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  1. So, it looks like both the 2L pin with axle and the 3L pin with 1L axle will be available in red? And the 3L smooth driving ring connector will be available in LBG. Someone should make a list of all the recolors. I have a feeling we will be getting a bunch of recolors and no new molds again. Hopefully, the recolors will be rounding out current colors, and not adding another shade of blue.
  2. 14. Formula Punch Formula Punch was designed to race, but not against regular race cars. Race against the fringe racers. Race in the Eurobricks Wacky Wheels League, where anything goes. Having had no success in the regular Legoland leagues, the Formula Punch team found the Wacky Wheels League. They modified their car by swapping the pathetic V6 for a massive (yet tiny) V16 and the largest wheels they could mount on the car. After failing to finish their first few races, they made the rear wing as large as possible and made it so it could drop to block missiles from the rear. This led them to finishing their first race, although they were the last to cross the finish line. Next they modified the front wing to have 2 circular blades at the corners. After a few more middle of the pack wins, the extendable side panels were added. Hopefully, they can get a win now. Functions: Rear wheel drive, connected to V16 engine and front blades HoG steering connected to driver's steering Full independent suspension Fully modular, with 11 total modules. Gotta repair quick in the Wacky Wheels League Wacky Functions: Spinning blades on front wing. Connected to rear wheels and engine Rear spoiler drops down to defend against ramming and projectiles Sides extend to bump rivals or make it difficult to pass And finally, the discussion topic:
  3. [TC12] Formula Punch

    Updated first post with new pictures and video.
  4. [TC12] Formula Punch

    Got everything finished. 11 modules, 4 tires, and 1 driver. As soon as I get some good light, I am going to get some good pictures and video. The three manual functions are controlled by the yellow levers around the engine. Steering is by the black gear on top. All the modules disassembled. The completed car Here is the rear wing in defensive mode. And here is the side panels fully extended with the wing down.
  5. [TC12] The Toaster

    Most school buses have some black stripes running the length. If I were adding color, I would make it a thin black strip, nothing more.
  6. [TC12] Formula Punch

    I reworked some of the insides tonight to try to figure out how to route the HoG. The primary weapons are now mounted. They are a bit wobbly and I need to figure out how to add the triggers. The extension on the arms doesn't feel long enough to me. Tomorrow I am going to switch out the 7m beams for 9m beams. I still need to finish the rear wing.
  7. [TC12] Formula Punch

    After finishing another project I started almost a year ago, I was able to get some work done this past weekend. Front is now complete. Driver steering is fixed so that it turns correct direction. Added saw blades to front wing, connected to rear axle. I also found a driver for my car. I still have to add the side punches, HoG steering, and finalize the spoiler connection. Hopefully, I can get the spoiler to drop down, to protect against anything from behind. The car is all modules, and, except for 3 places, any motion transferred between modules is done by gears.
  8. This started off as an F1 style race car that could be flipped over and still drive. I wanted it to be manual, but I could not get the mechanism to flip the car to work, so I abandoned that part. Features: HOG Steering connected to drivers steering Rear wheel drive V-16 fake engine Independent suspension on all wheels Extending side panels Spinning blades on front wing Rear wing drops down for defense Side picture: Sides deployed and rear wing down: Video: Sorry about the quality. Video is not my strong point. More pictures can be found in my brickshelf folder, Here.
  9. On Safari on iOS 10, on iPhone 7, I got thank you for your vote. And then the poll went away. Refreshing let me try to vote again. I can clock on the show results button and get the results this time.
  10. It looks like 41244 has some variant of pink in two different panel sizes
  11. The wedge belt wheel in black appeared in a few sets. The most recent being 9467 in 2012. Excellent review, as always.
  12. Test Poll

    If it helps, on my iPhone 7 with iOS 10, when I vote or view the results, the poll completely disappears. If if I reload the poll reappears. But I cannot get to the results.
  13. What about another small model contest, maybe with pull back motors. It seemed like the size or piece limited contests had more entries and more variety.
  14. There are plenty of 5L 4 cylinder Diesel engines. A truck like 42070 is more likely to be a diesel than a gasoline engine. The Hino Ranger and Isuzu Forward both use a 5L 4 cylinder Diesel engine.
  15. WIP Tesla S 100P

    Have you tried mounting the motors as close to the wheels as possible, like in the Fox? Desert752 used 4 rc motors on his SUV racer and had them mounted at the wheel.