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  1. Kosmoss Lego Lab

    [MOC] Toyota AE86 from Initial D

    I agree with you, in lego AWD drift there's no need in big steering radius, but the steering must be configured very well because if the steering radius will be too small it will be very difficult to enter in a turn and then turn out the wheels for control of skid.
  2. Kosmoss Lego Lab

    [MOC] Toyota AE86 from Initial D

    Thank you VEEEERY much!
  3. Kosmoss Lego Lab

    [MOC] Toyota AE86 from Initial D

    Thanks! I'll use your suggestions in my car, thanks a lot!
  4. Kosmoss Lego Lab

    [MOC] Toyota AE86 from Initial D

    Hello again! Today I'm gonna show you how this little monster drifts. In the videos I didn't use any tape. Only standart tires. In the video where the car drift without lights it's 4WD on. On the video where the lights are turned on it's RWD on. You can check the videos here(the link doesn't work,so I can't share the videos here): https://www.flickr.com/photos/188506193@N05/ Thanks! Yes, drifting on this car is very cool!
  5. Kosmoss Lego Lab

    [MOC] Toyota AE86 from Initial D

    Yeah, I have my own YouTube channel and I'm planning to make a video with this car... But I want to use this soundtrack from Initial D, it's not popular but I like it! P.S. This is my best MOC for now, because I started to making Technic MOCs only in July 2019...
  6. Kosmoss Lego Lab

    [MOC] Toyota AE86 from Initial D

    My goal is to make car very good at drifting(it drifts nice already), make it very similar to the original. I think I will end the project soon. But I want to make some detalisation - box with tofu in trunk, make some engine detalisation & make a safety cell. I also want to make some interior like steering wheel or seats, but it will be hard to make it because there's a Buwizz there.
  7. Hello everyone! In december I started my drift-car project. I made the chassis witn 1 Buggy Motor & Buwizz. Than, after 2 months of work, car looked like this: You can check out the album here:https://flic.kr/s/aHsmNkgWWC But, my friends said that the chassis is very bad & that was true, so I refreshed all the chassis. The old chassis... The new one:
  8. Kosmoss Lego Lab

    [MOC] [Control+] Porsche 911

    Looks much better than lego 42109 rally car!
  9. Cool project! Very cute front lights! I want to make this mechanism in my AE86
  10. Kosmoss Lego Lab

    [TC18] Dodge Challenger 1970 (WIP)

    I really like the car! It's cool
  11. Kosmoss Lego Lab

    [TC18] Lancia Fulvia Rally Car

    Veeery cool!
  12. There're many cars that I liked! 14: 10 57: 6 47: 4 53: 3 59: 2 9:1 That was very hard to choose something, because there're many cars that I liked too...
  13. Kosmoss Lego Lab

    [TC18] Retro Roadster

    And then,after 3 days of work, I had a car...
  14. Kosmoss Lego Lab

    [TC18] Retro Roadster

    Front view
  15. Kosmoss Lego Lab

    [TC18] Retro Roadster

    Hello! I decided to make a car for this event month ago, but then forgot about the Topic. So, here it is. I was running out of parts,so the car isn't very good, but it's my first time, I'll make something better for the next time. I started with chassis.