.
  3. Wow, that was close yesterday. However, I have an entry! Besides that I started rebuilding this thing. First, the color of the swing: And the other side: The swing arm is 8 studs wide. I will try to create a video until the next week.
  4. @johnnym Thank you, I’m glad you like it. The bike from GTA reminds me on a Honda. Full fairing ... Thank you for making it clear again, at least for me. At first I tried to integrate a speed gearbox, but I was unable to find a proper place for the shifter. So I decided to go for a functional gearbox, which is working the opposite way. That gave me some headaches ... By the way, I added this feature to all my Lego motorbikes.
  5. Saphyr S4R 1400cc Functions: Front and rear suspension Steering 4 cylinders inline Functional gearbox (not speed) HOG engine / rear wheel drive The black gear on the right side is to rotate the motor and on the left is the knob to connect the engine to the rear wheel. Details: Rear wheel cover Carburetors Foot pegs Handle bar and levers Front light Fuel cap Exhaust pipes Rear brake caliper Chassis photo: Topic link: Please note, that I ran out of time and I will try to upgrade this build. Check out the topic for any updates. Technical fun facts: 4 cylinders inline, 1400cc, 126hp, 124Nm Good Luck to all contestants.
  6. Bad news. I’m running out of time, so I will enter this contest with an unfinished build. You can see I made a step back to a traditional fork system instead of a swing. I tried a few things, but none satisfied me and time was running fast. I’d call this build unfinished because I didn’t had the time to add more details. There is still no stand, no front fender, flashlights or mirrors and so on. I’m still not satisfied with the current naked edition or my fairing versions. However, I will try to finish this build after the contest while I think the base is good. Good luck to all contestants!
  7. Thank you for being interested in my model I’m with you, I’m also not sold yet, but it’s the best solution I found so far. This beast is almost as wide as the TC18 entries - 11 studs with fairing and 13 without! However, it’s the night before deadline and still a lot to do. Man, I’m soooo late this time, but please have a look by yourself: You can see my current stage for a front swing. It’s still WIP, but it works generally. Still need a front fender, kick stand and more little details. We’ll see how far I can get tomorrow ... Puh!
  8. Thank you! Same with me. And you’re also right, a little dress could make a bike look even better. But sometimes bikes need a full fairing. So I want to show my progress with a fairing: I’m still not sure if this will guide me to something ... What do you thing?
  9. I was very productive yesterday. Please excuse the poor picture quality. As you can see, I changed the main color. In red are simply more parts available. I also recolored the motor and added some carburetors and exhaust simulating liftarms. The gas tank was more a placeholder because it looks a bit blocky, but I like the general shape. So I tried to fill the gas a bit and it turned out quite well I think. Beside the seat the swing arm found its final shape. There is the rear fender and some guard for the chain, I don’t know the name of it. Please excuse the really bad quality of this picture. I only wanted to show this side of the bike. Besides the rear brake disk is also the L lift arm as a brake caliper and its holding part. Next step would be a proper front! I’m also not really satisfied with fork angle but I think it would be almost impossible to change. Maybe I will use the Olson shocks instead of the Ducati ones. And the main question: will I be able to create some fairing or leave it naked?
  10. A 2 speed gearbox would definitely fit, even a 4 speed could be possible. To keep it simple I tried to integrate a 2 speed with an idle gear. Somehow I couldn’t realize a working shifter including stepper. At least not at the position I wanted to have it. So I came back to this easier idea with only one and idle gear. Thanks for liking my framework The idea behind my “stupid” function is in fact to increase playability on a bike. While a car is more for the looks, a bike is more behind its root function. And means bringing the engine power to the rear wheel! So my HOG engine is more show the working engine and you can engage the power train to the rear wheel. At some point i simply realized that I’m to stupid to build a working 3 speed gearbox with shifter and stepper that fit to my engine concept, so I reduced it to 2 speed and a simple shifting mechanism. Thanks @HorcikDesigns
  11. Hi there, it’s quite a while since I’ve been active here, but I was so incredibly busy that I almost missed this contest! I needed some iterations to find out what I want to build and this is what I came up with: The build will have full suspension, something like a Deltabox frame, a simple gearbox shifted by a lever in the area of the foot peg and a Hand of God engine. The fork is only to find the general proportions and still WIP, same with the swing arm. I wante to have the chain inside the swing, that’s why the arm became so wide with the new wider Ducati tire. Another pic and a closer look at the engine: This is the engine I use. With a four cylinder in a row the motor builds quite wide ... The engine will be rotated by the black gear. This is to improve the playability. Means you can grab the model and rotate the engine to see how the pistons run without pushing the model around. The knob on the left side is the gear shifter. The gearbox has only one gear to connect or disconnect the rear wheel to the engine. Again this will become a very tough race again, so stay tuned for more updates. However, being part of a EB contest is always an honor to me!
  12. Very good review, thanks that. I wouldn't say it's a "whole bunch of new parts", at the end it's only the wider (long awaited) wheel and the new shocks, which doesn't add any value to existing ones (no additional attaching point) besides the looks. But man, the face comparison ...
  13. Nice bike! And I also like the ABS model ... Here is my try for a Streetfighter in white Obviously I need another copy of the set to finish it and I still don't know exactly how to build the face. Maybe I will use the original one ... To Bad Lego missed the chance to add an additional axle hole to the bottom of the new shock.
  14. What a great contest! Congratulations to the winners. Thanks to @Jim and all voters, specially those who voted for me ;) And special thanks to those who made instructions! Obviously I'm missing some parts and specific colors ...
  15. For me, end of stage 1 voting came a bit unexpected early. I've finished my list, but it was so hard to decide, so i wanted to take a rest before my final vote. Now it's much easier ... Again: Congratulations to all participants and good luck for the finalists - you deserved it!