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  1. 21. Prop Plane Original set: 8855 Features: Joystick operated Ailerons and Elevators 4-cylinder engine Discussion topic: Pictures:
  2. I think I am finished. Mounted the second wing, and everything lines up correctly. And my Technician surprised me with a current pilot's license. All the control surfaces from the original work.
  3. Some updates. Closed up the top and bottom of the engine area. Added seats and the controls for ailerons. Mounted one of the wings. Despite the weight of the wing, the support keeps the flex to a minimum. I had a difficult time getting the 8 tooth gears to line up properly. so that the ailerons would droop slightly. In the end, I had to move the red connectors back a stud from where they are on the original.
  4. I have been wanting to make a studless version of one of my first and favorite Technic sets for a while. TC20 is the perfect chance to try my hand at 8858 Prop Plane *This image was taken from Blackbird's Technicopedia* My plan is to replicate the original as close to 1:1 as possible. If I have time, I want to add rudder and flaps control, and 2 control cluster behind the wings. I started with a mockup of the body to get some dimensions As you can see, I made the pontoons more realistic sized and added wing supports. Pontoon details Here is a side picture with the control stick placed and connected to elevators, and prop and engine. I went with a flat 4 instead of the upside single cylinder. Here is a closeup of the front.
  5. While building this, using the new gray/red differential, I noticed the front differential had a lot of slop that caused a bit of resistance, especially when going backwards. To fix this, I put a 12 tooth gear on the front. The 12 tooth gear moves a little bit, but the play in the differential is much reduced. I also came up with a brick built grill that reduces the bug-eyed effect of the stock front end. Unfortunately, I was unable to have just 7 slots with the pieces I have. I also swapped the 2x 5 axles with stop holding the top of the grill for 5.5 axles. The end that protrudes under the panels kept the grill from moving around.
  6. If it helps anyone, Chrome and Edge on windows 10 and Chrome on Android 10 do not work for me. Also, I had some posts in the Technic forum bookmarked, and those are also not working.
  7. How is the input latency compared to the Brickcontroller 2 app? Is there a difference in input latency when using touchscreen controls and a physical controller?
  8. Sorry if I'm a bit late, a lot of replies to the topic to read. It looks like there is a 3x7 flat panel in yellow on the Jeep and in whatever blue the buggy is. There might be 2 in black on the McLaren at the doors, I can't tell. It also looks like there is a 3 wide straight micro panel that pairs with the existing micro panels. I see 2 in yellow on the front of the jeep, 2 in blue on the McLaren, and 2 in LBG on the front of the McLaren.
  9. Not sure if this will work, but in one of my Facebook groups, someone had contact TLG customer service about the Osprey. They were told to send an email through voicing support for the set. So maybe enough of us can drown out the few people complaining, and get this set released.
  10. deehtha

    [TC18] Deora

    I made some progress. Got the side panels done, and changed the brake lights a little. Also started on the shift mechanism. Right now it's too big and blocks the HOG.
  11. deehtha

    [TC18] Deora

    Yes, I think it is. I made the mistake of looking at too many entries before I started mine. If it is a problem, I might have enough time to change it. Yes, my scale is way off, but I wanted to have the transmission, and I could not find any way to shrink the wheel base without getting tall. I did manage to shrink the rear axle mounts by one stud: I also have a rear bumper
  12. The Dodge Deora has fascinated me since I saw an original Hot Wheel one in my uncle's collection. My entry is loosely based on the Deora 1 and Deora 2. Current functions: V6 (original had Slant-6, but that was too long) AWD without central diff Front independent suspension Live axle on rear with fake leaf springs to locate the axle 4 speed transmission Planned functions: Opening tonneau cover Opening front "door" Functional steering in cabin and HOG Gear indicator in cabin and HOG shifter Easily removed body I decided to do something different with the transmission. Because my nephew was disappointed in the speed changes of the traditional transmissions, I went with an automatic transmission layout, omitting reverse: Park, Neutral, 1, 2. Underside. Light blue beam is for Park. Rear axle Front axle wheel hub. Front wheel suspension travel. The front wheels are limited in travel to keep the frame from hitting the ground. After I built the front axle, I realized the black pieces made it hard to see details. If I get some time, I will rebuild it in light grey, but I want to finish the car first.
  13. Some more progress. Just not enough. Even with the extra time, I am unable to finish this by the deadline.
  14. Another update. Doors are on. Driver seat is in place. Don't need a passenger seat when wandering a wasteland alone.