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  1. Given that 42132 used the piece 6575 as the cam in the engine, might this engine do the same? I imagine it would be smoother driving the lower bank of pistons.
  2. I agree that the internals should look nice. But, the internals should be more color coded, but not randomly. Each functional system should be a different color scheme so that you can follow the motions as they move. The thing is, TLG makes toys for a broad market, those of us who don't like the color-coding are a much smaller minority compared to the people who struggle with the gears in the Defender. It's not like TLG is releasing sets like this:
  3. If you use 1 3m Beam in the frame and 5 in the body, it make sense to have the one in the frame be the body color. Making all the inside pieces LBG adds color/piece count and makes storage more of a hassle. Storage optimization has nothing to do with color, to the storage system a Blue 3m Beam is not the same as a LDG 3m beam.
  4. Part of the problem you have is the hinge joints are not at the center of gravity for the panels. I know you cant move the joints, but can you increase the weight in the rear and decrease the weight of the front half? If you use the black 2l friction pins, you can put a lightsaber bar in it to make it take and increase it's friction. Your best bet would probably be to do something similar to the rails on the other side.
  5. It looks like there are two levers by the winch sticker. Maybe the sticker refers to the lower and upper winches and not raise/lower the winch?
  6. I don't think there is a new piece in there. Just imagine the friction-less 3l pins are part 77765, 3l pin with stop and no ridges.
  7. With the rubber band on one side, your black beam experiences more force on the side. If you can get the force equally exerted on the other side, you should then be able to move in the other direction. Because of the looseness of the pieces, even the smallest forces can cause beams to be slightly angled.
  8. The new parts are probably updated versions of the older rotor pieces, and not true cyclic and collective controls. It is much easier to see the entire rotor pitch in one direction than individual blades, especially when the rotor is spinning.
  9. This is a lockable rear axle I am working on. I need help keeping the beam holding the 12 tooth gear from popping off. I tried the 7 long half axles, but I am not happy with the solution. I could use some suggestions. At @Hrafn suggestion, I am posting this in this thread. Here is the axle installed in my Raptor. Space is very tight at the front. Here is a better shot of the bottom of the axle Here is the top of the axle
  10. I need some help on the this axle. I am having a hard time bracing the black beam on the front side, and there is some bending where the shocks mount to the lbg panel extenders.. The 2 7 long half beams were the best I could come up with, but I am not happy. Any suggestions?
  11. It looks like there might be a 9 or 11 long flip-flop beam in LBG between the sprockets and drive assembly.
  12. Aligning the slits like that might make it easier to insert. I always start my pins at a slight angle, and I have found the old molds to be very stiff to insert.
  13. 8461 had printing on the tires.
  14. If you look closely at the little picture in the lower left, it shows the main image flipping over backward, and then driving forward as the truck looking body. Does not look like there is any change in the direction the tracks spin.
  15. I like the springs being hidden from view. Less likely to get caught on nearby pieces. Also less likely to pinch little fingers when compressed. And, should the outer spring get broken, the piece is still functional. TLG is trying to generate new Technic customers. If that means more cosmetic than function, than so be it. But the more Technic sets are bought, the more they will make. There are only so many different construction vehicles you can make. And at their heart, cars are simple.