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  1. 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    Did it today with LDD; I have 1951 bricks, may be missed 14 somewhere.... Thanks to reviewers with their great photos ! i didn't arrive to plug 4 white slopes at the top of th first module. Not found the part for the 4 turbines...
  2. 10255 Assembly Square

    I had an extra metallic dish too
  3. 10255 Assembly Square

    Received yesterday and just finished it. but I m a bit desapointed by quality control on production lines. One reference was missing totally (military green plates 2x1 for sofas in café). Need to order them on Lego missing parts store. Just the 4th time it's arrive to me....
  4. [Review] 10255 Assembly Square

    Great review ! curious to see that the 2 clocks (backery and dentist) don't have the same time ! maybe the 2 buckets feature Parisian roofs ? just ordered to, I like it
  5. Thanks ! I added 2 clutch on both fonction of the crane So no risk any more to break gears.
  6. Hi, this is my first MOD posted here. Before to receive the Xerion, I wanted to MOD it as well as the real one, with AWD and an engine under the hook. Here it is So I added an AWD transmission, without changing the steering system. The PTO is always here (just the clutch gear deleted) but the ratio is now 1:1 with the motor L, because the transmission shaft is between motor and PTO And a 6 cylinders engine at the place of the battery box. From transmission axle to engine, we have 4 gears (Z24, Z8, Z8, Z24) like the tractor 8859 ! of course the cabin always turn on is axle and the battery box is in front of the Xerion, in place of the front tool And finally, a photo with is father... 35 years of evolution ! And special thanks to Siegfried Meyer for his LDD file, which gave me a base to work before to have the box and parts with me.
  7. Nice review Jim. Curiously in my one received and built yesterday, I have only 2 1L liftarms as left over parts ! Edit: Understood, you missed 2 of them at the top of the mirrors.
  8. Just available in French S@H at 159,99€ and just ordered !