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  1. With the engine on top wheel, may be there is a risk that the tracks get out of the wheel under effort ? but might be ok if the racks are straightened, any doubt.
  2. Just checked mine. no frictions on drivetrains.
  3. Hi AnyUser, Yes it’s responsive, by use of blue axle pin in on gear, and direct mouvement given by low gear ratio.
  4. Set bought this day and started to build it. the new crossed beams looks very useful !
  5. 29. 856 revival Original set: 856 Features: raising and lowering the bucket bucket tilting Discussion topic:
  6. After your comments, here are 3 improvements: - yellow sprockets - connector 3L at the bottom of cabin - black 3L axle pin instead of brown axles 3L. thanks you all for these tips !
  7. Yes it works, no illegal build in my moc. using liftarm which are odd will be a problem because all my axle connectors linked to black axles are pair.
  8. thanks GerritvdG and Howitzer for your comment. @GerritvdG What do you mean exactly ? here are other views of the bulldozer. It has the same wheelbase as the original one, and one stud larger. I tried to keep all the details of the 856 (exhaust pipe, front gril, head and rear lights,... IMG_4712 by avantime78 IMG_4709 by avantime78 IMG_4704 by avantime78 IMG-4716 by avantime78 IMG-4715 by avantime78
  9. New bull almost finished. A test with the old tracks and actual tracks: IMG_4714 by avantime78 IMG_4713 by avantime78 I prefer with the last ones, for me, it looks better and more accurate with studless parts.
  10. I wanted to respect the original mechanism with racks. Functions are well fixed by using blue pin/axles.
  11. After brain storming, several digital and physical mokup, I hope I found a good compromise to include the 2 functions in a studless structure. There are more gears in my version but it was necessary. Here are 2 exploded views made with (new for me), LDD can't be used in my new Mac :( Blue gears for the bucket orientation. Green and red gears for lifting and lowering the bucket arms. 856 studless_Copy-02 by avantime78, sur Flickr 856 studless_Copy-01 by avantime78, sur Flickr I 've put 2 gears 36 tooth to replace the grey pulleys. I didn't found other parts, may be the steering wheel of the Ecto 1 ? work in progress !
  12. Tractor 851 was the first set I had when I was 8 or 9. I wanted to make a new version but the set was already chosen by BrickBuildingFox for the contest. No matter ! So I will show you a studless version of the 2nd set I received few times after 851: the bulldozer 856. 856-01-original by avantime78, sur Flickr I will build it at he same scale, and try to respect as well as possible the color scheme. First step was to find the bag containing the parts, wash them, and after replace the parts (bushes, connectors 3651), brocken by the age, I built this old 856... Hopefully the gears were OK ! After I started by the bucket. I wanted it to be build with parts and not an all in one like black buckets. So here it is, the size matter the original version, 13 studs length and a flex on the Botton to close the hole. 856-02-benne by avantime78, sur Flickr 856-03-benne by avantime78, sur Flickr Now it's time to imagine and built the bull itself !
  13. looks like bigger than 8275 ?
  14. Toitoine

    LEGO Ninjago 2021

    Just finished to build the gardens. it’s very impressive and some interesting technics of assembly. but one thing worried me: too much use of small parts instead of a normal one. example: 3 2x1 plates instead of 6x1 plate, or 2 2x1 instead of one 4x1... Same for bricks ! lot of examples like them. I don’t understand why they do that. If it’s only to increase the number of parts on the box...
  15. Thanks M2m understood ! i had just to change the blancs between words by an "anti slash" and it works, many thanks.