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  1. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. @Brickend, I like your idea and added some similar railings on the trailer. Well I managed to finish this just in time! I've added a picture of my final effort below. More in the entry topic.
  2. 39. 6357 - Stunt Copter 'n' Truck Functions: HOG Steering (Truck) Opening Doors (Truck) Spinning rotors (Copter) - via underside gear Pictures Link to WIP Thread Original Set image:
  3. Hi all, a bit of an update - I have mostly finished the truck and trailer. Will need to do a few tweaks on the trailer once the helicopter is finished, and also tidy up the area around the trailer hitch (its a bit of a mess and could be more efficient). At this stage I am debating whether to do the helicopter in 9-wide (to retain the helicopter overhang in the original model) skis with a 7 wide body, or to make it more realistic and keep it at 7-wide skis on a 5-wide body to match the truck body. I am leaning towards the latter and 9-wide to a 'realistic' scale might look odd.
  4. When I saw the contest theme, this set from my earlier days immediately jumped into my head! (source image from google. The 'copter tail looks a bit off!) Why yes, its a city 4-wide! and not entirely possible to re-create in scale in technic at this scale. So i decided to recreate this in 7-wide (about as close to current city-scale as practical). I'm also going with the approach of not exactly creating this as-is, but rather if the set was done today, so slightly more realistic while keeping it recognisable. The dump truck from 42023 is a good example of a more realistic-looking truck. I can't see lego releasing a truck model with red bumpers, surely! Here is my progress so far - focusing on the hood, some functions (the original set had functional doors, so definitely need that, plus steering) and trying to keep the look of the truck (American-style with an angled hood). The fuel-tank and base of the cab isn't finished yet, and the rear wheels are a quick mock-up to show some dimensions (they need to be dropped half-stud to line up with the front wheels). Scaling is a bit off to try to fit a functional steering system, but am happy with the general proportions so far. (Yes my original model is missing a few pieces - hopefully will find them soon!). Coming soon - a little helicopter!
  5. 23. Bugatti Chiron Inspired by the colours of 42098 Functions: HoG Steering all-wheel drive W16 fake engine Link to WIP Topic
  6. Well, after a bit of an update, I think I am finally done. Firstly, Jurss, thanks for your suggestions. I rose the grey tile up; headlights are bit trickier, so I added grey pins to appear as headlights. Not perfect, but it looks better. managed to add a simple white interior as well.
  7. well after a bit of work I have a front that I am reasonably happy with. apologies for the poor photography, it isn't my strong suit. NoExist: I plan to use liftarms and a flex axle to create an arch around the rear wheel. If Jim is reading this, don't stress - I am aware of the chassis discussion in the information topic; the picture above is not going to be submitted, but just to show the underside. I'll need to pull it apart to fit in a few seats, hold in the steering axles and build a bulkhead to separate the engine from the cabin and will take a cutaway photo then. And yes, the side bodywork isn't complete on the side facing downward :) Here is the engine. Yes, I am well aware I am missing a few pistons - this is a WIP after all :). I moved the bent liftarm upward for viewing: it normally runs horizontal to the engine and connects to the L shaped thin liftarm connected to the rear axle mount. I think I will have to give up on the rear spoiler, as the engine is too bulky (needed to mount it over the rear diff) to have a spoiler over the top of it. No interior as yet. The first attempt at the rear is very boxy - it is a temporary frame to give a feel for dimensions. I plan to taper the rear inward 1 stud behind the rear wheel arch to make it a bit more fluid.
  8. Hi all, introducing my WIP for this contest. I'm still coming out of my dark ages, and recently bought a 42098 (of which I've built the car to learn some techniques, and promptly pulled it apart to build an entry - I haven't built the truck yet!). The colour scheme for that led me to try to build a mini-chiron. Functions I am aiming for are steering, 4wd, w16 engine (mid-engine), and a retracting spoiler (3 our of 4 are done). It will be around 15w x 35 long or so. it's taken me a few weeks to get my head around proper studless construction (I started here with an entry into TC5 a long time ago with a studded entry and haven't a lot studless since), but I managed to get a reasonable chassis going. Front steering took a while to figure out, I haven't done 4wd like this before. Here's a mock-up of the bodywork. You can see some similarities to the car from 42098 here, given that is my only source of dark azure pieces. The rear 3/4 panel needs to move back 1 stud, so the silver loop will be more elongated once repositioned. The goal is the build a shell that can be pulled off easily to see the insides, but easier said than done.
  9. Hi Jim, are you able to advise if the pictures submitted can be edited to 'lego-style' to show functions? Eg. this was allowed in the [MINI] contest - by showing some in-set boxes like the back of the box, colored arrows and such. Reason I'm asking is that I'm working on a function that isn't normally in a vehicle, and wanted it to be clear. CharlieBravo.
  10. Hi Jim, in post # 10 you said: Colored wheels (as in rims) are for Bandits. Enforcers use Black, White or Grey rims. Is this intended to mean: a) that bandit vehicles must have coloured wheels or b) bandits can use any rim e.g. black/grey is acceptable, but if they are coloured rims, it must be a bandit. Hopefully the answer is b - most medium coloured sets (e.g pullback sets) still use black rims - coloured rims are not common. Even the two prize sets are black and grey. -CB
  11. 16. Ferrari 458 Sets used: 42004 - Mini Backhoe, 246 pieces 8067 - Mini Mobile Crane - 292 pieces My Model: Functions: HOG steering Opening Doors Folding Roof More photos Link to TC5 thread:http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=102546 -CharlieBravo
  12. CharlieBravo

    [TC5] Ferrari 458

    I think you are probably referring to the half-inserted pin in the last picture and the 3L axles in the front? I am thinking to change both to a 4L axle. I will update the model and photos. Thanks.
  13. Hi all, + = This is my entry into the C model contest - a Ferrari 458 Spyder. I wasn't going to enter this contest (as I don't own any post-2005 small models) but when I checked rebrickable (thanks whoever suggested that!), I found I had around 75-80% of the above models in my collection, and that was enough to go. Functions: HOG steering - Doors Folding Roof (the HOG is on the bonnet for two reasons - one, it doesn't work with a folding roof, and two - the two models above don't really contain parts to construct a horizontal steering column. Given the functions are minimal, I tried to get the details and scale as close as I can - front splitter, headlights, rear tail lights, exhaust, with interior. It is my first non-studded MOC - it took quite a few attempts to the get the chassis stiff enough. Apologies for the ordinary photos, I will try to improve. [Edit: the pesky "illegal" pin has been replaced with axle and bush. Photos now updated.]
  14. I tend to agree with Good ol lego builder. After looking through some of the ways people are voting in the mini thread, some people spread votes across many models, some people allocate 10 points to just a few. In this instance, the voting isn't quite comparing apples to apples, and a few 10s will push a model far ahead. So my vote would be to an F1-style system or similar in the future so that there is a structure, consistent method of applying votes across all users. CB
  15. I flagged my vote as a new member, no problem if they get excluded. I think the rule around new users not voting is reasonable anyway, to filter out false accounts. [comment moved to future contest thread, whoops!] Anyway, thanks to Eurobricks and Jim for hosting and putting the work into this competition, this stuff doesn't just run itself! Some really clever models in the mix.