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  1. Yeah, the model looks quite interesting! More photos, please ?
  2. Instructions would be awesome! Or at least more detailed photos ?
  3. 39. Poor Man Mini Cooper Features: Working steering wheel Virtual engine Openable bonnet Openable trunk Detailed interior Rear independent suspension Detachable body Dimension: L×W×H = 31×15×11 [studs] Original thread: Thanks!
  4. I'm back! After many iterations, I think that's a final version of this MOC. What we have now: 1. Rear independent suspension. I threw out differential since there are no parts moving by wheels. And engine is virtual? Or fake? Not sure, what word should I use. 2. Working steering wheel and no HOG. Actually, that was a real pain for me to build this part. Hardest thing ever. Before final version there were 3 awful prototypes. And unfortunately final version is not perfect. Tires are wide and there is not space to transform power applied to steering wheel properly, so driver has to be a pretty strong person, lmao. 3. Interior improvements. Photos describe it better ? 4. Body reworked. Now it more coupled with the chassis and more solid, more playable. Yay! Found this pic interesting:
  5. No judgement here, just curiousity! Yeah, photos explain good enough, wanted to double check. Thanks! Great build, though, looking forward to see its completed ✌️
  6. I was puzzled - are joints connected directly to the differential? How wonky is it?
  7. Hi guys! Does anybody could point me out to good examples of rubber-band suspension?
  8. Yeah, thanks for adding this note! I forgot to mention that. Also, @MinusAndy you could use 42109 connection scheme, just in case you need just one XL-motor.
  9. You can control it with BuWizz app, look at the video below
  10. You can just turn off, then turn on Bluetooth on your phone. That’s what I usually do.
  11. Such amazing work! Lot of functionality and moving parts within small space, I’m surprised how you figured that out ??
  12. Any news so far?
  13. Looks great! Reminds me BMW Z3 :)